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Found 9 results

  1. Starting from 80’s and till late 90’s Varrios Los Aztecas was one of the most powerful gangs in Los Santos alongside their rivals Grove Street Family, Vagos, Ballas and other criminal organisations. Sadly due to the power came danger and attention from governmental institutions such as LSPD and FIB. The 90’s when law enforcement officers, such as the C.R.A.S.H unit, were desperate to benefit from all the gang violence and the corruption level in police was at its highest, came to an end and 2000’s came with a new generation of officers who were keen to silence and put everyone behind the bars who were involved with guns, drugs and gangs in general. Some members from VLA were not willing to surrender and went out with a bang. Cesar, Gal and Hazer were arrested and sentenced to 55 years in prison while Jose and Sunny chose to leave this world free and died in a shootout with the police. Most of the gangs including VLA were either destroyed due to the fact that their leadership was dead or imprisoned or went into hiding, losing all their previous power in the town. Almost 20 years have passed since Varrios Los Aztecas were on the streets of Los Santos and new generation have grown up meanwhile. Salvadore Rivera, Hector Mendoza and Raul Guerra - whose fathers helped build and shape the once great Varrios Los Aztecas with Ceasar in the lead. Back then they were young boys, but they saw the benefit of the gang around the block. Families that lived in the area were slowly pushed out and all the homes were purchased by white people who had money. Now having the resources, power and the wish to build up what once was Varrios Los Aztecas, they have returned to the Barrio where they grew up and are going by the name of Novo Los Aztecas! Novo Los Aztecas are an extremely proud Mexican/Latino street gang like it was back in 80-90’s when they were calling themselves Varrios Los Aztecas . Novo Los Aztecas are re-building back the old Barrio, controlling El Burrio Heights again. They are following their ancestors by being anti-narcotic gang, trying to keep their streets clean, setting automatic death sentence to anyone who deals drugs in the Barrio. Novo Los Aztecas are seeking different ways to get that dough rolling in to support the families and kids who live in the community by trafficking arms into Los Santos and selling them to smaller criminal gangs, organizing - illegal street races, extortion, assaults and robberies. They are easily identifiable by their classic collection of vehicles, turquoise colored bandanas and 90's "cholo" style clothing, also covering their right arm with ‘Tribal Sun’ tattoos which symbolizes life, power, strength, force, and rebirth. Their weapons of choice include Pistol, Shotguns, Micro-SMG, SMGs, and knife. el Jefe - Oversees legal and diplomatic aspect of Novo Los Aztecas. Searches for new business opportunities upon which his gang can strive and prosper. Hosts meetings - inviting his la Mano Derecha, where they shape the future of Novo Los Aztecas, discusses internal Barrio rules, collects money which he deposits in gangs budget and gets rid of weak links based on reports of el Capitans. Besides internal meetings, el Jefe also hosts or attends to bigger meetings with other faction leaders where they discuss political situation. Makes or breaks alliances to strengthen Novos Los Aztecas numbers. la Mano Derecha - Middlemen between el Jefe and el Capitans. They assist el Jefe in various diplomatic tasks, sourcing for information and constantly strategizes how to expand Novo Los Aztecas in all directions where they take part. Makes sure the gangs financial budget keeps growing by collecting money from el Capitans, in return they invest money in real estate, weapons and bigger activities for the greater good. el Capitan - Looks after everyone in la Guerilla, el Soldado, el Asesino ranks. Makes sure there is no weak members in Novo Los Aztecas. Gives out different tasks to each group, recruits, trains and tests them to maintain discipline. Provides members with bigger jobs, weapons, vehicles and safehouses, and collects money for la Mano Derecha. el Asesino - Specifically chosen member from el Soldado ranks, who shows incredible skill of murdering and tactics while being an el Soldado. Works with small crew of 2 men. Scouts and gathers information on rival gangs and its leaders, obtains necessary weaponry, getaway vehicles, plans out the routes, tracks down the target and executes the plan. Focuses only on assassinating or kidnaping specific targets, given out by his el Capitan. el Soldado - Recognized and accepted member of Novo Los Aztecas. Does basic work within gangs territory - hangs and cruises around the Barrio. Protects local businesses and attempts to rob other businesses in rival territories. Human trafficking, weapons trafficking. Follows his el Capitáns orders as instructed and overall participates in bigger activities. la Guerilla - Unofficial Novo Los Aztecas member. The one who shows affection to the gang, hangs around with its members and possibly joins in to do some gang work as a hired gun and after the fact split ways when not required anymore. These are a few examples of the clothing we wear. List of vehicles we approve.
