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  2. Stranger 9706_2132 Fear RP

    Your player name: Dwayne_Manson Player you are reporting: Stranger 9706_2132 Rule broken: Fear RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: During robbery at gunpoint by two of us, he just takes a pistol out and kills me, refusing to go along with fear RP of two people shouting at him telling him to put his hands up. Time and date: 5:30 BST Evidence:
  3. Nathan Goliath [None RP Gang War]

    @InvalidSun Sent Peace Offer And It Was Accepted.
  4. Fear RP Stranger 5134_3594

    Your player name: Rico Santosi Player you are reporting: Stranger 5134_3594 Rule broken: Fear RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: There was 4 of us robbing the man of his wheat and one of my accomplices has a gun pointed at him whilst the others were selling the wheat, but the man still pulled out a gun and shot at us. Time and date: 6:10pm BST 22/08/17 Evidence: (Quality isn't great but still possible to see the man breaking the rule)
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  6. Vinewood house for sale

    Hello! This house/mansion has room for 4 vehicles to be parked in the garages shown in the pictures below and is located in a very nice location in the Vinewood area. Currently it is for sale for $575,000 but be sure to make an offer! We are open to negotiate. ((Click "View hidden content" to view the other pictures))
  7. [SUGGESTION] Police Impound Lot

    I also like Randy's suggestions.... and Spark, Thank you!
  8. [SUGGESTION] Insurance Companies

    If server reboots, and I have a list to choose from, and my insurance company is closer to LSPD or BayView or LSC or Bank for example, then I would spawn there as usual, and then just have to run to said insurance company, rather than Mors from LSPD. Same for my house, I would choose company nearest it. The command, if programmed correctly, would be the same. It doesnt matter which insurance company it went to. /vehrevive should populate and just tell the player what insurance company has it. The player just would simply set the insurance company selection at the time of purchase for auto insurance. You go to MotorSport, buy a vehicle, then you enter the car for first time, you type /insurance. It pops up a menu to choose your perferred insurance vendor. Then the car goes there. /vehrevive will work regardless of vendor. The devs dont need to rush this, it simply is a suggestion, something that can be added, if approved, to a in the future to add list type of deal. I agree 100% i would rather have syncing things and prison system and phone GUI than this. haha
  9. [SUGGESTION] Faction Vehicle Storage

    @InvalidSun Agree.... however you as a property owner, have the right to request vehicles to be towed off your property (or in your case, just spawn your tow truck and do it lol) but the business/faction owner, has the ability to spawn those cars, to free up a slot for someone else to park their vehicle. Especially in the event of someone going inactive, quitting, getting banned, etc etc etc. You dont want your garage slots used up when people are inactive or leave. So leaders of said garage would be able to spawn the vehicle. However, if Player A is in faction A, locks his car and parks it at his faction garage. If faction A leader, spawns player A's car. It is still locked and unable to be taken, unless of course illegally or towing away. Which at that point would be a IC situation for police and/or revenge for stealing their property and you would know who did it too, so pretty easy to figure it out. lol
  10. [SUGGESTION] Vehicle Security Mods

    Okay, lets remove the armored part and we all agree with Tiers 1-4 then basically?
  11. [SUGGESTION] Cell Phone Companies

    Thanks. I think it will create rp, another "job", and way for people to earn money and compete. However, oocly we should setup a rule that just because company A is at the tower performing upgrades or maintenance , does not mean its okay for company B to attack them. That doesnt happen irl, therefore it should be against the rules. This is legal job/company, not turf wars.
  12. For the cars... that would be impounded, rather than locked. But the boot idea/concept is a neat idea. Especially if we run plates on someones car, and learn its unpaid tickets. Then maybe a boot would apply. But would need a crowbar or something for criminals to remove the boot, to counter it. I think having the ability to hide your money in a "safe" house to avoid frozen assets is a good counter action to police freezing your accounts. I think it to be fair compromise.
  13. Changes to drug effects

