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Found 14 results

  1. =- Who is "The Pack -= The Pack is a group of like-minded brothers and sisters who roam Los Santos, hoping to cut out a piece of the city for themselves. They've all been at rock bottom, and all hope to climb back up, but it's a steep mountain to climb. Even for you... Luckily all you really need, is a helping hand.. =- The Birth -= A man and his friend were sitting one day, refreshed and ready again after being robbed for what felt like the ninth time that hour. As they sat, they watched even more men get robbed of everything they had on them. Forced to break down and reset again and again. Fenrir had come to the city expecting opportunity, and while it was definitely here in droves, the cost was high. The risk was massive, each day being forced to watch over your shoulder constantly unless you were already in a seat of power. But Fenrir knew those individuals in power didn't get there overnight. They ground out a living, just like he was forced to as well. No one was going to put a silver spoon in his mouth and walk him through a five star lobby to greatness. Fenrir would need to earn it. And so he talked with his friend, thinking of a way to help themselves, and help others around them in the same predicament. They got caught on the subject of Scandinavian wolves from the old Norse Mythology stories, of Fenrir and his brood, and of how the real world wolves were ferocious beasts, but fiercely loyal and protective of their own. The idea sat well with Fenrir, and thus he donned that name, taking the moniker of the Great Beast as his own, to lead his own Pack of wolves. His friend became Skoll, son of Fenrir in the stories, who chased the sun and was a hot tempered beast. It was a fitting name for the man, who shared that same short fuse. But what he lacked in patience he made up for in loyalty and heart. Shortly after this idea came to fruition, Fenrir's cousin came to Los Santos for the same want of opportunity, hoping to find his cousin and share in the happy tales he had heard about. Fenrir brought his cousin up to speed, and eventually, brought him into the brood as well. His cousin took the name Hati, after Fenrir's cold and reserved daughter, who chased the moon. Once again, it was a fitting name for them. And so Fenrir's Pack was born.. wolves who roamed the streets of Los Santos, taking in any broken individuals they felt were kindred spirits. =- The Code -= First and foremost, the Pack is a family. Everything done is done for the family's good. We eat together, we sleep together, we ride and we fight together. Our greatest strength is in our bonds with those around us, and the Pack aims to make those bonds unbreakable. Respect and fellowship above all else. We're here to make our own way in the city, and not ruin someone else's. We wish to keep everything with every gang as neutral, or as friendly, as we possibly can. It does not do to step on toes willingly. We watch out for those still finding their way. If we see a worker trying to grind out their own living in the city, they are to be left alone. When we enter a period of downtime, the Pack is to bond and socialize with each other. Learn what your brothers and sisters like, their dislikes, their fears and dreams. As our bonds grow, so too do we. We're not petty thugs, and we will not act as such. Any squabbles we are caught in will be dealt with promptly and then moved on from. Wars are a waste on resources and time. =- The Goals -= Grow our numbers. We seek to be known by Pack-Name to most of the city, on good terms if we can help it. Secure a Den for the Pack to operate from and live in. If we have a home to come back to, morale will improve. Secure a source of steady income, such as a business or any steady stream of monetary relationships. Improve relations with the other crews in the city. If we are seen in a positive light we may be able to influence the city around us to improve. =-The Style -= Our colors are gray, for the cloudiest days that bring the storms of Valhalla with them, Black, for the darkest nights, when our eyes are the clearest to watch the city and it's people, And Purple, the most royal of all, to show faith to Odin, the All Father of the Aesir. The style of our clothing does not matter, but two pieces are a standard brand. First are our Muzzles, a purple mouthpiece over a black balaclava, to keep the beast within chained until the need to remove them arises. And second, our Mark. A symbol to pay homage to the original Wolves of Norse Mythology, Fenrir and his children, Skoll and Hati. Our chariots will also be branded in the same colors, Gray with black accents, and purple sheen to top it off. =- Recruitment -= If you find yourself in need of a home and family, seek us out. We aim to house those who have no place to go, no path in life. The Pack is a path to growth, both personally, and as a family. So find us, and discover if you pass muster. But be warned.. Much like a wolf in the wild, if you are unable to pull your weight, or you ride against the flow of the Pack, you may be left behind. =- Final Words -= If you see us, fear not. We do not seek to take your homes, your livelihoods, or possessions. We simply seek to live among you, and cement our own place among the other organizations of Los Santos. We'll see you on the streets.
