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  2. Well until something is done, Us truckers will continue to stall deliveries. Do you know how long it takes to fill up 200,000 volume of fuel? Almost 60 minutes, then got to unload at the other end for almost 60 minutes. 2 Hours for $1250 just is not enough. I don't care if you raise your prices or taxes go down. Something needs to be done.
  3. They have just no clue, how and what kind of money we are making in a specific amount of time. The store near bank for example, should at least pay every trucker about 2500 $ or even more with their ridiculous high prices. It's an owned store by criminals. Shouldn't have been allowed in the first place at all. sigh
  4. I can only agree to this. I agree that $1000 is maybe not the right amount but whatever you are asking is WAY too much.
  5. Hello, thank you for creating this player report. After a thorough review with another member of senior staff, I've come to a conclusion. I do not feel that the deathmatching rules were broken here, as ID 29 opened fire, which makes other people in the vehicle viable to get shot. Though, I feel one rule has been breached - NonRP from ID 115, Xaii_Ghost, going head-on into the Contender. Report accepted
  6. Okay. I will give you a figure, how much we have to pay for import and taxes: 10 units is one actual item. Each liter fuel costs 5 dollar to import. 10 units of fuel, is 1 liter of fuel. 10 units of goods, is 1 piece. I am selling fuel for an average of 7.5/8 dollar per liter. That is just about 50 000 - 60 000 $ profit in ((about a week)), with no tax and trucker payment applied and 100 000 $ go for fuel import, for 20000 liter of fuel. I pay 8000 $ for truckers for 20000 liter fuel. Which means for me, my profit is just 42 000 $ - 52 000 $ for about ((one week)). Now here comes the tax: 35 %. My profit then becomes the following 27 300 $ - 33 800 $ for about ((one week)). Now I have to pay for weazel news blips pretty much, to get some customers to my fuel station or my store, otherwise, it will take 1.5x - 2.5x longer to get these figures. So I have to pay Weazel News Employees about 7 000 - 21 000 $ for a ((week)) GPS blip. My store takes two times longer to generate money and needs a permanent GPS blip, for being so hidden. There are import prices for all the goods for the store. I sell goods for about +25 % till +50 % from their import price. Most stores sell for +100 % or even more. Just an hint: 20 bottles of water pay one delivery for my store, currently that is. I might increase the payment for each fuel delivery to about 1250 $ next time, but that's about it. @LunaticFPV
  7. This one for HayesFuel. 200,000 of Fuel for $1,000? Not a chance. Your fuel trailer will sit on the back of my rig until the price is right.
  8. This delivery for Don'sDeals will sit in the yard until they come up with some real offers. 10,000 units of water costs $10k to deliver.
  9. @Com783 25,000 units of fuel = $25,000 delivery fee. Like I said earlier, we're open to negotiation, but $25k to make 175k is still a great return for the shopkeeper.
  10. Your order earlier was not good. 2 x 25,000 of fuel for 1k each. Just isn't enough money for us truckers to slave over. We all have families and want to earn an honest wage.
  11. I am the owner of ShoreParadise and Paradise68. I am running probably the cheapest store in the state. You would have to check it out by yourself.
  12. @Com783 We want $1 per unit for fuel and goods, or $2k-3k per automobile. We're willing to negotiate to something that is fair for everyone, though.
  13. Flucifial


    Thank you for your patience during the review period of this report. Due to lack of response within the given time frame, I will now conclude this report. Alex_Pilot will receive a warning for their first offense of Non-Roleplay (NLR Breach) due to the actions they've displayed within this report. This report is now marked concluded/resolved and will be locked and archived. Kind Regards, Flucifial
  14. I'm not aware of your current prices? Give us a rough price list and we will say.
  15. Thank you for your patience during the review period of this report. Harvey_Walton will receive a warning for their first offense of Non-Roleplay (Breach of NCZ) due to stealing a vehicle and it's possessions in the Bank NCZ. You may not commit ANY crime in a NCZ, including Grand Theft Auto. This report is now marked as Concluded/Resolved and will be locked and archived. Kind Regards, Flucifial
  16. @Keilza Am I paying alright? - Stefanie H.
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