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Found 22 results

  1. Los Santos can be a toxic city at the best of times, and the negativity begins to seep into people's hearts and minds. One day whilst fishing, a group of friends decided it was time that someone tried to make some kind of change. The main aim of Burnout Nation is to bring positivity and a friendly atmosphere to any location they drive. Formed as a car club, the cars are secondary to the atmosphere and feeling of family the nation prides itself on. With no prior history the nation's model is based on the usual car club hierarchy and some original ideas implemented by the found
  2. New Vehicles Suggestion Well, it’s been about 4 months since we have gotten new vehicles, and GTA had a recent Summer Special update, adding a few new cars. A couple cars have been in GTA for awhile, but it would be nice to have some more variety. All the information for the cars is linked in the name of the vehicle. A couple cars were suggested in a previous thread a few months ago, just wanted to bump them up. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments, and use the same format (Website used is linked here).
  3. I think it would be really cool to allow mechanics to have the ability to properly tune a vehicle that's brought to them by making more precise edits to the vehicle files, namely in the handling department. Here are a few provisions I've thought through, and potential issues that I'm not able to thoroughly think through as just a player: First and foremost, I want to dispel any fears that I'm asking for the ability to give vehicles an extra ton or two to make them ramming machines. All proposals here are aimed at realistic modifications one could make in real life and to hopefully redu
  4. Mudar Smith's Rent Company ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does renting work? When you get the car lent to you it would be fixed and full of fuel. You would receive a vehicle key copy. You would be responsible for the cars damage and fuel, to get the car fixed you must call me and ill be there at the shop of your choice ready to repair the vehicle. If the car gets lost you must contact me and i will be retrieving it and the
  5. Raven Autos Current Stock: 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raven Autos is willing to negotiate on prices (within reason). Feel free to bid unless specified in the listing. Any questions or bids text #535-6160 OR BID HERE ----------------------------------------- Vehicles ----------------------------------------- NO STOCK @ THIS TIME --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ↓ Vehicle Sell History ↓ (Click Spoiler to see)
  6. HeavyFlow Dealership is located East of LS Bank just over the road from DCC. Are you looking for your next dream vehicle? Look no further. You can place your order on our website here: http://www.heavyflowdealership.online/ Or by Calling/Texting us! on #3215352 Here is a picture of the location which can be found on your satellite navigation system: Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi, I'm S. Moore and I'm renting out the next vehicle: >> Novak << - Brakes 4/4 - Engine 5/5 - Suspension 1/4 - Transmission 4/4 - Turbo 1/2 There are a couple rules that must be agreed with before this car is being rented: 1*. Impound fees are paid by yourself. 2*. Mors Insurance fees are paid by yourself. 3*. Getting the car broken down means you will get it towed to LSC yourself and all the fees are paid by yourself. 4. Not following-up with the rules stated above or not paying on time means you're not following up w
  8. Car has custom Lime Green paint and a custom titanium exhaust, mechanically stock. Looking for 16.5k but open to offers/trades!
  9. Selling specter Custom maxed 1/2 turbo SEND ME OFFERS:
  10. Starting from 80’s and till late 90’s Varrios Los Aztecas was one of the most powerful gangs in Los Santos alongside their rivals Grove Street Family, Vagos, Ballas and other criminal organisations. Sadly due to the power came danger and attention from governmental institutions such as LSPD and FIB. The 90’s when law enforcement officers, such as the C.R.A.S.H unit, were desperate to benefit from all the gang violence and the corruption level in police was at its highest, came to an end and 2000’s came with a new generation of officers who were keen to silence and put everyone behind the bars
  11. Selling a fully maxed Schafter V12 for 170k, hit me up if interested
  12. I just bought the Khamelion and noticed that it tops off at about 160-165km/h eventhough it's considered a sports car. It's fully modded and it makes no sense that it would only top off at 160km/h. Is it a bug or is the car just meant to be that slow? The accelaration is good but there's something wrong with the top speed. Thoughts?
  13. Middleman Trades Are you tired of getting scammed? Feel like everyone's out to get you? Or simply don't want to risk losing property, cars or cash? Worry no more! With Middleman Trades both parties are now equal. No more arguing over who trades first, if this or if that. From now on both traders agree on what their trading and we'll do the rest! Don't trust us? Visit our website and see the customers already satisfied by our service! We charge a small fee to conduct each trade, this keeps us in business and your trades safe. For more information visit our website. MiddlemanTrades.com
  14. I would like to see the new cars available for sale inside the game. Obviously the ones that have guns or can turn into submarines no but things like the Comet SR, Coil Raiden, etc. Here's a list of the cars. You can separate which ones you should and shouldn't using common sense.
  15. This is not a Criminal Faction. Or a Faction at all. I am looking for people to just meet up with, Share thoughts, Take in the beauty of our cars and bikes. This does not cost.* If interested send a message to this number stating the name you would like to be called and what vehicle you drive. 42271411 You will not know my real name. I will be known to you as Salad. *- I do not pay for fuel or take any responsibility if any vehicle gets damaged. I do not take responsibility if anybody gets injured. If cops get into this because one of our "Friends" did or is doin
  16. Seven1337

    Night Riders

    Night Riders About us: Are you looking for a crew that you can cruise around in Los Santos with? Well then i can happily announce that Night Riders are currently recruiting! Our goal with this faction is to create a community that shares a passion for cars. As the community grows we will arrange everthing from head2head street races to rally races out in the desert of San Andreas! What we do: Mostly we are drifting trough Los Santos, doing car meetups, and of course some criminal stuff. We are currently working on shipments of weapons and drugs. Recruitment: Y
  17. I wanted to buy a dominator, but when i tried to buy it it tells me that i have three cars so i cant buy it. however i only have 1 car a 'rhapsody'. i did used to have 2 scrapyard cars however they dont show up when i do showvehicles and they are also not in a parking lot or in mors.
  19. Hello, my name is Roman, and my suggestion would be that, when the car has a lot of kilometers put on the clock it should break and stuff, for example the water pump goes bad and that kind off stuff, also you would need to change your oil, for super cars every 500 kilometers, for daily drivers 1500kilometers. Hope my suggestion was good, byeeee
  20. Hello, my name is Roman, i would like to suggest the mechanic gearbox, the mechanic gearbox would be great for the cars witch are slow the higher rpm/s for these cars the faster they go, in my opinion all of the cars would be faster and more enjoyable, also the drift would be much easier, people could make drift championships and stuff in the closed parking lot's with included police, they would make sure that everything being done is safe, so no one gets hurt. Hope my suggestion was good, byeeeee
  21. Account name:CrazyAng3l Character name: Jacob Shaul Issue/bug you are reporting: I cant buy any vehicle's when i go to shop choose car and choose the color and press buy it just loads and loads and loads but thats not all i cant even view the car
  22. Currently, the rental car system is too sparse and doesn't have very much coverage on the map, especially in places which are more highly traveled, like fishing spots and along trucking routes. Adding more rental locations and changing their distribution can immensely benefit stranded or newer players. I know one of my biggest issues early on in my server experience was getting disconnected during a trucking run, losing the truck in the process. After re-logging my only choices were to find something to jump off of and die, or make the 20 minute run back to the city core. More locations
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