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  2. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    This is not cops vs robbers.
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  4. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    -1 Armored Karuma is way to over-powered to be used in 99% of RP situations.
  5. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    All I want for christmas is to drive through LS and pass by 20 armored kurumas because ROLEPLAY -1
  6. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    -1 You couldn't trust people not to fail RP with them. You need to ground the world somewhat in reality. Yes the cops are OP but you just got to learn how to counter them.
  7. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    I understand what you mean with the ramming problem. But no. The armored kumura isn't rpg proof. That was pretty clearly proven when eriksen attempted to "scare" me and simply exploded the car instead. But instead of punishing the people who dosnt ram. Shouldn't the people who do ram be the once purchased for it instead? And the car is not bullet proof and nether is the wheels. Shooting someone inside It is hard yes. But it's not impossible. The windows and normal windows and if you hit the window the bullet goes straight inside the car
  8. Locked to prevent further immaturity until a final decision has been made.
  9. Why the f you lying? They all told you to stop but you decided to try to escape, and in return got killed, lol, totally kos, kys
  10. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    The Armoured Karuma is bullet proof in every way and can take RPG hits, this would literally just be a change that made everyone buy a armored Karuma. I really do hope you realise that the Karuma has bulletproof windows, tires, insulated engine and everything. It would be the best vehicle to use and just prompt the cops getting railguns. As far as the game should be concerned the police should be something you just casually avoid interacting with as a criminal. I've managed to get through a shit load of situations through polite conversation and pleading to cops emotionally. You shouldn't be trying to fight the cops because everyone knows its like hitting your head against a brick wall. Just avoid them unless its really worth doing it. Your focus shouldn't be fighting the police it should be performing criminal actions like slowly getting LSC all addicted to heroin or something for profit. No just acting like a murder hobo in a supercar.
  11. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    As I claimed before: ramming unrealistically should be classed as fail rp. using very expensive cars to ram your way out of a blocked situation? fear rp, you would value your car or your life being crushed under a cruiser. Criminals need to know when to give up (drug effects are no reason to then pull suicide by cops to evade prison), police need to know what is realistic and what isn't, apart from that police indeed use protocols to control their power.
  12. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    It'd be more considerable for me personally if half of the post wasn't false, though it's mostly written through your own perspective so I can see how and why. The police take out vehicles appropriate for the vehicle they are currently in a pursuit with. More often than not, if there is a truck being chased they use Brickades if people certified to use said Brickades are available, if not they use the SWAT transport vehicles as a counter measure. With the amount of super cars there are ramming police cruisers, which should be considered either fail RP or fear RP in my honest opinion, I don't believe we need yet another vehicle, let alone an armored vehicle, that is easy to take out just to ram cruisers. Of course I do understand that not everyone does this, however the amount of super cars I've seen just ramming police cruisers to then come back and ram them again rather than trying to make an escape is stupid insane. I personally don't see how adding an armored vehicle (since the police barely ever use armored vehicles unless there's a cadet transporting someone or SWAT transporting is happening) would help improve the roleplay as a whole, as I feel like it'd only increase the feeling of it being a cops versus robbers gamemode.
  13. Let's just add this to the baked family obvious breaking fo the rules. OOC recruitment
  14. All since I joined back in may I have noticed that the police has all the power on the server. more weapons. stronger cars, placeable barricades and of course helicopter. the police also have cars they almost never get to use due to the criminals not having other than fast cars and heavy trucks. Adding the kuruma2 will give the criminals the possibility to actually hold of areas and forcing the police to actually use a better car to deal with them. as the police are FailRPing every other car. they use normal police cars to ram cars like dubsta6x6. witch in the real world would smash the police car and kill the officers. the kuruma2 is actually forcing them to take out a vehicle that can deal with them. I have done some ram testing with some cars Dubsta6x6 vs police car: Jester racecar vs police car: Armored Kuruma vs police car: Armored Kuruma vs Riot truck: Armored Kuruma vs police Breach van: police car vs Armored Kuruma: police Breach van vs Armored Kuruma: Riot truck vs Armored Kuruma: Armored Kuruma vs Brickade: Brickade vs Armored Kuruma: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Police off-road driving: ( 31 sec ) kuruma2 off-road driving: ( 34 sec ) Jester racer off-road driving: ( 28 sec )
  15. [Report] Chief Pupui

