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  1. You were unfortunately the victim of a known visual bug- you did not actually have pocket aces.
  2. New album coming Summer 2020. 

    Check out this freestyle if you haven't already in the meantime!! Some of my greatest bars yet in there. 


  3. (( This is an IC forum, please do not mix. ))
  4. I got one I'm tryna sell it for $209,500 it's near the High End. You interested? @Joe_Box
  5. Yo whoever buys this gets to neighbors with my future record label/my studio! -Thomas Voight
  6. Hello, I have a completely maxed out Schafter V12 that is black- it is listed for sale at $180,000 at the High End market. -Thomas Voight | #359-2570
  7. Issue: I cannot put a charger in my home nor my property. Expected Behavior: You should be able to plug a charger into: A home, a property, and a vehicle. Date/Time: Any Steps to replicate: Try to plug a charger into some of the newer homes and a property.
  8. Yo @Vyse Legend... you ain't gonna find me lol. You actin' childish af 

    - Thomas Voight

    1. Vyse Legend
    2. Vyse Legend

      Vyse Legend

      Oh, is this about me asking where you are?  I technically didn't have any bad intentions with it....

      but with your answer here, I'll make sure there are next time I see you.

      You don't want it this way, trust me.  When I come back to Los Santos, last thing you want is me hunting you.


      -Vyse Legend

    3. Flucifial


      Is this like one of your prep talks or something? This is you... not me lol

  9. OMG disregard the suggestion I never knew you could use arrow keys... all this time... rip XD
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