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  1. Hello, and thank you for submitting this punishment appeal! I would like to start off by giving my sincerest apologies for the delay and thank you for remaining patient as this punishment appeal has been under extensive review by myself. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank @alexalex303 and @dawpi for the tag. In order to provide some insight into this situation for the reviewing Head Administrator or above, i will go ahead and explain the situation which resulted in this players punishment to the best of my ability. I was responding to an in-game player report where the reporting party had claimed that they were being deathmatched. I decided to take to take this report and shortly after receiving the reporting parties side of the story i decided to teleport to the reported party in order to make initial contact. Upon teleporting to the reported party, i made my intentions clear and asked him if he a recalled an incident involving the reporting party and this eventually prompted us to have a discussion about what was wrong with his actions during the scenario in which he was reported for, how he could have appropriately and correctly roleplayed during this scenario, and finally us going over the deathmatch rules together. Shortly after this, i decided to further the administrative sitdown with the reported party and ask him questions regarding our deathmatch rules. While i did not receive a full explanation of what deathmatch is, your answer was basically a summarized version of the entire rule itself and i felt that was sufficient enough. I decided to base on this not issue any punishments, especially as you were a new player at the time and instead chalk it off as a learning experience for you. I mentioned adding a warning onto your administrative log that would serve as a log indicating that we have talked about the deathmatch rules and that you should know them beyond absolute certainty moving forward should another administrator encounter you for a similar issue in the future. This is where the issues began arising. You claimed multiple times that your actions were not against the deathmatch rules, basically going back on your previous word and not acknowledging a single thing i had attempted to teach you. I asked you politely several times to hear me out and let me explain the deathmatch rules and how your actions were not in accordance with them and each time you decided to interrupt me in multiple ways, all of which relate back to you essentially saying that you did nothing wrong. After a total of SEVEN (7) times of asking you to stop interrupting and hearing me out, i decided to kick you back to the quiz because i concluded that you were not willing to take what i said into consideration in the slightest and as such showed no willingness to improve and learn, which was the entire goal in the first place. Addressing the appeal itself, i wholeheartedly stand by the punishment given and believe it should not be voided. Through your own admission you stated that you attacked the reporting party under the reasoning of wanting to show him who the “big boss” of the prison was, which is insufficient per our deathmatch rules. I do not feel that your reasoning of being in prison and that it would therefore grant you the reason to attack players for a seemingly insufficient reason because it “makes sense” to be plausible. I told you this during our administrative sitdown multiple times, but simply being in prison does not exempt you from our rules, especially the deathmatch ones. Furthermore, i want to highlight that because you roleplayed during this situation does not necessarily equate to you having valid reason to attack any player. The reporting party did nothing that would warrant an attack upon him as per the examples outlined in our server rulebook. I also explained several times that the roleplay within this situation should have been drawn out and escalated to the point where attacking a player would be something that is justifiably warranted, not attacking them to show who the “superior” person in prison is. The reasoning for drawing out the administrative sit down is because you stated that you would take any punishment and didn’t care, which is the complete opposite of what i was trying to achieve in the administrative sit. I told you that this is not a situation in which i want to get done and over with quickly, and instead that it is a situation where i genuinely wanted to educate you on our rules so that it could benefit you moving forward. Touching on the last part that i was authoritative and malicious during this situation is not something i agree on, as i did nothing but show complete respect and sincerity in all my answers. I do not hold grudges towards any player of this community, and the chat logs of this situation as well as the conversations we have had extending beyond this appeal and in-game will show that. Name and Unix Code for the chat logs: Jason_Castillo, 1580004913 (start of situation). This appeal will be pending review from a Head Administrator or above.
