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  1. CRIMINAL OVERHAUL SUGGESTION THREAD I only included the song for NBDY. DRUGS Faction Owned Static Drug Labs TLDR version: All static drug labs in the server to be set-up by, stocked and ran by players in the server, as for-profit criminal enterprises. There would be the current locations with additional locations where it makes sense across Blaine County, LS and Cayo Perico. Official Criminal Factions would be able to import static lab kits (discounted) or buy them from Humane Labs. The limitation for purchase would be that OCF have better contacts than your civilian factions. They would head to a vacant drug lab location and set-up their lab. The kits would come with lab apparatus and a standard amount of the ingredients needed to make the various drugs. The kits could however be setup by anyone with one in their possession, regardless of their faction. This allows civilian factions to conduct drug related business independent of other factions as well. Additional ingredients for the labs would also be purchasable from Humane Labs by anyone. Money is then made personal use of the lab, or by charging other faction/s or individual/s to use your lab. This is adding enterprise with a support structure with person-to-person roleplay at the heart of it. Rivals might have their own lab they wish to protect or they wish to take over a rival's lab, so that causes negative criminal-to-criminal interaction but in a way that makes sense. Law Enforcement; When a drug lab is found in operation, they would clear the lab of it's materials and destroy it. A lab could not be installed at that location for two hours after destruction and would require a new lab kit to re-establish it. Forensics+ Chemists producing drugs at a lab will get drug residue on the clothing they are wearing, which Law Enforcement could be test you for. Producing drugs at or clearing a drug lab will damage your health depending on what you are wearing. Being fully clothed would mean having top/pants/shoes/gloves on. 0 damage if wearing a respirator and fully clothed. 1 damage per drug made if not wearing a respirator but masked and fully clothed. 5 damage per drug made with no mask or respirator on but fully clothed 15 damage per drug made if masked or have a respirator but not fully clothed. 25 damage per drug made if not fully clothed and no face concealment. Drug Production Skill Level TLDR version: Adding a 'skill level' to drug production, rewarding the player for putting time into a task, by lowering drug creation time and being able to make a higher grade of narcotic. Skills are not currently a part of Eclipse. An experience is the same the first time you do something, as it is for the 100th time. Aside from having more of an item, there is no growth in repeatedly doing something. When it comes to creating drugs, it's a skill, like cooking food. The more you practice, the better you become at doing it. We have an inflated economy already, so the gain would be in convenience, so a higher skill would allow you to make more reliable drugs, faster. I'd like to suggest four different levels. [Rookie / Intermediate / Expert / Veteran] Rookie to Expert would be available to every single person, but you would only be able to go past expert to Veteran if you were part of an Official Criminal Faction If as a Veteran Chemist, you leave an official faction, you will not lose your level but can only cook at Expert level once again. The creation time of a single gram of narcotic would depend on your drug production level, the better the chemist you are, the quicker the production. The idea here also is that people who have a high drug production skill level would be wanted by official criminal factions, as you can make drugs quicker and to a better standard. This allows for criminal networking and partnerships. Drug Dealing Freelance Job TLDR version: Freelance Criminal job to fulfil fictional drug orders, either by producing your own or buying the drugs from a third party dealer. For this, I'd like you to imagine JustEat or DoorDash if they did drugs. The idea here is that in 2021, drug users don't go to the dealer. The dealer delivers the drugs to various locations around San Andreas. These locations might be public dead drops, shady apartments, hillbilly trailer parks. The locations will depend on drugs in the order. This would be a replacement for the old drug drop-off payout. You would start by texting a set number and you'd get an instant reply with a customer's drug order and the location of where you deliver the drugs. Example You to # - Order? # to You - 2 grams of Cocaine, 4 grams of Marijuana. It would be your responsibility then to fulfil that order, either by buying the drugs from another player or making them yourself. Upon delivery, you would receive a stock pay-out amount with bonuses for how quick you fulfilled the order and what grade the drugs you delivered were. Your pay-out is going to look different if you can deliver the drugs within an hour as opposed to a day or if you are delivering poor quality drugs as opposed to the high grade stuff. Drug Purity Grades TLDR version: Each available drug would have a quality grade. The better made a drug is, the better the use and the better the pay-out. There would be four different grades of each drug - low grade, impure, high grade, prime. Low grade would be a very basic, diluted version of the drug with low pay-out and very little effect when used. Prime would be expertly made, with a good street value and a more effect when used. Drug labs would also come with a cutting agent (boric acid) for cocaine and nicotine for marijuana that would allow you to create the drug if you did not have one of the ingredients. This would be at the expense of the drug purity. The grade of drug produced would be dependent on both the drug production level of the chemist and also, whether there were any added ingredients. Rookie chemists would produce low grade - impure drugs. Intermediate chemists would produce impure to pure drugs. Expert chemists would produce high grade drugs. Veteran chemists would produce prime grade drugs. Drug Test kits would be available to buy for civilians at Humane Labs and Law Enforcement would have them available as well. You would be able to right click on a drug and press 'Sample' with a kit, to test it's purity. Drug Labs in Apartments Stop new tables being installed in apartments, it doesn't make any sense to be operating a drug lab in a swanky apartment. People that have existing labs already purchased would be able to continue cooking in them but new additions would be prevented. Drug Use TLDR version: The use of drugs will have both positive and negative uses, as a secondary use. For easy balance, we'll go with three drugs that can be used by the player. These being marijuana, coke and meth. Any others that are added, would be for sale only. The effects of drug use would be in three stages - the instant effect, the plateau and the come down. Each drug would have various different effects and I'll explain the suggestion, using one gram of each drug. Mixing drugs would have the same effect as taking too many painkillers in game. Marijuana [+] Using Marijuana would allow for wellness to recharge quicker than normal. If the player died, the effect would stop. [+] The overall effect would last longer than the other drugs. (15-30 minutes depending on the grade of the drug) [-] Marijuana use would instantly drain a player's hunger quicker than normal. If a player refilled their hunger or they died, the effect would wear off, both positively and negatively. This is a passive, social drug. Cocaine [+] Immediate use of Cocaine would start raising the player's health to a certain point and allow them to operate at maximum wellness until the effect wore off. [ / ] The high would last for 3-7 minutes depending on the grade of the cocaine. [-] Cocaine use would instantly start to drain a player's thirst quicker than normal, this will. If they died, the effect would wear off, both positively and negatively. [-] Once the high has finished, your wellness would take an instant loss. Meth [+] Immediate use of Meth would instantly give the player more health, cancel out any negative wellness and slow any blood loss effects when under the influence. [ / ] The high would last for 1-3 minutes depending on the grade of the meth. [-] Once the high has worn off, meth would start wearing down the player's wellness. If they died, the effect would wear off, both positively and negatively. CAR THEFT / ILLEGAL EXPORTS / CHOP SHOPS Abandoned Rental Vehicles We should add some random vehicle spawns to various parking lots around Los Santos and Blaine County, with the purpose of them being available to steal. The vehicles would be random choices of compact and sedans, with random colour schemes. These vehicles would be script owned by Escalera Rent-A-Car company. These vehicles would have no de-spawn timer, chopping a rental vehicle will trigger a new spawn somewhere on the map. Vehicle Break-ins TLDR version: Add variety to gaining entry to a vehicle. Add screwdrivers to 24/7s. You would get 7 uses with one screwdriver, like a bobby pin has 1. Screwdrivers would be used for breaking locks but also in assisting the hotwire. Every action that uses the screwdriver would reduce the uses left by 1. You can either gain access to a car by using a bobby pin/screwdriver to unlock the door. You can also gain access to a car by using a melee weapon by the front side windows. Weapons: Bat, Crowbar, GolfClub, Hammer, Hatchet, Nightstick, Wrench, Fire Extinguisher. Forensics+ If you choose to smash a car door with a melee weapon, there is a chance you could start bleeding. In the case of bikes, you would be able to gain access to the inventory of the bike using a bobby pin or screwdriver. Gaining access to the vehicle trunk would require either you breaking the trunk lock or being in a vehicle's driver seat and doing /opentrunk. A Vehicle GPS' could mounted into the vehicle and would require you to use a bobby pin or screwdriver to remove it from the console. Vehicle Hotwiring TLDR version: Replace the auto-start with a hot-wiring setup. To start hotwiring a car with the engine off, press the UP key. You will need either a bobby pin or screwdriver to do this. Forensics+ Hotwiring a vehicle without proper gloves on, will leave your fingerprints inside the vehicle. This would allow for those that have their vehicles stolen and chopped to report it to the Police Departments. The RNG of getting the car to start will depend on the type of vehicle it is, to account of the more high end vehicles having more experienced locking systems. The more expensive the vehicle, the less easy it will be to get started. The idea would be however that within a reasonable amount of time, any vehicle could be started. Turning the engine off will require you to re-hotwire the vehicle all over again. Hotwiring Skill Level TLDR version: Adding a 'skill level' to hotwiring a vehicle, rewarding the player for putting time into a task, by lowering hotwire time and giving you a better chance of a successful attempt. The more you practice, the better you become at doing it. We have an inflated economy already, so the gain would be in