  2. [Please bear with us as we are going through a period of rebranding our look and rank names. The main heart of this Pack is still the same, and we're not changing any of what we do or how we act, but there was an issue with our visual look and we are shifting this page to reflect that a bit.] =- Who are "The Pack" -= (Celtic Knot style of a Bear's Paw, to represent the Pack) Los Santos is a city that would seek to snuff out those who are alone, and not strong enough to survive on their own.. But the greatest strength we can have, is by fellowship.. By sharing with and helping one another, we can grow and survive in a city that would see us wiped out underfoot at the first chance it got. And so The Pack aims to cement that very presence. A home for the homeless. A place for the weak and weary to bond and grow. We’ve all been at the bottom of the barrel before, And it’s a difficult mountain to climb. But all you need to reach the top, is a helping hand. =- The Birth -= The Pack is led by a simple man, who came to this city in search of opportunity, but was met simply with struggle after struggle. As the man wandered the streets, scraping out a living just to survive, he saw a vast amount of other souls doing the same. Something in himself clicked, and he felt a need to unite these struggling souls. To give them a home to work from and a family to rely on. And so he though of how to bring them together. There would need to be a brand of sorts, an image to follow and some theme to work from, much like the other gangs in the city had made. While reading about Norse Mythology, more for fun than anything at that point, he was caught up on the stories of Fenrir and his children. Wolves of immense power who were feared by even the gods themselves and thought to be harbingers of Ragnarok, or the End Times. Not long after this however, a meeting was held with a member of the Zetas, called Wolfgang, and the idea of Wolves being the Pack's image had to be redone. And so they landed on Odin's Warriors, the Berserkr. Furious men said to transform into animals. They were sent into the wilds with nothing, and fought tooth and nail with nature itself to survive. They skinned the animals they defeated and wore their skin, hoping to harness their essence. And thus the Berserkr found their power, some even being said to appear as Great Bears on the battlefield, renowned for their Strength, Ferocity, and Courage. Fenrir felt that this would be a fitting change, and couldn't think of any other organizations that would cause image issues again, and so the change was made to be Bears instead of Wolves. The family's name would remain, and their ideals were still intact, but their image became that of the Brown Bears that inhabited Scandinavia during that time. Fenrir even cast off his name, and became Odin, All-Father to the Pack. It was a rough beginning, but it had begun nonetheless. (Artwork of a Bear head, in a Norse Styling) =- The Code -= The Pack is family. We expect loyalty and respect to the order of things, and we help each other. Fellowship and respect above all else. When the Pack is in any period of downtime, spend time with your Packmates. Learn their likes and dislikes, build camaraderie with them and bond. We are a family after all. When you are with the Pack, you wear the brand. This does not, however, restrict you from your job or work outside of Pack activities. We are not petty two bit thugs, so do not act as such. We don’t hold grudges or vendettas, and any violent business is handled promptly and then set aside. It is a waste of time and resources to engage in petty squabbling. (Artwork of Norse Berserker's, otherwise known as Berserkr, furious warriors said to harness the essence of their animals.) =- The Goal -= First and foremost we seek to establish ourselves and grow our ranks. The Pack’s greatest strength will be in our combined efforts. We seek to settle down in Los Santos, and find a Den to work and build from. We plan to establish some sort of solid income as an organization, and find stable growth in the monetary side of things. We wish to make peace with those who run this side of the City, and maybe find fellowship with them as well. Respect is due to those who have come before. =- The Order -= As with any pack of animals, there is a natural order to their grouping. Our Pack is no different. Keep in mind this system is subject to change as we grow and branch out into more tasks and activities. All-Father This individual leads the Pack, providing an example for them all to follow and look up to. The All-Father has final say in all decisions, and any new Cubs are brought before him for judgement. His word is law. But even so, the All-Father is held accountable for his own actions by his Council of Berserkr, and is not above any ruling. Berserkr These are the Elite of the Pack, held to the highest standard, and reporting directly to the All-Father on any dealings, whether they be with internal or external affairs. These individuals are few in number, due to the Council system that the Pack uses. Too many and the Council becomes clogged with voices and leads to strife. Too few and there is little opinion on any decisions. These individuals also watch over the Pack when the All-Father is away from the city. Jarl A Senior member of the Pack, these individuals watch over those under them, training them up to becomes Jarls as well. These individuals also lead the charge on a number of the Organizations activities if the Berserkr or All-Father can't themselves. Huskarl The meat of the Pack, these members make up the bulk of the numbers, carrying out any orders from the Berserkr or All-Father and training to better themselves, and the Pack as a whole. Cubs These