  2. Hello, and thank you for submitting this appeal! @Arnis I appreciate the sincere response in which you acknowledge your wrongdoings and the issues that arises in connection to that, however looking at your administrative logs it can be seen that you have received two (2) previous punishments for the same thing that resulted in your current permanent ban, which is excessively using /b as well as being toxic and offensive towards other players on an out of character level. These types of punishments date back to early november and have since gradually increased up until your most recent permanent ban one day ago and ideally speaking these types of punishments should have prompted you to reflect back on your behaviour towards other players and attempt to improve it as to ensure beyond absolute certainty that you do not find yourself in the same situation that you are placed in now. You have quite literally been given multiple chances to improve your behaviour in situations where you may get heated, yet the consistency of your punishment indicate no improvement. I understand and acknowledge that you allowed your emotions to get in the way of how you roleplay and conduct yourself with other players of this community - however this is something that needs to be controlled as every player within the community should strive to provide mutual respect to one another, especially to a member of staff whose primary job is to guide and help players rather than punishing them in any way. With that being said, how do you plan on bringing a positive experience to other player(s) on the server if given the opportunity to return back? How do you plan on not allowing your emotions get in the way of how you roleplay as well as conduct yourself towards other players of this community? Have you taken any precautions right now as to ensure that you do not find yourself in a similar situation such as this in the future? Looking forward to your answer!
  3. Hello, and thank you to everyone who responded with their side of the story and explained the reasoning for their actions which can be seen in the provided evidence above. I would also like to take this opportunity to give my sincerest apologies for the delay and thank all parties involved for remaining patient while this report has been carefully reviewed. After extensively reviewing the provided evidence as well as taking the statements of all parties involved into consideration, i have decided to conclude this report. Player Carlos_Rodrigueez will receive no punishment(s). Player Jasmine_Gray will receive no punishment(s). First and foremost, i would like to address the lack of punishment for player Carlos_Rodrigueez and the reasoning behind it. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that the reporting party approaches the reported party from behind, while aiming a weapon and simultaneously making several demands. The reported party, who at the time was in the process of unlocking his bike, acknowledges this and in turn faces his attacker, before quickly situating himself behind a wall and utilizing it as cover. With that being said, the weapon was aimed at the exposed back of the reporting party for a split second before he decided to turn around and face the reporting party and it is of my belief that the split second of which the weapon was aimed is not enough for the reported party to be required to roleplay fear under the fear roleplay rules. Furthermore, it can be seen that the reported party had a weapon in hand the moment he turned around which would mean that he is exempt from acting under the fear roleplay rules and as such further justify this being a situation in which there are no visible rulebreaches relating to the fear roleplay rules. Please take note that the wall which was in very close proximity of the reported party also played a role in the final outcome, as it did in fact provide sufficient cover for the reporting party before he was able to recoup himself and then engage in an attack. It is rightly said that the final outcome would have arguably been different had there been no objects and or walls in proximity of the reporting party that could have been utilized to provide sufficient cover. Last but not least, i would like to reiterate once more that under normal circumstances, conducting actions which is not in accordance with our fear roleplay rules while being placed under direct gunpoint at close range from behind will warrant and result in a punishment, but within the context of this situation myself along with multiple members of the staff team concluded that there was no rulebreach. Secondly, i would like to address the lack of punishment for player Jasmine_Gray and the reasoning behind it. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that shortly after the reporting party is gunned down in connection to a shootout with the reported party, Jasmine_Gray arrives at the scene and subsequently utilizes her vehicle to run over the reported party once. With that being said, it is of my belief that this is not a situation which is governed by lack of information surrounding the reported party and the shootout itself. Following an extensive review of the footage provided by Jasmine, it can be seen that she indeed witnessed the reported party attempt to steal her bike, before hearing the shootout and quickly making her way down to the scene of said shootout. It is not hard to connect two and two together and come to the conclusion that the same reported party who she had witnessed attempt to steal her bike, was in the same area of where a shootout occurred, was standing over her injured friend (who was sent there to investigate the attempted stealing) while having an equipped weapon does not have good intentions but rather malicious ones. Following an extensive review of the footage provided by Jasmine, it can be seen that she did indeed witness the reported party attempt to steal her bike and after hearing about the shootout, saw the same reported party with a weapon in hand stand over her injured friend while having an equipped weapon in hand. It is not hard to connect two and two and come to the conclusion that the same player who she witnessed attempt to steal her bike, was in the same area of where a shootout occurred and was standing over her injured friend, of which she had sent to investigate the attempted stealing of her bikes, with an equipped weapon While the general consensus states that simply attacking based on assumptions of malicious intent is not allowed, there is overwhelming evidence which points to the reported party being the attacker of her friend in this situation and as such i would say that her utilizing the vehicle to run them over once is justified and within the rules. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that shortly after the reporting party is gunned down in connection to a shootout with the reported party, Jasmine_Gray arrives at the scene and subsequently utilizes her vehicle to run over the reported party once. It is important to remember that the deathmatch rules are only examples, the list is not exhaustive and within the context of this situation i would deem there to be no rulebreacher, however i do want to urge @ to make it a rule of thumb not to attack any player as a result of a situation you have not directly witnessed, even though this is situation is exempt from this. Thank you for making this report! @Swattpup1989 This player report is rejected and archived. Kind regards, Dqniel.