convenience, so a higher skill would allow you to get a stolen car going faster. Like Drug Production, we'd have four different levels. [Rookie / Intermediate / Expert / Veteran] Rookie to Expert would be available to every single person, but you would only be able to go back expert if you were part of an Official Criminal Faction If as a Veteran Car Thief, you leave an official faction, you will not lose your level but can only steal at Expert level once again. The hotwire attempt time and chance of starting the engine successfully would also depend on your hotwiring skill level, the better you are, the easier it would be. Vehicle Export Orders TLDR version: Similar to Simeon's Export Requests in GTA V, you would text a number and they'd give you a vehicle type you had to steal and deliver it to the Docks at Los Santos. The first time you use a chop-shop in-game, you will receive a text from a NPC down at the Docks. Their number will be added to your contacts in your phone. You can text them with the word order and they will message you back with a class of vehicle that you have to steal i.e. Compact or Sports. You steal the vehicle and take it down to the NPC at the Docks and instead of chopping it, you will be waiting while the vehicle is loaded onto a shipping container. Once the vehicle is loaded, you will be paid slightly more than a chop shop would pay for a vehicle. CAYO PERICO ISLAND [VIEW THREAD] Hunting Add two animal spawn locations with Boars and Deer to the Island. The pay-outs from these two animals would be slightly higher to account for the inconvenience of travelling to the island. NEW! Coca Plant Picking Freelance Pick coca plants from the fields in Cayo Perico, before selling them to a farm NPC for on-hand cash. Boat Chopshop Add a chop-shop to the Island. Island Drug Lab Location Use one of the Island's existing drug lab locations as a location for the player run drug labs. Island Turf Location Add the Island of Cayo Perico, specifically the Compound there as a faction turf. Communications You would only be able to use your phone/radio around the Island's Compound and the Airfield, due to it's distance from the mainland. ROBBERIES RULES BY ZONE Overview I personally find that our currently robbery rules perhaps confuse what is possible and what is not and I'd like to make things a little more straight-forward. Each neighbourhood i.e. Davis, Strawberry, Vinewood etc.. would be either a green, yellow or red zone depending on how popular the area is and how close they are to police stations. Inevitably, people will attempt to flee from robberies and as long as the robbery was started in a zone that permits it, you could still rob that person. Your ability to rob someone in that area would depend on different factors. Green - Robberies would not be OOC permitted at any time in these areas. They are either too populated or too close to police stations, where the risk would become too great. Examples would be Paleto Bay, Legion Square and Hawick. Yellow - Robberies would be permitted OOC in these zones at night. The idea being that in real-life, crime is more likely to happen than in day-time and RPly your character would be more aware of that. Examples would be Mirror Park, Vespucci Beach and Paleto Forest. Red - These are isolated areas or very poor neighbourhoods where police response would be difficult or crime would be really bad IRL. Examples would be Davis, Mount Chiliad and Humane Labs. [YOU CAN SEE THE FULL MAP BY CLICKING HERE] Criminals robbing people isn't inherently wrong, it should just be done where it makes sense. This system has a realistic view behind it and it's something that both robber and victim can make more sense of. HEAT Overview The concept of getting "heat" is essentially encouraging criminal characters to have periods of laying low between crimes. Every time you do something illegal i.e. chop a car, sell drugs, rob a store, go to jail etc.. you would receive a certain amount of heat for it. There would be no cap on this, but it would decrease over time spent in the server, by not committing crimes. How it would effect you is that in situations where PD/SD might receive a tip-off about your activities i.e. store robbery, banks, import drops etc.. your chance of being informed on would be effect by how much heat you currently had. BLEEDING Bleeding Rate TLDR version: Getting injured in various different ways would effect your character in the short-term, no more getting shot and just pretending it didn't happen. Your bleeding rate will be between 0-3. 0 would be no bleeding at all. 3 would be very heavily bleeding. Your bleeding rate will raise if you are in a traffic accident (3 BR), ran over (3 BR), stabbed (2BR), shot (2BR) or cut yourself trying to break into a vehicle (+1BR). Bleeding will take off a certain amount of health every minute, with the reduction depending on your bleeding rate. The bleeding rate would be visible on /analysewounds Bleeding would require some sort of intervention to not further impact the player. BR 1 - Health -1 per minute. Requires: Self-Bandage or /cpr or Medical Attention (Hospital) BR 2 - Health -3 per minute. Requires: /cpr or Medical Attention (Hospital) BR 3 - Health -5 per minute. Requires: Medical Attention (Hospital) I feel like this would bring more weight particularly to shoot-outs, for criminals and cops alike. The fact that anyone can go through a firefight, get shot a few times but because they win and don't get downed, they can just drive off seems unrealistic. A concern for criminals is that it's too easy for. People could buy bandages from the 24/7 or they could use their clothing top item to stem the blood flow for BR 1. Blood Forensics+ TLDR version: In addition to the blood loss, you would also leave some DNA evidence behind, which can be used to better prove or disprove your involvement in situations. Similar to the bullet pile when someone shoots their weapon, if someone is bleeding, every minute they are bleeding, a blood stain will spawn in the position they are in. A blood stain will spawn on impact and then every minute in the server that someone is bleeding until they die or the bleeding is stopped. This might be at the scene of a shootout, this might be in the back seat of a vehicle on their way to the hospital. Upon inspecting the blood stain, it'll tell you how how heavily the person is bleeding. These will last for 10 minutes before de-spawning. Similar to the fingerprints, if your blood sample is on file, detectives will be able to check the DNA database to see whose blood it belongs to. Criminal Doctor TLDR version: Adding in some extra locations for some dodgy private healthcare. Add-in a couple new locations questionable medical experience as locations for civilians to drop people off at. These locations would not be classed as No Crime Zones however. Add in a couple NPCs at these locations, driving with injured people close to the NPC will initiate the dropoff. These locations would be the Bay Care Center in Paleto Bay and the St. Fiacre Hospital in Los Santos, as well as in the OCF Black Market locations where purchased. On the plus side, these add a little more privacy to people that have been injured and are currently wanted. On the down side, you wouldn't be healed to the same standard by the criminal doctors (less health back), the good samaritan wouldn't receive any money from the server for this AND you will have to pay twice the health bill for the privacy. STORE AND BANK ROBBERIES Banks Robberies Add in Bank Functionality (deposits/withdrawals) to the Fleeca Banks, so that they are not just used for robberies. It makes too easy to tell something bad is happening when the only use is robbing the place. The alarm to the bank should go off when the vault is opened instead of how it is currently but the grabbing of money should be slightly longer to encourage bigger groups of people. The false alarms are quite frustrating to deal with. Depending on the heat level of those involved, the alarm may trigger at any action if it's too high. Bank Robberies should have more reward than store robberies and require more planning. ATM Robberies I believe this was initially in the works. You'd require a crowbar and it'd take a few minutes to gain access to the ATM. An ATM could also collect fingerprints and record the user so you'd need gloves and face concealment. The alarm tip-off would not be static with the following factors taken into consideration; Face Concealment - If you are robbing the ATM with no face covering, the chances of a tip-off of the ATM would increase. Time since Last Robbery - If you took part in a store/atm/bank robbery recently, your chances of a tip-off would increase. The tip-off message would also depend on your heat level. The pay-out would be smaller than a store (given how many ATMs there are and the fact it doesn't require a gun) but wouldn't necessarily alert the authorities it's been robbed. A robbed ATM would be unusable to everyone for an hour. Store Robberies Add the player owned gun stores and the clothing stores to the list of locations that are robbable for variation in locations and different approaches to how to tackle them. The clothing stores for example have a lot of glass to see into like a store. Gun Stores however have solid doors, so you wont know what's on either side. Script in the safes in the back offices to be robbable also, but slightly decrease the till money gained to account for balance. The safe would require a crowbar to open and you'd get packed money from inside the safe. Opening a safe would definitely trigger the store alarm. A safe would also collect fingerprints. Remove the CCTV ability from general stores. It makes no sense to have live feeds of the cameras from private businesses. Law Enforcement; The alarm tip-off should not be static. It should be based on a certain amount of modifiers and occur at any point from the start of the robbery until the end, depending on how the player sets up and handles the robbery. The following factors should be taken into consideration. Weapon Used - If you are using a shotgun or assault rifle as opposed to a pistol, this would lower the chance of a tip-off at the start or during the robbery. Face Concealment - If you are robbing the store with no face covering, the chances of a tip-off at the start or during would increase. Time since Last Robbery - If you took part in a store robbery recently, your chances of a tip-off would increase. Robbed That Store Last - If that store was the last store you robbed, the chances of a tip-off would increase. The tip-off message would also depend on your heat level. The alarm would then sound when the gun was lowered, the backroom safe was opened or if the tills ran out of money. WEAPONS Shipments TLDR version: Change to the way shipments work. When you place an order, you should be able to choose the shipment drop location yourself. It seems silly that you'd spend thousands of dollars on shipments, but would not be able to pick where the drop-off is. Like buying a new TV online, but you can only pick it up from the store, they won't deliver it to you. You would be able to import materials for making ammunition for firearms. Law Enforcement; I liked the previous way of getting tipped off by shipments, although it was