are fresh recruits, brought into the fold by the All-Father to see if they are a good fit for the family. If not they are let back into the wild of the City, but if so, they are trained to become a Huskarl and grow within the Pack. If a new member is brought into the fold by another member of the Pack, that member is held accountable for their actions until their trials are passed. This is to both ensure that the Pack is accepting members who are willing and dedicated to helping their newfound family, and even more so to ensure that if any issues do arise, that the member who brought them in is questioned on their true motives and morals. There is the potential that some Iota are only wanting to find some crew to con or try and disturb from within... But a wolf that slacks or fights the growth of the Pack, is left to fend for themselves yet again. We all have our place and responsibility, even the Alpha, but we are a family, and we want nothing more than to help keep our family safe and content. =- The Sight -= While still only a lower class organization, the Pack does have a brand for our members. A way for the city to recognize us in all that we do. We will be masked, and wear a color scheme of the darkest blacks, the earthiest browns, and the most royal of purples. The style does not matter for time being, just so long as the color is adhered to. Our chariots will be emblazoned with the brand as well, painted in a light, creamy brown, same as our clothing, but with a pearlescent purple sheen. Carbon fiber parts and other black accents are enforced wherever possible, but not strictly held to. (The All-Father in "uniform") =- Joining The Pack -= Those who wish to join our family need only seek us out, and word will be passed up to Odin himself. Find our faces or our brands, and approach us. We welcome all those in need of something more. But be warned that a Pack is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and those who do not help the Pack grow will be left behind. Much as wolves in the wild do, we cannot hope to waste our time on those who cannot spare us theirs. So reach out brothers and sisters. If you are unsure where to start the journey to growth you need only ask. =- Last Words -= The Pack does not wish to step on any feet or get in the way of progress within the city. We simply aim to be a home and family to those struggling to survive. Together we can build up something for ourselves, and show the city that it will never tear us back down to the base form again.
  3. =- Who we are -= Everyone has lost something in life. Loved ones, possessions, health, even a part of our souls from time to time. We are a group of individuals who have all lost something dear to us. What that loss is matters not. We simply aim to fill the void with purpose. We wish to extend that opportunity to Los Santos. With us you can replenish your funds lost, gain material worth in the world, or simply find happiness in the comfort of a family. The Clan is put first above yourself however. Everything we do in life, is for the Clan. We help each other, work with each other, live amongst one another, and keep everyone else moving forward together. In a city that would pull us apart at the first chance it got, we must stay together and stay strong. So band together Brothers and Sisters, and join us as we grow into a family no struggle can tear apart. Today is the day. Today, you fulfill your Destiny! =- The History -= Many moons ago, there were three friends. These men had come together with the passion to rebuild their lives after loss had shifted their lives for the worse. So these men built a group in the small town of Yankton, known as the Oni Clan. They followed the methods of the Yakuza in Japan, growing their wealth and power through various illegal activities. And for a time all was well in the world. The Rida and his friends grew and grew, filling the void that the world had thrust upon them. It seemed that they were on a path to becoming one of the strongest gangs in Yankton, and their reputation had grown to precede them at every turn. But a dark cloud soon fell on the Rida. His brothers, who he had built a new life with and grown with, turned on him, with no reasoning or explanations, and left him stranded with nothing. And so the broken man vowed revenge. He crawled to Los Santos, making an oath to himself to rebuild his Clan and seek vengeance on those who had turned on him. Upon arriving in the city, the man set out to find other broken souls who had flocked to the city in search of purpose. Before long he stumbled upon a man, Shinigami, we call him. The Rida and his new brother bonded over their wounds, and the first step to rebirth was taken. Shinigami brought in his own brother, Akira, to help bolster their small brotherhood. Not long after, a man who went by Bento joined them as well, and they finally had the makings of a strong crew to work from. The men felt a sense of belonging, a new purpose, where before they had wandered blindly. And so the Oni Clan was reborn from the muck, slowly growing back into it's previous form. No... This was a new form, a better form. This iteration of the Clan would not suffer the same heartbreak as before. They will rise again, and reach the old heights of the glory days. The Oni-Clan has returned. =- The Goals -= The Clan seeks to become a well known and highly respected organization within the city and even beyond it's borders. The Clan seeks to earn enough money to start up a business of some sort, for further solidified monetary income. The Clan seeks to swell it's ranks to be seen as a force within the city. Not necessarily of violence, but simply as another major group within the politics of the city. The Clan seeks