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  1. -1 I was never a fan of the whole human meat thing. It was vague what exactly the meat was.. was it a finger? a heart? It also seems pretty memey that people are running around gutting people after a shootout and selling their enemies body parts.
  2. I have reached out to a mod to check chat logs and I can confirm that Ziggy Gray was not the person you were talking with in private messages. This report is pending a conclusion from @Timmaayy Please be patient, Bala Senior Support.
  3. Alright, please refrain from commenting any further on this report until there is a response from either myself or Timmaayy. Thank you, Bala Senior Support
  4. I mean, that's something that would be more suggestion worthy tbh.
  5. It's an IC issue. Personally though, I think it's important there are genuine long lasting consequences and a dividing line between law abiding citizen and criminal. Is it even possible to buy an firearm you aren't allowed to from the gun store?
  6. Hi @daddythanose It's understandable that there are some tension between your groups but to be clear, myself and Drizzy haven't decided anything yet. The reason that it's an allegation is because in the report they have claimed you've meta-gamed, which then is our job to investigate and come to a decision. We're not looking to ignore facts or anything like that, we have to ask questions to get to the bottom of what happened along with the clips and answers that you guys provide. That being said, remain calm and wait for Drizzy to respond with what happens next. Regards, Senior
  7. After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, we have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story: @Midz - Midz_Nothing (240) - Could you please explain why during the role-play you had with ID 318 (Walter Melon), did you on two occasions refuse to remove your mask and what, if any, roleplay reason did you have for not allowing this? If the requested player(s) do not respond within 24 hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence t
  8. I'm not a fan of the idle despawn thing to be honest, mission row looks like beirut at peak times and to me it seems worse than when they don't disappear because cars are spawning in the same positions and then getting pushed out of those spots.
  9. The biggest flaw as far as i can see for a court system is time. The amount of time it would take to setup and to do the roleplay, there are very few instances where it would make it worthwhile. The same argument can be made for Lawyer RP. There would need to be changes to the amount of prison time offences get you and to be honest, that in itself is already a minefield of a topic. That being said, if there were server events involving court rp, I could perhaps see it. Like PD trying to put a faction boss in jail for a long time and there being a prosecution and defence with a judge
  10. No one is ignoring anything, just there have certain functionality that the modview doesn't support yet. Better to add them when it is supported.
  11. I was told that there are some issues with the new vehicles that would require some modification of our current car system to function correctly. I'm sure given their previous record of doing so, the devs will add more vehicles when/if it makes sense to once those issues are resolved.
  12. As a player, I'm in favour of this. We don't get a massive amount of chatbox space as it is. As a community member, I feel like this would defeat the purpose of the news faction. Perhaps exploring other methods Weazel could run their adverts that would still make it worthwhile to use might be a better solution long term.
  13. Car Speakers are a nice addition, but I have to say, i'm not really a fan of the whole drag and drop installation/uninstallation of them. You can't just yoink a car speaker out of a vehicle in real life in no time at time, anymore than you can install one just like that. My suggestion is a brief timer to add or remove a car speaker to a vehicle AND you cannot remove the speaker while the engine is on. Seems a little bit silly for example if you are driving in your car and your passenger can just pop the car speaker out and instantly pocket it.
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