  4. Applications are now OPEN as of JANUARY 15th, 2019. Downtown Cab Co. is looking to hire more drivers in order to fulfill the needs of the ever growing city of Los Santos. Can you provide unparalleled customer service while driving safely? Do you like working in a fast pace environment? Do you think you have what it takes to join the hardest working team in Los Santos? Click here to get started
  5. Attention all applicants, Please DO NOT post your applications here. Please post them in the Recruitment Applications sub-forum. Thank you. Sincerely, Management.
  6. Management Team Chief Executive Officer The Chief Executive Officer has big responsibilities. He must watch the whole staff and take care of the economy. The Chief Executive Officer of the company makes all major decisions within the company. Currently held by: Jason Castillo Chief Operating Officer The Chief Operating Officer has a major responsibility as well. The COO manages staff, purchases new vehicles, and sells the older ones to balance out the economy. If the Chief Executive Officer of the company is out of town, the COO assumes all roles of the CEO. Currently held by: Charlie Haymitch Chief Process Officer The Chief Process Officer manages the documents and processes to which we train and hire employees. This position plays a vital role in making sure things are working smoothly behind the scenes. Currently held by: Vacant. Chief Financial Officer The Chief Financial Officer manages the treasury, issues paychecks, and creates financial statements to assure that the company is working within it's budget and has enough cash for assets and growth Currently held by: James Harrington General Manager The General Manager has the responsibility to oversee the activities of lower management ranks to make sure DCC is running smoothly. The General Manager is the direct link between the Chief Officers and the rest of the team. They will help generate new ideas for the future and see that they are implemented by assigning tasks. Currently held by: Thomas Pennyworth Manager(s) Managers are in charge of ensuring a good working atmosphere and promoting/protecting our company's image. They are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. In addition, they are to perform regular public relations duties, including but not limited to advertisement of the company, collaborating with other businesses, as well as forming a good image of the company to outsiders. Managers also coordinate with the General Manager to ensure that there is an enjoyable experience within the company. Currently Member(s): Steven Marrow, Stela Cater & Dave Lawrence. Assistant Manager(s) Assistant Manager's responsibilities are to provide guidance and instruction to the other Drivers if needed and keep them up to date with the actual news and updates about the company. If there is an issue with any of the Drivers, they report it to a Manager. They work as a Driver carrying the same duties but with higher responsibilities. Current Member(s): Eric Demarco, Jimmy Pegorino, Jay Paige & Ava DeLaffy, Employee Ranks Senior Driver The Senior Driver has the same duties as other drivers but as well is responsible for providing driving and chauffeur duties to other Drivers if in need of assistance. They also coordinate other drivers in the movement and use of the Downtown Cab Co. vehicles. Senior Drivers are given access to the Stretch, Dashhound Bus, Super Diamond, Rental Shuttle Bus, and normal Stanier Taxi. Driver A driver's job is to drive customers around, and answer their calls. Drivers have the responsibility to take care of our customers as well our vehicles. Drivers are given access to the Super Diamond, Rental Shuttle Bus, and normal Stanier Taxi. Junior Driver Junior Drivers have gained sufficient experience to begin to prove themselves to the company. They provide and accept basic rides and calls. Junior Drivers are given access to the Rental Shuttle Bus and normal Stanier Taxi. Trainee Trainees will typically perform the basic duties of a normal taxi driver. This is a probationary period in which a trainee must prove themself to the company. After this period ends, the trainee is subject to an assessment in which if they pass, they will continue onto a Junior Driver. Trainees are given access to the normal Stanier Taxi. Probationary Trainee Probationary trainees hold the same responsibilities as trainees. This role is given due to extensive criminal records (with the latest charges being old) or interviewees who didn't do as well on their driving exam and interview as expected. Thus, reformed criminals will often hold this role. As a probationary trainee, employees are watched closely by management.