previously like a 5% chance. I'd like to change that to be a little more dynamic, based on the size or cost of the shipment, between 1% and 10%. I'd also like the tip-off message to go to Detectives only, not the entire PD. The tip-off message would also depend on your heat level. Serial Numbers TLDR version: You would be able to remove the serial number of a weapon. Each weapon comes with a serial number, but in order to obscure your activities with said weapon, you could file off the serial number if it was a legal store-bought firearm. There could be an weapon felony penal code charge added for this, WF07 - Altering a Firearm Mark for doing this. This would help gun dealer role-play, as it's providing a service for people wanting to hide their illicit activities. For balance purposes though, you would only be able to do this inside an official faction's black market. FACTION BLACK MARKETS TLDR version: A faction controlled building for various criminal enterprises around the server. Overview and Purpose The purpose of these locations is establish more places for criminals to meet and engage in interactions that are not just about shooting. There are a number of ways to make money both for the player and the faction. Each official criminal faction would be able to set-up their black-market using a command. They would have to pay to establish the Black Market and the entrance location would need to make roleplay sense. They would pay an initial fee for the building. The Black Market would have purchasable features, that the faction could pay to install and either benefit from themselves or rent out to others. All these features visually would be there but would require the faction to purchase them in order to use them. Features Lockable Front Door The most basic of features, faction members being able to set the lock type of your black market building. This would range between open, keypad and locked. So, for example, if you didn't want to have to keep unlocking it every time you wanted to let someone in, you could set a keypad code. The door itself however would be rammable or you could use bolt cutters. Lockable Emergency Exit As long as the chosen building had a separate exit door, you would be able to add in an emergency exit to your black market in case of a raid. Bare in mind however that like the front entrance, the emergency exit could also be breached. Front Door CCTV You would be able to install a CCTV system for the front door of your black market, which would be remotely accessible by the laptop located inside the Black Market. Laptop You would be able to buy a laptop for the BM, which you could use to monitor the black market security and also place your import orders from. Bullet Assembly Machines This would allow official faction members only to manufacture their own bullets for weapons, using imported metal materials (different bullets would require different materials). For balance purposes, the material costs and the setup of the BAM would mean the bullets would be more expensive to make per bullet than you'd get in an import but you'd have the convenience of being able to make your own. Like the static drug lab, combine the materials and start pressing. This will take a reasonable amount of time to create the bullets but once it is complete, you will be able to use them in your weapons. The reliability of these bullets however would more questionable than the professionally made bullets with a small chance for the weapon to jam, for bullets to do less damage and such. You would also be able to remove a weapons serial number off the weapon using the machinery here. Tattoo Chair For a lot of criminal organisations, the role of the tattoo plays a significant role. The Yakuza, the Russian Mafia, Biker Gangs etc.. all have some sort of symbolism for tattoos within their organisations. With this feature, you'd be able to not only get tattooed but also, get your existing tattoos removed. The tattoo removal should be added to all people as well, in all tattoo shops. Back Alley Medic In addition to the two locations for criminal doctor added, factions would be able to set up a service within the BM for people to get medical treatment at these locations. They would keep you alive, but not give you the same quality medical care that the legal locations do. Using the BM Medic would also cost you more than regular. Some of the money for using this would go to the safe of the Black Market. Drug Making Ingredients Stock Similar to the Humane Labs distribution of ingredients needed for drug making, there would be an area within the BM for drug making. This would need to be rebought by the faction when it's empty. The ingredients would cost slightly more than Humane Labs and the added money would go to the safe of the Black Market. NEW! Counterfeit Money Press You would be able to do the freelance counterfeiting job here, creating your own fake United States Dollars to send overseas. For the black market to make money here, the faction would have to make sure people are paying to use it. Counterfeit money would appear in your inventory as an item. You would have to take the counterfeit money to a Fleeca bank to wire it out. If you choose to use a Fleeca bank, you will get 100% of the money but depending on your heat level, detectives may receive a tip-off about it. Money Laundry You would be able to unpack money from banks/ATMs/store safes here. You would also be able to sell your cryptocurrency for cash here too, at a discount compared to selling it at a Fleeca Bank. The faction would take a cut for this service and the cut would go into the black market safe. Item Fencing Similar to the pawn shop idea, you would be able to bring your items for sale here and sell them for 5% of the base price. The additional 2% would go to the faction's black market safe. Meat Cutting and Packaging Area This area would take the usual animal meats but would also let you sell human meat, as is this isn't a legal operation. The money you earn from selling your meat here would not be put into your salary but you would earn only 80% of what you earn if dropping it legally to account for having less tax, so for higher tax earners this would be more worth it. 5% of the money would go to the black market safe and the other 15% would go out of the economy. NEW! Cryptocurrency Mining Freelancing This would involve using the computers inside the BM to generate in-game cryptocurrency. To do this, you would have to mine the cryptocurrency and successfully complete a math question at the end to release the currency, like a harder AFK math i.e. 731 + 627. I'm aware people will use a calculator but that's not so important. The Cryptocurrency amounts will fluctuate throughout the week, so to maximise the pay-out, you should wait for the right time to sell. The server will fluctuate the price but high sales will drive the value down. For the black market to make money here, the faction would have to make sure people are paying to use it. You could either sell to the black market money laundry or use it as a trade with other players. Raiding, Moving and Black Market Destruction Law Enforcement; Upon being raided by PD or SD, the Black Market would be shut down for 12 IRL hours, the door would be locked (but people spawning in would be able to leave), none of the systems would work until the black market was re-opened. The black market would be shut down by PD or SD using the shutdown option for the laptop in the office. In terms of role-play, they'd remove all the ill gotten gains, turn all the lights off and likely secure the door after seizing the building. The Official Criminal Faction would have to pay a reestablishment fee to unlock their black market again. Mapping I've mapped it out myself with various different bits and pieces. HAIR CUTTING Remove the auto-bald from the cut hair command and instead, base the hair cut it gives that person on their pre-cut hair For example, if someone had a pony tail and you cut their hair, they'd then have short hair. If they have short hair and you could it again, then it could be bald. This makes what is something a little meme-y, a little more realistic and also, allows a little more RP to come to it. DEAD BODIES Body Disposal Add in different ways to get rid of bodies beyond just de-spawning. Butchers Disposal; You could drop off the body at the butchers or a Black Market to have it grinded up, like they did at Satriales in The Sopranos. Ocean Disposal; You would be able to do this at any point where you could fish from and it'd get rid of the body. S;eep with the fishes. Desert Disposal; This would de-spawn the body and add "Mound of Dirt" text where the body is. This would extend the life-time of the body, but keep it out of sight. PAWN SHOP Selling Items TLDR version: Drop locations for player-bought items, either your own or belonging to others. With every player having an inventory, items are routinely discarded, especially clothes but for example, you have items such as GPS', Radios', Watches', Bracelets.. There are a number of items that a pawn shop would take and sell on. If you are stealing vehicles for example or looting bodies, a lot of items just end up getting de-spawned with the body. It can also be used to clear out your inventories and make a little cash back on purchases you've made. I'd like to suggest adding in pawn shop drop off points to the Pawnshop in Strawberry and the Pawnshop in Del Perro. You would receive 7% of the base value of the item on hand, so if an item is worth $2,000, you'd make $140 for selling it back. We don't want to incentivize robbing people too much, but at the same time, this benefits people on both sides of the law. THE LAW / PRISON / JAIL Mugshot Addtions TLDR version: Add a command to add mugshots to the database, like with prints. In the same way fingerprints are captured, add a command for the player's mugshot to be on their file. This would be reset if the player paid for their plastic surgery however. Asset-based Prison Fine Discount TLDR version: Fines added on prison and jailed would depend on a player's assets. Depending on a player's accumulated wealth, apply a modifier to their fines when they are sent to prison. Criminals already have the time to serve, getting fined for their actions is a secondary punishment. $15,000 to one player might be a considerable amount of money, especially to new players but $15,000 to another might not be that much. Prison Bail System TLDR version: Add bail to the /prison command, to allow criminals without serious felonies to be able to pay to get released earlier. The command would work like this, /prison [id] [true or false] If you enter true, the prisoner will be able to pay the bail fee to shorten their sentence. If you enter false, the prisoner won't be bailable. The bail fee would be 25% of their prison fines on prison. For a single armed robbery charge, this would be $1,000. The bail time reduction amount would be 20%. For a single armed robbery charge, this would be 12 minutes. This would have more financial impact and benefit for those people with bigger sentences than the minor sentences. The bail money would go directly to the treasury. Mission Row and Paleto Jail TLDR version: Allow MD to heal jailed players inside their cells or allow PD/SD