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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Tommy Beckerson Character to Transfer To: Jeffery Beckerson Requested Transfer: Asset # 1: Cheburek Asset # 2: $40,000 Reason for Transfer: Tommy Beckerson already having about 3 cars. Found that he could do something generous and hand over one of them to his cousin Jeffery Beckerson, who gladly accepted the offer. Jeffery not having many cars as well as much money accepted the car. Jeffery also express his need for extra cash to accomplish his goal of purchasing a 2G Tommy agreed to give him $40,000 in order to help out How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? through IC friends.
  2. 25k is a lot of money for new players, look at this. 25k is basically 3 warreners.
  3. First official porn company in Los Santos coming soon.
  5. @Hoza @Darius Bivins can cosplay as a girl.
  6. Yes and I don't want the excuse for punching people without a proper RP reason is: it's prison. In prison it is heavily watched and cameras watch inmates, consequences of murdering someone in prison is possibly 5 more years to your sentence.
  7. Glad you asked how we started out, when I wanted to join the rooks it wasn't easy to get a hold of them, only time I would really see them is when I'm rolled up on while cooking dugs, I would then be robbed and left alone like you did and nearly gave up several times. Despite that I still tried my best to get a hold of them and started to hang around by he bank where they would sometimes be, I would then approach them and eventually got the number of a recruiter. @screammm
  8. Looking to make monthly payment on RapidGT/Rapid Gt 2 Contact me at 2872542.
  9. I am willing to sign an official document stating that I will pay a monthly sum until I have fully paid the amount. I do not have to receive the full ownership until I have successfully paid it off only perm keys.
  10. [SELLING/TRADING] MAXED Alpha NO lower than 100k Stock Price is 201k! https://imgur.com/a/DFZeGe3 <---- Proof Of Top Speed.
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