  7. Tour Division Application Form This following form is for employees of the Downtown Cab Company who wish to dedicate further time and effort into the company extending beyond their regular duties of driving a taxi and overtaking certain duties within the tour division. Make sure you meet all the requirements listed below prior to submitting an application. You must be a Junior Driver or above. You must be in good standing with the company and have no recent warnings pertaining to behavioural issues, performance or activity. You must possess a wide range of knowledge about the city of Los Santos and its locations. You must be social minded, helpful and show a willingness to dedicate time and effort extending beyond driving a taxi to assist and guide the citizens of Los Santos. ((You must have a fully functioning microphone)). Tour Division Application Form Link
  8. TRANSFER REQUEST ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this transfer request. After reviewing your transfer request and the reason for it, I've decided to approve a transfer of the following item(s) to Kane_Mayhem from Skinny_Gambino,. Canis Kamacho. 3 Garage Property, Mirror Park. 2 Garage Property, El Burro. Speedophile Sea Shark. It is your responsibility to make this transfer happen and staff will not be interfering or assisting with the transfer. I also recommend that you do not make attempts to transfer any asset(s) outside of the approved asset(s) listed above, the transfer will be monitored through server logs. You are also not allowed to post a transfer request for another 14 days from this post. If you attempt to request a transfer prior to this deadline you will be muted from our forums temporarily. Regards, Senior Administrator Dqniel.
  9. Tour Division Handbook Last Edited on January 8th, 2020. Introduction This is the official tour division handbook for the Downtown Cab Company. The following handbook has been created and developed to provide instruction and guidance on how to conduct a tour from start to end for every member of the tour division. Furthermore, the purpose of this handbook is to assist employees in becoming familiarized with the policies, rules and obligations so that they may refer back to these when conducting a tour. In order to provide a consistent and high quality service, you are to use the procedural guidelines listed below as reference. Please take note that these procedures may be subject to change or revocation at any point in the future. If you have any questions, please refer to the head of the tour division. What is expected of an employee within the Tour Division? There are several requirements and expectations placed upon each member of the tour division when joining. Taking aside the mandatory expectations and requirements of being able to work well within a team, maintaining good customer service and having the ability to freely communicate with other people by facilitating open discussion and cooperation among other team members that all employees of the Downtown Cab Company should uphold, Members of the tour division are expected to put their wide range of knowledge about the city of Los Santos into practice by regularly holding tours where different locations and landmarks are showcased for the people of Los Santos. Driving Regulations Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all customers that utilize the tour service of the Downtown Cab Company is of utmost importance and as such all employees are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the road set forth in the City of Los Santos Penal Code. The majority of all accidents do not simply happen - they are caused either directly or indirectly. Being careless on the road and speeding is the main cause for most vehicular accidents and can lead to injury or in some cases even death. Conducting a tour means that you are responsible for the safety and well being of multiple people in connection to transporting them throughout the different locations of the city, and as such it is incredibly important that you drive with caution, remain sharp and keep an eye on the road as well as your surroundings. In the case of a vehicle accident and or vehicle breakdown, you are to follow Vehicle Breakdown & Accident Procedure set forth in the DCC Employee Handbook. Guided Tours of Los Santos Guidelines The following procedural guidelines seen below have been created and developed to provide instruction and guidance on operating an Official Guided Tour of Los Santos from start to end. Conducting a tour will require two (2) members of the tour division, one member that drives the vehicle and one member that speaks to the tourists. There will be a service charge of $500 per person which must be paid to the member(s) of the tour division by any tourist who wish to participate in the tour. Please take note that the company's focus will still remain on day to day operations of driving a taxi and transporting the people of Los Santos will still remain the company’s number one priority, and as such it is mandatory that at least an extra three (3) employees are on duty and actively taking calls before you are able to conduct a tour. Contact the Weazel News Agency and request five (5) advertisements which will be sent out every five (5) minutes. Make the announcement to the people of Los Santos that the tour will start thirty (30) minutes