to be loved by the common folk, and feared by those in our way. It will be a long road to reach these goals. But with perseverance and determination we will reach them. It is only a matter of time. =- Our Principles -= The Clan does not attack unprovoked, or for any personal vendetta. Petty squabbles only serve to set us back from our goals. The Clan protects our fellow men and women in hard labor. Attacking those simply seeking to grind out their own living in this world is dispicable, and will be treated as such, with deadly force if need be. The Clan strikes hard, and strikes fast. Big voices and big guns are rarely necessary with the right focus. A single strike to the throat is better than many to the chest. The Clan does not seek to make enemies, and does not wish to have them. We have no interest in those who are not directly in our way, unless we are furthering ourselves with some form of partnership. The Clan puts the Clan first, and individuals second. This is true of even the Rida themself. We share our lives, and work towards the same goal together. Our individual needs pale in comparison. If the Clan feels any need to engage in side jobs for extra monetary gain, they are then treated as normal Citizens. Removing your Face sets you aside for the time being, until you see fit to return to duties. =- The Rankings -= The following is how each member is seen within the clan for the time being. With enough work and dedication to the goals of the Clan, and a show of selflessness for the purpose of pursuing those goals, individuals will see improvement and promotion within our ranks. -The Rida- The Rida is the head of the Clan. Their way is absolute and final, and all decisions made are made final by the Rida. They do not however hold themself above the selflessness of the other members, still working entirely to further the group as a whole, rather than themselves. They are a guiding light to broken men and women all throughout the land, a beacon to a better life. -The Samurai- This individual is the Right Hand to the Rida, and acting leader in the Rida's absence. They are in direct contact with the Rida at all times, and carry on his word as though it were coming straight from the Rida's own lips. The Samurai is also an acting leader of the lower ranks, working firsthand to lead them in their activities and goals. They seek to help the Clan rise to prominence and fill the void that we all now feel. -The Yakuin- This is an individual who carries a fierce determination, and an even fiercer heart, working hard to someday step up to be a Samurai themselves. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the Ronin and Senshi training to rise up to Yakuin themselves someday. They act as shepherds, guiding those still lost to finding purpose and worth in the broken world we grind out our existence in. -The Ronin- These men and women show promise within our ranks, hoping to bolster the Clan's presence and find their own worth among us. They train hard to someday lead newer lost souls to find the same purpose they themselves are searching for now. These are the meat of the Clan, working hard to fulfill any duties asked to help further the Clan. -The Senshi- These individuals are broken and unpolished, still fresh in their loss of worth. We take them in and show them that there is a chance to rebuild and find much more than they could have ever dreamed possible. That said, they are given the opportunity to leave if they are not a good fit for our methods and ways. Some stay, some find their worth on their own. Either way, we take them in and set them on that road to recovery. =- The Visual Code -= We do not seek to restrain your own sense of representation, but we do have a few requirements to keep in line with when representing the Clan. While we have no official Dress Code or Uniform as of yet, we require that every Ronin keep a mask, fashioned after the Oni of ancient Japan. We also ask that you keep to some uniform color scheme for yourself. Matching helps us to distinguish you from your brothers and sisters, and to help you show some sense of self-worth, rather than a tattered visage of a mortal. We have no requirements on your personal vehicle, though we ask that it keep to your own color scheme you've chosen, again to help distinguish yourself amongst our ranks. We do also ask that the vehicles you present for use with the clan be Practical. A small car that can hold neither Clan nor Cargo serves no use to us, and will be seen as wasted potential. [Work in Progress in regards to possible growth of uniform scheme] =-Recruitment-= The Oni wander the streets among you all, making connections and friends amongst the crowds of Los Santos. These men and women seek to watch and weigh the world around them, finding likeminded broken souls to bring into their fold. If you find yourself feeling empty and worthless, watch the corners and alleys for their eyes. They might just be your way out of that void. Keep in mind however, we do not seek petty thugs and two bit gangbangers. Squabbles and feuds serve no purpose and are a waste of our valuable time and even more valuable resources. If you do not show promise, you will be told as such. But that does not mean you are barred acceptance. Should you fail to pass muster, take a step back and value what is most important, and when you believe you have found the correct path, try, try again. =- Final Words -= If you find us among you in the streets of the city, be not afraid, unless you are there to halt our progress. We don't aim to cause wanton slaughter of the masses or disruption of the day to day cycle of things. We simply aim to regain what we have lost. Stay safe, and may you all find worth in the waking world.
