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  1. I like the uniform formatting of the screenshots throughout the thread, no matter who is posting, it's a nice touch.
  2. So, rather than handle an in-character issue in-character, you decide to take it out of character? My character has been through a lot of shit in the past two years with criminal groups and if you want to search for some sort of meaning for the song, you can start there. Maybe he's sick and tired of seeing criminals lurking at the Pier amongst the fishermen. Maybe he's sick and tired of being shot at, stabbed at, spit at and not saying or doing anything back. Hell, maybe my character just craves the attention. In a world of skittle coloured criminals and cults with dunce caps, why is a r
  3. Oh brother, is this where we're at now? It's in-character, so if you want to talk shit to me in-game about it or file an internal affairs report about it, because criminals are having their feelings hurt then you're welcome to do so. We're talking about you making a report for the following; "Los Santos go drift in the distance. Fucked around with DB, I'll end your existence. In your little match box cars. Your past ain't furious, you ain't no Wanted." Alright so, like Genius.com, we'll go through the references to your faction. Line 1 is a play on words, wh
  4. To be honest, I'd rather we removed the bank robberies in their current format from the server altogether. In my opinion, they expose the worst behaviours of our criminals and law enforcement. Playing for the meta/timer by robbing the banks at the EXACT same time every day. Driving by all the bank locations and upon spotting someone, immediately call it in as suspicious because there is no other reason to use a Fleeca bank than rob it. Take a hostage at a bank robbery every single day. The banks are robbed daily and Fleeca is still in business. They have no camer
  5. With regards to your attitude about reports not fixing anything, I mean all due respect, if you have that attitude then nothing positive will happen will it? I can't understand what the motive is for the post really. You won't make a report because nothing will happen, but then you will make a post and a bunch of subsequent replies to said post? As for your summarising of the clip, I would be inclined to agree with you to an extent. Challenging two people robbing a store with no backup doesn't seem like a very smart thing to do. Although that being said, you don't take cover yourself ei
  6. In terms of the mods you linked, all with the exception of the Sons of Anarchy one wouldn't sit correctly on your character as they are sized for other peds. The mods I've linked below would in theory work for the male and female freemode characters. In terms of supporting factions with custom clothing beyond the law enforcement factions, I think you have to judge each case on it's merits. It's easier to justify putting in special clothing for say PD or SD or DOC or MD because they've been around for at LEAST 18 months and they're not going to be going anywhere. The same goes with say W
  7. I'll be completely honest, the two least things I personally enjoy getting involved in as a cop on the server are bank robberies and hostage situations, inevitably one leads to the other a ridiculous amount of times. From my point of view, it's fucking miserable. Whether it's select groups setting off the alarms like clock-work at a specific type every day, people taking their friends hostage, making unrealistic demands, all running off in different directions with packed money that takes ages to open, an entire group of police officers all huddled around one bank for 30 minutes while ot
  8. In the underground parking lot at Mission Row.
  9. Player(s) being reported: Lesley_Loose Date of interaction reported: 16/MAY/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1621191840 Your character name: Dezzy Bala Other player(s) involved: Name(s) Here Specific rule(s) broken: 12. No Crime Zones (NCZ) Inside or very near to a No Crime Zone, indicated by the HUD or /NCZ command, players may not commit any crime or disobey law enforcement orders but are allowed to flee, lie, or scam IC. No Crime Zones: Legal gambling establishments, government and law enforcement offices, hospitals, LS & Paleto main banks, LS Airport, D
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