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  1. they been here in our hearts and on eclipse forever bruh . its not a new offical faction its old af
  2. i like the idea. to add to it there should be a command like giving access to ur houses. like /giverepairperms
  3. happy to be part of the gang for even 1 day. gratz well deserved. @Tanveer Arayan ur posts did the job xd
  4. never failed to impress me since 2017 JOE MCCOY! love it
  5. I was arguing with admins about this too, I argued so much and even made a thread reguarding the issue. not to be toxic but to actually suggest a good system to ban hackers and to argue that they do not take proper action to ban someone for hacking. I was wrong about this they actually do search on this and after all i myself was guilty too. i had 2 cheating softwares myself even tho i used it for gta online livestreams with niko and for other games without my intention it was injected to rage multiplayer . used it or not i am margined "hacker" and was flagged cheats and not going to lie i was
  6. gonna be missed. one good rper again have a good 1 and may u be sucessful with whatever u do man
  7. best time to be banned for
  8. i wont argue with the most known ic scammer on the server. and when i have u apol o conner scammer i used to play a game called barn buddy when i was 10 and i used to hack in that as i remember . i then started playing csgo and dota which i would not cheat on due to the competition , i played samp for 10 years i didnt hack because its not hackble but because i am smart enough to know u get auto banned for hacking same with eclipse i know how advanced the system is so i wouldnt hack on rage. lets say for example ballin used hacks on temple run does that mean ballin uses hacks on ecl
  9. So recently there has been alot of key community members, fisherman, doc guards, cops ,shooters and basically civil roleplayers out of no where is getting caught in a ban wave and a lot of these people were either banned just because their pc had a hack for another game or they didnt hack at all and prolly ban for clearly installing some mod. And when the community questions the staff what proof the admins got they would just reply with the : "the anti cheat system detected " line. We all know that eclipse roleplay has a better anti cheat system than microsoft , valve or Rockstar games . So ba
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