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  1. JustTabed

    Buying Oracle

    What deos the plate say?
  2. The car is in paleto High end for 90,000$ Comes with a trunk half full of furniture
  3. There are more downhill roads in the city which makes the car faster.
  4. You still intrested? I am willing to do 90k
  5. Any contact number? I am willing to pay 180k for one of them
  6. Are you willing to trade a fully maxed Yosemite + 20k for your Tulip?
  7. JustTabed

    Lockpicking Bug

    /stoppicklocking have not been working for a while now but if you press ESC it will cancel the animation/timer.
  8. Still available Price updated to 100k
  9. Selling FULLY maxed YOSEMITE Buyout - 90,000$ Number: 3552950 Can GO 220km/h in the city and 200km/h+ on the highway
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