  4. Hello everyone, So my suggestion is gonna be the same as the title, bring back the turfs and make it the same as it was before. I have been playing here for about 9 months, have seen how the server progressed forwards with rules, new updates, etc. Everything seems moving forward except for the activities for the gangs, yeah roleplay is based on your imaginations and scripts wouldn't do a big impact, yes I can agree on that, BUT if you are playing in the same community/server for over 6, 9, 12 or 24 months, scripts become important because they can improve the roleplay a lot and make a lot more roleplay scenarios that it had before. I was thinking about making this kind of offer a long time ago but didn't believe that my suggestion will see the daylight and become reality, but I know one thing, the server is still alive until it has players in it, so if all of us gave our opinion about it and show a lot of support I believe we could get this thing done. The problem: yeah so coming to the problem, you are in a gang or you have a gang and all you can do with the gang is rob stores, make drugs, chop cars, using your imagination and roleplay some deals, etc. All good, but there comes a time, when you get bored of it and especially if you have a big crew and you want something new. Also now as rival gangs are fighting each other it also became kind of forum war of reports, because you get pissed that you lose an AK or a shotgun, even though you know that you were in the situation and knew what will happen because you are in a war with that gang, but you just lost a gun, got killed and you think that another player didn't give demands or maybe he killed you with a car and broke some rules, what people do next? goes and puts a forum report, which requires admin time, players time and let's be honest at some point it becomes so boring and starts pissing you off. Also another question, how the winner of the war is going to be decided? when the rivals gang members would leave the server? make CK and create another character and go to a different gang? or until all of the people who are in war get banned? OFFER: My offer would save admin and players time and also increase the roleplay experience for criminals. Turfs - is a territory owned by a gang, it would have 3 main points and if you capture all of it with your gang members, the turf would be lost and belong to another gang. Bring back the turfs as it was before with some additional rules, as for example: 1. Only official gangs could have a turf. 2. Only with serious reason gang could go to war vs another gang. 3. If the rival gang is taking your turf in that zone everyone would be granted DM/KOS on the players who are taking the turf. 4. All the gang members who are at war must wear their gang clothing/colors/masks. 5. To allow the player to take the turf minimum online members per day should be 8-10. 6. If the faction goes inactive (doesn't have stable 8-10 online players) in two weeks the turf would become neutral and any official gang could take it for themselves. 7. If you own a territory in which there is a general store - if someone robs it, you would lose income to the treasury money, if you have a territory were is a drug selling point and no one sells anything there, because they are getting robbed, you would not get any additional money to the treasury from there, etc. Just the basic rules, everything could be changed, edited. Cheers! let's make it work guys! show your support.
  5. The story of Chambers Brothers The first of the Chambers family set foot in Los Santos in 2012, 3 brothers named Sandiego, Vincent, Michael born in Detroit.They were ambitious souls in search of prosperity in any form, ready to take it by any means necessary, the only thing they wanted to avoid was hurting other innocent people.Their plan was to make money by selling drugs, corruption and importing weapons.They had nothing and had little money but by 2015, the Chambers had started moving and started calling themselves The Chamber Brothers increasing their numbers and recruiting drug dealers, business owners, people with influence in the city to join them and make their dreams come true.The Chambers Brothers started moving into the east side of Los Santos and started having fights with a gang named Marabunta Grande that had their own turf in El Burro Heights. Chamber Brothers were after the turf since they had no place to call home and needed a warehouse for drugs and weapons. Marabunta Grande was a brutal Salvadoran gang armed with .50 Pistols,knifes and Micro SMG's. After two months of brutal shootouts Chamber Brothers came on top taking over the hood and making it their own.Their most known rivals in the drug industry were the Mexican gang Varrios Los Aztecas they were fighting over the drug trade,drug trafficking and arms trafficking in Los Santos streets. On their way to riches one of the brothers Michael had met Big J the leader