    Your player name: Ray Sweets Player you are reporting: Chief Pupui Rule broken: Staff Negligence, Telling a false story to apply a ban to benefit his own RP. Metagaming. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Please feel free to read my unban appeal HERE: Time and date: Yesterday Evidence: In the appeal I ask him to prove to me I combat logged, he said he had specific proof of me combat logging, and then apparently metagaming. Yet, he dodged every question I had and every point I made to prove my innocence. Only to then respond to my Appeal with this one screenshot. Yet in this screenshot, I killed the person, and as I stated before, left the scene in his black grainger, I did not finish him with the assault rifle, I had time to punch him out on the ground. Then I left the area, and logged off to RP as Paul Sweets. Only to return as a different character with a surprisingly large group of people there, at that point I attempted to mind my own business again, and was greeted by quan angelico trying to sell me assault rifles, so I did NOT metagame anything, I never started RP, they interacted with me. Here's the juicy part, Chief Pupui claimed to have had a whole group of people after me, but what does not add up is the person I killed died, he died very quickly into the combat without chance to radio in anything to anyone he may have been grouped with (these were seperate groups working together as well so even less chances of a radiofreq being setup) yet somehow all of these people seemed to know RAY SWEETS was the shooter, even if he was wearing a mask. Thus proving Chief Pupui had to metagame Ray Sweets even being involved with the combat that ended 3 minutes and 30 seconds after he logged off. Also, if Ray had combat logged mid combat, why don't you have evidence? or anyone else? or anything to prove it? No damage logs? Nothing? Just your word? You can provide screenshots and video's for nearly any incident but this one? What happened? Only record the chat box this time? Hmm.. That's weird don't ya think? I'd like to add that you stated you were chasing me when I combat logged, yet my story concurs with the fact I flipped the grainger after driving off and then logging off, if your chat box was recording or even screenshotable why did you not screenshot me quitting? or anyone else?
  16. I know this isn't my report but my character was mentioned several times so I'm going to respond... For what its worth to help Scott's report and the admins decision to punish or not punish the members listed, baked faction did the same thing to my character Leron Davis today, he didn't speak to them, they didn't make an attempt to talk to me or rp with me prior to them hitting me, then they just rammed me off my bicycle and ran me over when i tried to get back on it (VDM), then i got on it, and was rammed off of it again before being killed. This is the literal definition of kill on sight or KOS, you simply saw him and then killed him... Yo and not for nothing we didn't intend on trying to get you killed or anything we were trying to kill Jeff for killing Phil.
  17. Yesterday
  19. You join a criminal faction and expect that your gonna leave a bloodline family with no punishment. I REALLY HOPE THAT'S A JOKE. Anyways, we never VDM'd you please read the rules on the one hit rule and also I shot you down after it wasn't KOS I said we found him and you knew what for. You know you betrayed us and tried to be a silly man over this stuff. Please stop wasting my time with a false report and give some real evidence of me breaking a rule. Don't BETRAY A LEADER and you won't get OWNED for it and be all SALTY on the forums after. It's SIMPLE next time be loyal and you wouldn't have a problem with the family. And OOC disrespecting my family calling it a joke cause your mad you got killed by us.... Grow up act like an adult and play the damn game. Keep it IC last post on this thread I dont need to prove shit. You were in a criminal faction and should know how it goes. Look at Real life gangs and tell me what happens with betrayal. Stick to being a cop I personally think it's a better field for you instead of betraying criminals...
  20. Also i like how you used a variety of cool colors
  21. At timestamp 0:00:09 I asked what was the reason for you VDMing me and killing me. You never responded, KOS and VDM are rules you can not get away with. Did you really not expect me to ask for the reason for you guys breaking 2 rules? You are silly. Another thing, You NEVER told me that there would be severe punishments. But if you did, I would like to see some evidence.
  22. Also if you are going to make a video make sure you upload the full footage from when you got hit off the bike. I know you run your recording software 24/7 so should be easy to find.
  23. Okay, so let me get this sorted. You claim our faction is a joke and stuff I don't really care about that; however, I'm going to dive right into this. First off you were a hang around in our faction and Leron Davis was a Triple OG. You guys DECIDED to BETRAY the LEADER with a fail set up and then expect us not to do anything. Yes, you are right I did say we weren't going to KOS and we didn't KOS all we did was we simply saw you, unmasked, and new it was time to take care of business. My buddy did the one hit with the car rule and we took action. I shot you and killed you and made my point clear. You decided not to accept the /do and didn't even respond showing you wanted to avoid RP and rather go straight to the forums. So listen here why did you refuse my RP offer and not even give a reason we gave more than enough time to comply. Also when you joined I made it clear that any betrayal towards the family will result in you getting punished severely. And you proved my point 0:00:13 and 0:00:30 PERFECT AMOUNT OF TIME TO RP A REASON TO WHY IT DIDNT WORK MY /DO
  24. we never liked u anyways lol also you should get punished for making false forums report read the rules instead of making salty reports.
  25. [APPEAL] Ray Sweets

    If you feel like this player has broken rules, feel free to make a player report with sufficient evidence to support your claims. As for this appeal, the punishment will remain. Appeal rejected/archived
  26. [APPEAL] Ray Sweets

    Put everything even related to an appeal aside, consider this me accusing you of metagaming who I was and that I killed that person. NOW YOU METAGAMED ME. PROVE YOU DIDNT BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW YOU PERSONALLY AND I KNOW YOU METAGAME IN DISCORD.
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