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  1. Flucifial

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    You sure you have that many friends? Heard you're kinda laughed at around here...
  2. Flucifial

    SillyFawn - Billy Anderson (Ban Appeal)

    Hello thank you for your appeal. What I saw was you deliberately turning to hit said vehicle, then driving off without explaining anything in IC or OOC. It seemed deliberate, at least, because you were going straight, then turned to the side to hit the vehicle, which is why you received a ban. This was a very quick situation, but if anything, if it really was accidental, I feel the punishment can be dropped to a non-roleplay level increase due to the fact that you didn't care to explain anything ICly or OOCly. Pending review. -Flucifial
  3. Flucifial

    GTA V RP keeps stuttering, does anyone know why?

    Yeah, it's because of the VOIP system from what I know. Every time VOIP is out, you'll notice the stuttering does not happen.
  4. Flucifial

    Mitigate the need for MD

    Could of sworn you were able to drag players when Rage first came out but I believe it was like, uncontrollable or something? +1 though
  5. THIS JUST IN! JOHN "FLUCIFIAL" PERMUY signs a $110,000 record deal! Looks like there may be an album coming out very soon!
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    thanks mang u 2
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    Lmao I will
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    Only speak English in this community. Archived.
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    Long story short, I'm going to be taking a break from the server to focus a bit on real life, so thank you to everyone for such a fun time! I will still be on from time to time, just not playing as much, and will be resigning from the Eclipse-RP staff team. Just want to say thanks to some people for always being cool and fun to play with in the game! Thanks to: @PB-AJ @Jim_Wesson @Dingus @Eriksen @Charlie Mangione @ImSuspensee @NoewUH @Cooksley @daxu @Ahlfs @WoogeTV @Dashingly @BallinByNature @Kay133 @GaiusTavi Jay Bacon Anyone I missed, sorry, still love you. Thanks for all the fun RP guys 😄 See you in time. -Flucifial AKA Permuy AKA Dylan