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  2. Huang_Zhang

    Kristukas1348 Permanent ban

    Totally agree with this guy. He was in the HE and the police was near him. Streamer Riflius have nothing against you. I know that nobodyLTU likes to get someone banned. Is there any way to contact him?
  3. MusketDeezNuts

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    The citybee used to be a car. But was changed on the amount of VDM's it produced.
  4. MusketDeezNuts

    Kristukas1348 Permanent ban

    Pending @NobodyLTU please be patient.
  5. nvsbeatbox

    Laucher problem

    Greetings, i launched RAGE, logged in and everything was fine, but when the game downloaded some files the game froze and error showed up "Undefined:0:" Please how me, i really want to roleplay here... This is my issue. I reinstalled the game multiple times, ran it as administrator , but it happens everytime when the game loads with some random character. This is my problem here -
  6. nvsbeatbox

    Laucher problem

    It happened multiple times
  7. Dimitri_Kriskov

    Kristukas1348 Permanent ban

    Account name: Kristukas1348 Character name(s): Dimitri_Kriskov Admin who issued punishment: @NobodyLTU & Boxxy Date of punishment: 01/22/2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Not here to roleplay | Issued for NBDY Your explanation of what happened: I'm watched one of the twitch streamer stream, and saw he's a police officer, i think ok, not bad. Then i'm just turned off the stream, and turned on the game, and i saw two police officers in the high end parking, then i think maybe its he and i can rply make some contact with him. Then he said i need to leave, i'm just make a huge mistake and didn't leave when they said, and then i make another mistake when i said do you want to 1v1 with pistols, i want to write fists, but i have some macros on my key board, i think you can see in the logs i typed one letter in the back by trying to type fists, but its happened now, and i don't know what to do. Its not a big mistake by me doing this, but i have a perma now, and i'm really happy for having this. Thanks mates. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I don't know, because when i'm turned on the stream, the streamer said, i'm didn't do anything bad for him, or anybody else. In stream chat i'm apologised for him for my mistake. Sorry for Nobody, and Boxxy. I don't know what i can do right now, because its just a mistake. Btw other people in stream said its not really bad thing too. Sorry another one time. Post any evidence or further details: https://prnt.sc/man75o
  8. Aldari_Tagril

    Power Gaming/Fear RP ID 26

    Hello and thank you for making this report. @Tom Watt Can you please demonstrate where the Officers had multiple guns pointed on them? As in this video there is nobody nearby that would warrant the Officers complying with Fear-RP as the only danger is a good distance away and as soon as they open fire on the Officers they are allowed to fight back. Secondly, can you explain how you broke the kneeling animation to get onto your feet while cuffed and why you ignored the Officer telling you stand down while he had an AR on you? Pending Response Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  9. Today
  10. Evo9fq360

    [Selling] Dominator GTX tuned

    Now for 167k! At HE
  11. Denni

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    Enjoy your new place! Well done for contributing to this thread.
  12. BlackAgurec

    ID 9 (mercy killing)

    no, i wasn't recording at the moment so these pictures are the only evidence i got @Hazel I dont think any other additional footage is needed because you can clearly see what happened in these pictures.
  13. Evo9fq360

    Selling 1G House

    My number is 5583831 for those who may want to contact me.
  14. Kenny-K

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    Me and another friend started playing on this server last week. We already left for a better server where's there actual roleplay and not a robbing simulator. Also the sync on RageMP sucks donkey balls, so without the RP there's really no reason to play a watered down version of GTA.
  15. XposeD

    ID 96 Fear RP, Water Escape, Possible PG

    Hello thanks for making this report @gohena Could you please provide footage with sound before I take this report to the next stage thankyou. Kind Regards XposeD
  16. MusketDeezNuts

    87 ID 7.1 Fear roleplay

    Hello everyone. I shall now comclude this report. When your video was still up. I did nog hear you say that at all. Anyways report shall be closed. As @PeterZito got A permaban for another situation. @Malibu is cleared of all charges. -Musket
  17. XposeD

    ID 114 randomly kills me

    Hello and Thanks for making this report @Skipper. I would like @PooXino to explain what happened and why you had KOS on this person. I did look at the screen shots but they kept taking me to the same image. Kind Regards XposeD
  18. Denni

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    -1. Has been suggested before and I agree with the people above.
  19. click on my cover photo for free money weSmart 

    1. Tobias van Dam

      Tobias van Dam

      Now this is an EPIC prank

    2. frijfugel


      Can we ban femo

  20. Chance_Gray

    167, 86, 156 Fear Roleplay

    It's very easy to be fishing with one hand when there is no fish on the hook
  21. Scott Cleverley

    Change Whitelist and remove NCZ

    Hur dur Hur dur it's unrealistuc to have ncz zones. Yet it's realistic to get robbed in day light, city while you get pointed gun at you, or get rammed in a city that again you would get gun pointed at you? Do you even understand what you're saying?? the only one thing what's not realistic here to get robbed every 10 minutes while farming... If you want to see top criminal RP and how to rob people watch Forzetukas stream you will definately notice their mentality (that was sarcams, they even try to rob person who's being arrested by cop and then cry that cop didn't rped that he opened door to enter building. yet there's some people who want even to buff criminals)
  22. Scott Cleverley

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    -1 We have a city bee. And anyways it feels that people have way too good cars. Would be nicer to see people with more realisic cars not everyone owning good ones.
  23. zooke1

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    Well of course we re not talking about sport cars, maybe some Oracles, Exemplar, some old cars like Ingot, Stainer, nothing too fast or eye catching
  24. Yputi

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    If someone rents it for 1 hour... Imagine someone renting a Schafter V12 for 2 hours. They just use it for hang shit, felony evading (as it's a fast car) and more stuff. City bee's are limited to 70 now, so no one use them for other things then transport. No point of felony evading on those. "RENT-A-CAR company would give a better alternative to the boring and slow CITYBEE, also unsafe" Current Citybee's are also unsafe because of OTHER drivers.
  25. What's your in-game name?
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