of The Los Santos Vagos, they had the same mindset and goals, Los Santos Vagos had supplies of weapons that Chamber Brothers weren't able to get hold of but Los Santos Vagos were able to supply them with guns, both groups have helped each other to survive in the city and by 2017 they formed an official alliance to reach their goals. By 2018 the Chambers started smuggling small amount of drugs to other states, reselling weapons and by that they were able to get a small steady income, for extra cash the Chambers would resell weapons. They had different groups of family members appointed to different jobs from making drugs to even eliminating enemies that were seen as a threat towards the family of Chambers or other criminals working with them. Current situation: Currently one of the brothers Vincent has retired and has given the ownership to the younger one Michael. We have set our goal's and staying a street gang is not one of them. We aim to be one of the big guys and that people would know the name "Chamber Brothers".Now we are having changes in the family, changing dress code, rankings. Our income has been rapidly growing thanks to the drug sales, and our members are able to afford luxurious cars.We are looking for a property that we could buy for our organization and other criminals that would like to work with us. Future Plans: Our future plans are to increase our weapon sales and bring attention to us as an organization. We aim to have a warehouse to import weapons to . Also we are trying to get a hold of a property for our family to hang out at and do business since our turf is getting small. Strengthening our weaponry is also one of our goals. The Chambers can be recognized for their smart clothes with a red top,higher ups are in black suits with red undershirts and have black, red bandanas to cover their face. Our weaponry varies all the way from pistols up to AK-47. Family members also have lots of tattoos. Chamber Brothers hang out down in their turf at the East Side of Los Santos in El Burro Heights with all of their family members where the drug deals and weapon sales happen. El Burro Heights Don This is the absolute leader,the creator. He's responsible for family's activities, meetings, weapon sales, businesses with other gang leaders regarding alliances, meetings, etc. Underboss A powerful second in command. Underbosses are the closest to Don and have earned this position for their hard work. They are involved when organization's activities are discussed. They also deal with member's that violate their code. These members can be the faction leader when Don is on business meetings. Captain Member of the family who leads a crew of soldiers. A captain is similar to a military captain who commands soldiers. Only trustworthy, loyal members are given this rank in the organization. Recruiter Has the right to invite a new member into the family. Most recruiters have been with the family since the very start. Recruiters have the trust of Don and Underbosses. Soldier Also known as a "made man", soldiers are the lowest members of the crime family but still command respect in the organization. To become made, soldiers are required to take an oath of silence, called omerta. Associate An individual who is part of a crew but has not been made and commits crimes under the protection/direction of made members and remits a share of his illegal proceeds to his direct made superior. We go by a few rules that all of our member must follow in order to bring friendly RP into the gangs environment.We have a 3 strike policy where if a member breaks the rules they will be kicked from our faction after 3 strikes. Chamber Brothers (IC) In character rules: Don't insult people for no reason. Always have a radio on you and respond if you're getting called or there is a meeting happening. Don't sell guns without one of the leaders permission. Protect the turf from strangers, we don't want people sneaking around. You must respect other members and allied gangs. Have weapons like Micro UZI, AK-47, Pump Shotgun in your house,cars in case there would be a shootout. Don't be scared of getting shot, you know what you wanted when joining. Know the look of your allies and enemies like your five fingers ,so you don't make mistakes. Don't start beef with other factions members unless they start it first. Always have a pistol on you,you never know when you have to use one. Chamber Brothers (OOC) out of character rules: Don't metagame,we have 0 tolerance towards it. Heavy roleplay is expected from all members of the faction which means you are required to be in-character at all times and keep OOC chat to a minimum. Every faction member is expected to adhere to all faction rules and Eclipse RP server rules at all times. We do not recruit members via OOC means, if you wish to join the faction you'll need to create a character and find us in-game on your own accord to initiate roleplay with our faction.
