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  2. FAIL RP

    No evidence was recorded , it’s John Roberts , my friend that Was nearby.
  3. Ana West ($260,000)

    Pending review.
  4. Maxwell Ferguson (Approx. $15,000)

    Have you posted a bug report for this issue? If not, please create one and link it here.
  5. Skipper Istan (Money & More )

    Please feel free to PM me on discord to set up a time where we are both online. Thanks.
  6. Rico Santosi ($4290)

    Refund of 4290 accepted. Please contact a Head Administrator in game or PM via Discord to arrange a time to receive your refund. Refunds must be claimed within 30 days of being granted or may expire. Thank you.
  7. Chuck Mangione (Money)

    Refund of 120,000 accepted. Please contact a Head Administrator in game or PM via Discord to arrange a time to receive your refund. Refunds must be claimed within 30 days of being granted or may expire. Thank you.
  8. Leaving of Stranger 3593_311

    Report closed as it does not follow proper format.
  9. Stranger 4722_9611, COMBAT LOGGED, NON-RP

    Player has been warned for first offense of NON-RP. Utilizing water to escape is not allowed. Report closed.
  10. Stranger 3920_3679 Combat Log / Fail RP

    Player has been warned for combat logging first offense.
  11. FAIL RP

    @Sasha_Belyj who was your friend that was there on scene and radio'd to the rest of the gang? Does anyone from your gang have any evidence to show this?
  12. Chris Pepper - The Serpents (5.3.4 Turf Wars)

    @xCKube has 24 hours to post a reply.
  13. Scott Kidd, Jessica (Metagaming)

    After review, Scott_Kid will be warned for first metagaming offense. Planning out what to do with a robbery victim whilst robbing him in the game is not allowed as he would be able to hear you planning unless you did it before hand. Report closed.
  14. Stranger 4722_9611, COMBAT LOGGED, NON-RP

    It has already past 24 hours... Where is the punishment?
  15. Tumble_Inn - Andy, McCarty (Ban Appeal)

    The decision you use as an example was decided under a different head admin who is no longer with the team. He is the only person to ever be unbanned after hacking and he was banned within 10 days for repeat hacking which is why we are solid in permanently banning hackers. We are not choosing to say it hasn't been long enough because it's an "easy" answer. We do not unban people who have used game modiciatoons which present an unfair advantage. The matter of fact is, it has nothing to do with if we personally believe you wont hack again or not, and all to do with keeping the game fair for everyone in the community. Now, that being said it is not impossible to get unbanned, it certainly will not be within 1 year of the offense however. Appeal will be denied at this time. You may post an appeal no sooner than 6 months from this date. I do appreciate your desire to play and willingness to learn from your mistakes however this is a policy we are very firm on as it is a backbone of keeping our community fair and fun. Best of luck in the future.
  16. Delete Post (Bugged)

    Closed by request.
  17. Jeff Zed perm ban appeal

    The deathmatching was not the sole reason, just the last straw. Ban was placed due to poor admin record (over 20 warnings/punishments). Request will be denied at this time. You may post an appeal no sooner than 4 months from the date of this post.
  18. Jessey Carter - Ban Appeal

    Player was banned for ammo hacks and therefore request will be denied. Closed.
  19. gytis - Logan_Black (Ban Appeal)

    Thanks for the response. Pending discussion.
  20. Add more criminal related jobs

    i think the same thing more criminal related jobs shoud be added cuz if not there is no way of getting those big money you know + thats not rp i mean rp is all about what simulating real life right so i think truly letting people rob stores banks and even more criminal related jobs is realy a even better rp you know like in real life it will be great
  21. Stranger 9571_2228, n.a, VDM

    After allowing both parties enough time to respond I will conclude this report. Based on the lack of evidence there will be no punishments issued. In future reports of this nature please try to include a video of the incident as pictures alone do not tell a full story. Report Denied Locked and Archived
  22. [BUYING] Specter Custom and more!

    Hello, looking for a serious seller that would sell me a top sport car. Details of what im buying, would buy it in any condition (modded or not modded): Cheetah Classic Specter Custom Surano Seven-70 If selling one of those, tell me and we can have a deal! Please explain all the performances upgrades!
  23. Hi I'm new still waiting on a verification email

    what email are you using? gmail yahoo hotmail? Also did you checked in your spam or junk folder?
  24. [4SALE] House in Vinewood/Richman, 3 Garage.

    Have fun! Thread can be closed.
  25. Account name:Tumble_Inn Character name(s): Andy McCarty, Trent Jackson, Vinny McCarty, and Ashley Portman Admin who issued punishment: @InfamousFelix Date of punishment:November 13th, 2017 Reason given for punishment: Teleport Cheat Your explanation of what happened: My car was stuck in a tough spot and no mechanics were online, I then teleported from Lower LS to the nearest gas station. Why should your appeal be accepted?: "Appeals that involve HACKING, CYBER ATTACKS, BUG ABUSE, or any other severe reasons may be denied without consideration unless the post is compelling. Do not expect to be able to appeal for violations of this type." First of all, I'd like to thank the Eclipse Staff team for finding my appeals compelling enough to consider. I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate. Hauser Doobis, was a player that was banned for using a teleport cheat to warp to deliveries with the trucking job. This player, used their cheat to offset the economy and give a real un-fair advantage to themself against other players. After committing this crime, they were unbanned after a 5 month wait time, and their account wiped (due to the wrongly acquired cash). My crime on the other hand consisted of using a teleport cheat during times of low population when stuck in a jam. Those jams were simple things, like when no mechanics were online getting a car out of a tight spot, or when stuck in the middle of no-where with no taxi drivers online. We all know that population was a big issue towards the end of the GT-MP era, and I succumbed to the pressure. I never used my client to gain money wrongfully or to hurt any other player's experience, however that does not make it right, and I understand this completely now. During the past 6 months of being banned, I feel I've managed to maintain a link to Eclipse. I'm not going to throw in the towel until I've convinced you that I wouldn't ever take part in this type of fowl gameplay again, there's too many people I'd be letting down by hacking again, I couldn't do it to them, or myself for that matter, I love the Eclipse Community too much. And look, I get that it's easier to keep saying not enough time has gone by than dealing with the risk of unbanning a perma banned player. I will be no risk to the Eclipse Community, I promise. I couldn't do it to all those who support me. Post any evidence or further details: Hauser Doobis' Appeal:
  26. Delete Post (Bugged)

    Hello @Tumble_Inn, thank you for making this appeal. Either you messed up the appeal format or the coding within your browser was messed up. Could you please edit your appeal to the correct format in order to be considered? Thanks, -Flucifial
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