to remove criminals from jail cells so they can be taken away for treatment. Add the ability for MD to fully heal someone still inside the jail cell. OR Add the ability for PD/SD to be able to unjail people, that allows them to leave the jail cell for treatment. If someone gets injured in the Mission Row cells, it requires admin intervention currently to get out. If the players health or thirst is under 50%, set it to 50% when they are jailed. The script equivalent of giving them some food and drink. Add a bell to the front desk of Mission Row, with a cool-down. Speed Cameras TLDR version: Remove the scripted speed camera and have PD/SD handle the speeding IC. Currently the Reckless Operation Misdemeanours issue you with a instant misdemeanour, which is automatic jail time, without necessarily any human player witnessing it. In PD, you are told you cannot place charges on someone who you don't know the identity of. Having a script based camera be able to tell who exactly is driving at this point, seems a little like power-gaming. I have to question whether they are even necessary at this point now. Both PD and SD have traffic enforcement divisions. MD seldom use Pillbox Hill and people no longer gather at the Bank in big groups. Prison Stash TLDR version: Prisoned players would be able to create a stash somewhere inside the prison walls, to keep various different items. When in prison, they would type /stash and it would put their stash location in that particular spot in the prison. This could be in their cell or the showers or the gym for example. You could move your stash at any point, provided it was empty but there would be a loading bar that would need to be complete before doing so. They would be able to press I to access the stash if they were standing at the spot and either place items inside or take items out. If the stash is inside a cell and only contained legal items, getting caught using a stash would not be so bad as RPly it could just be your personal cell items. Having a stash outside the cell for example, could perhaps lead to you being sent to solitary. If you have illegal items in your stash too, it would also lead to you being sent to solitary. DOC Guards would be able to do /checkstash id to search for a prisoned player's stash, if they were standing in the spot where you put the stash in the first place. Depending on the volume of the stash, they would have more or less of a chance to discover your stash. The bigger it is, the more likely it would be to discover it. DOC guards would then be able to perform their RP search of cells, but also have the support of being able to find things in cells. This would essentially act as an inventory tied to a specific player. Prison Stamps TLDR version: Make Stamps bankable and have a fixed amount added to the account every 30 minutes. Change it so stamps are not on your player by default when you first go to prison. Some people in prison end up deathmatching people just for their stamps. Be able to withdraw and deposit stamps at the prison canteen, like an ATM. Add in a 'welfare' issue of stamps every thirty minutes that adds a small amount of stamps to the person's canteen even if they have not done much. Prison Stamps would persist through release, so your stamps would be waiting for you in prison if you returned. Prison Cook Job TLDR version: Add a prison cooking job to the kitchen of the prison, for stamps, preparing meals for prisoners. This would work similar to the static drug labs, ingredients being placed together to create food. There would be three separate dishes. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You would have to put the ingredients together in the right order and cook them in the kitchen. You would get paid for each meal you make, with a bonus amount of stamps for delivering the right dish at that right time. 06:00 to 11:59 = Breakfast 12:00 to 16:59 = Lunch 17:00 to 23:59 = Dinner The kitchen would be unusable between 00:00 and 06:00 in game. In addition, you could also choose to eat the meal or give it to another player for them to eat to replenish their hunger. Once you had delivered a finished meal to the serving hatch, you'd end up with a dirty tray in your inventory. If you took this to the sink and washed it, you'd also make more stamps. Prison Laundry Job TLDR version: Add a prison laundry job, for stamps, washing clothing items. You would go to the laundry area inside the prison. You'd take a dirty prison issue uniform from the pile. You'd interact with a washing machine, placing the dirty uniform in the washing machine inventory, which would give you back a clean unfolded uniform. You'd take it out and take it to the ironing board and repeat the same. This would give you a clean folded uniform. If you placed the clean folded uniform on the shelf, you'd receive stamps in return for it. Prison Mining Job TLDR version: Add a prison laundry job, for stamps, washing clothing items. Simplify this, add a specific rock type for criminals to be able to mine, perhaps Limestone. Make the stamp payout the same every time you drop that off. Ankle Bracelets TLDR version: Add in Ankle Bracelets for Parolees, so they don't have to rely on their phone being on. Add a command for Sheriffs to be able to attach ankle bracelets to someone they wish to parole. They would get the ankle bracelet from the faction locker menu and place it in the clothing inventory of the player to attach it. This would work similar to cuffs, where cops could attach and un-attach it. The person would then be traceable when wearing the ankle bracelet, instead of their phone. They might want to keep their phone off for personal reasons, so it's not as limiting in that sense to have something separate. Parolees would also be able to break off the ankle bracelet with bolt cutters, but in doing so would obviously violate their parole. QUALITY OF LIFE I'd like to thank Collie Fegan for his influence with some of the following suggestions. Your ID and Wallet should be in a separate tab in your inventory and could be viewable by anyone interacting with you. [CR] On death, all your on-hand money should become a lootable item on your body, rather than just reset and de-spawn the money. [CR] Showing someone your ID should be require the other players consent like the duo anims, to show that person. Add in an toggleable New Life Ruler timer on death, so you can be aware of exactly how long it's been, to stay within that rule. (/nlr to turn it off). [CR] Add a /ame above someone's head if they try a locked car door or trunk. [CR] When a player is put in the trunk, teleport them away out of the vehicle somewhere, then when the trunk is open, teleport them back into the trunk. Seeing people glitched in the back of the trunk or underneath the car because they are in the trunk ruins the immersion. There is also the possibility of metagaming here too. Add battery life to all radios. Establish certain remote areas of the map where radio or phone contact is not possible. FACTION OF THE MONTH The premise is pretty straight-forward. Every calendar month, faction management picks a faction of the month out of the factions that are not government sponsored. Basically the factions that have to go through the applications process. The criteria would be based on overall faction behaviour, role-play contribution to the community, activity within the community and consider areas such as the amount of effort they put into creating media or maintaining their faction's story on their thread. We spend so much time drawing attention to the negative behaviours some of our criminals have, it's easy to forget that we have some very good factions that deserve the spotlight. The reward itself, I don't know. Maybe just having the spotlight for that month would be a reward in itself. OFFICIAL CRIMINAL FACTION SIZES I would like to see this reviewed, on a case by case basis with the main consideration being how long someone has been official within the server. In the case of Triads for example, they were established through many months of being official to have the faction count that they had and I feel that the size limitation affected them the worst. Obviously, we don't want factions having part-time members that just log in when there is a war, but I think allowing a faction to grow organically when it makes role-play sense and doesn't promote negative behaviour would be a good step forward. FACTION CONFLICT AND FACTION INDIVIDUALITY I think that there needs to be a bold line drawn between having positive business relationships with factions and not knowing where one faction starts and the other ends because they are so close. When it comes to faction conflicts, it should be 1 faction against 1 faction. Keeping the conflict simple, makes highlighting issues and resolving them a lot more straight-forward. It also allows for more specific story between those factions to build rather than it being a case of you hating a faction because another faction has issues with it. I think shoot-outs in moderation and for proper justification can be quite enjoyable, even on a role-play server. Shooting at each other does not need be a dirty activity or one that is necessarily frowned upon but every effort must be made for factions, even enemy factions, to engage in role-play with one another where possible. It all starts with the faction leaders. If you have faction leaders that are committed to role-play and betterment of their factions, that is the ideal for all factions. I know for example Montie and Krooks both had those ideals. I look at Daichead Gadai as another faction that embodies this. If you have faction leaders that don't take those responsibilities seriously, that's when you run into trouble. THE MENTALITY AND TOXICITY Ultimately, people have to learn to lose situations with dignity. I don't just say this to criminals but on behalf of criminals. There is nothing wrong with wanting to win, but as long as you are willing to lose when it's your time. Don't look at a negative as a loss but a chance to further the story of your character and faction. Not every drug dealer is Pablo Escobar. Not every cop is John McClane. I also think that there is quite a lot of short term thinking which hurts us at times. If you only focus on the present and dwell on the events of the past and a lot of that is negative, then the future will be negative. It's not just about punishing and restricting the people doing the bad things on the server, it's about highlighting and encouraging the people that do the good things. I don't think there is enough focus on the people doing the good and that needs to change. Thank you for taking the time to read these suggestions, I know there are a considerable amount of them but in my personal opinion, a lot of the negative behaviours that have come from criminals have stemmed from not having enough quality content to keep them focused and doing the right kind of things. You may not agree with some of these suggestions or even all of them but i've spent a very long time comprising this list because I realise that we need good quality criminals to have a good quality role-play server. Like some of you, I'm a little frustrated with how things are currently but I still believe we can make this server really fucking dope.