  6. The True Brown Maharlikans The True Brown Maharlikans(also known as TBM) is an off-shoot clique of a gang from the Philippines called Mga Dugong Maharlika (MDM) in a place called Donto, Malina in 1969, a time when lawlessness was widespread in the city. Three years after the group's inception, in 1972, Martial Law was declared in the country by then tyrannical President and evil dictator Roman Goloma, forcing MDM's members to flee Donto, Malina and seek refuge in another country. In Los Santos, Filipino expatriates, including former MDM members, experienced severe discrimination from locals, with most instances of harassment quickly escalating into physical violence. This was when they decided to form a group with the intent of protecting themselves, their people, and what little property they owned. They first called themselves The West Indios, and they drew the support of the Filipino community in their area because of the gang's noble cause. In return, the people they protected would offer them food, liquor, or some cash as a way of showing their "utang-na-loob" or debt of gratitude. Eventually, the gang picked up on the idea that their protection services could become a lucrative business venture. They began to put themselves up for hire as a protection agency in exchange for an exorbitant amount of cash, and if their target refused to pay, they would send their own men to thrash the target's property. This was the start of the gang's road down the criminal path, and they renamed themselves as the True Brown Maharlikans (TBM) to mark this new beginning. Initially, the TBM was a group that was exclusive only to Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, but recently, they have opened their doors to other minorities who wanted to be part of their community, most commonly Hispanics and African-Americans. They have also expanded their business from simple racketeering to robbery/hold-up, carnapping, illegal gambling, illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking, smuggling of commodity goods, and even gun-for-hire services. The True Brown Maharlikans are one of the fastest rising Filipino gangs in San Andreas. (( This is still in progress. Thread may be updated without further notice. ))
  7. My suggestion would be for criminals having the ability to use a crowbar, purchased from a store, using it on a house doorway and being able to break into a house. They then have to look for the stashspot that is in the interior to loot items from it. A way to counteract this would be to purchase an alarm system for houses as an add on extra. If the alarm is tripped by forced entry then the police are notified via the 911 system. You could even buy a silent alarm upgrade, slightly more expensive. The use of bobby pins could also be a useful implementation for this. In the way that bobby pins take longer to open the door, like trying to pick cars, there is a chance you will fail.
  8. Hey everyone i am somewhat a new member but a friend and i have created two Gang Member characters that we plan to take far and we are looking for more members if you are interested please message me on here or the Discord or find me in game under the name Devon Grim Gang name: 415 Vespucci Blvd Bloods
  9. The Hurezanov Family History The foundations of the outfit began during the mass immigration of guest-workers to USA in the 2000's, and is run by the 3 Hurezanov brothers, Stanislav, Boris and Mikhail.Members of the organization are originally from Eastern European Countries, mostly countries of the old communist block, that know how to survive in harsh circumstances. With close ties with the Eastern European criminal enterprises, The Happy Shooter Firearms \LTD, supplies weapons and high grade war accessories to the whole of the U.S. on paper but it's employees are mostly involved in drugs and human trafficking, money laundering, fraud, extortion, jewelry theft, illegal gambling, loansharking, document forgery and property crime. It's members are often seen driving from town to town, making sure the supply of firearms doesn't go short, as well as attending gatherings and business deals with local politicians. Deeply reliant on loyalty, honor, and family, the organisation might appear to be "old-fashioned", but it’s the only way they can thrive in the continous struggle for supremacy. Present Mission: Nowaday, after having grown roots in the Los Santos Community and becoming a respectful citizen, Mikhail Hurezanov got both his brothers in the city to help him run the new business enterprises they plan on opening. The Three Brothers Being an ex army ranked official during the Crimean and the Georgian wars, Stanislav Hurezanov is the most ruthless of them, having tight ties with the gun imports. Boris Hurezanov is the business head of the 3 brothers, having graduated the Management and Accounting Faculty at the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University Mikhail, the youngest of the lot, came over to the Los Santos area, and started enjoying the life, made the right friends and is known as the pretty face, player and party animal of the brothers. The outfit’s hierarchy The Brothers - leaders the organisation; Underbosses - the associates who have proven their value and are highly regarded by most members; Lieutenants - the members that deal with day to day business deals and rackets; Soldiers - the members that help out Lieutenants run things smoothly; Associates -the members that are pending to actually be accepted by the higher ups. Home The HQ is the Happy Shooters Firearms impex LTD, and most business ventures are conducted at the other businesses the 3 brothers own or run within the county of Los Santos and it’s surroundings. THE HUREZANOV OATH: I am a member of the Hurazanov family, which is above me and my needs, I am here to protect it with my life, I swear to treat everyone in my family as they would be my true blood as I will get the same treatment from them, I swear to follow this oath till the day I die. I swear to: 1.ALWAYS RESPECT ONE ANOTHER 2. ALWAYS HELP ONE ANOTHER 3. ALWAYS USE COMMUNICATION 4. ALWAYS FOLLOW ORDERS 5. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR COLORS WITH PRIDE 6. NEVER SNITCH 7. NEVER BACKSTAB 8. NEVER LEAVE BEHIND 9. NEVER BETRAY 10. NEVER ABANDON Colors: The family uses color code All members are wearing an accent of white depending on their rank Associates wear all white. Associate Soldiers wears all white. Lieutenants wear all white, but more formal or expensive. Underbosses and The Brothers wear white top and pants of their choice. The Brother and Underboss The Family uses Black MATTE cars: Cars ALLIANCES (3): We always treat our allies with respect and help them in any way possible and we ask the same in return. WE WILL NEVER BETRAY THE ONES WHO JOIN US! THE DADDY FAMILY The Daddy Family THE PRUSZKOW & THE INDIAN MAFIA WAR (1): THE SAVAGES CONTACTS - APPLICATION FORM
  10. Drug testing kits. Simple, do something like a /breathalyzer, /drugtest, etc to see if people have taken any drugs Literally just a script way to see if people have had drugs in the past hour or so, this way we can know if people are lying in /mes in /dos. This would have to be done rply of course, just like /cuff, you wouldn't be able to run up to someone and spam the command quickly without breaking rp.
