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  2. SA Brian Jennings

    Buying 1 garage

    I've a nice one for 100K
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  4. you're a strange fella, but I'll humor you; whether myself and others are in a discord call utilizing it for OOC discussion is completely irrelevant to this. I understand you're reporting me because I reported you for DM, but this is a far stretch. How did I Meta again? I wasn't aware the info I heard was utilized by me, cause last I recall I drove up and got annihilated for trying to pass by. These personal report attacks are getting beyond old; just look at this guy and his groups history. It's a myriad of reports; many on particular groups (no surprise), but this just exhausting to deal with this petty non sense day in and day out.
  5. GaiusCaesar

    Los Santos Irish Mob

  6. Edvve


    We have so many interaction that involves criminal activity that's why we are reporting if we find that the guy just doesn't care at that point. We have a lot more clips where people are braking server-rules, but we aren't using them, because they apologize to us and promise next to be better at that. For example today a few guys from Shadow cartel broke vdm on us, we had that on clip, they apologized spoke with their leaders about this situation OOC'ly and we move on without a need to report them, because I know they will not do same mistake twice. But whenever the guy is braking same rule over and over again it gets old real quick and it just has to be done.
  7. I’m Drake who called Bitsy, called her name because I heard that reaction from her and I wanted to know what happend. Your words not mine. Now how can it be that its voip bus when she didnt have a radio, and she didnt say anything in game? https://plays.tv/video/5becc193d81dbddea1/bitsy-not-talking-in-game- I would like to thank both of you for your help in this report you made this so much easier.
  8. nateX

    [AUCTION] International Online Unlimited

    Edited starting price
  9. I’m Drake who called Bitsy, called her name because I heard that reaction from her and I wanted to know what happened because we got information about some guys whos trying to act like us, so there was like radio/voip bug (voip on radio and streets still not fixed). Second thing we are too big community to speak somewhere.. and there is no point of metagaming when we have that much of people. We are trying to get official so we are not doing that stupid mistakes like metagaming or smth. Ofc all of us doing small mistakes because it’s normal to do that we are not perfect. Peace, Drake Hudson
  10. ElisabethC

    Thraxamillian Reeves DM ban appeal.

    Pending @Lewis. Please remain patient as he reviews this!
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  12. 2cannnn1

    Buying 1 garage

    HMU WITH OFFERS, 3123279
  13. yea, theres not much i can say here, thats just a big misunderstanding IC and OOC.
  14. Yeah dude i was the owner of the bike, some guy in the EXACT same clothes as you stole my bike about 30 minutes prior to us killing you. So we were driving around and i did /showvehicles, and the red car icon popped up EXACTLY where you were sitting on your bike. Your bike unfortunately looks exactly like mine also. You just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I take full responsibility for this, and again I am super super sorry that this happen to you. No hard feelings i hope. -Mask 9060_9816
  15. Well, this is me and my buddies, he told us that it was his bike, he said he did /showvehicles and you were right on the red car, it might of been below you in that underpass. He called out that it was his bike, kinda his mistake, we all thought ICly and OOCly that it was his bike. 😕 Also, I would like to be able to see the video, just between the three of us, cause I dont think being bias is a good thing. This is all OOC. So, just change your freq? Post vid plz
  16. Titan95

    Mask 3129_8588 @Titan95 (6.4, 6.6, 7.1)

    Then i dont know what to tell you, an admin can check my message that was sent when i was injured, and you can see the text says "Hey" as i said above why would i do that infront of 3 players if i know you get punished for it and friends of mine got punished for talking on radio simply.
  17. Wolf Gamer

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    Joseph Aziz ( 6705_6854 ) $2.100.000
  18. Ledas

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    8354_9267 - $2,000,000
  19. Player(s) being reported: Mask 9060_9816,Mask 8284_7977,Stranger 5397_424,Mask 3129_8588 Date of rule breach: 2018-11-14 Time of rule breach: 22:56 Your characters name: Jax Nightwood Other players involved: none. Specific rule broken: 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. How did the player break the rule ?: I was moving in on a direction that me and other gang member decided to meet at ,while i was moving to that direction i noticed a Granger with 4 people inside of it and they caught my eye and as soon as i slow down they start shooting me without any warning or anything did not shout or type for me to stop . So i ran with my bike trying to escape them but my tire got shot out and i could not control my bike i drove in a ally way and got off my bike and they injured me . There reasoning to shoot me down was that i stole there bike which is not and i can prove it if needed . They took my belongings and drove off i called for a medic when they drove off and a medical unit responded and saved me. Evidence of rule breach: Evidence will be provided in a private message when Admin responds to this thread because it contains radio frequency and other etc.
  20. Wolf Gamer

    [Buying] Mansion with four car garage

    4 garage mansion in Richman
  21. KiloKryptonite

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    5622_897 - $1,700,000
  22. waffels852

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    2642_8474 1,650,000
  23. JayGamble

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    Jay_Gamble 1342_3839- 1.6
  24. KiloKryptonite

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    5622_897 - $1,500,000
  25. JayGamble

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    Jay_Gamble 1342_3839 - 1.3m
  26. Chirlon

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    Maverick Cunningham ( 1055_4665 ) Let's start low with $1.250.000.
  27. KiloKryptonite

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    5622_897 - $750,000
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