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  1. Los Santos Police Department: Patrol divisions More police stations (LS, Sandy, Paleto) Salary to be earned whilst inside of the prison. Los Santos Emergency Medical Services: Increase the $200/patient-healed to $500-$1,000 to motivate paramedics to join the LSEMS. Downtown Cab Company: Allow salaries to be earned whilst inside of the office. Being in the office is common for interviews, conferences, and more. Make all taxi's all yellow by default. Change the default taxi-fare from $13/km. to $30/km. as $30/km. is the lowest fare. (This would save a lot of time from taxi drivers.) Taxi-fare to be on by default, not requiring the driver to turn it on each time they enter a new taxi or crash. Remove the tie from the DCC uniform or fix it. Weazel News: Give Weazel News employees helicopter for air coverage. Los Santos Police Department can create a system for obtaining a Pilots License. Give Weazel News employees an all black or all white vehicle such as a Bison or a Buffalo for "undercover" or low-key news stories. Allow salaries to be earned whilst inside of the office. Being in the office is common for interviews, conferences, and more. Remove the tie from the Weazel News uniform or fix it. Los Santos Customs & Bayview Auto Center: Allow salaries to be earned whilst inside of the office. Being in the office is common for interviews, conferences, and more. Allow the flatbeds to be used to tow vehicles again. Remove the tie from the mechanic uniform. Bolingbrook Penitentiary: (Obviously, there is a faction called this in the F4 menu so I presume it will become something in the future): One of the duties of a prison guard is to take a mugshot of the prisoner during booking each time they are arrested, posting it to a public page. Lifeinvader Network: (Being that Lifeinvader may be a thing very soon, I hope to set-out some duties employees may do should this become an official faction): Remove the advertising aspect from Weazel News and add it to Lifeinvader. Weazel News should keep their /nrt command for NEWS related bleets. Lifeinvader may use the same command but only for advertisements. Lifeinvader will also charge citizens for promotional advertising on the website via images, text, or videos. Besides the advertising aspect, Lifeinvader would mostly be a roleplay based faction. Heavy roleplay would occur inside of the offices. Lifeinvader employees may make frequent visits to report illegal activity on the Lifeinvader Website to LSPD officers as a means of roleplay. This may help detectives make huge drug busts or illegal weapon dealings as messages may be reported. More to come soon. Weazel News and/or Lifeinvader Network: Instead of having customers pay cash to Weazel and/or Lifeinvader employees each time they want an advertisement, create an offer command, similar to /mechoffer. An example of such is listed below: COMMAND INPUT: /adoffer (player-id) (commission-price) (message) - also create an automatic /ame: Vera_Winchester (Stranger 1000_0000) sends an advertisement offer to Stranger 2000_0000 CUSTOMER SAYS: /adaccept or /adreject - The moment the customer inputs /adaccept, the bleet is published. EXAMPLE: /adoffer 151 300 Selling a fully modded Baller LE LWB at the High End! Contact: #363-1025. Keep the base value of adverts from Weazel News $200, and the commission-price separate. The offer would look like this: [Weazel News Offer] [Base Value: $200] [Reporter Commission: $300] [Total: $500] [Message: Selling a fully modded Baller LE LWB at the High End! Contact: #363-1025.] Use /adaccept to accept the offer. Use /adreject to cancel the offer.
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    I believe that it was considered that IF you were involved in the death, RPing the loot is not required, but is a good thing to do to enhance roleplay. It is considered non-roleplay, not a question about it, if you were not involved in the injury of the player and are just looting them. I can understand where confusion may arise as the rule states that forced commands do not require roleplaying with /me's and /do's, however, some may debate that pressing "I" over a body is not a "command". -Flucifial
  3. Flucifial

    ~17k lost on poker with same full house

    For administrator consideration, consider following the appropriate refund request format located here: -Flucifial
  4. Flucifial

    Normal people life

    Didn't know that. You have just broadened my future.
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    [Business] Lifeinvader Network - Staff Roster

    Team Update: Vera Winchester has been removed from Technical Support. Nicholas Ponte has been removed from Developer. Lang Langxu has been removed from Trial Administrator. Joel Brigg has reinstated into Lifeinvader as Trial Developer. Joel Brigg has been promoted to Development Director. Jason Rawler has reinstated into Lifeinvader as Founder. J-Jay Ellis has been promoted to Trial Administrator. Roles Update: Trial Technical Support removed. Technical Support removed. Trial Administrator has been renamed to Trial Moderator. Administrator has been renamed to Moderator. Senior Administrator has been renamed to Senior Moderator.
  6. Flucifial

    TD with past criminal history

    Hello sir, If you do not have any outstanding charges or anymore than three (3) felonies, you may still be accepted. Depending how recent your charges are, you may still have a chance. If you wish to join with a clean slate or you have anymore than three (3) felonies on your criminal record, you may change your name at the Los Santos Police Department for only $25,000. ((Character-killing or creating a new character is also an option. You may change your name at the LSPD and roleplay being a completely different person. All depends on how you'd like to RP joining.)) Kind Regards, Junior Driver Downtown Cab Co.
  7. Flucifial

    LSPD Situational Awareness Bulletin: Lewis Smith

    You sure you have that many friends? Heard you're kinda laughed at around here...
  8. Flucifial

    SillyFawn - Billy Anderson (Ban Appeal)

    Hello thank you for your appeal. What I saw was you deliberately turning to hit said vehicle, then driving off without explaining anything in IC or OOC. It seemed deliberate, at least, because you were going straight, then turned to the side to hit the vehicle, which is why you received a ban. This was a very quick situation, but if anything, if it really was accidental, I feel the punishment can be dropped to a non-roleplay level increase due to the fact that you didn't care to explain anything ICly or OOCly. Pending review. -Flucifial
  9. Flucifial

    GTA V RP keeps stuttering, does anyone know why?

    Yeah, it's because of the VOIP system from what I know. Every time VOIP is out, you'll notice the stuttering does not happen.
  10. Flucifial

    Mitigate the need for MD

    Could of sworn you were able to drag players when Rage first came out but I believe it was like, uncontrollable or something? +1 though
  11. THIS JUST IN! JOHN "FLUCIFIAL" PERMUY signs a $110,000 record deal! Looks like there may be an album coming out very soon!
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    thanks buddy 😄
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    for sure