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  1. yes I agree, but that is not the solution to it. there is /report command in game and there are the forums. I think there would be a better system but not the one you explained.
  2. -1, I mean if they were to make an item of cash but that type of system is bad and id rather have it like how it is. its an rp server after all, you need to rp and robbery's require so little rp so I would recommend staying with what there is now.
  3. Extreme fat +1 its no lie crim rp isnt the best at the moment aswell as criminals cant rob many places, all i see are legals that are commenting saying -1 no offence to them but crim is hard when there are many restrictions. i understand where everyong comes from but getting robbed in places like that should be allowed.
  4. Selling 2G on the road under tequilala, and near fishing drop off. [If interested] Please send offers to #4247399
  5. IC information brotha, also the 30k xp is a minimum you'll get it!
  6. +1, also this would be very beneficial as you need to do /modview to enable the cars mods so it'll be better instead without going to mechanic shops all the time.
  7. Thats IC information my good sir. Sick post Alicia! Keep it up! looking very nice.
  8. I agree, but in what I have seen Ive never seen a bike with a speaker but as you say. if it were to be fixed it should be renamed yes
  9. I mean I wouldn't say its a bug as its called a "car" speaker adding on you would never see someone with a speaker on a bike blasting music it would always be the wearing headphones and what not as there are no car speakers on bikes or speakers ((IRL))
  10. bro -1, you'll be walking around in bank and a guy does /takebattery (ID) as a troll
  11. although I am with the idea I would say -1, as imagine you are injured in the middle of the road and some rule breakers come up to you search your inventory and leave. Happened to me so many times including infront of 15+ people at LSC the person left then died with the weapon.
  12. Yessir!!! bro im looking forward for this!!!!!
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