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  1. kewl thread. Best of luck homies looks sick!
  2. Illmohim

    car meet

    Wohoooo sick thread.
  3. hahahahah. I was mad in that post so don't even take that into context LOL
  4. ate you know what. Have fun bro, hope ya get unbanned. Don't sabotage this thread let the man live. Ps: My bday is 2 days b4 you so
  5. uhhh this thread should get locked tbh. Man this was supposed to be posistive buyt now its full of negetivity and sending hate to mods and others.
  6. that just encourages being afk and not roleplaying. System is fine how it is. I would say for the people that died to re spawn IN the area where you get treated. so you would be in a room where you still talk to people but you are no there to interact with the people that killed you. But I feel like the regular system is fine now.
  7. Cars For Rent Issi Sport This Vehicle Is Maxed Goes 195-200KMH Amazing Handling Price: 45,000 ((WEEK)) ------------------------ Rebla GTS Vehicle Is not maxed Goes 180+KMH 4 Seater Price: 35,000 ((WEEK)) ------------------------ Jester This Vehicle Is Maxed Goes 200 - 205 KMH Great Acceleration and Handling Price: 45,000 ((WEEK)) ------------------------ DISCLAIMER: You will be in charge of all external costs such as repairing, Mors, gas etc... If you want the car colored you
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