    With the drugs being ingame there is no much use of them apart from the effects and healing from Heroin or Coke idk which. When you take a drug you have effect for around 3 minutes then it wears off. After 15 minutes or so the addiction hits in and you effect again. But, if you take same drug after the 3 minutes, the addiction is delayed for 15 minutes. I am asking if you could make it so that the addiction isn't moved especially for LSD. I want to have the fancy effect all the time. By taking 5 LSD each with 3 minutes inbetween them, then enjoying it for an hour or so from addiction. If you did that I would become regular drug user. Or make 5 drugs with same effect as LSD so I can use those :D Because diff addictions do stack.
  14. Appeal

    Hacking will not be tolerated on our server EVER. Denied/Closed.
  15. [SUGGESTION] Police Impound Lot

    Alright so I will add this onto the list. If the player getting his vehicle impounded is involved in a crime obviously that vehicle should go to a police impound lot. My concern with the fees are the following. Too High = Everyone will not RP with cops and just drive off. Too low = No one will care about it. A reasonable price is possible for this, that option that @Ethosyde mentioned sounds good but obviously will need a friend of you to ID himself. This idea was suggested several times so. Lets plan it. #ADDED TO LIST
  16. [SUGGESTION] Outfits/Wardrobe

    As we all know this out of GTA:O and this is needed to change style overtime and saving outfits you worked on detail I will add this to the list. #ADDED TO LIST
  17. Stranger 5629_6863 VDM

    Your player name:Jonathan Rolland Player you are reporting:Stranger 5629_6863 Rule broken:VDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting:Evidence got into a scrap outside teqiulala and when I was tryna get into the limo after the RP he wanted to cotinue it. Which is fine but after going down to his Vehicle it left quite the bad rp taste in my mouth expecially after reading "A vehicle cannot be used as a weapon to repeatedly hit your opponent to keep them knocked onto the ground," So i decided to follow up on here. Time and date:11:10 pm est 8/21/17 Evidence:
  18. JET SKIS, a few locations.

    Most officers can I believe but the officers can't really disable other boats. Make it so it takes a minute before the jet ski spawns and you have to walk to it to get on it (no teleport). That way it can't be used in chases and people who are wanted can only take one out when the cops have lost them. People with an active warrant for their arrest which concerns a vehicular charge should be limited from citybee and this. Police should share this data to the companies and the companies would deny service.
  19. Scam for more than $15k 8367_6989

    The way this seems to me, it looks as though you set a deal for $1 over the scam limit, that way, they wouldn't be able to scam you, because they would be breaking the rule. You've reported a player for scamming you one dollar over the scam limit, when you set the price to $15,001 by metagaming, and abusing the ruling to your advantage, and that is why this report will be denied. However, in the screenshots you have provided, I noticed quite a lot of offensive language in an OOC chat, which will not be tolerated. Player Omar_Alsabi will be punished for OOC Offensive Language. Report denied/locked.
  20. Report [ VDM ] Stranger 3254_9933

    Heya, Since we always try to hear both sides of the story Stranger 3254_9933 has 24h from now on to respond to this report before a decision will be made. If you see him ingame again, please tell him that he has an open report, thank you! Wanheda~
  21. Change rob limit rules

    I dont think this should be in server suggestions as this is critical. I have seen few experoenced players breaking that rule because they only think its for money. And you are allowed to steal someones weapoms/drugs from houses/cars
  22. Your player name: Abdulla albalaz Player you are reporting: Stranger 3254_9933 Rule broken: VDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: i was trying to sell him some goods and he doesn't look like he wanna buy so i get in my car and he was following me when i stopped he rammed on my car and leave the scene , and i told him i will make a report at the forum Time and date: 22:54 22/8/2017 Evidence:
  23. Nathan Goliath [None RP Gang War]

    This thread will remain unlocked until the factions are no longer at war.
  24. Nathan Goliath [None RP Gang War]

    As far as I can tell, your reasoning is rather old. Also, the Savages are no longer the Savages and now have a new leader. I would like to ask you to OOCly return to being Neutral and only declare war through IC means with an actual reason and RPing with the actual leader.
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