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  1. Flucifial

    Increased AFK timer.

    I'm neutral on this one
  2. Flucifial

    Mask 7808_9530, Mask 8062_4704, Mask 5455_5688. 6.1, 7.2.1

    This situation, to me, seems like new players who are just starting off with robbing players. I'm going to be voiding the robbery section of this roleplay in it's entriety, as it was not roleplayed properly. You do not want to say in an IC chat "accept the frisk" just after sending a frisk request. This is considered Mixing IC and OOC which is a metagaming offense. All three players will be verbally warned to re-read our rules on Robberies, Deathmatching, and Metagaming. A warning will be added to all three players saying the following: Spoken to regarding IC and OOC staying separated. | Metagaming #0 (New Players) | Forum Report Thanks for the report. Report Closed.
  3. Flucifial

    Prison Roleplay / Temporarily switch character to animal

    Suggestion rejected, Bolingbrook faction is coming out which will have prison roleplay.
  4. Flucifial

    Carl strand (FearRP appeal)

    There is nothing wrong with role-playing the sight of your gun, that's the whole reason it is there, you never indicated with /do that the gun might be hidden.
  5. Flucifial


  6. Flucifial

    Carl strand (FearRP appeal)

    You had a total of 38 seconds to drop your gun, instead of doing so, you decided to argue and tell the person telling you to do it to take it himself. This is not having a reasonable value for your life and you were shot because of it, also receiving a Fear Roleplay punishment. I recommend the punishment remain in place. Pending @Lewis
  7. Flucifial

    Can't delete character

    Deleting or removing characters is not possible. You can get plastic surgery and change your name if you wish to perform a character-kill. Archived.
  8. Flucifial

    Mask {3285_7579) 7.1 Fear roleplay

    @Puskin Puskin_Kaktus (Mask 3285_7579) has 24 hours to respond. Send me the video, Chris.
  9. Flucifial

    Change the 6.2.1/6.2.2 Metagaming Rule

    What about changing the rule to say, relaying information about ongoing situations, giving players the option to discuss concluded situations, if they want to? I wouldn't see any harm in that, because I do agree, relaying information of ongoing situations should be considered metagaming, but as of right now, people cannot even discuss IC events that happened, for example, three months ago.
  10. @Killerder Please provide a longer video that shows the entire situation from start to finish.
  11. Flucifial

    StubbornLord - Hank Douglas (Ban Appeal)

    At the time, you were unable to understand my questions or statements, as well as others, and were unable to respond appropriately. You don't learn English in a matter of a few months. I recommend the punishment remain in place for now. Pending review from a Senior Admin or above. -Flucifial
  12. Flucifial

    Dmitrij Alexandrovic (permanent ban)

    Pending @NobodyLTU
  13. Flucifial

    New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

    For the broken bottle, would be cool if we had a script that could break an alcohol or water bottle and then that is the broken bottle.
  14. Flucifial

    Stranger 781_6627 (100) Powergaming

    @Quinn754 Matt_Ingles (Stranger 781_6627) has 24 hours to respond.