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  1. Also doesn't make sense why we can't show it off duty, people bring work ID's home all the time.
  2. https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewforum.php?f=707
  3. Thanks. You received a permanent ban for: Demonstrating complete disregard for server rules and roleplay scenarios. This punishment was issued based on your actions in the report linked below: Outcome of the appeal is completely up to the reviewing Senior Administrator or above and this appeal will remain pending review until further notice.
  4. Go to panel.eclipse-rp.net and log in, then provide the reason for your ban as you're required to within punishment appeal guidelines. @joe_burgerson
  5. Small suggestion to add a subforum on the forums for Administrative Requests which can be used for community members to request their forum donator roles, retired admin roles, faction roles, or for those having issues with verifying their email or location on their own.
  6. It was $10,000 for a license previously, minimum refund limit is $25,000.
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): Anytime Character name: Thomas_Voight Issue/bug you are reporting: I used to have "permanent VIP" due to being an Administrator, but when I resigned, I no longer had VIP anymore, but when I went to take my salary out, I still received a VIP tax cut, despite the fact I did not have VIP. Expected behavior: If you do not have a VIP subscription, you should not receive a VIP tax cut when redeeming your salary. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Assign someone an administration role, with permanent VIP, then revoke it, and have that person take out their salary.
  8. During the situation, you had been shot down and displayed absolutely no roleplay to support this whatsoever, and were displaying very poor roleplay qualities. Pending a senior administrator or above for conclusion.
  9. Hello all, I have been considering this for a while, but I must say that I'll be resigning from the ECLIPSE Roleplay staff team, effective immediately. I joined the team back in January of 2018, and have been active most of my time during the team. I worked extremely hard on many different things for the community and enjoyed every moment of being a staff member, but I have recently been unmotivated and feel burnt out, and unfortunately, I'd like to move on and focus more on my real life, and with that, I'd no longer want to dedicate the amount of time that I do to the team. I've made many friends being on the team, and hope to keep those friends following my resignation. I'm not leaving the community, I'll still be around in-game every once and a while and active on discord. I love this community very much, and have spent a better part of my life in the past two years either doing staff work or playing the server. I love all of the staff team and have enjoyed working with you guys 100% of the time. Much love, Flucifial
  10. Hey! First off, can you please link the forum report and the evidence you're speaking of, as the punishment appeal guidelines direct you to do. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for making the appeal. Appears that I issued the ban on the wrong person as the chat was moving quickly, I've gone ahead and unbanned you. Appeal Accepted.
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