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  2. I have a suggestion: Golf

    Is there any way we can play golf like in GTA? I know a group of people who also said the same thing. That they'd like to play golf as well! Would be dope. Thanks!
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  4. To whom it may concern, I, Jeffery Permuy, will be resigning from the Downtown Cab Co. Effective October 22nd, 2017. I have no ill-will with the Downtown Cab Co. I am just looking to start a new career. Thank you, Jeffery Permuy - Former Driver of DCC.
  5. LSPD Job Interview

    Hello, For starters: the LSPD is not a criminal faction so you're in the wrong section of the forums there. Secondly, if you scroll down a bit further you can see all government factions, including the police department. Clicking on the police department's link will guide you to the government website. On this website you can create an account and then find the application format and correct section to post it in.
  6. LSPD Job Interview

    Hello, i would like to apply for a job as a police officer.
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  8. Stranger 1831_5498 - DM in front of bank

    Hello again, After reviewing the evidence it is clear to see that, regardless of not seeing the part of you being shot at, this is indeed death matching. If he was the one that had initially shot you, he broke the rule of no crime zones; and if he wasn't, him showing up for no reason and finishing you off is definitely deathmatching. Therefore player Stranger 1831_5498/Bob_Neville will be punished for deathmatching. Report resolved/archived
  9. Stranger 1831_5498 - DM in front of bank

    No, sorry. Happend too quick.
  10. Stranger 1831_5498 - DM in front of bank

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Do you have any video evidence of him initially injuring you?
  11. Your player name: Stefanie Huth Player you are reporting: Stranger 1831_5498 Rule broken: Deathmatching in a non-crime zone Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I just arrived at the bank after the server crashed and that guy hit me with a bike and then I asked him why he hit me with his bike and then he just shot me with his .50 Pistol and left me dying. After one or two minutes he was coming back and finished me off. Time and date: 22.10.2017 at 01:20 o'clock GMT +2 Evidence: 2017_10.22-01_16.mp4 2017_10.22-01_18.mp4
  12. Greeting, Hey my name is Nebur, i am new to the server. I've had a few ideas, maybe a job like an uber? if you own a car but work in something else you could just use a uber app and take people to places. Other then that i would like to talk about job level system, like the courier job we can only take 1 box at a time but with the level system we could get some perks like taking 2 boxes at a time or even more money per delivery? Anyway i have been enjoying the server a lot, keep up the good work. Nebur
  13. Why is the server so empty?

    There's still hundreds of them, and most are english speaking.
  14. Carter_Navaja 2 times VDM

    As for the first hit, he stated that you sent people after him, which would mean his character is under the impression that you were out to get him or attack him, which would be putting his life in danger. Even if you didn't ACTUALLY send them after him, I can see how he could consider it as such. That would leave him with an IC reason. As for the second VDM, I can't confirm or deny whether he had a reason to hit her, considering there was roughly 2 seconds of footage. @Shalami will not face punishment here. Report Rejected
  15. Carter_Navaja 2 times VDM

    Your player name: Jacob Baker Player you are reporting: Carter_Navaja Rule broken: VDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: The first clip was when we got info that Carter had an AK on him as you can see in the video I said nothing at all thats clear as day in the video. Then when I go up to Carter he says that I sent these people after him which in the video you can see I said nothing to no one about going after him. Now Chuck accidentally ran into me. That I know he didnt mean however you can see in the clip Carter just turn his wheels towards me and try to run me over. He gets stopped by Chucks car. Due to the impact Chucks car gets pushed back and Carter runs me over. In the second clip you can just see Carter straight drive right into my fellow mechanics. Time and date: 8PM-1AM EST 10-21-2017 Evidence:
  16. Why is the server so empty?

    Well... 32 player cap is pretty low, but NPC's are cool, yeah.
  17. Why is the server so empty?

    It seems like FiveM is more popular at this moment in time unfortunately.
  18. Last week
  19. Why is the server so empty?

    This is a great idea. We should get streamers to stream some gameplay.
  20. Why is the server so empty?

    Facts. Not enough advertising for eclipse. Most ppl either hears from a friend, twitch, or youtube. Then you have people from SAMP days who have always kinda been keeping tabs on GTMP. Lets flood youtubes with awesome eclipse rp vids.
  21. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Hello again, Due to client stability there is not much that can be done against the first person issue other than advising people to not use first person while driving on a bike or in a vehicle. Of course saying "idgaf" when informed about a bug is not an appropriate way to deal with it so I'd request Jeff_Zed to be a bit more considerate towards situations like these in the future. Other than that there is not much we can do so that would conclude the report. Report rejected/archived
  22. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Alrighty, well just prove it with a video and that's it. I couldn't care less if I look like an idiot in front of everybody.
  23. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Howdy, UglyDuckly! i know that i didnt go first person and i have video. so i dont care if you make a report it just makes you look stupid.
  24. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Howdy, Jeff! Why didn't you tell it to me in the /pm's so I don't need to make any reports and plus that you said "I don't give a fuck" proved enough that you couldn't care less if you are getting another admin punishment.
  25. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    i was playing in 3rd person not first
  26. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Pending @BigJeff to give his side of the story within 24 hours.
  27. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Your player name: Randy_Fox Player you are reporting: Jeff_Zed Rule broken: Abusing a bug. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was chasing Jeff_Zed and he was driving away with a motorcycle, once we got to the highway he decides to toggle first person which makes him to fly and desync all over the place on other people screens, I told him after I lost him that and he just clearly said "I don't give a fuck" Time and date: 20/10/2017 Around 22:00 EEST Evidence:
  28. Why is the server so empty?

    GT-MP is driven by german developers so they might got some advertisement on their side.
  29. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: FatherOsborn has stepped down from Moderator. Ethosyde has stepped down from Moderator.
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