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  1. Free Radio for Government Factions

    So because criminals have to spend 1000 for a radio for being a criminal, government faction employees should too? No. In real life, the employer provides anything needed to fulfill employment requirements, and in this case, radios are needed for communication, therefore they should be given radios. I don't understand why you would look at it like "Well, he gets this, why don't I!" because at the end of the day it's about roleplay not about someone else getting something and you not getting it. This suggestion has a +1 from me! I also like Ed's suggestion about the radio being in the faction vehicles, however, for things like LSPD and LSEMS, they should have radios on their person as well too.
  2. New Player Setup Guide

    UPDATE - 20/06/2018: Fixed the rules link directing users to the old rules. Link will now direct users to the new rulebook.
  3. Appeal was bugged; rejected.
  4. [Social Media] Facetagram

    Looks like Lifeinvader has some competition!!
  5. Add bald as a hairstyle option

    +1 but only because a not bald osborn is a bad osborn.
  6. Jake Ryan ($117,000)

    @ohadzz will receive a warning point for spamming. Constantly replying to this refund request and tagging specific staff members to make your refund request more visible is not allowed. You must wait patiently for your refund request to be reviewed and not spam tags and replies. Thanks.
  7. You can put them where you want. Vehicle, home, bag, regular inventory.
  8. That has changed today you can now store clothing.
  9. RDM 5.3.1. Deathmatch Mask 3725_460 @GaiusTavi

    Thank you for your patience during the investigation. Being that GaiusTavi has resigned from Support Staff, I now going to conclude this report. After investigation, I am going to conclude that Tavi Patronus did in-fact break the deathmatching rule. You may not open fire on another player simply based on assumptions. Tavi Patronus will receive a twenty-four (24) hour ban for their first offense of deathmatching. Report Accepted. -Flucifial
  10. Weather

  11. Stop Metagaming

    Suggestion archived.
  12. Clothing Options

    More clothing options have been implemented. Suggestion implemented.
  13. When does server moves to RAGE?

    Server has been moved to rage. Archived.