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  1. When I was a new player, I got robbed twice too. I usually done a /b to let them know I was under 5k and couldn’t be robbed. But on the police topic. I’ve been in the PD for around 11 days now, most people who come to report robberies don’t have much information to give us, no description of cars, no license plates, no description of people (who are usually masked) and no names. There isn’t much for us to go forward with when looking into the crimes people report which, sadly, leaves us with the “we’ll look into it” option. I’ll put a BOLO out for the vehicle so all cops online know that vehicle is stolen but it’s very hard to track down the people that done it.
  2. You’ll receive an email when someone has reviewed your application.
  3. From what I’ve heard they constantly have 1000+ applications to go through, every time they get it under 1000 it goes back above it. i know it can be annoying to wait, hopefully they’ll manage to get to your application soon.
  4. Ensure it is the correct path to the game. Also try running as administrator.. that fixed a few issues i was having. Other than that, I'm not sure, hopefully someone who has experience with this can help.
  5. Yeah sadly it is quite a common thing. Even with legal jobs that require you to stand in the same spot for a while (fishing, farming). If I see people I’ll usually just start to run or go towards a car.
  6. Might as well introduce myself since everyone else from vG has done so. I'm James Kelly, originally from Valhalla Gaming on SAMP since 2007. Was talked into buying GTA 5 for PC and giving the server a shot so i've been here for a few days now. Just waiting for them PD apps. Cya's IG!
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