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  2. Changed it up a little bit.
  3. Dana_White

    [Buying] 1 garage house 50-65K

    I can sell u a house for 65 k. Its near farms.
  4. Chris Strange

    Wanting to Trade for a SUPERCAR

    What supercar you got?
  5. lenx

    Changes to /cruise

    +1 I personally do not use cruise because typing my speed every time i change from highway to city is extremely annoying (and i have a controller so i dont actually need to use it at all)
  6. MaxSamson

    Changes to /cruise

    Extend the functionality of the /cruse command to by default cycle between the three speed limits and maybe add /cruisec to set your own custom cruise speed. This would eliminate the need to type the command and set the speed when ever you change from highway to city etc
  7. Today
  8. Just standing outside the car with a hand-held radar gun.
  9. Drake_Dios_Ryan

    [BUYING] 4 Car Garage Mansion

    Bump. Gonna overpay for a mansion in richman.
  10. lenx

    The price of vehicle ownership.

    -1 For registration. In my mind, that's included with the cost of the vehicle +1 for higher maintenance costs for more expensive vehicles. +1 for insurance. It should not be required, but for people who wreck a lot, it would (and should) be more economically viable to pay for insurance rather than multiple repairs on a daily basis. It would take a lot of tweaking to get right though.
  11. The price of vehicle ownership. As of rather now, the only cost of owning a vehicle is the purchase of said vehicle and the future refuel costs of it. This suggestion is an attempt to make vehicle ownership more than just that. Vehicle Registration: Vehicles would need to be registered after their purchase. Registration prices could be set on an individual level based on the price of the car, or possibly the category of vehicle (working vehicles could cost less?). Vehicles without registration would be considered illegal to drive in which case the driver would be fined and the vehicle impounded. Vehicle Maintenance: @[email protected]'s comment from my original thread articulates this far better than I ever could. Insurance: This one follows quite nicely into the above suggestion: Vehicle maintenance could be party or fully be covered if the owner has insurance. Insurance would also be legally required to drive a vehicle. (Criminal offenses can be discussed here, so high-ranking PD members feel free to chime in!) Aaaaaand that's all she wrote from me. If anyone has any further suggestions or improvements to the initial suggestion feel free to leave a comment!
  12. +1 can't believe that wasn't a thing already.
  13. When RAGE supports mods, are there any plans to replace the default vehicles with their real life counter parts? I think this would be a great addition when the time comes, as the real life vehicles are almost always nicer than the GTA versions and they sometimes have some higher fidelity textures. Thoughts?
  14. lenx

    (MEME) unstoppable force vs immovable object

    Yep. Everyone makes that mistake once. There have been countless threads asking for the removal of this trash bag, but I just don't see it happening. It's pretty funny watching new players hit it for the first time, though.
  15. +1 I'd love to actually start seeing some speed traps. Right now I rarely see cops posted up waiting for speeders.
  16. lenx

    Paul_Rizzuto ( Ak-47, Pistol .50 and radio )

    Why would you get refunded for that? Looks like you got out played and out smarted. He used the environment to his advantage and that doesn't entitle you to a refund. EDIT: Also, for future reference, if you rendered that with Vegas, make sure you right clip the video track > properties > disable resample. It'll get rid of that ghosting effect. It should be the first thing you do before cutting up the footage.
  17. Please add the FiveM map or something similar to both the pause menu map and the minimap. Right now, the addition of the street names on the bottom left are absolutely useless for calling out locations until we can actually check where that road is on the map.
  18. lenx

    Can't enter vehicle as passenger

    make sure you try alt tabbing in and out of the game, make sure the driver cycles the locks, and make sure you are hitting G. If none of those work, unfortunately, i don't know what to tell you. No one else has this issue as a persistent thing.
  19. lenx

    Admin approve

    The system DOES work. Just because you don't get accepted immediately, doesn't mean it's their fault or the system is broken. There are hundreds of apps ahead of you. Be patient. If you can't wait a measly 2 days, then chances are you probably aren't patient enough the the type of RP in this server.
  20. I like this solution. If this could be implemented, I don't think anyone who's actually there to RP would be mad. Too many times have I been rammed off the road by a Comet Retro or a seven70, it's BS and doesn't punish the rammer. The only people this would offend are the dudes who play on this server like it's GTA online v2. +1 for more expensive maintenance for more expensive cars. I also think they could do with a damage script that make super cars less resilient to damage, so people will be EXTRA careful when driving them, but that's definitely too much to ask. @Swifty make a Sever Suggestion thread about this, it will pick up traction.
  21. Yesterday
  22. lenx

    Credits in-game slots menu mistake

    Please edit the post with the actual bug. It's the descriptions that are duplicated.
  23. FireCracker

    Stranger 6171_5045; Paulo 989_547 (Fail RP)

    You do realise the shit that gets smuggled into prison right? How is it our fault the PD treat the prison in such a way they don't care as they know they are safe? They should chexk us thoroughly as they would in a jail. We respect it's an NCZ so you respect your job as an officer and do what is required of you rather than complaining because your colleagues couldn't be bothered doing theirs.
  24. DDevastatedTV

    [SELLING] 3 Car Garage House above Tequila-la

    @revo How much is the property
  25. theflykiller09

    Fly killer roleplay

    Have fun and enjoy
  26. senix_69

    9628_5944 DM & NCZ

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 9628_5844 Date of rule breach: 25-09-2018 Time of rule breach: 11:58pm CEST Your characters name: Thyrone Johnson Other players involved: Specific rule broken: " 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. " " 6.8.1 A no crime zone (NCZ) is an area, where players must not commit crimes, that would cause harm to another player or their property. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to run from arrest. A crime that does not harm another player or their property is defined as a victimless crime. " How did the player break the rule?: Earlier the night i robbed this guy at a drug lab. He was very upset, and made it clear that he wanted to kill me. I meet him later at the bank where he punched me, and asked if i wanted a war with him, even though he's not a part of a faction. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/s/LueuEqaMBPao
  27. David_Pringles

    Stranger 4150_9951 NCZ

    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 4150_9951 Date of rule breach: 2018-09-26 Time of rule breach: 0:50 EEST Your characters name: David Pringles Other players involved: Thyrone Johnson Specific rule broken: " A no crime zone (NCZ) is an area, where players must not commit crimes, that would cause harm to another player or their property. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to run from arrest. A crime that does not harm another player or their property is defined as a victimless crime. " How did the player break the rule?: He just came to bank punched me, then talked with Thyrone Johnson and punched him too. Evidence of rule breach:
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