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  1. I could see the value in dealerships having occasional rare imports, but perhaps only restricted to one per dealership with a high import price every few months or like at the big holidays. That being said, I don't see the value in giving EVERYONE the chance to drive one. V-STRs and Neons were high priced vehicles, but look how many of those got drove about. I'd like to see different types of high performance vehicles available, not more of the same.
  2. Can you please just rescue me from this @Doan
  3. I'll do it if you add the new furniture, you can be my best man!
  4. There is nothing constructive about any of your PD posts at all. You can voice your opinion all you want, one of the down sides of free speech I guess but the anti-PD rhetoric you spout given half a chance has got boring. If things are in a bad state, it is not the fault of the Los Santos Police Department. We're a reactionary faction. We respond to things, we do not initiate things. How do you know nothing happened with it? You got access to the personnel files of the PD members? There are IA disciplinaries handed out every single week to people for a variety of different infract
  5. Actually in your resignation post Moody, you said you said you left over an outstanding metagaming player report from a member of our faction that was back in PD at the time, or at least that is what you told. That you did not feel welcome in the PD any more. I don't know where all this about the force continuum has come from. It was quite a while ago, so you could be forgiven for remembering incorrectly. As for the allegations of metagaming by administrators and moderators, that's an asinine comment to make, especially without any proof and if you have proof of that and do not tell anyon
  6. Essentially with the parking regulations and the rise of the Del Perro Pier as a public hangout, i've made a few changes in the map editor. Added Couple ATMs at the Bean Machine. Added the street lamps on the left side of the Pier for additional light. Added some more aesthetic like barriers, than the concrete blocks we currently have. Added some extra benches and some phone boxes for show. Added Bollards to broken railing at the end of the Pier and the side exits to try and discourage drivers for parking in those areas. You can still get to the end of the pi
  7. On the one hand, most people have purchased those Hakuchous specifically for their meta performance so them getting balanced would naturally encourage some negative reactions. Totally get that. Every one wants what they've paid for right? That being said, like the F620 and the Vortex or the Rapid GT / Comet before the 240 cap, the Hakuchou Drags was out of bounds when it comes to the rest of the car pool. In terms of pursuits, it's like chasing the Millennium Falcon when it hits light-speed. I'm fine with cars being fast and losing suspects, I don't need to win that bad, but when there
  8. I think if you are in stable employment (legal factions) in game, you shouldn't get it. Why would you need it? Normally, i'd say that probably best to remove it from people who committed crimes but at the end of the day, they can't get hired for those jobs so they need some kind of safety net. Hard out there for crims. +1 with certain conditions.
  9. Idea When you receive a misdemeanour or a felony charge in game, you get both an amount of time the charge holds and also, a fine that you have to pay. What I propose is that similar to how tax effects your salary based on your current assets, we apply a similar discount modifier to the standard fine that a person receives depending on their assets. There isn't necessarily a lot in this suggestion for established criminals to be honest, but they have the benefit of already having the money, where as coming up as a crim in the server is at times unnecessarily punishing and difficult
  10. This is what I'm talking about getting boring. You've instantly made this criminal v. PD. In the example you mentioned regarding robbing stores, if you play it safe with lookouts and robbing the stores on the quiet roads, you can be gone before anyone even gets there most of the time. Perhaps instead of looking to engage police with six people, focus on playing it safe, doing your dirt and getting gone before cops even show up. Most people get caught slipping because they are sloppy. Be a better criminal. As for the super car and the Carbine and such, we're a reactionary faction. Ou
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