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  1. man i miss you man. when you coming back?

  2. That's just laughable lol Yes that's what this suggestion says: I dunno bout the whole if you crash again it's done thing. People know how to fix cars in real life lol, you don't ALWAYS need to go to a mechanic.
  3. Cars get damaged so quick these days and that definetely becomes costly with repairs, to a point where it's almost a tad excessive. My suggestion, which I'm sure has been suggested before, is that tools to fix cars are added to general stores. These tools only really need to do enough work to fix the car to where it's drivable so that it can go to a mechanic, i.e. player tools fix car's up to 400 HP. Sometimes, you could be waiting for a mechanic for hours on end. Or, you could be somebody who is banned from both mechanic shops. Then what? I think this addition would do a lot of good.
  4. If you smoke cigs or cigars ur stamina should be lowed Liquid intake should not be restricted, kinda stops people from gettin drunk
  5. "Fuck cops, never stoppin', screw 'em" STREET RACING ANTHEM "Gasoline" ft. Blu @Jim_Wesson OUT NOW: 


  6. I mean shit all you gotta do is not get caught, just don't play bad Point of the game is to simulate a life of your character yo.


  8. [Thomas Voight]: "BATTLEGROUND FREESTYLE" DROPS TOMORROW 16:00 UTC / 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT! 

  9. [Thomas Voight]: #FindingMyWay, my third and final full length album, drops Friday, September 25th @ 16:00 UTC / 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT. The tracklist will be revealed leading up to album release and a new promotional single drops soon.


  10. I actually agree, great idea. I updated this suggestion thread to reflect changes to my suggestion, credit to you
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