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  2. TRANSFER REQUEST ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this transfer request. After reviewing your transfer request and the reason for it, I've decided to approve a transfer of the following item(s) to Pete_Wright from Ollie_Higgins. Usually I wouldn't approve this, but since you put a lot of thought and work into this agreement and the story itself I'll grant you the request. 1x House. It is your responsibility to make this transfer happen and staff will not be interfering or assisting with the transfer. I also recommend that you do not make attempts to transfer any asset(s) outside of the approved asset(s) listed above, the transfer will be monitored through server logs. You are also not allowed to post a transfer request for another 14 days from this post. If you attempt to request a transfer prior to this deadline you will be muted from our forums temporarily. Regards, faiN.
  3. I have noticed that almost every post you make is contrary to the idea, and often you accuse the OP of wanting to play GTOA. I play a civilian full time, have never robbed or shot anyone, nor do I carry a weapon. You are also extremely dismissive, derisive, and condescending to the people you are replying to. You also use hyperbole consistently (like "everyone wants to play GTAO") then call others out for the same. (I did not say 98% of people don't know how to buy cars, I mentioned businesses, specifically business taxes, which even Chuck could not explain to me) Based on the above, this will be the last time I reply to your comments. You cant possibly disagree with every single word I say. Which leads me to believe you are just argumentative by nature, and not willing to see other peoples perspective.
  4. Basically, There isn't information to give so there is no released information. There isn't a large team because of what I'm assuming is trust issues, and rightly so - but it's moving slowly.
  5. Jasmine and Astrox both make good points about very little information being available in the Public Government forum, all that exists is the Penal Codes and Business licensing. To find out a lot of IC information you need to ask somebody who knows or read an OOC thread on the forums. The only Press Release was posted in January. More active Government presence and public information would be beneficial. AFAIK I can't even see who the members of City Council are without checking their forum usergroup. Seems Randul is taking all of this into account though which is fantastic.
  6. -1 The waiting time period is abnormal, and fully automating the quiz as it currently exists (via written answers reviewed by human staff) would be nigh impossible.
  7. There were no guns pointed at me when I pulled mine out, thats clear from the video and I assumed you would try to make this argument which is why I attached this portion of the clip. We are at war and if Larry thinks hes going to die he'll take you with him. (Edit) or at least try
  8. https://samimenad.pb.online/ This is my portfolio. Sami#4180
  9. Applications The current wait time for an application is apparently 40-50 days+, that's unheard of, and clearly the system has a serious flaw in it. To speed the process up, I think that the application should be completely automated; the way to do this would be, if you pass the application you're a part of the server. Then you have to write a character backstory and other written tests that will get looked over. If the applicant exhibits good enough English, and RP abilities they are accepted. I'm not even sure if this is a good way of doing it, but 40-50 days is actually insane, I want to play with my friends but I have to wait over a month? Bloody hell. Please leave your own suggestions on the matter below so this might actually get fixed.
  10. Hello, I did not issue this kind of ban, @BrockOlly did. Kind regards, Zemaitc
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  12. +1 for the vending machines make it a server owned item for the purpose of money sink.
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  14. REPORT DENIED Thank you again for making a player report. After reviewing evidence. We have decided to deny the report for the following reasons: There is desync when two people try to get into a car/bike at the same moment. It will appear that they carjacked you on your screen but on their screen they got into the vehicle first. This was just a misunderstanding and isn't a rule break. The reporting party aimed a weapon at ID 61 which would give him a reason to attack you back. This decision is final. Unless instructed too, if you post another report pertaining to this incident you shall recieve forum warning points and a mute from posting on the forums. Not happy with the outcome, Or got questions? Post a forum private message towards the admin handling this case to talk about it a bit further. Regards, Chuck
  15. +1 Could even create another course like the CPR one to do basic first aid in order to "properly bandage"
  16. +1 I know water can come from a tap in a house in real life but with the way the server is, let's say you need to buy a "filter" to safely acquire the water to drink. As an example, the filter could cost $5000 and you get like 25 uses making is $200 per use but you also get the convenience of it being in your home.
  17. If you try and trade your vehicle/houses without using the taxing market you can get scammed easily and lost a shit ton of money. I suggest you stick to the non tax evading ways and just use highend lowend or the front door of a house
  18. +1 Should have some form of impact on business, will create rivalry and competition.
  19. People trade assets legally all the time in real life. If two players want to trade their houses or cars, is there any protection for them right now since the scamming rules were changed? Just doesn't seem very fair as it stands.
  20. citava

    ID 196 NRP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 196 Date of interaction reported: 21/05/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1558390680 Your characters name: Avie Leon Other player(s) involved: ID 184 Specific rule(s) broken: Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was trying to escape as I heard his vehicle and he just rammed me and my bike to the wall with his sports car then robbed me with his friend. Also no written demands whatsoever. Poor RP Evidence of rule breach: https://postimg.cc/gxdqrDKN Player IDs https://postimg.cc/MMc1grWK informing about the report
  21. Video was private, switched to unlisted.
  22. Player(s) being reported: ID 43 DM/NRP Date of interaction reported: 05/20/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1558389187 Your characters name: Michael Reese Other player(s) involved: ID 155 Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. You must give demands via text if used as a reason to attack as VOIP isn’t always heard. The act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? DM Offense: The individuals in question were driving through mirror park, I accidentally clipped them with my motorcycle, when I had noticed they crashed, I went back to check on them. ID 155 apologized, id 43 got hostile with me, and I reciprocated the hostility. ID 43 jumped out of the car, gave no text or verbal commands, made no attempt to type, and shot at me. Non-RP Offense: Individual was driving, as well as shooting at me, with a large bag in his hand. Evidence of rule breach: https://youtu.be/ZbFt8z6947s
  23. Hey, Id 69 here, I am quite sorry for what took part here, in the first part of the video when I rammed him it was honestly my fault and It does look like I did it on purpose, I cant prove that I didn't by dsync because I just got into the city and wasn't recording. I take full responsibility for that. On the second part of the video when I supposedly "rammed him into the pole" it would seem other wise when taking a closer look. I would say that i'm a pretty decent driver and know most of the actions I take when controlling an automobile. I watched the video over and over again because when you just skim through it it does look like i'm just full on ramming him into the pole because of the camera angle. But if you look closely, he turns towards me at the same time that I turned towards him causing him to collide into my car but ending up spinning him out. I did this because I saw the pole and had no intention of ramming him, but of giving him no option but to swerve to the left of the pole, which he didn't do and ended up crashing into me or me into him and stalling him out. On my screen I didn't even touch him entirely because if I did and there wasn't any dsync in place my car would of have budged at least a little but looking at the video I just kept on driving without any movement in my vehicle. I would also like to add, after this took place he broke Fear RP when he had 10 people pull up on him with guns and he took his gun out and tried to fight 10 of us alone. You can see that in his own video. Sorry for the late reply, I was really busy this week.
  24. I have a 600k budget and am looking to buy a 2G house in the city, preferably Mirror Park. Please let me know if you have anything for sale by contacting me via phone #2417333 or email ((seth#8885).
  25. Use proper aspect ratios. not custom ones.
  26. We'll leave for the admin to decide.
  27. if the advert says good price ,but he does'nt mention a price it's more than likely not a good price haha
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