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  1. i thought this was already a thing, when you exit a vehicle, instantly just start running, the door should stay open. might jus be certain vehicles,unsure.
  2. +1. You are adding to gameplay and roleplay possibility to others, and i suspect, most are newer players, so how can this ever get a minus 1 is very disheartening. Others state the Discord as a reason to give this a minus one. There are a shit ton of ECRP handlers, look in any major gang discord youll see arounf 6-8 ECRP handlers in there. Simply get one of those in the discord and you are good to go. Hopefuly this works out for you as this would be providing an Essential need for the sever, i feel that those willing to do ventures like this to inrease RP and gameplay should have the full backing of the server should the neccesary pre requisites be fullfilled. By no helping and allowing this, that seems to be an acceptence of the current trend for house markets and house flipping. something needs to be done and at least OP is giving it a go. So mega plus 1 from
  3. Sickkkk!!! "Dear God" has a sick little flow to it mate, fluid as hell Getting good now mate. Remember us when you famous my man Keep up the good work my mate.
  4. fair play cant argue with that. Cant think of much else you guys could do tbf. Honestly though , the punishments you say "realism" would bring imo, would be really really welcomed by a lot of players. Imagine having assets seized to pay for debt, that would be awesome no more criminals being lazy, no more robbing randoms broad daylight on the street, no more using personal supercars for petty crime. Being a criminal is already way way way too easy, bring on the "realism" would be awesome by the sounds of it Also - " but I don't think you guys understand the consequences this would bring for criminal rp" - trust me a lot of criminals do, and they are crying out for more realism, obviously though a lot of players are crims and the average player could just not play enough the "realism" was introduced. However, we aint all the same, we all have different wants/expectations and different skilsets for that matter. Try not to lump us all together, criminal RP is already considered trash overall, im a crim but i know my RP levels are good, so its not necceseraily a casse of "you guys". :)
  5. padpilot

    Nerf Cops

    why isnt this a thing though? rather than add to the problem by driving drags and super cars, why not limit the possibility of gang members driving them. If someone flees from the cops, get the playes. if they have a house, go knock on the house, see what you find. /Ido there would be a knock at the door. get a warrent if you have to and search the place. This would promote so much immersive roleplay. There should be a worry of being identified in your own vehicle, you shouldnt commit crimes in your own ride. This problem could be solved, not by simply "well if they drive them, we drive them" mentality but by actually thinking- "well how can we get them to stop using supercars" - which is kinda no rp anyways tbf. Or even, take possesion of people vehicles Permanently. 3 strikes in the same vehicle and it gets confiscated, forever, this will really change the way in whick people decide to use their personnal vehicles for crimes. Often policies here seem to compound problems, not actually solve them
  6. holy shit they actually fired you lol fuck me.......
  7. if all this effort is done, and yet the general public still dont see/feel this to be the case then clearly more transparency is needed?
  8. Now this thread is gaining tractions, can a dev team member comment on the liklihood of these clearly well thought out suggestions? 1. the suggestins good? 2. Chances of implementation 3. Can you put this in an ongoing suggestions section so it doesnt get lost. Cheers [posted 1 month after the original suggestion]
  9. reasons like this why if i get pulled over, sometimes i just get out, put hands up and get on knees. By not giving a reason for a stop, i am unable to respond with my roleplay accordingly. If a player does not give another player a chance to adequatly respond to RP, im sure we call that powergaming.
  10. holy shit. nice! Im so surprised good shit devs, 100% will promote a better culture and community.
  11. ill be amazed if you get any feedback for this clearly well thought out suggestion, good luck though.
  12. you miss the point entirly my friend. Shame really.
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