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Found 15 results

  1. Starting from 80’s and till late 90’s Varrios Los Aztecas was one of the most powerful gangs in Los Santos alongside their rivals Grove Street Family, Vagos, Ballas and other criminal organisations. Sadly due to the power came danger and attention from governmental institutions such as LSPD and FIB. The 90’s when law enforcement officers, such as the C.R.A.S.H unit, were desperate to benefit from all the gang violence and the corruption level in police was at its highest, came to an end and 2000’s came with a new generation of officers who were keen to silence and put everyone behind the bars who were involved with guns, drugs and gangs in general. Some members from VLA were not willing to surrender and went out with a bang. Cesar, Gal and Hazer were arrested and sentenced to 55 years in prison while Jose and Sunny chose to leave this world free and died in a shootout with the police. Most of the gangs including VLA were either destroyed due to the fact that their leadership was dead or imprisoned or went into hiding, losing all their previous power in the town. Almost 20 years have passed since Varrios Los Aztecas were on the streets of Los Santos and new generation have grown up meanwhile. Salvadore Rivera, Hector Mendoza and Raul Guerra - whose fathers helped build and shape the once great Varrios Los Aztecas with Ceasar in the lead. Back then they were young boys, but they saw the benefit of the gang around the block. Families that lived in the area were slowly pushed out and all the homes were purchased by white people who had money. Now having the resources, power and the wish to build up what once was Varrios Los Aztecas, they have returned to the Barrio where they grew up and are going by the name of Novo Los Aztecas! Novo Los Aztecas are an extremely proud Mexican/Latino street gang like it was back in 80-90’s when they were calling themselves Varrios Los Aztecas . Novo Los Aztecas are re-building back the old Barrio, controlling El Burrio Heights again. They are following their ancestors by being anti-narcotic gang, trying to keep their streets clean, setting automatic death sentence to anyone who deals drugs in the Barrio. Novo Los Aztecas are seeking different ways to get that dough rolling in to support the families and kids who live in the community by trafficking arms into Los Santos and selling them to smaller criminal gangs, organizing - illegal street races, extortion, assaults and robberies. They are easily identifiable by their classic collection of vehicles, turquoise colored bandanas and 90's "cholo" style clothing, also covering their right arm with ‘Tribal Sun’ tattoos which symbolizes life, power, strength, force, and rebirth. Their weapons of choice include Pistol, Shotguns, Micro-SMG, SMGs, and knife. el Jefe - Oversees legal and diplomatic aspect of Novo Los Aztecas. Searches for new business opportunities upon which his gang can strive and prosper. Hosts meetings - inviting his la Mano Derecha, where they shape the future of Novo Los Aztecas, discusses internal Barrio rules, collects money which he deposits in gangs budget and gets rid of weak links based on reports of el Capitans. Besides internal meetings, el Jefe also hosts or attends to bigger meetings with other faction leaders where they discuss political situation. Makes or breaks alliances to strengthen Novos Los Aztecas numbers. la Mano Derecha - Middlemen between el Jefe and el Capitans. They assist el Jefe in various diplomatic tasks, sourcing for information and constantly strategizes how to expand Novo Los Aztecas in all directions where they take part. Makes sure the gangs financial budget keeps growing by collecting money from el Capitans, in return they invest money in real estate, weapons and bigger activities for the greater good. el Capitan - Looks after everyone in la Guerilla, el Soldado, el Asesino ranks. Makes sure there is no weak members in Novo Los Aztecas. Gives out different tasks to each group, recruits, trains and tests them to maintain discipline. Provides members with bigger jobs, weapons, vehicles and safehouses, and collects money for la Mano Derecha. el Asesino - Specifically chosen member from el Soldado ranks, who shows incredible skill of murdering and tactics while being an el Soldado. Works with small crew of 2 men. Scouts and gathers information on rival gangs and its leaders, obtains necessary weaponry, getaway vehicles, plans out the routes, tracks down the target and executes the plan. Focuses only on assassinating or kidnaping specific targets, given out by his el Capitan. el Soldado - Recognized and accepted member of Novo Los Aztecas. Does basic work within gangs territory - hangs and cruises around the Barrio. Protects local businesses and attempts to rob other businesses in rival territories. Human trafficking, weapons trafficking. Follows his el Capitáns orders as instructed and overall participates in bigger activities. la Guerilla - Unofficial Novo Los Aztecas member. The one who shows affection to the gang, hangs around with its members and possibly joins in to do some gang work as a hired gun and after the fact split ways when not required anymore. These are a few examples of the clothing we wear. List of vehicles we approve.
  2. Selling a fully maxed Schafter V12 for 170k, hit me up if interested
  3. I just bought the Khamelion and noticed that it tops off at about 160-165km/h eventhough it's considered a sports car. It's fully modded and it makes no sense that it would only top off at 160km/h. Is it a bug or is the car just meant to be that slow? The accelaration is good but there's something wrong with the top speed. Thoughts?
  4. Middleman Trades Are you tired of getting scammed? Feel like everyone's out to get you? Or simply don't want to risk losing property, cars or cash? Worry no more! With Middleman Trades both parties are now equal. No more arguing over who trades first, if this or if that. From now on both traders agree on what their trading and we'll do the rest! Don't trust us? Visit our website and see the customers already satisfied by our service! We charge a small fee to conduct each trade, this keeps us in business and your trades safe. For more information visit our website. MiddlemanTrades.com ((http://Bit.ly/mmtrades))
  5. HeavyFlow Dealership is located East of LS Bank just over the road from DCC. Are you looking for your next dream vehicle? Look no further. You can place your order on our website here: HeavyFlow-Dealership.net (( https://discord.gg/PBNRnJ6 )) Or by Calling/Texting us! on #3215352 We have a variety of options available including perks when purchasing vehicles. Here is a picture of the location which can be found on your satellite navigation system: Thanks for looking.
  6. I would like to see the new cars available for sale inside the game. Obviously the ones that have guns or can turn into submarines no but things like the Comet SR, Coil Raiden, etc. Here's a list of the cars. You can separate which ones you should and shouldn't using common sense.
  7. This is not a Criminal Faction. Or a Faction at all. I am looking for people to just meet up with, Share thoughts, Take in the beauty of our cars and bikes. This does not cost.* If interested send a message to this number stating the name you would like to be called and what vehicle you drive. 42271411 You will not know my real name. I will be known to you as Salad. *- I do not pay for fuel or take any responsibility if any vehicle gets damaged. I do not take responsibility if anybody gets injured. If cops get into this because one of our "Friends" did or is doing something illegal, we do not know the person.
  8. Seven1337

