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  2. This itself has been suggested multiple times on its own. But, the issue is not relevant to actual "stock" on citybees.
  3. Unfortunately this is being triggered even if 1 taxi driver is online perhaps a to scale mechanic to counter this.
  4. Pending @Emulsify. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  5. Character name(s):Dennis_Makalio Admin who issued punishment:Emulsify and Awazki Date of punishment: 16.01.2020 Punishment received: Non-RP #4 Reason given for punishment: Ramming with an expensive car Your explanation of what happened: I accidentally rammed into Lamar's car at HE. And i saw that some dudes are trying to get him, so i drive after him to see a action. I was desynced and in his screen you would see that im ramming him. But i was just driving behind him or next to him. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i was desynced i didn't wanted to ram someone. And also look at player report below, you would see that guy who reported got nothing against me. We sorted this out. Post any evidence or further details:
  6. Can you build a gate there ?
  7. Elegy Retro Custom :-: Fully Maxed (2/2 Turbo) :-: License plate: FURY :-: 200k Phone: 5116163
  8. You're right here, but an easy bypass for this you need to have a valid motive or reason such as: for trying to rob, murder etc..the only reason to able to force someone to strip down not just for the fun of it.
  9. Today
  10. -1. This will lead to random people putting civilians at gunpoint and forcing them to strip down. This was also an issue with randomly cutting peoples hair when you rob them. I don't want to have to go to the clothing store everytime I get robbed and having to avoid the people camping clothing stores.
  11. I think it's fine that everyone can help. Don't feel the need imo to have a seperate role for it as questions get answered quite frequently. If you want to get notified, you can adjust your Discord settings accordingly.
  12. -1, the question channel has a wait time of less than a minute pretty much all times of the day, having a new role that essentially removes a aspect of support doesn't seem beneficial at all, if you would like to answer questions you can always check the channel occasionally in your spare time which is appreciated
  13. No sorry I need to edit the post there all been sold
  14. Its not that the faggios aren't there. RPly thats what they say but in reality, if a Taxi driver is on duty this will disable the ability to spawn citybees. This was done to increase the amount of taxi calls.
  15. +1 too many times I have been put away with no evidence. Rather than increase jail time, you could introduce; if you accept charges you get no fine if you don’t accept charges and lose you get fined
  16. There is a severe lack of faggios and trucking jobs. Let's marry the two to finally rid the issue of there being a lack of both! UwU
  17. +1 brother. Too many times has me reckless driving resulted in me standing around for a mechanic that never comes. This needs to be changed.
  18. Nonetheless, yet another role for people assisting others is not needed.
  19. Please read the underlined. Not all staff want to be consistently tagged.
  20. It already exists, it's called support staff, you could probably apply to that once it's opened up should you want a role for helping out others, for whatever reason.
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