  2. ((For added effect when reading, enjoy the music - Danheim - Ulfhednar - YouTube )) ((For anyone wondering the wolves are Geri and Freki, the wolf companions of Odin, The All-Father)) Bjor Eiriksson was woken up in the middle of the night due to a startling dream showing him flashes of tall buildings, rough seas, boats, warriors, and Odin’s Hall. Near the end of the dream a sign flashed before him stating, “Welcome to Los Santos”. Not knowing what all this meant he visited the Seer in the village and began to ask him questions regarding the dream and asking what the Gods had in store for him. The Seer spoke in whispers and riddles, the only clear thing stated was his destiny awaited him in Los Santos and its untold fortune. Bjor nodded his head knowing the Seer would tell him nothing else, gently grasping the Seer’s hand and giving it a gentle lick before walking out and returning to his parents great hall located in the village. He told his parents of the dream and what he could make out from the Seer. His parents nodded and told him it was the will of the Gods for him to go to Los Santos. Bjor had never left the village or the surrounding area except for when he was sent to meet the other Earls or Kings. However, if going to Los Santos was the will of the Gods then so be it. He began to gather his forces and explain the task ahead of them. As he spoke to his Radningar and Shield Maidens a crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning beamed across the sky as rain began to fall across the village. Times were changing around the village and in the surrounding area, the times of raiding and pillaging were over, but new ways of fighting were clear to everyone. Instead of shields and axes, they now fought with guns, however, the noise of war always remained the same. Bjor knew this was a possible way for the village to begin to prosper again even if it was a more modern way. Bjor and his Radningar with the Shield Maidens agreed they would find a few boats to take them across the great sea to Los Santos so they could begin a clan within the city, however, they knew nothing of this land and it’s uncharted area. Two weeks went by and the journey was long and rough. The boats arrived at the ports of Los Santos but the only one to make it off the boat was Bjor. All of his Radningar and Shield Maidens had fallen ill on the journey and passed away or were sent back to the village. As he stepped off the boat and his foot touched the pavement of the docks, it began to rain heavily with thunder cracking constantly and lightning beaming across the sky. The Gods foretold he would make the journey but not that he would do it with help, he was being tested. He began to wander around the city, trying to figure out where things were in this new place. As he walked down the streets, he noticed a sign with a symbol for The Seer and he wondered if this was real. He walked in and a voice broke through the silence from a dark corner of the room, “Welcome to Los Santos, Bjor Eiriksson, the long lost descendant of Ragnar. Find the golden tree lost in the hills, Odin awaits your arrival. Be mindful of these false heretics.” He quickly looked into the corner as if he was imagining things… it was The Seer from the village sitting in the corner but as quick as he saw The Seer, they were gone. A female walked out of the back room and asked if she could help Bjor and he smirked and spoke softly, “No my friend. You have a wonderful day trickster.” He turned around and walked out, finding a car nearby and breaking into it. He began driving around the city and it’s outlying hills before finally finding it, the golden tree lost in the hills. He approached the tree and kneeled before it, placing his head in his hands before speaking. Those of us owned by You, who have trembled in delicious fear at Your presence, praise Your name, Odin, All-Father, Master of the Tree. Oh Son of Bestla Son of Borr born when the worlds were yet to be formed, born of those first generations to arise from Ymir’s horde, You with Your brothers, forged a new race of Gods, rising from violence, shooting toward wisdom like the fleetest of comets shooting toward the earth. You are called Gangleri, Wandering God, at home nowhere and everywhere; You are called Sigtyr, brilliant in Your battle-glory, born to conquer, to possess the world; You are called Grimnir, and by vitki Yggr, in honor of Your terrible time upon the Tree. You are known by these and many other names, and the paths to You are many. We praise them all, that You may savor in each of Your guises, and by whichever name pleases You the most the fermentation of our spirits. May these words please You oh God, and may You bestow upon us, whose mouths overflow with adoration and praise, the terrible grace of Your blessing. Bjor had contacted Odin, The All-Father for his blessing in this new city. It was now time for the forgotten age of the Viking to be brought into a Modern Era. He would begin his work with the farmers, fishermen, lumberjacks, and hunters of the city… then move onto the more fitting people for fighting. However, those same farmers, fishermen, lumberjacks, and hunters would soon be taught how to be Viking. King and Queen - The leader of the factions and clan. His word is law and the only way to become King is by killing the previous or current standing one. This person is shown the utmost respect by his subjects and all his people pledge their allegiance to their King, no matter the cost. In the end, the King only wishes for his people to sit in Odin's Halls, Valhalla. Thane - Royal advisor to the King and Queen regarding the armies and how the strongholds are progressing along with any other things they are tasked with overlooking. Hersir - The King’s right hand man when it comes to war tactics and the dispersion of manpower. This is the leader of the clans army and only answers to the King and Queen, only if the King is unavailable. Radningar - Warriors who have proven their oath to their King and Queen through battle or other means. They are the only members besides the Hersir and Shield Maiden who are allowed to train fellow warriors in the art of battle and ways of the Norse. Shield Maiden - This rank is reserved specifically for females who have proven their oath to the King and Queen through battle or other means. They are also allowed to train fellow warriors in the art of battle and ways of the Norse. Berserker and Valkyrie - Warriors who have proven their worth through dedication to their King and Queen no matter the cost. They have become trusted within the stronghold and clan earning them a place among the councils. Viking - This is where everyone starts within the clan. You have pledged your oath to your King and Queen, laying your life and everything you have in their hands. You still have much to prove but you are acknowledged within the stronghold and clan. You will be tested countless times before becoming a Berserker or Valkyrie. CURRENT SHORT TERM GOALS-- - Establish connections with the farmers, fishermen, hunters, and lumberjacks. - Establish a clan of 10 members - Establish a look for the Faction (Currently an axe and leather vest are the attire) - Establish a temporary Stronghold CURRENT LONG TERM GOALS -- - Establish connections within the criminal world - Establish gun connections and gun trades - Establish a chop shop connection - Establish a permanent Stronghold - Establish a clan of 30 members - All recruitment is done IC -Must possess general knowledge of how Roleplay works along with how to do proper /me -Must follow all ECRP Rules to the best of their ability and not bring unnecessary heat to the faction -Must know how to immerse yourself into IC and follow the lore and overall feel of the faction -Must be okay with Gross RP considering this is a Norse style faction which will sometimes involve sacrifices to the Gods (You will not be forced to be involved in it, but, must be okay with it happening within the faction) -Each recruitment is different as every person brings in different elements of RP to the faction -XP Requirements will be on a case by case basis and as we see fit - Stay loyal to your clan and uphold your armband oath - Do not pick fights that are unnecessary, remember your wanting to go to Valhalla, make your death worthy of Odin’s Halls - Do not openly speak of the clans business to outsiders - Keep our established connections firm and progressing, do not backstab our allies - Show no mercy and leave no survivors unless you have a clean getaway - We do not snitch, if your caught you will be given judgement ((All of the info portrayed in this thread is strictly OOC. Changes will be made along the way, the overall goal of this faction is to bring something new and unique to ECRP. We hope you enjoy our journey as the Vikings make their way into the city.))