  11. The Son's Of Chaos Motorcycle Club was founded by Travis White in a small roadside bar in Oregon along with 2 other friends, Mark Watterson and Jeffrey Van Der Reem. They all came together to form a Club which expressed their love for Freedom, Firearms and a whole lot of Motorcycles. People often described the Trio as a having a ''Family-Like Relationship'' where they would always have each other's backs through thick and thin. Travis and Mark grew up together in the same neighborhood and met Jeffrey during their teenage years at a Motorcycle meet-up where people would come along to show off their mechanical alterations of their once stock, basic Motorcycle. They began to recruit members each week and their Club grew into an unstoppable force which ruled the streets of Oregon. They began to expand into a ''1%er" which was a common term for a group of Outlaw Motorcycle Riders, taking a strong hold on the movement of drugs and weapons within their territory. A rival club named "The lost and Damned" from a nearby city began to slowly infect Oregon and tamper with the SOC's Business, stealing weapons and drugs, killing members and slowly but surely breaking down the SOC. A brutal gang war has begun. Months had past and the Son's Of chaos MC were on the back foot. Few members were left and the only founder left was Travis White. They decided to pack up and abandon their hometown of Oregon before the Club and their lively hood was killed off for good. Travis White took the lead and rode with few members to Los Santos to build the Club back up again. Looking To Join? Easy. Our Head Quarter's is located north of the map at The Yellow Jack Inn. Contact the President at "3018726". Or contact the VP "5008976".
  12. xeater

    The Professionals

    The leaders of the professionals are made out of a bond family, Killing, kidnapping nothing is too crazy for them. Before the family was known for its gang activities they did a lot of bounty hunting. They were one of the best in the fields, everybody feared them. Everybody knew that you shouldn’t fuck with the family. they were so good that most of the time nobody noticed they had killed someone even the person who died hadn’t noticed. which explains the name of the gang” The Professionals”. They always make their victims bleed a lot so that there would be stained blood on the ground. When someone finally found the dead victim, they would be shocked by the stained blood which they did so that everybody knew it was them. In the prime of their bounty hunting career, even the police and government feared them. When the police found a body with black blood on the ground the police were so scared that they just closed the case so that they would not interfere with the family. Nowadays the family has made its name in the gang world. Black cars are everywhere and most of the gangs are aware that they shouldn’t interfere with the family. [IC] Note: Failure to follow can result in death. Please make sure you read and understood the rules. No man for himself. if you get in trouble or plan to confront someone. >always< inform the rest of the gang about this. Always wait for backup. Never mug a friend or allies of the family. Follow the chain of command. Never lead police to a gang hideout. Never snitch on family or friends of the family. Don't start or finish any gunfights at Bayview or LSC unless it's been approved by a leader Respond to any backup calls. [OOC] (( If you break any server rule you will be reported to an admin and you will get your punishment. We don't care if you're in the gang. Server rules need to be followed. If you break multiple server rules will result in getting kicked out of the faction. NLR: Our family is for life if you decide to leave, leaders decide you're not made to be part of our great family, or you have something holding you from being a member of the faction can and probably, if you don't have a strong enough reason to leave the gang, will be resulting in your dead.)) Not everyone can join this Family. Only people that we trust can get in. If you can gain our trust you're in, if you can't... Well, if you can't it will be a really sad end for you. If you're interested in joining the gang you can. You can find our contact on my business card. Contact today. Discord: https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC
  13. I have a question how do you capture a turf and buy a warehouse to do illegal stuff in? Thanks! by Guzzten
  14. Im been looking in the forum and i cant find anywhere how you start a faction. can someone plz help me out? Thanks! Best regards Miguel
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