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  2. Jaquan has already stated the reason behind doing this and talking in OOC chat. and i have already stated my side and my story behind doing so. If u re-read what me and jaquan said i think the reason stands valid.
  3. I know y'all are busy and have alot of stuff going on but any idea when this will be looked at? I've been waiting for 4 days. @jason @dawpi
  4. PD always wins. Because if a police officer dies, he loses nothing. But if a criminal get injured by the police. He loses all the weapons(maybe around 60k you know how hard is it to get that money ?) he has. In 95% of cases, he is not given a death rp. It takes at least 2 hours from the time of that player to transfer to prison, maybe even longer. And the total fine he has to pay. The number of hours he has to stay in jail. And the big problem is that even if he kills a police officer at that time, he is still a loser because he may use more than 40 bullets to kill him, and this entails very heavy costs in the case of heavy weapons. But what does he get in return for killing the police? Nothing because the police can not be looted. The police do not do their main job of securing the city. Before the robbery rules. If a citizen requested to check the drop-off location . 80% of them rejected your request. In my opinion, in case of death, the police should pay a percentage of all the value of the guns as a penalty for the loss.
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  6. -1 PD is already way too overpowered, the cops that say criminals win are clearly misinformed. Although we as criminals may KILL enough cops to EVADE, we still face charges that can be added through "investigative" work apart from the fact that ammo is expensive as fuck and there will most if not all of the time be casualties on our side. On the contrary, cops that lose a fight take a hit to their ego and about 30 minutes of NLR that consists of sitting at an HQ chatting with a couple of buddies while we sit at hospitals for 30 minutes or in jail for hours on end. Cops don't need more attachments, although most cops don't want extended mags and I know that, I just want to say that it is a huge thing that we criminals have to level the playing field and taking it away would only make it harder. Silencers, as small of a thing they are can play a huge factor in a gun fight against cops because they would be able to ambush. SWAT having it is even worse, they're already dressed all black and in camo, no need to be even more stealthy when criminals are already at a major disadvantage during any gun fight. The only attachment I could see fitting is the flashlight though I know for a fact it will be spammed and it will be used to blind people by using the massive number of cops the PD has to shine lights in everyone's face and further render our own advantages useless. to summarize, no attachments for cops, criminals need something to level the playing field especially since they go out of their own pockets to get these luxuries.
  7. You're completely correct, we do have a lethal force matrix. The criminal doesn't know if he's dealing with a corrupt cop, he doesn't know if the cop has been given orders to shoot if he makes a sudden movement. I think it should stay as it is.
  8. Oh, that's too bad. Would hate to ruin your fun while I watch people DM each other in prison. So sad! But in all seriousness, you have a lethal force matrix already. And you shouldn't be shooting someone if they run away anyway.
  9. Looking to rent comet retro custom contact 5331979
  10. Well if the fear rp rule changes everyone would run when PD point a gun, leaving us the only option to taze people. Not gonna be very fun if I'm honest
  11. Looking to buy one of these cabins. Please contact via text 3378611
  12. I think that makes for some pretty limited RP. Not very realistic, either.
  13. Pretty much, that's how the fear rp rule works. You don't know if the cop isn't going to shoot you, you can only assume
  14. Good evening all, How do you work the place able speakers? I tried everything and the speaker accepts the URL im giving it, but no sound is coming out. Am I missing something? Thank you!
  15. Character name(s): Brad Goodman Admin who issued punishment: CBullet Date of punishment: 08/03/2020 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Not here to RP Your explanation of what happened: I got into an intense police chase, made a wrong turn putting me in a dead end, then was laughing when they were tazing me, trying to wheelie over them, spamming my musical horn and saying "funny horn". I admit, this was dogshit FearRP and pretty nonRP. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I am not trying to be a suck-up, i'm just here to apologize and maybe get another another chance into ECRP. I've tried a few others since my ban and none of feel as good as Eclipse. I was banned for Not here to RP, and I certainly didn't have the best admin record. I was working on it, and was clean for 2 weeks, and then IRL i hit a bad spot. To be fair, I didn't think my rough spot IRL was going to affect my RP, and it did, I just wasn't willing to accept it at the time. I've given it alot of thought and I sincerely apologize for my actions and my Poor RP and would like a second chance. Post any evidence or further details: Pic of my Ban: https://imgur.com/a/Q9yXVTX
  16. I'm assuming this is in reference to my current report I have out. I'm not going to comment about that, but I will say that in any general situation (IRL), if you have a gun pointed at you, you would usually comply with their orders, and not focus on changing your radio freq. Again, rules are rules, so nothing you can really do about them. I respect your opinion though.
  17. But show larger picture that you literally laughed on me and said "this is def going to the next video". You are just showing short videos and small pictures so I look bad, lmao
  18. Selling a 2-garage apartment located just South of the Bank, and only a few blocks East of the Mechanic. Perfect location for anyone looking to live in the convenient downtown Los Santos area. Priced at $700,000 @ the door, Hurry and snatch up this quiet property with only two other neighbors.
  19. @Jaquan Smith This is Philip Darling Im just going to add this one and only post. I think your fear rp etc are quite blatant. You are talking about tinted windscreens which visibly are not and moving a weapon from your back to a glove box without putting the gun in front of you? It makes no sense. We are standing in an elevated position looking down into the car on both of you watching you clear as day. But what really concerns me is your toxic nature. My faith in humanity and my role-play experience. In 3 years of playing on this server this was hands down the most toxic experience to date. Even when I got to DOC I recall saying in "/b Toxic RP" which your response was to say " /b cut /b resume RP " so you were informed of your behavior and you just didn't give a shit. see screen shot below https://gyazo.com/9e6a32217d752d2c99e545f4955c4811 Not everyone has the emotional resolve to deal with somebody as toxic as you and I would be concerned should somebody cross your path who doesn't have a thick skin and how they would respond. If an admin needs my input I will of course respond.
  20. So that's it then? Black and white? No nuance at all? A gun is a gun no matter who is holding it and what their motives are? Are we not smarter than that? I think encounters with law enforcement should be different. I shouldn't have to worry about the cop shooting me if I'm not threatening the cop. That would be murder. Why should I be worried a cop is going to murder me for talking on my radio? The motive for that cop holding that gun at me is far different than a criminal's motive. The officer is using it as a self defense weapon, not an offensive weapon. At least that's what I would hope. An officer shouldn't pull the trigger unless they feel their life is in danger. And I shouldn't feel my life is in danger from the cop even if they're pointing a weapon at me. I mean the point of making this discussion isn't to confirm what the rules are but to maybe discuss how the rules should be a bit different. Thanks for your opinion.
  21. Fear rp is fear rp. Rules apply to everyone no matter who is holding the gun.
  22. How is it fear RP? The Comet had fully tinted windows, and as you know the gun is equipped on your back, and stripping ammo when the gun is in my back, means that you couldn't see it at all. If you upload a longer video I literally complied with all of your demands either. I just didn't read your /me forces the man to his knees - because I was speaking to Marcus and didn't read the chat for few seconds. Then you told me that in /b and I instantly responded. As I told you, we were in an admin sit while he was waiting outside the apartment. That is why he asked that, and again, Kat can provide that too. Then if I told you instantly MC, void it. What's wrong with it? It was all IC threats, and you never complained about that OOCly so I continued because everytime I said that you laughed ICly. Next time make sure to inform the player OOCly about it if it affects you, because I did not know at all. You mainly brought the report up because I reported you. A brief question to you, what did you lose from that scenario so it made you to go ahead and report? I just see it as a counter and petty report.
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