from the first published advert, both to allow the tour division members sufficient time to set up and prepare the tour but also give people enough time to participate in the tour if interested. This step is purely optional and is heavily dependent on whether or not employees of Weazel News are available; if they are not please proceed with the next step. Enter the garage and safely take out a vehicle. Members of the tour division will have the option to select from two (2) different vehicles which they may use for any tour related services, the Tour Bus and the Dashound. Perform a basic control of the vehicle to ensure that it is safe to drive and will help keep you and your tourists safe while being on the road. In addition to this, enable and prepare all the basic necessities and features that come with the vehicle that you have chosen for the customer. ((It is mandatory that you roleplay this, any tiny detail that may enhance the scene is encouraged)). Turn on the dashcam, adjust the mirrors, seat, seatbelt and ensure that the microphone and speakers of the vehicle are fully functioning. Enable and prepare the air conditioning and heating, power outlets, refreshments, garbage bags, etc Complete any final preparations for the tour, if needed, before making your way down to the Los Santos Bank. Park your selected vehicle outside of the Los Santos Bank and wait on the sidewalk. Let everyone in the area know that you will be holding and conducting a tour. Collect money from each passenger; once you have enough passengers or you have decided you no longer want to wait for extra people, you may begin the tour. The locations of the tour is completely optional, however there is a list of great hotspot locations down below which may be used. Remember that it is mandatory to stop at every bolded location ((In order to fit more than four people in the vehicles, please follow these steps. Have four people sitting in the vehicle, including the driver. The driver will then exit the bus. Additional people will then be able to enter the bus normally by pressing “G”. The driver may then get back into the bus once it is full)). Stop briefly at each location to tell all passengers about the business or area. Tourists and new citizens make up the vast majority of the tour and these are the people that will need the most help. Be creative and make sure to include helpful tips and advice! When you arrive back at the bank, thank everyone for coming out to the tour. Please take a group photo of the passengers and send it to Management so it can be included on our website as advertisement. Perhaps even get a review or testimonial from a passenger. Tour Locations The following are a list of suggested locations to stop by while conducting the tour. It is mandatory to stop at each location that have been bolded and marked. Los Santos Bank. (Starting Location) Tequi-La-La (point to the right as you are driving by). Los Santos Customs. Del Perro Taco Job. Bahama Mama’s (point to the left as you are driving by). Del Perro Pier (turn around in the parking lot). High End Lot (point to the left as you are driving by). Weazel News. Bayview. DMV. Low End Lot (point to the left as you are driving by). Furniture Store (point to the left as you are driving by). Motorsport. Parking Garage (point to the left as you are driving by). LSPD. Bus Depot LSES (point it out on the right as you are driving by). City Hall. Downtown Cab Company GoPostal (point to the left as you are driving by). Los Santos Bank. (Ending Location)
  10. The Downtown Cab Company is making better efforts to provide exceptional customer service and in order to ensure our drivers are meeting your standards we welcome any feedback, concerns and complaints you might have. All responses will be confidential unless selected at the end of the form. Please allow up to one month ((1 week IRL)) for a response from the management team if requested. DCC Employee Feedback and Complaints Form
  11. Driver Checklist Last edited on August 18th, 2019 Introduction This is a driver checklist for the Downtown Cab Company located in Los Santos, San Andreas. Each employee must familiarize themselves with this checklist and follow each step when going on duty for work. This list must be followed to ensure customer safety and that company property is properly maintained. Going On Duty Checklist Change Into Uniform. Go into the locker room and change into your official uniform. All drivers must wear the uniform while clocked in for work. ((RP changing into your uniform using a /me and then /fduty)) Review the office message board. Management will make important announcements from time to time regarding DCC and their employees. Make sure you have the most up to date radio frequency & vehicle fares. Radio in 10-1 to report for duty. Scan through the blacklist page to ensure you do not pick up a dangerous person. Remove a vehicle from the garage. Walk into the garage to remove the appropriate vehicle. The Stanier Taxi should be the default vehicle for all drivers. ((/fspawn vehicle and RP removing a vehicle using a /me. Ctrl+V shows the list of vehicle names)) Turn on the dashboard camera. Dashboard cameras have been installed into every vehicle in the fleet. You must turn on the camera at the beginning of your shift. ((RP turning on the dashcam with a /me and /do. Any footage used IC must follow the official