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  1. Flucifial

    Teo_Kholis (Permanent ban)

    If @PolarBlunk wouldn't mind providing his side of the story for the punishment, that'd be great. Otherwise, the appeal will be pending review from a Senior Administrator or above.
  2. Flucifial

    Bayview vs. Bennys (Illegal faction theme(s))

    Suggestion Rejected.
  3. Flucifial

    RAGEMP: Connection lost problem

    Thread Locked & Archived due to inactivity. Sorry, I never got the notification of you tagging me before.
  4. Flucifial

    Display name change

  5. Flucifial

    Ghost town

    Our server doesn't support A.I, only actual players. Archived
  6. Flucifial

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Postal service is not a faction.
  7. Flucifial

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Factions could make their own regulations on if you can be in PD and MD at the same time. There could be server rules preventing you from being in a criminal faction and government faction on the same character. This was not suggested for VIPs, it was suggested for Donators. This is more like, someone could work at DCC and LSC.
  8. Flucifial

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    and /showhouses
  9. Flucifial

    PhilMcGee - PhilMcGee -NonRP

    Never punished you for VDM, the point is irrelevant. Once again, it's up to the Senior Admin now so anything I say is also irrelevant, so let's await their response.
  10. Flucifial

    PhilMcGee - PhilMcGee -NonRP

    We're not going to list every single possible example of Non-Roleplay in our rulebook. After discussing with @BallinByNature whether or not running someone over with a bike then continuing on as nothing happened, we determined that act would be considered Non-Roleplay. I then reviewed the report and concluded that you had breached non-roleplay by doing that. Watching the video you provided is making me a bit iffy, so I'll leave the decision to a Senior Admin or above. The video provided in the actual report showed it to be a bit more non-roleplay than the one you provided, so we'll see.
  11. Flucifial

    ID's 3/115/142 DM

    The players lives were threatened physically in the past granting valid KOS. No rules were broken.
  12. Flucifial

    ID 167 (7.8 Combat and Roleplay Logging)

    Joseph_Ruggiero will be banned for 24 hours for Combat Logging | Offense #2.
  13. Flucifial

    ID 64 (VDM 7.3.4, NonRP 6.6.1)

    After reviewing the POV given by the support staff member, I realize that the reason two other players were hit is due to her wheels popping. I'll not be issuing a VDM punishment to him, as the rule was broken only due to a game mechanic. I also believe that she had a valid reason to not flee the scene right away, and try to stay. She was an employee with City Hall, attempting to protect the commissioner, no matter the cost. No rules were broken. Thanks for the report.
  14. Flucifial

    ID 75,135,215,83 NLR

    It is the responsibility of both parties to avoid interaction with each other after one has been killed. Instead of letting them know in /b, you initiated at them by aiming guns, therefore, a gunfight broke out. No rules were broken on the reported parties side. If you don't want to roleplay with them to obey NLR, then let them know in /ooc in the future instead of RPing it. Thanks for the report.
  15. Flucifial

    DM,NLR ID 3,ID 93,ID 114

    Aleksandr_Samedov will be permanently banned for their third major offense of DM as well as insulting our server.