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  1. There are multiple suggestions that all tie into each other here. Keys should be an inventory item, labeled like this: (License Plate) Keys (Ex. 565AB56 Vehicle Keys) so that they can be taken from players and used. The way we use bobby pins in this server is crazy, in real life the most common way people steal cars is by keys not by bobby pinning as not everyone knows how to do it. You should need a bobby pin to unlock the car, and ANOTHER bobby pin to turn it on. You shouldn't be able to unlock a car and just be able to drive it because it's unlocked. Police cruisers shouldn't have special restrictions that say "You don't have keys to this vehicle," unless all cars will give that error.
  2. -1 we tried this already but guns should definitely cause more damage than they do now.
  3. There will never be too many cops. Criminals aren't supposed to get away with just about everything. Criminal content is lacking, though, that's something I agree with.
  4. -1 Everyone should be able to help, I don't see why a role is necessary seeing as Support Staff is already a position.
  5. Really embarrassed to be apart of a city where a self-righteous sergeant causes a death of one of our own. FUCK YOU DEZZY. 
    Just resign! Your career is OVER. 

    -Thomas Voight

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    2. Flucifial


      Guess I’m dealing wit a pussy cuz u can’t answer the damn ?. Vyse, when the time comes and I do run into you, I’ll let you do what you gotta do voluntarily. After that, I ain’t entertaining the useless waste of space and oxygen your very troubled soul is. Keep stanning on my page pussy. We all know you ain’t shit, nothing more than a 2 bit gangster, and lemme be clear: i got the utmost respect for the people u surround urself with. Nobody respects sum1 who goes looking for trouble rather than stopping trouble. Keep acting like a child.

    3. Flucifial


      Am I pissing u off in even the slightest yet? 😂

    4. NM369


      My poor watch commander :3_grin:

  6. Nothing can really be done about it just find a way to intimidate those who bother you ICly.
  7. Thanks for the response, report will be concluded shortly.
  8. Thank you for making this report. George_Friar (ID 150) will have twenty-four (24) hours to respond with his side of the story. I'll be assisting @Mickeyyy in resolving this player report. Kind Regards, Flucifial Senior Support
  9. ayyyy no i didnt even think that the albums good its inspired me to make sum it'll come soon :DDDDD
  10. This has heavily inspired me to do something that will not be disclosed right now.
  11. ROCK BOTTOM MARKS THE END OF AN ERA FOR ME. Following the release of my album Rock Bottom, I look back at my production and once again am critical, which I feel will always happen as I am constantly learning new things with rap, but I just want to say that, the sound that was prevalent on Reborn and Rock Bottom is now a thing of the past. I hear you ALL loud and clear! No more wack singing, lazy lines or boring tracks. I've already written multiple songs for my next project and I'm going to be doing things differently. You all will know NOTHING about any song, title, art, release date, until the project is complete. This is something I should've done with Rock Bottom. All I will tell you is that I'm going to be a completely different rapper on the next project, I'm taking my lyricism to a whole new level and will prioritize bars on each and every song. As for right now, there will likely not be any music coming out for at least a month as I will be crafting the project. In the meantime, you can listen to Rock Bottom on YouTube OR you can stream it on my AudioMack page. Star Lopez also dropped an album recently and I know other artists are gearing up to drop music too . My branding has also recently been updated on my website and everywhere else, feel free to check that out. I mean this when I say, that 2020 is not only going to be my year, but it is going to be the year of musical talent in Los Santos. My plan when I started making music was to inspire others to put out music too, and I think that the consistency of my as well as other artists really have inspired other people to put out their art. Not just hip-hop either. I hope you all are as ready as I am for what's to come cause it's going to be a crazy-ass year!
  12. Website updated with some fresh designs and pics! https://sites.google.com/view/tvoightllc/home

  13. If you don't wanna listen to my music on YouTube, everything I released is on here now: https://audiomack.com/artist/thomas-voight

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