  2. Currently if you want to RP filing off a serial number on gun, the OOC evidence of that RP is only valid for 48 hours. This is unrealistic as if I we're to file a serial number off in real life, it wouldn't grow back after two days. This currently severely restricts what you can do with guns that have a serial number leading back to you. I am suggesting a file you can buy at stores that when you use while holding a gun removes the serial number off that gun. I think the file item should sell for at least half the price of a laptop. On the topic, gun traces are very unrealistic compared to the US IRL. IRL when the police look up the serial number of a gun it doesn't tell them who the owner is, just whether that gun was reported stolen or linked to any crimes. If police recover a gun in a crime they can't just look up who the owner is either. Police have to go to the ATF and then get the name of the gun store that originally sold the gun, then go to that store and get the name of the person who bought that gun, after that they go to the original purchaser and its he says she says as to what happened with the gun. IRL that is the only way police can find out who is the owner of a gun. I think this should change to be more realistic. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Blaine County Bandits The Rednecks of Sandy Shores. Guns, drugs and alcohol mixed with a pinch of dust, diesel and a spartan living. These hardcore rednecks present nothing but a healthy attitude to life and its marvelous adventures. The southern inspired boys and girls ride hard with their big trucks and menacing bikes honoring the confederate south once lost glory. The forming of the bandits was not a trivial thing. Neglected by society and harassed by the law the few stragglers that remained formed the group now called Blaine County Bandits. The Bandits are always looking for new blood to join their cause. But it is not an easy life. Law enforcement agencies are relentless in their pursuit of putting these elusive men and women behind bars. It is the duty of everyone in the group to secure the future and sustainability of the bandits and to always prioritize its success. Loyalty and respect amongst one another is crucial and to uphold the standards of their impeccable reputation. As fearless in life as in death, do not falter in the face of danger, meet the challenge with a furious smile. “May the South Rise Again!“ Reach out and find out more on how to become a Bandit yourself. Call In-game or Ask for: Walker Davis Colonel Willy Whiplash Captain
  4. The Hurezanov Family History The foundations of the outfit began during the mass immigration of guest-workers to USA in the 2000's, and is run by the 3 Hurezanov brothers, Stanislav, Boris and Mikhail.Members of the organization are originally from Eastern European Countries, mostly countries of the old communist block, that know how to survive in harsh circumstances. With close ties with the Eastern European criminal enterprises, The Happy Shooter Firearms \LTD, supplies weapons and high grade war accessories to the whole of the U.S. on paper but it's employees are mostly involved in drugs and human trafficking, money laundering, fraud, extortion, jewelry theft, illegal gambling, loansharking, document forgery and property crime. It's members are often seen driving from town to town, making sure the supply of firearms doesn't go short, as well as attending gatherings and business deals with local politicians. Deeply reliant on loyalty, honor, and family, the organisation might appear to be "old-fashioned", but it’s the only way they can thrive in the continous struggle for supremacy. Present Mission: Nowaday, after having grown roots in the Los Santos Community and becoming a respectful citizen, Mikhail Hurezanov got both his brothers in the city to help him run the new business enterprises they plan on opening. The Three Brothers Being an ex army ranked official during the Crimean and the Georgian wars, Stanislav Hurezanov is the most ruthless of them, having tight ties with the gun imports. Boris Hurezanov is the business head of the 3 brothers, having graduated the Management and Accounting Faculty at the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University Mikhail, the youngest of the lot, came over to the Los Santos area, and started enjoying the life, made the right friends and is known as the pretty face, player and party animal of the brothers. The outfit’s hierarchy The Brothers - leaders the organisation; Underbosses - the associates who have proven their value and are highly regarded by most members; Lieutenants - the members that deal with day to day business deals and rackets; Soldiers - the members that help out Lieutenants run things smoothly; Associates -the members that are pending to actually be accepted by the higher ups. Home The HQ is the Happy Shooters Firearms impex LTD, and most business ventures are conducted at the other businesses the 3 brothers own or run within the county of Los Santos and it’s surroundings. THE HUREZANOV OATH: I am a member of the Hurazanov family, which is above me and my needs, I am here to protect it with my life, I swear to treat everyone in my family as they would be my true blood as I will get the same treatment from them, I swear to follow this oath till the day I die. I swear to: 1.ALWAYS RESPECT ONE ANOTHER 2. ALWAYS HELP ONE ANOTHER 3. ALWAYS USE COMMUNICATION 4. ALWAYS FOLLOW ORDERS 5. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR COLORS WITH PRIDE 6. NEVER SNITCH 7. NEVER BACKSTAB 8. NEVER LEAVE BEHIND 9. NEVER BETRAY 10. NEVER ABANDON Colors: The family uses color code All members are wearing an accent of white depending on their rank Associates wear all white. Associate Soldiers wears all white. Lieutenants wear all white, but more formal or expensive. Underbosses and The Brothers wear white top and pants of their choice. The Brother and Underboss The Family uses Black MATTE cars: Cars ALLIANCES (3): We always treat our allies with respect and help them in any way possible and we ask the same in return. WE WILL NEVER BETRAY THE ONES WHO JOIN US! THE DADDY FAMILY The Daddy Family THE PRUSZKOW & THE INDIAN MAFIA WAR (1): THE SAVAGES CONTACTS - APPLICATION FORM
