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  3. Update - Final Price reduced to $95,500 and will remain now. If not sold I will just keep. Thanks for taking a look.
  4. I'll lift your ban. However, you must be aware that if you will be banned again if found to be breaking rules again and are on your final warning. I suggest reading up on the rulebook again and being well aware of your actions on the server. Especially as you are linked to another and your actions will also affect them. Appeal Accepted.
  5. Better hide yo BMX cuz we taking that shit cuz
  6. This was an unfortunate incident of animations not displaying correctly leading the Officers to see something that was not intended. Punishment will be void. Appeal Accepted.
  7. I could believe it was an accident if you were already facing him. However in the video in the report, you do a very tight U turn that is more effort than driving around the row of vehicles. Without your point of view it is very difficult to come to a conclusion of desync or panic. From his video it does not look like a desync hit. Again, you also do a very tight hook turn that is more effort than continuing on around where you would be further away from the gunman. This leaves me under the impression it was on purpose. Appeal Denied
  8. Update - Price has been reduced to 180k at the door Lock Up Safe (200 vol) and Tool Box (500 vol) info has also been included to ad with new photo
  9. I can see you did give your reason in /b as to why you did not RP the /carrybody seconds after this video ended. In future, inform people before you do these actions not after. The reporter was informed as to your intentions and the video cuts off just prior to being told why you were picking him up. I will be voiding this punishment, but you need to tell people prior to doing OOC actions to ensure they are not confused or believe you are powergaming them. Appeal Accepted.
  10. Hello, I honestly think that PD are doing fine. The only issue i would like for the current Chief of Police to change, is that sometimes it looks like the officers take calls just to take calls. A single guy running from PD, should not cause 5 cruisers and likely 10 officers to start chasing him. The PD needs to evaluate how it responds to calls, because when i see small incidents for non violent crimes have 4 PD cruisers at the location, i think that is an inefficient way to deal with these situations. If PD adjusted its response to suit the situation more (rather than everyone taking a backup request and then chasing a single individual out of the city) we could have more officers ready to respond to more situations and would definitely help with the way PD is seen. Tyrone Briggs DCC CPO
  11. It has been suggested numerous times before, but +1 from me. Its strange how a car I bought with real life cash can't be transfered.
  12. I'm having a little bit of trouble following what happened here. Ignoring the previous situation, for this situation you had nothing to do with the Officer getting injured in the first place. Then walk up to rob him and then finish him by shooting him. Is this correct?
  13. 300k. Email Ruble#0150 or text me 4265575
  14. 375k. Contact me. 4545975. Ghost. Or email NNEZZIE#[email protected]
  15. Selling/Renting this nice 1G Can do Custom interior for the right price Starting price: 200k Renting price 15k a month ((1 week irl)) contact number: #2746924
  16. After reading over the report, your last appeal and this appeal I have decided that your punishment will remain on your record, but I will lift the ban. Ensure you read over the rules again before you rejoin. Any further DMs that you receive will result in another ban. Appeal Accepted.
  17. The deathmatching punishment will remain on your record. The ban will be lifted. I suggest reading over the rules again before you rejoin to ensure you don't break them again. Appeal Accepted.
  18. You persist to blame when I have no control over the driver. Am I suppose to knock him off the bike and turn myself in? He stated that he was experiencing a bug/glitch and that's not my problem. As for accusing us of communicating outside of the game, you have no evidence. Again we apologize for the misunderstanding.
  19. Pending another Senior Staff response.
  20. From looking at the video provided I cannot determine if it was an accident or not as the route you take is directly towards the people shooting, not the road. So from looking over the evidence the punishment will remain on your record, but the ban will be lifted for you to return to the server. Appeal Accepted.
  21. Price on this unit with boat parking?
  22. Alright so. When you were getting on your bike you were literally just on the other side of the hood of my cruiser and you had full view of me being close. 😛 As for the "out of sight and scared of us part". If my character was in doubt of being able to handle the two robbers with a shotgun, he would've stayed in the car and moved on. I can see where you are coming from, but that was not the case. And you were continiously reversing towards your friend for them to get onto the bike, so you either must've looked behind you, which means you would've seen me being close, or you two were communicating outside of the game. Sorry, but who are you? 😛 The reason to why I didn't smoke them is because none of them were firing at me, so at the time I didn't feel like shooting them was justifiable.
  23. I saw this ad already.
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