    Night Riders

    Night Riders About us: Are you looking for a crew that you can cruise around in Los Santos with? Well then i can happily announce that Night Riders are currently recruiting! Our goal with this faction is to create a community that shares a passion for cars. As the community grows we will arrange everthing from head2head street races to rally races out in the desert of San Andreas! What we do: Mostly we are drifting trough Los Santos, doing car meetups, and of course some criminal stuff. We are currently working on shipments of weapons and drugs. Recruitment: You want to be one of us ? Just fill out the application below Application: https://julien134.typeform.com/to/SPGNZ5
  9. I wanted to buy a dominator, but when i tried to buy it it tells me that i have three cars so i cant buy it. however i only have 1 car a 'rhapsody'. i did used to have 2 scrapyard cars however they dont show up when i do showvehicles and they are also not in a parking lot or in mors.
  11. Carlio

    Car Disappeared

    IC name: Carl Turner Hi earlier I brought a black Warrener from the low end car dealer for 15k. When I logged back onto the server a few hours later it’s not showing up with /showvehicles and it’s not at mors. I contacted an admin and he said to put In a refund request thank you
  12. Hello, my name is Roman, and my suggestion would be that, when the car has a lot of kilometers put on the clock it should break and stuff, for example the water pump goes bad and that kind off stuff, also you would need to change your oil, for super cars every 500 kilometers, for daily drivers 1500kilometers. Hope my suggestion was good, byeeee
  13. Hello, my name is Roman, i would like to suggest the mechanic gearbox, the mechanic gearbox would be great for the cars witch are slow the higher rpm/s for these cars the faster they go, in my opinion all of the cars would be faster and more enjoyable, also the drift would be much easier, people could make drift championships and stuff in the closed parking lot's with included police, they would make sure that everything being done is safe, so no one gets hurt. Hope my suggestion was good, byeeeee
  14. Account name:CrazyAng3l Character name: Jacob Shaul Issue/bug you are reporting: I cant buy any vehicle's when i go to shop choose car and choose the color and press buy it just loads and loads and loads but thats not all i cant even view the car
  15. Currently, the rental car system is too sparse and doesn't have very much coverage on the map, especially in places which are more highly traveled, like fishing spots and along trucking routes. Adding more rental locations and changing their distribution can immensely benefit stranded or newer players. I know one of my biggest issues early on in my server experience was getting disconnected during a trucking run, losing the truck in the process. After re-logging my only choices were to find something to jump off of and die, or make the 20 minute run back to the city core. More locations for renting cars would be great for new players, or for players who end up stranded after a server disconnect. Placing them near key locations like the DMV/Fishing Docks/Bank, along highway truck stops and around the center core of the city could make self transport much easier. You can balance this with Taxis by making rental cars charge more per distance traveled, or charge a flat, upfront rental fee (Maybe $200?); Ergo, Taxis become much cheaper in comparison but rentals are more flexible/accessible when in sticky situations. Also, adding a feature which prevents players from using rentals if they have a warrant for their arrest could prevent users from exploiting rented cars as an escape tool for police chases. Alternatively, you could say "screw it!" and give players an optional /suicide command (with some penalties for use) if you prefer to avoid revamping the whole system.
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