  5. The Maletti Crime Family "As far back as I could remember, I 've always wanted to be a gangster." "At the age of 12 my ambition was to become a gangster. To be a wiseguy. Being a wiseguy was better than being the President of the United States. To be a wiseguy was to own the world." -Henry Hill Have you ever wanted to be a wiseguy, making money and living it up with your friends and family? Maybe you want to have some friends to have your back through thick and thin? Or you want power and feel like you have say in the world? For some, the life of a gangster is exciting and filled with luxuries and women. For all that are in "The Life" there are plenty of opportunities to make a living and a name for yourself. Just remember The Omerta, it is sacred and the one thing you don't want to break. History The Maletti Crime Family is a fairly new Italian/Sicilian Organized Crime Family. Daniel Maletti was born in the States but both his parents are full blooded Sicilians. His parents always did their best to teach young Danny to obey the law and to let justice handle the problems. It worked for a short amount of time although little Danny kept seeing injustices in the world go without punishment. Even though excessive crime persisted all around his world, Danny had a successful school life. Being the top of his class, football and baseball star, and even performing the lead roles for his school's drama plays. The day of his graduation, Danny, along with his best friend Vittorio, went to the after graduation party the rich kid, Bradford Wellingham, hosted. The party was a cesspool of alcohol and drugs, fumes radiating off the walls and into the nostrils of the freshly graduated teens. It was getting pretty late (around 2am), so Danny and Vito decided to go back home to Little Italy. Outside, it was dark and foggy, the boys couldn't see more than 10 yards ahead of them. The street lamps dimmed by the foggy haze that settled just over the ground, making it hard to find their way home. Eventually, they made it back to what seemed to be the outskirts of Little Italy when out of nowhere a man dressed in all black pressed a handgun to Vito's back and chuckled as he said, "Your dad should've paid his debt back on time." Before they could call of for help, BAM. The man shot Vito through the back, the bullet ripping through his body and out of his chest. Blood splattered over Danny's face as his mouth was wide open in shock. The man pushed Vittorio's limp body forward with a grunt and bolted back through the dark alleyway he had appeared from. Vito fell straight down with a loud thunk and lay groaning with blood seeping onto the sidewalk. "NOOOO!" Danny yelled as he rushed to Vito's side, rolling him over and applying pressure onto the gunshot wound. The air smelled thick of mildew and iron, and it was enough to make Danny nauseous. "Vito, stay with me. Don't die on my buddy! You're gonna be alright. Help should be here any minute. Don't close your eyes. C'mon Vito, stay awake. Don't die on me, man! Remember that time Mrs. Gialoni made us those paninis and we fed them to the dogs because they were so bad?" Danny was saying anything to get Vito's mind off of what had just happened. Vito's coughed up a little blood and made a weak smile, "Yeah..... the dogs.... didn't like 'em..... neither." He managed a faint laugh as he clutched Danny's hand. "Tell Mom that I love her. I..... I'm sorry.... I wanna be..... strong. Danny, I don't wanna die. It's getting cold. I wanna go home.... It's bad. You don't have to lie to me. I know it is...." Vito started to loosened his grip around Danny's hand. He coughed up more blood and sighed. He was gone. Vittorio was gone. He lay lifeless in his own pool of blood on the cold, hard concrete. The paramedics never came. No one came, not one person helped that night. That was the night that Danny Maletti lost all faith in the law and justice. He decided that he wanted to make his own law and help protect people that couldn't go to the authorities or that the authorities wouldn't help them. His local Italian friends gave him a number to call to bring justice to Vito's killer. Which he did, for a price. He owed the Gambini Family a favor after they took care of the murderer. Soon Danny found himself a made man in the Family. But some unfortunate events transpired so Danny had to be sent to Los Santos and was given permission to start his own family. Hence, the Maletti Family is quite new and up and coming. They deal mostly in extortion, protection, gambling, and drugs. But also, the Maletti Family deals guns, owns local restaurants and carry out assassinations for a price. The Rules and Customs Omerta: the sacred code of silence of criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to the police No ratting out your friends No talking about crime No disrespecting the bosses No cheating with your friend's woman No putting other gangs before the family No talking about crimes you've committed in the past No talking behind each other's backs, especially superiors No touching or attacking "made" members of the family No stealing tribute No lying to a superior No being unavailable when you're on call, don't be tardy when you are sent for No disrespecting a superior No killing any member of the family without the initial superior's permission Ranks and Roles Boss Administration Consigliere Underboss Streetboss ^ Captain ^ Soldier ll Soldier ll Soldier l l l l l l Associate ll Associate ll Associate --------------------------------------- Wannabes