Eclipse Server Rules. Indicating the camera is on with a /do can be used in lieu of /record for dash cams only)) If an incident occurs you must remove the SD card and upload the video file to the internet. Adjust the mirrors, seat and steering wheel position, buckle your seatbelt, etc.. Ensuring that the vehicle is safe to drive will help keep you and your customers safe. Buckling your seatbelt is mandatory for your own safety. ((RP any minor details that will enhance the scene)) Turn on the meter and set it to the correct fare. In order to collect money from the customer you must turn on the meter and set the correct price for the vehicle you are driving. ((/togglefare followed by /changefare $)). $100 is default price for taxi. Set the cruise control Turn on the cruise control and set it to 70 km/h as a default. It can be increased or turned off as necessary. ((Press L to toggle cruise and /cruise # to change the max speed)) Going Off Duty Checklist Return to DCC Return to DCC with your vehicle and park it inside of the garage. Leaving it in the North side parking lot is also acceptable if the janitorial team needs to clean it. ((RP putting the taxi in the garage with a /me)) Change out of uniform Go into the locker room and change back into your personal clothes. At this point you can radio in a 10-5. ((toggle /fduty to go off duty))
  12. Employee Rulebook Last Edited on September 15th, 2019. Introduction Hello, and welcome to the official employee handbook for the Downtown Cab Company (DCC) located in Los Santos, San Andreas. The following rulebook has been developed to both provide a general guideline for each employee, but also to assist you in becoming familiar with our policies, rules and obligations upon becoming an employee. These guidelines may be subject to change or revocation at any point in the future. If you have any questions, please refer to the management. Parking & Gate Regulations It can sometimes be very challenging to find a suitable parking spot which does not affect and or limit the availability of parking for staff and visitors. The gate helps protect employee’s cars from theft and unwanted visitors. The gate can be used by pressing the open/close button located on the fence next to the gate or by using the fob that is installed in the company vehicle ((/gate)). The gate is to remain closed at all times unless entering or exiting the parking lot. You must close the gate behind you after passing through. All employees and visitors must abide by the parking regulations, listed below, at DCC. Personal vehicles may not be stored overnight in the South Side Parking Lot. Vehicles are subject to being towed if the parking lot becomes overwhelmed. North Side Parking Lot: No Parking. South Side Parking Lot: Management Only Casino Parking Lot: Employees & Visitors Leave of Absence Policy A Leave Of Absence (LOA) is an instance in which an employee is allowed time away from work due to unusual circumstances in an employee’s life where they are not able to perform their regular work duties. The following guidelines and policies are set in place to monitor the working status of all employees. If you are planning on being away for more than twelve (12) days ((3 days IRL)), you will need to submit a Leave of Absence application on the DCC social app ((On Discord, in #linda-office use the !inactive command and follow the instructions)). Please remember that the reason for the LOA should be valid. If you do not feel comfortable sharing the details of your leave, you are allowed to use generic and general terms such as “Personal Reasons” Or “Medical Reasons”. Misuse or abuse of the LOA system for reason(s) that are not of valid concern, may result in removal from the company. Being forced to take some time away from the company is completely understandable, however doing so consistently for an extended period of time is not. On Duty Activity Policy All employees are expected to fulfill their work duties while being on duty. In addition to this, all employees are expected to dedicate time and effort into the company. The minimum hour requirement for all employees is set at 20 hours ((5 hours)) per week. All members of management are expected to fulfill their work duties while being on duty and should prioritize their managerial duties over driving a taxi. The minimum requirements for any member of management is set at 28 hours ((7 hours)) per week. Employees who fail to uphold their responsibilities and minimum hour requirement will be warned a total of three (3) times for every pay period that they fail to meet their requirements. After three total warnings, that employee may be demoted or terminated from the company at management’s discretion, with or without notice. Fare Policy The management team will set an official fare policy in each vehicle class which will be posted in the DCC Employee Handbook. The following guidelines and policies are in place to ensure a consistent price model for all customers. Employees must charge the correct fare for each vehicle class. Employees caught under/overcharging customers will be reprimanded. DCC employees will always get free fare and are prioritized over regular customers. PR agreements can be made with other companies which may be a free or reduced fare for their employees. PR agreements will be posted in the DCC Employee Handbook DCC Office & Message Board Rules