  3. what if the drug making timer would be lowered inside labs such as sea lab and so on.. and that would make them more usefull again while higher risk.. while if someone would want longer cooking time and less risk they could just go and cook in their self made labs with cooking tables places. wouldn't that bring life to crim rp on drug labs? lets say tables that are self places at homes and rvs timers would remain as they are right now and are a bit safer while if we reduce the table timers on cooking drugs inside the drug labs, that would mean you have 2 options on cooking Option A: take the risk.. bring a couple of friends to the local drug lab on the map as for example sea lab and cook there but take the risk of encountering other players for the reward of cooking faster the drugs aka having a lower timer on cooking. Option B: buy equipment from the local big gangs for home or RV cooking and be safer however it takes longer to make a drug than in the local drug labs on the map. this change would bring more criminal rp and activity to do back onto ECRP and drug labs wouldn't anymore be just marihuana planting sites but would also be usefull for actually making drugs.. Higher risk but also higher reward as you would make the drugs much quicker than at your home (your safe space) my suggestion: lower by a certain % the timers on local drug labs. make them usefull again. by doing that criminals would have a reason to visit often the local labs instead of just going there to take plants and leave right after.
  4. Increase Prison Stamp's Worth Current system You get sent to prison, at the start of your sentence you are given 500 stamps via the prison script Normally I start by buying a pickaxe but you can choose to buy several items at the prison with stamps: Food - 250 stamps Soda - 250 stamps Water - 100 stamps Note - 250 stamps Pickaxe - 500 stamps Go outside to the mining area You mine 4 ores (maximum you can fit as each ore weighs 10 volume and you will only have 49 remaining volume when the pickaxe is in your inventory) You walk to the other side of the yard to the drop off point and sell your ore for stamps You repeat stages 3-5 until you have built up 100 stamps You can then go inside the prison and exchange your 100 stamps for 10 seconds off your prison sentence Tin ore is the only ore available to mine within the prison, the exchange rate at which you sell the ore varies but in this case you get 27.5 stamps per ore, which rounds down to 27 stamps per ore as you cannot have half a stamp. This means you have to mine 23 ore to remove a minute off of your sentence. There is also the fact that some of the ore you sell has to fund your food and water in order to keep you alive during the course of your prison sentence, so you cannot fully invest in time reduction, you also have to work and pay to stay alive. Proposed System Therefore, I propose the exchange rate from ores to stamps is doubled so it is exactly 1/4 of the normal selling price rather than an 1/8 of the normal selling price. I would also like prisoners to be equipped with a pickaxe for free at the start of their sentence, you should not be forced to choose between working and buying food, you should be able to do both. 220$ per ore exchange rate currently gives 27 stamps 220$ per ore exchange rate should give 55 stamps Reasoning As most of the criminal roleplayers will know, prison is often boring and tedious with very little roleplay opportunities and the best thing to do is often stick on a decent movie or some music and mine ores with your friends but it seems people often resort to afking in prison as the mining simply isn't worth the time. Evidence
  5. I am very aware that in this servers state it is hard to implement massive heists, especially with the NCZ at the big bank. However the mini Fleeca banks are perfect for the job I've seen them be implemented on other FiveM servers before but i believe that Eclipse will be able to pull it off a lot better, in an immersive way rather than just a quick money grab Now in a real bank robbery, i very much doubt your going to be in and out without tripping any kind of alarm or witnesses reporting the crime, i think it should work similarly to the shop system where someone should constantly be aiming at the security guard or the bank receptionist while the other people involved in your group proceed. and if the gun is not aiming at the worker then the panic alarm is pressed, however obviously this would be a substantial amount of more money for the players, so i feel like there should be an automatic panic button when the vault door is breached, and you should be able to purchase a drill or some sort of hacking equipment to get into the vault, once inside you can start looting the money boxes or safety deposit boxes, and the automatic alarm gets sent to the police. This way, as in a lot of situations in real life... people will be in hostage situations and the police surrounding the bank with cruisers and helicopters while the criminals drill into all the money boxes, and then either fight there way out, or they use a hostage to their advantage, or they do it fast, maybe fast enough to get away unscathed. Procedure: - Locate supplier of drill / hacking equipment. Then purchase them - get a group together, for holding up the security and drilling and for speed - go to one of the fleeca banks across the map and start the heist - Rob it. Earnings: Gold bars - can be found and smelted down or sold to the mining sell point. Cash - Straight cash in hand. (Open to suggestions down below of what things you could be able to steal) I am aware it is quite a task to make it happen on this server, but i am sure the developers could make this happen for us. it's what we want, it would add excitement to everyone. THIS COULD ALSO BE ABUSED VERY HARD, BY GANGS AND BIG GROUPS - SO ADD A COOL DOWN ONCE A BANK HAS BEEN ROBBED, YOU MUST WAIT 4 HOURS.
  6. My suggestion would be for criminals having the ability to use a crowbar, purchased from a store, using it on a house doorway and being able to break into a house. They then have to look for the stashspot that is in the interior to loot items from it. A way to counteract this would be to purchase an alarm system for houses as an add on extra. If the alarm is tripped by forced entry then the police are notified via the 911 system. You could even buy a silent alarm upgrade, slightly more expensive. The use of bobby pins could also be a useful implementation for this. In the way that bobby pins take longer to open the door, like trying to pick cars, there is a chance you will fail.
  7. =- The Family -= Kihara was a simple man, born to hardworking American father and a loving Japanese mother, and led a simple life. The job market proved to be tumultuous at home, and Kihara found himself bouncing job to job quite a bit. One morning he saw an ad for Los Santos, the golden city of opportunity, on social media. And so his mind was made up. He packed up everything he had and moved, excited to find a city of chances waiting to be taken, but the reality was a harsh surprise. Kihara was stripped of his belongings and money almost immediately, and he saw a large split in the city. There were those on the bottom, either robbing or grinding out any living they could manage, and those who had made it to the top, driving nice cars and living in penthouse lofts. It was a rough sight to see, but he knew that no-one would just put a silver spoon in his mouth. He had to earn it himself. He had to grind out his own life in the city. But soon he noticed other men and women who were struggling to do the same. Stuck in a vicious cycle of robbery and poverty, and an idea struck him. He would hide it as long as he could, but he would bring his own sort of family to Los Santos to help those in need. For some reason he clung to the ideals of the Yakuza, from his mother's homeland of Japan. Crooked men who would murder you at the drop of a pen, but who still gave to charity and treated each other as a family. It was an odd sort of paradox, but it fit with Kihara somehow. And so he formed the Ikigai-Gumi, Los Santos' own Yakuza family. Ikigai was their word for a "reason to live", something that would motivate each of us to get up and keep moving each day. Now all that was left, was to bring those in who needed help most.. =- The Code -= - We are a family above all else. We take care of each other and we help each other. When we aren't working, we bond with each other and grow together. - Any sort of legal worker, or simple citizen, such as Miners, Farmers, Couriers, and other workers, are off limits. We're here to grind out our own living, and despite being seen as good for nothing men and women we do have morals. - Whilst with us, wear our colors with pride. We don't seek to hide away or cower, and we take pride in our family. - We are not petty thugs, so do not act as such. Any squabbles or issues are handled promptly then left to the side, and moved on from. We also aim to avoid stepping on any toes, and squabbling in the streets will only hold us back from that. =- The Goals -= - Grow our numbers. Our greatest strength is in our bonds with each other, and we seek to offer a helping hand to all those who need it. - Secure a home for the family to work from. It would improve morale and presence to have somewhere to turn in at the end of the day. - Secure steady income through some form of business, whether legal or otherwise. If possible we would like to operate on both sides of the badge. - Improve relations with the other gangs and organizations within Los Santos. The more friends we can make the better off we and the city will be. =- The Style -= Much like the Yakuza in the homeland of Japan, we wear dress clothing during our day to day lives and during our work. Our mask is a bit on the side of less serious, but still carries a certain image of the homeland, and felt fitting. =- Closing Words -= If you see us in the streets among you, fear not, for we simply wish to make our own way and live among you in this city. Those who wish to join the family, feel free to speak up and join us, and help us all grow together. Best of luck, and thank you all for your time. See you all on the streets.
