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    Waguan my G bloodcluut
  2. the video that does not show that i mined that ore and then you stole. I'm gonna say it again, this report is petty
  3. The ore was mined by me before you came there and you took it as I had no space in my inventory. It's not about the ore its about you stole my stuff and then acted tough when confronted. Like i said this is a very petty report as you didn't even lose anything out of it. I tried to create some sort of RP in prison, but you didn't seem interested but seemed more interested in reporting me straight away.
  4. "Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit."
  5. I never PMed you anything, I told you in-game drop my stuff as you stole my ore, and then I attacked you for a bit, I saw you had no interest in fighting back and no interest from you in roleplaying. This is such a petty report as the player did not get injured or lose anything. You can see in the video that you stole my ore and then kept talking back when I confronted you, which gave me a roleplay opportunity to get my stuff back from you. Also I would like to add that in the second video you provided, you are stalling RP and not responding to my friends roleplay. It was clear by then you had
  6. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jonny Guzman Character to Transfer To: Pablo Manzaneto Requested Transfer: Rapid Gt Reason for Transfer: I recently haven't been flying to town and taking long vacations between my visits. I have my main vehicle as my bike and I don't really enjoy driving the Rapid GT. I have also recently been talking with my cousin Pablo, and he is looking to buy a car, as he only owns a bike, so I would like to give him my car. (( I haven't really been pl
  7. I didn't force you in a collision, I stopped like 20 meters in front of you and let you pass me. If I had try to force I would just turn my car into yours.
  8. You see me stopping my car fully when you turn towards me, not moving anywhere, I did that to not block you so I don't know how I blocked with my sports car. As for the bridge part, you can clearly see in my POV that I didn't even touch your car. I have nothing to do with you stalling your vehicle as I was nowhere near you, and after you stalled you decide to step out your vehicle when 3 people are following you, and its not a smart decision to do. In my opinion, you were the one not valuing your life by trying to go against 3 people. You were never a danger to me and as seen I never tried to
  9. ID 21 here: I would like to say that in my POV that I'm going to provide you, I never breached any of the rules that the reporting party is stating. I never crashed into him and I shot at him after he starting shooting at us. As of the Fear RP, I don't really understand where I broke that rule. POV: https://streamable.com/rvrvfp
  10. There are people shooting heavy weapons around you and you are in the middle of the road, in the middle of a shootout, you should expect people shooting at you.
  11. You are part of the gang we were fighting, and sitting in the shootout situation 'gathering information' and expect to not get shot it's not realistic
  12. I don't really understand what you mean that I didn't have fear for my life at 1:21, you weren't a danger to me and as you can see in your POV, I literally stop the car 20 meters away from you, so I don't collide with yours. About the ramming,I was bearly touching your car in your POV and on my screen, I didn't touch you once. Also seeing that it didn't affect my vehicle, it was clearly desync.
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