Wannabes: New member of the faction. Not even remotely considered a "gangster" or a "stand up guy". Wannabes do not get to commit serious crimes unless told to do so. As far as family privilege goes, wannabes are pretty much not even allowed to commit crimes. Socialize with other wannabes and associates and make friends with them. Learn how to make money with other wannabes and associates. You do not have to pay tribute yet. Associates: An associated member of the family. However, not an "official" member of the family. An associate is "privileged". In other words, he is permitted to commit any crime he can handle. So long as he doesn't get caught and draw heat to the family constantly. The associate is one of the "new and up and coming" street guys. Make friends with every family member you can. As an associate, you have to introduce yourself as a "friend" of the soldier you serve. You can't say he is a soldier and you can't say you're an associate. You should be involved in as many profitable crimes as you can to earn for the family. Collects tribute and sends 50% up to the Soldier. Soldier: Indoctrinated, inducted member of the family. Does jobs for the higher ups. Considered "Untouchable", meaning nobody from a wannabe to a boss can "just kill" this guy. Certain procedures are required to kill a made man. Permission is required from high ranking members such as the Consigliere, the Underboss, or the Boss. Introduce yourself as a "friend" of the Captain you serve. Your main jobs are to recruit, earn money, and maintain the standards. Collects tribute and sends 30% to Captain. Captains: In charge of a crew that is made up of several soldiers and their associates and wannabes. Collects tribute from the soldiers and sends up 20% to the streetboss. They get a neighborhood to run all of their operations. Street Boss: Acts as the boss when the Boss doesn't want to risk involving himself such as family issues. Ensures heat stays off the Boss. Ensure Captains are running sound crews. And serves as mediator in conflicts of interest between members. Underboss: Maintains control of the family. Councils Boss, Consigliere, and Street Boss in times of hesitation and confusion. Ensures Captains are running sound financial crews. Finding a Way In Members hang around the golf course in Rockford Hills. Also, at Tequi-La-La you can find members to rise up the ranks. Just look for guys in Fancy Suits. Find me in the Discord if you have any questions @Danny Maletti.
  6. xeater

    The Professionals

    The leaders of the professionals are made out of a bond family, Killing, kidnapping nothing is too crazy for them. Before the family was known for its gang activities they did a lot of bounty hunting. They were one of the best in the fields, everybody feared them. Everybody knew that you shouldn’t fuck with the family. they were so good that most of the time nobody noticed they had killed someone even the person who died hadn’t noticed. which explains the name of the gang” The Professionals”. They always make their victims bleed a lot so that there would be stained blood on the ground. When someone finally found the dead victim, they would be shocked by the stained blood which they did so that everybody knew it was them. In the prime of their bounty hunting career, even the police and government feared them. When the police found a body with black blood on the ground the police were so scared that they just closed the case so that they would not interfere with the family. Nowadays the family has made its name in the gang world. Black cars are everywhere and most of the gangs are aware that they shouldn’t interfere with the family. [IC] Note: Failure to follow can result in death. Please make sure you read and understood the rules. No man for himself. if you get in trouble or plan to confront someone. >always< inform the rest of the gang about this. Always wait for backup. Never mug a friend or allies of the family. Follow the chain of command. Never lead police to a gang hideout. Never snitch on family or friends of the family. Don't start or finish any gunfights at Bayview or LSC unless it's been approved by a leader Respond to any backup calls. [OOC] (( If you break any server rule you will be reported to an admin and you will get your punishment. We don't care if you're in the gang. Server rules need to be followed. If you break multiple server rules will result in getting kicked out of the faction. NLR: Our family is for life if you decide to leave, leaders decide you're not made to be part of our great family, or you have something holding you from being a member of the faction can and probably, if you don't have a strong enough reason to leave the gang, will be resulting in your dead.)) Not everyone can join this Family. Only people that we trust can get in. If you can gain our trust you're in, if you can't... Well, if you can't it will be a really sad end for you. If you're interested in joining the gang you can. You can find our contact on my business card. Contact today. Discord: https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC
  7. I have a problem. Everytime my friend and I start shooting at someone we have a bug or something because we hit them but we only do damage with 1 of each 3 bullets. So its impossible to kill someone. We can see the blood but their HP dont decrease.
  8. Accounts name : Shalami, Sykel Character name : Carter_Shalami, Ray_Provencher Issue / bug : Shalami and I tried to make weapons from gun parts, each time it said it gaves us some ID Weapons but nothing in our inventory, same for ammo. We've already lost 3 guns parts and 1 ammo. I tried to make one 30 minutes ago and for Carter it happened yesterday. We still haven't been able to make one since we have ordered the shipments.
  9. willster97


    How do you get a firearms license?
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