  8. Hello everyone, So my suggestion is gonna be the same as the title, bring back the turfs and make it the same as it was before. I have been playing here for about 9 months, have seen how the server progressed forwards with rules, new updates, etc. Everything seems moving forward except for the activities for the gangs, yeah roleplay is based on your imaginations and scripts wouldn't do a big impact, yes I can agree on that, BUT if you are playing in the same community/server for over 6, 9, 12 or 24 months, scripts become important because they can improve the roleplay a lot and make a lot more roleplay scenarios that it had before. I was thinking about making this kind of offer a long time ago but didn't believe that my suggestion will see the daylight and become reality, but I know one thing, the server is still alive until it has players in it, so if all of us gave our opinion about it and show a lot of support I believe we could get this thing done. The problem: yeah so coming to the problem, you are in a gang or you have a gang and all you can do with the gang is rob stores, make drugs, chop cars, using your imagination and roleplay some deals, etc. All good, but there comes a time, when you get bored of it and especially if you have a big crew and you want something new. Also now as rival gangs are fighting each other it also became kind of forum war of reports, because you get pissed that you lose an AK or a shotgun, even though you know that you were in the situation and knew what will happen because you are in a war with that gang, but you just lost a gun, got killed and you think that another player didn't give demands or maybe he killed you with a car and broke some rules, what people do next? goes and puts a forum report, which requires admin time, players time and let's be honest at some point it becomes so boring and starts pissing you off. Also another question, how the winner of the war is going to be decided? when the rivals gang members would leave the server? make CK and create another character and go to a different gang? or until all of the people who are in war get banned? OFFER: My offer would save admin and players time and also increase the roleplay experience for criminals. Turfs - is a territory owned by a gang, it would have 3 main points and if you capture all of it with your gang members, the turf would be lost and belong to another gang. Bring back the turfs as it was before with some additional rules, as for example: 1. Only official gangs could have a turf. 2. Only with serious reason gang could go to war vs another gang. 3. If the rival gang is taking your turf in that zone everyone would be granted DM/KOS on the players who are taking the turf. 4. All the gang members who are at war must wear their gang clothing/colors/masks. 5. To allow the player to take the turf minimum online members per day should be 8-10. 6. If the faction goes inactive (doesn't have stable 8-10 online players) in two weeks the turf would become neutral and any official gang could take it for themselves. 7. If you own a territory in which there is a general store - if someone robs it, you would lose income to the treasury money, if you have a territory were is a drug selling point and no one sells anything there, because they are getting robbed, you would not get any additional money to the treasury from there, etc. Just the basic rules, everything could be changed, edited. Cheers! let's make it work guys! show your support.
  9. The story of Chambers Brothers The first of the Chambers family set foot in Los Santos in 2012, 3 brothers named Sandiego, Vincent, Michael born in Detroit.They were ambitious souls in search of prosperity in any form, ready to take it by any means necessary, the only thing they wanted to avoid was hurting other innocent people.Their plan was to make money by selling drugs, corruption and importing weapons.They had nothing and had little money but by 2015, the Chambers had started moving and started calling themselves The Chamber Brothers increasing their numbers and recruiting drug dealers, business owners, people with influence in the city to join them and make their dreams come true.The Chambers Brothers started moving into the east side of Los Santos and started having fights with a gang named Marabunta Grande that had their own turf in El Burro Heights. Chamber Brothers were after the turf since they had no place to call home and needed a warehouse for drugs and weapons. Marabunta Grande was a brutal Salvadoran gang armed with .50 Pistols,knifes and Micro SMG's. After two months of brutal shootouts Chamber Brothers came on top taking over the hood and making it their own.Their most known rivals in the drug industry were the Mexican gang Varrios Los Aztecas they were fighting over the drug trade,drug trafficking and arms trafficking in Los Santos streets. On their way to riches one of the brothers Michael had met Big J the leader of The Los Santos Vagos, they had the same mindset and goals, Los Santos Vagos had supplies of weapons that Chamber Brothers weren't able to get hold of but Los Santos Vagos were able to supply them with guns, both groups have helped each other to survive in the city and by 2017 they formed an official alliance to reach their goals. By 2018 the Chambers started smuggling small amount of drugs to other states, reselling weapons and by that they were able to get a small steady income, for extra cash the Chambers would resell weapons. They had different groups of family members appointed to different jobs from making drugs to even eliminating enemies that were seen as a threat towards the family of Chambers or other criminals working with them. Current situation: Currently one of the brothers Vincent has retired and has given the ownership to the younger one Michael. We have set our goal's and staying a street gang is not one of them. We aim to be one of the big guys and that people would know the name "Chamber Brothers".Now we are having changes in the family, changing dress code, rankings. Our income has been rapidly growing thanks to the drug sales, and our members are able to afford luxurious cars.We are looking for a property that we could buy for our organization and other criminals that would like to work with us. Future Plans: Our future plans are to increase our weapon sales and bring attention to us as an organization. We aim to have a warehouse to import weapons to . Also we are trying to get a hold of a property for our family to hang out at and do business since our turf is getting small. Strengthening our weaponry is also one of our goals. The Chambers can be recognized for their smart clothes with a red top,higher ups are in black suits with red undershirts and have black, red bandanas to cover their face. Our weaponry varies all the way from pistols up to AK-47. Family members also have lots of tattoos. Chamber Brothers hang out down in their turf at the East Side of Los Santos in El Burro Heights with all of their family members where the drug deals and weapon sales happen. El Burro Heights Don This is the absolute leader,the creator. He's responsible for family's activities, meetings, weapon sales, businesses with other gang leaders regarding alliances, meetings, etc. Underboss A powerful second in command. Underbosses are the closest to Don and have earned this position for their hard work. They are involved when organization's activities are discussed. They also deal with member's that violate their code. These members can be the faction leader when Don is on business meetings. Captain Member of the family who leads a crew of soldiers. A captain is similar to a military captain who commands soldiers. Only trustworthy, loyal members are given this rank in the organization. Recruiter Has the right to invite a new member into the family. Most recruiters have been with the family since the very start. Recruiters have the trust of Don and Underbosses. Soldier Also known as a "made man", soldiers are the lowest members of the crime family but still command respect in the organization. To become made, soldiers are required to take an oath of silence, called omerta. Associate An individual who is part of a crew but has not been made and commits crimes under the protection/direction of made members and remits a share of his illegal proceeds to his direct made superior. We go by a few rules that all of our member must follow in order to bring friendly RP into the gangs environment.We have a 3 strike policy where if a member breaks the rules they will be kicked from our faction after 3 strikes. Chamber Brothers (IC) In character rules: Don't insult people for no reason. Always have a radio on you and respond if you're getting called or there is a meeting happening. Don't sell guns without one of the leaders permission. Protect the turf from strangers, we don't want people sneaking around. You must respect other members and allied gangs. Have weapons like Micro UZI, AK-47, Pump Shotgun in your house,cars in case there would be a shootout. Don't be scared of getting shot, you know what you wanted when joining. Know the look of your allies and enemies like your five fingers ,so you don't make mistakes. Don't start beef with other factions members unless they start it first. Always have a pistol on you,you never know when you have to use one. Chamber Brothers (OOC) out of character rules: Don't metagame,we have 0 tolerance towards it. Heavy roleplay is expected from all members of the faction which means you are required to be in-character at all times and keep OOC chat to a minimum. Every faction member is expected to adhere to all faction rules and Eclipse RP server rules at all times. We do not recruit members via OOC means, if you wish to join the faction you'll need to create a character and find us in-game on your own accord to initiate roleplay with our faction.
