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  1. What's the interior look like? (( Is it the standard 3G interior or is it a newer one? ))
  2. Google how to do it with just GTA 5 (if it works in GTA 5 it should work in RAGE), doing it isn't really hard I think you need a certain program for it.
  3. Audio has been remastered for better synchronization.
  4. Hello to all my fans, First off, I wanna thank everyone for the support and attention they've been giving Reborn, means a lot that my work in that doesn't fall on closed ears (in many cases). Today I had intended to announce a state-wide "tour" to promote Reborn, but, after reviewing the overall perception of the album (including my own), I have decided not to invest anymore time and money into promoting it than I already have. My standpoint now is that for a debut album, Reborn for me, was a bad first impression within hip-hop, because, in all honesty, a lot of what I said I haven't lived up to, or even meant it when I wrote it, it was more of bars that rhymed with my previous thoughts and worked well within the song. Don't get me wrong, a lot of it was meant, but a lot of it was also plain lies from me. Following the release of my album, I noticed a lot more negative review than originally anticipated which I mistakenly took personally. Less than 24 hours after I released my debut album Reborn, about me overcoming my addictions and demons from the past and progressing to who I "am today," I relapsed on drugs (I will not name which ones). During the high I got, I wrote a really aggressive song where I was going to go at people for simply either there association with people who negatively reacted to my music, or towards those people who negatively reacted. I went really (too) far in the song so I will not be releasing it, as I came to a realization myself that Reborn sucked. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my rhymes and some of my bars from the album, but I am disgusted with how carried away I got with trying to be the person who overcame a lot and turned into this great person, when in reality I was just sober for a short while and took it too far, I started rushing the album too quickly as I felt I had a lot to say without going into lots of details, as I was too scared to tell my actual stories. I am not who I said I became. Reborn was a distortion of reality. I do not plan on continuing to try and be the person I said I was. My music from here on out will be about my experiences both as a person and as an artist. As I said in the end of Reborn, I was/currently am working on another album. I can promise you all that this album will be raw and real, controversial at times, and will be a lot more storytelling. I have a few unreleased tracks that didn't make the actual cut for Reborn that I will be dropping throughout the next few weeks (they will not be heavily promoted, so if you're interested be on the lookout, however I can say that these are definitely more real than the actual Reborn tracks. They will probably end up on the Deluxe Edition of the album.) The reason they didn't make the cut is because I did not feel that they fit my intended persona that I was going for, and looking back, these are the ones that would've made the album great and real, and probably more relate-able to a lot of you. I do not expect to release my next album anytime soon, because I'll be putting a lot more work into this one. I understand that I am one of the only active artists in the city, so I will try to appeal to a lot of your tastes, but please know that the majority of my future music will be story-telling, lyrical, and real. I am considered with the future of my addiction, but I am not going to let any of that stop me from making fire ass songs. I will redeem myself in the hip-hop game, but beware, I'm hungry as fuck and ready to come at anyone who tries to put me down for bad reasoning from here on out. I'm here to stay. Feel free to comment any questions or comments you have about me or the future. Love, TV
  5. -1, everyone would disable them thus taking any actual advertising ability from weazel.
  6. New announcement coming this Friday. Beware 😈😉

  7. Hey! If you check this user's past appeals, I go into all the details about the incident that occurred. If you need any more information, feel free to contact me! 🙂
  8. "Goodbyes" from Thomas Voight's debut album, Reborn, has been released as a single.



  9. Slot machines are more just rigged for having a very low chance of winning, scratch off's could possibly be required to have a big winner every two weeks or something like that and then the other majority could be like low/no winnings.
  10. Scratch off's that just have certain odds of winning
  11. NEW SINGLE BY THOMAS VOIGHT FROM REBORN OUT NOW! Title: Goodbyes Artist: Thomas Voight Producer(s): Thomas Voight (( KYU Tracks - Beat )) Writer(s): Thomas Voight Description: Goodbyes by Thomas Voight is the fifth single from my recently released debut album, Reborn. Goodbyes goes into me wishing a farewell to my old life and mental-state/thought-process. Link to view song: (( This beat was not used to make profit by any means and is private for ECLIPSE Roleplay community members. )) Click here to view the full length Reborn album by Thomas Voight. Click here to visit the official website of rapper Thomas Voight. LYRICS:
  12. Report shows all but the effort is really poor so I don’t think this should be accepted.
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