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  1. Dqniel

    [BUYING] Supercar

    Hello Everyone! I'm currently in the market for a supercar. Current budget is 3 million, however that amount will increase over time. Submit your offers down below, along with optional pictures if you feel like it. Alternatively, i can be contacted at all times through this number. #3247120. Kind Regards, Jason Castillo
  2. Dqniel

    GPS System

    +1, Good suggestion!
  3. House has been sold. Thank you to everyone who showed interest! Kind regards, Jason Castillo.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm currently selling my house in vinewood. It is located in a nice and friendly neighbourhood. Has a garage that is big enough to fit a total of 3 cars! Has a fairly big backyard and an amazing view of the city! Has a big and deep pool! The price will be set at $375.000, however that price is negotiable. Contact Information I can be reached through this number at all times. #3247120. Feel free to contact me if you want to place an offer or take a closer look at the house! House Pictures
  5. Dqniel

    [DCC] Radio Implement

    Great suggestion, +1
  6. Dqniel

    Donator Home | Eclipse Tower

    +1 Loving the idea!