  10. The True Brown Maharlikans The True Brown Maharlikans(also known as TBM) is an off-shoot clique of a gang from the Philippines called Mga Dugong Maharlika (MDM) in a place called Donto, Malina in 1969, a time when lawlessness was widespread in the city. Three years after the group's inception, in 1972, Martial Law was declared in the country by then tyrannical President and evil dictator Roman Goloma, forcing MDM's members to flee Donto, Malina and seek refuge in another country. In Los Santos, Filipino expatriates, including former MDM members, experienced severe discrimination from locals, with most instances of harassment quickly escalating into physical violence. This was when they decided to form a group with the intent of protecting themselves, their people, and what little property they owned. They first called themselves The West Indios, and they drew the support of the Filipino community in their area because of the gang's noble cause. In return, the people they protected would offer them food, liquor, or some cash as a way of showing their "utang-na-loob" or debt of gratitude. Eventually, the gang picked up on the idea that their protection services could become a lucrative business venture. They began to put themselves up for hire as a protection agency in exchange for an exorbitant amount of cash, and if their target refused to pay, they would send their own men to thrash the target's property. This was the start of the gang's road down the criminal path, and they renamed themselves as the True Brown Maharlikans (TBM) to mark this new beginning. Initially, the TBM was a group that was exclusive only to Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, but recently, they have opened their doors to other minorities who wanted to be part of their community, most commonly Hispanics and African-Americans. They have also expanded their business from simple racketeering to robbery/hold-up, carnapping, illegal gambling, illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking, smuggling of commodity goods, and even gun-for-hire services. The True Brown Maharlikans are one of the fastest rising Filipino gangs in San Andreas. (( This is still in progress. Thread may be updated without further notice. ))
  11. Hey everyone i am somewhat a new member but a friend and i have created two Gang Member characters that we plan to take far and we are looking for more members if you are interested please message me on here or the Discord or find me in game under the name Devon Grim Gang name: 415 Vespucci Blvd Bloods
  12. The Hurezanov Family History The foundations of the outfit began during the mass immigration of guest-workers to USA in the 2000's, and is run by the 3 Hurezanov brothers, Stanislav, Boris and Mikhail.Members of the organization are originally from Eastern European Countries, mostly countries of the old communist block, that know how to survive in harsh circumstances. With close ties with the Eastern European criminal enterprises, The Happy Shooter Firearms \LTD, supplies weapons and high grade war accessories to the whole of the U.S. on paper but it's employees are mostly involved in drugs and human trafficking, money laundering, fraud, extortion, jewelry theft, illegal gambling, loansharking, document forgery and property crime. It's members are often seen driving from town to town, making sure the supply of firearms doesn't go short, as well as attending gatherings and business deals with local politicians. Deeply reliant on loyalty, honor, and family, the organisation might appear to be "old-fashioned", but it’s the only way they can thrive in the continous struggle for supremacy. Present Mission: Nowaday, after having grown roots in the Los Santos Community and becoming a respectful citizen, Mikhail Hurezanov got both his brothers in the city to help him run the new business enterprises they plan on opening. The Three Brothers Being an ex army ranked official during the Crimean and the Georgian wars, Stanislav Hurezanov is the most ruthless of them, having tight ties with the gun imports. Boris Hurezanov is the business head of the 3 brothers, having graduated the Management and Accounting Faculty at the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University Mikhail, the youngest of the lot, came over to the Los Santos area, and started enjoying the life, made the right friends and is known as the pretty face, player and party animal of the brothers. The outfit’s hierarchy The Brothers - leaders the organisation; Underbosses - the associates who have proven their value and are highly regarded by most members; Lieutenants - the members that deal with day to day business deals and rackets; Soldiers - the members that help out Lieutenants run things smoothly; Associates -the members that are pending to actually be accepted by the higher ups. Home The HQ is the Happy Shooters Firearms impex LTD, and most business ventures are conducted at the other businesses the 3 brothers own or run within the county of Los Santos and it’s surroundings. THE HUREZANOV OATH: I am a member of the Hurazanov family, which is above me and my needs, I am here to protect it with my life, I swear to treat everyone in my family as they would be my true blood as I will get the same treatment from them, I swear to follow this oath till the day I die. I swear to: 1.ALWAYS RESPECT ONE ANOTHER 2. ALWAYS HELP ONE ANOTHER 3. ALWAYS USE COMMUNICATION 4. ALWAYS FOLLOW ORDERS 5. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR COLORS WITH PRIDE 6. NEVER SNITCH 7. NEVER BACKSTAB 8. NEVER LEAVE BEHIND 9. NEVER BETRAY 10. NEVER ABANDON Colors: The family uses color code All members are wearing an accent of white depending on their rank Associates wear all white. Associate Soldiers wears all white. Lieutenants wear all white, but more formal or expensive. Underbosses and The Brothers wear white top and pants of their choice. The Brother and Underboss The Family uses Black MATTE cars: Cars ALLIANCES (3): We always treat our allies with respect and help them in any way possible and we ask the same in return. WE WILL NEVER BETRAY THE ONES WHO JOIN US! THE DADDY FAMILY The Daddy Family THE PRUSZKOW & THE INDIAN MAFIA WAR (1): THE SAVAGES CONTACTS - APPLICATION FORM
  13. Drug testing kits. Simple, do something like a /breathalyzer, /drugtest, etc to see if people have taken any drugs Literally just a script way to see if people have had drugs in the past hour or so, this way we can know if people are lying in /mes in /dos. This would have to be done rply of course, just like /cuff, you wouldn't be able to run up to someone and spam the command quickly without breaking rp.
  14. The Son's Of Chaos Motorcycle Club was founded by Travis White in a small roadside bar in Oregon along with 2 other friends, Mark Watterson and Jeffrey Van Der Reem. They all came together to form a Club which expressed their love for Freedom, Firearms and a whole lot of Motorcycles. People often described the Trio as a having a ''Family-Like Relationship'' where they would always have each other's backs through thick and thin. Travis and Mark grew up together in the same neighborhood and met Jeffrey during their teenage years at a Motorcycle meet-up where people would come along to show off their mechanical alterations of their once stock, basic Motorcycle. They began to recruit members each week and their Club grew into an unstoppable force which ruled the streets of Oregon. They began to expand into a ''1%er" which was a common term for a group of Outlaw Motorcycle Riders, taking a strong hold on the movement of drugs and weapons within their territory. A rival club named "The lost and Damned" from a nearby city began to slowly infect Oregon and tamper with the SOC's Business, stealing weapons and drugs, killing members and slowly but surely breaking down the SOC. A brutal gang war has begun. Months had past and the Son's Of chaos MC were on the back foot. Few members were left and the only founder left was Travis White. They decided to pack up and abandon their hometown of Oregon before the Club and their lively hood was killed off for good. Travis White took the lead and rode with few members to Los Santos to build the Club back up again. Looking To Join? Easy. Our Head Quarter's is located north of the map at The Yellow Jack Inn. Contact the President at "3018726". Or contact the VP "5008976".
  15. The leaders of the professionals are made out of a bond family, Killing, kidnapping nothing is too crazy for them. Before the family was known for its gang activities they did a lot of bounty hunting. They were one of the best in the fields, everybody feared them. Everybody knew that you shouldn’t fuck with the family. they were so good that most of the time nobody noticed they had killed someone even the person who died hadn’t noticed. which explains the name of the gang” The Professionals”. They always make their victims bleed a lot so that there would be stained blood on the ground. When someone finally found the dead victim, they would be shocked by the stained blood which they did so that everybody knew it was them. In the prime of their bounty hunting career, even the police and government feared them. When the police found a body with black blood on the ground the police were so scared that they just closed the case so that they would not interfere with the family. Nowadays the family has made its name in the gang world. Black cars are everywhere and most of the gangs are aware that they shouldn’t interfere with the family. [IC] Note: Failure to follow can result in death. Please make sure you read and understood the rules. No man for himself. if you get in trouble or plan to confront someone. >always< inform the rest of the gang about this. Always wait for backup. Never mug a friend or allies of the family. Follow the chain of command. Never lead police to a gang hideout. Never snitch on family or friends of the family. Don't start or finish any gunfights at Bayview or LSC unless it's been approved by a leader Respond to any backup calls. [OOC] (( If you break any server rule you will be reported to an admin and you will get your punishment. We don't care if you're in the gang. Server rules need to be followed. If you break multiple server rules will result in getting kicked out of the faction. NLR: Our family is for life if you decide to leave, leaders decide you're not made to be part of our great family, or you have something holding you from being a member of the faction can and probably, if you don't have a strong enough reason to leave the gang, will be resulting in your dead.)) Not everyone can join this Family. Only people that we trust can get in. If you can gain our trust you're in, if you can't... Well, if you can't it will be a really sad end for you. If you're interested in joining the gang you can. You can find our contact on my business card. Contact today. Discord: https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC
  16. I have a question how do you capture a turf and buy a warehouse to do illegal stuff in? Thanks! by Guzzten
  17. Im been looking in the forum and i cant find anywhere how you start a faction. can someone plz help me out? Thanks! Best regards Miguel
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