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  1. Flucifial

    Mask 8920_1763 DM, NCZ, OOC insault.

    Due to lack of response, I will be concluding this report. Michael_Saxton (Mask 8920_1763) will be receiving a permanent ban for their third major offense of Deathmatching. Michael_Saxton (Mask 8920_1763) will be receiving an increased non-roleplay level for committing crime in a No Crime Zone. Michael_Saxton (Mask 8920_1763) will be receiving a sixty (60) minute administration jail for their second minor offense of OOC Insults. Report Accepted/Archived -Flucifial
  2. Flucifial

    Powergaming #2 and Metagaming #3 Appeal

    Pending @BallinByNature
  3. Flucifial


    Hello and thank you for making this appeal! I issued a warning on your account for your first offense of powergaming because my interpretation of the powergaming rule is that you need to allow the opposing party an opportunity to respond to your RP. In this situation, you had walked into a hostage exchange, where you had already had parachutes on. You did not show any form of /me or /do to signify to the other party that you may have something suspicious on your back. I believe that this situation does allow for some discussion about this topic. The way I see it, if you're going to go into a roleplay scenario such as this one, and roleplay having a parachute ready, you should so some form of roleplay to signify you may have something suspicious on your back. There are no automatic /me's or /do's for equipping a parachute. I do not consider the warning I issued onto your account a punishment, and I do respect the fact you would like to raise more discussion on this topic. I will not make a recommendation at this time as I feel that discussion must come about regarding this, as, as far as I am concerned, the current wording of the powergaming rule does make what you did in the situation powergaming. Pending @Toony -Flucifial
  4. Flucifial

    No way to turn off the music in game

    Believe this is a RAGE issue.
  5. There are no automatic /me's or /do's when it comes to parachutes, I have just tested that for myself. In the future, I would just use a /do letting the people around you know that you have a parachute or at least a large lump from your back. You're not responsible for RPing giving the parachute to George, I've stated that it was mainly the first point;
  6. You, along with John and Leron, did not RP the fact you had a parachute on yourself, nor did you RP putting a parachute on George, but mainly the first fact. You forced the fact you had a parachute, without giving the other party the option to respond.
  7. Flucifial

    Casso Familia - 7.7 Kidnapping & 7.2 DM, Possible MG

    I'll be handing this report to a higher-up as it involves staff members whom of which are above me.
  8. Upon further investigation, I will be reopening this report to investigate the alleged scam rule breach. @DaleBM, please provide any evidence you have of the group of people agreeing to hand over bags containing far more than $15,000 in exchange for George. Thank you in advance.
  9. I will now be concluding this report based on the fact that one of the parties failed to agree to the proposal of replaying the roleplay scenario as such. It is very clear that powergaming was broken by the reported party as they forced roleplay without giving the reporting party a chance to respond to this sort of roleplay. In the future, should a situation similar to this happen, you must roleplay having the parachute on, and giving George a parachute, before jumping off to avoid the roleplay turning against you. The original creation of this report was for the unrealistic roleplay and powergaming accusations, not the fact that a robbery rule was broken. Both parties have failed to provide any evidence of rule 7.5.3 being broken, and as originally stated, Dale agreed not to discuss that here and to only address the powergaming accusations. If you believe that rule 7.5.3 was in-fact broken, feel free to file a separate forum report that contains evidence of such event happening. There is also no evidence to prove that an in-character conversation happened in-which the agreement was that the bags would have the items that were supposedly agreed to. The only evidence we have is of an out-of-character agreement for two bags, and George. Leron_Davis (Mask 9160_3466) will receive a warning for their first offense of Powergaming. Phil_McGee (Mask 5747_9862) will receive a warning for their first offense of Powergaming. John_Butter (Mask 6011_6316) will receive a warning for their first offense of Powergaming. For all parties reference, roleplay will be considered how it happened. The Shadow Cartel received two empty bags in exchange for George, their hostage. Report Accepted/Archived -Flucifial
  10. Flucifial

    Stranger 1172_6906 (6.6 Non-roleplay, 3.3 Offensive Language)

    Report closed as this has been handled civilly and the reported party understands their wrong-doings.
  11. Flucifial

    MASK 9234_9900 (7.2 Deathmatch)

    Shayan_Klep (Mask 9234_9900) @Psych0neurotic and Jay_Gamble (Mask 5618_9455) have twenty-four (24) hours to respond with their side of the story.
  12. Flucifial

    Mask 8920_1763 DM, NCZ, OOC insault.

    Michael_Saxton (Mask 8920_1763) will have twenty-four (24) hours to respond with their side of the story.
  13. Flucifial

    MASK 8920_1763 (7.3 Vehicle Deathmatch)

    Hello and thank you for making this report. The evidence provided quite clearly proves that the Vehicle Deathmatching rule was broken here, as the driver of the Blue vehicle returned a total of three times, to hit the same people. Whether there is a reason to do so or not, you only have one attempt at performing such an action. You can tell that there is no justification Michael_Saxton (Mask 8920_1763) will receive a one-hundred-sixty-eight (168) hour ban for their second offense of Vehicle Deathmatching. Report Accepted/Archived -Flucifial
  14. Flucifial

    James Fielding- Dm offence

    Update: Chat logs have proven that Airidas_Belekas was online for 2 hours and 24 minutes before being killed by James_Fielding. Airidas_Belekas claimed he had "just come into town," which is now going to be proven as a lie unless he was referring to coming from Blaine County to Los Santos. You are stating that you believe he tried to rob you. You said to your faction that you were shot by "them" so I believe you genuinely thought that this is what happened. I hope you understand why I issued the punishment that I did, you had only stated you were being chased, not that your life was threatened. I would agree with the fact that I should have done more investigating as for your case, so apologies for my mistake there. I'd like to update my recommendation: I recommend that the punishment be voided as there is no evidence to point that the chase did not happen. I'd also recommend that the person who handles this appeal reaches out to the original creator of the report to see what he meant by "just came into town." It is confirmed by @Osvaldon that he was on for 2 hours and 24 minutes prior to being shot by James_Fielding at LSC. Once again, apologies for not investigating as much as I should have. Pending review from a Senior Administrator or above. -Flucifial