The DCC office is primarily used for management to conduct interviews and do paperwork but also serves as a meeting space for all employees. Inside the office you will find the office message board, it is located in the main office next to the desk and is used by management for important announcements pertaining to the DCC. Employees may also use the noticeboard to post anything work related, including but not limited to customers they wish to blacklist from future rides. It is at the management’s discretion to remove a customer from the blacklist. The computer inside the office is for management only, drivers will not have access to use the computer but are welcome to use a tablet which can be found on the book shelf. Only members of management will have access to company documents. ((In order to RP with the office message board, please go into the office and RP making a post on the "pin board" that would be on this wall. Make a post on #office-message-board in Discord after you RP it IC. Use your imagination https://imgur.com/a/17Tcsya. Make sure to sign your name or else we won't know who wrote it. Same goes for reading something on this board. Adding/Removing things or reading the message board without RPing it in game will be considered Metagaming.)) Professionalism As an employee of DCC, you represent the company in one way or another. As such, you are expected to show integrity and professionalism at all times, both on and off duty. The following codes of conduct have been developed to show how a model employee should act in their everyday practice, and they should dictate all your decisions within this company. Inclusivity Be welcoming and supporting of all people, regardless of their background, identities, sexual orientation, gender, and race. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated within the company. DCC is, and will always be, an equal opportunity employer. Respect Be respectful towards all people while on and off duty because you are always representing the company. We won’t agree or get along with everyone however this is no excuse for disrespectful behaviour. Try to understand differences of opinions and treat others how you want to be treated. Honesty Each and every employee should feel comfortable to speak his or her mind. Honesty goes a long way and as such, you are expected to be honest both to the customers you are servicing, your fellow co-workers and the management team. Teamwork Teamwork is an essential part of DCC. Together everyone is able to achieve more and provide excellent customer service. Integrity Always doing the right thing, being uncorrupted and having a honorable, loyal and dependent performance of our work duties. All employees are expected to follow the directions and orders of their direct managers. In addition to this, employees are not to disrespect any management member, doing so will result in a minor rulebreak. Reporting Employees If you have an issue with a fellow co-worker, please submit a formal complaint to a member of the management team in person. Try to talk to a lower ranking manager before going straight to an executive. If the employee you are submitting a formal complaint about is within the management team, you are to contact a manager ranking above them. Submitted complaints will remain completely confidential. Name Change Policy The following guidelines and policies are in place to ensure that the official employee roster is accurate and that the payroll system will work correctly. Employees may change their name under different circumstances, such as marriage, adoption, etc... Management must be notified prior to executing a name change. Regulations on Multiple Jobs Having multiple jobs while maintaining a position within the Downtown Cab Company is acceptable, however the employee must make sure to meet the minimum hour requirement within the company. In order for an employee to transfer to another company, they must declare this to a member of management prior at which point a letter of recommendation must be written by the management member and sent to the other company along with the employee. Having another job at LSPD, LSES, LSCSD or SADOC will need to be approved by the General Manager, or above, because of the heavy time requirements they impose on their employees. Company Vehicle & GPS Usage All employees are expected to abide by the following guidelines and policies surrounding the use of company vehicles and GPS. Misuse of company property may result in punishment at management’s discretion. Employees are expected to protect any company property under their supervision from possible misuse, loss, damage and or theft. Company vehicles may only be used while on duty and may only be driven by DCC employees. A GPS will be provided with each taxi that is removed from the garage and may only be used within company vehicles. The GPS must be returned with the taxi at the end of your shift. Weapon Usage It is up to the discretion of every employee on whether they want to carry a firearm while on duty. We respect each citizen's right to conceal carry, but with this responsibility comes a set of rules for every employee to abide by. Misuse of a firearm while on duty may result in a punishment. The following are a set of rules each employee must follow while carrying a weapon. You must have a firearms license and only carry weapons you are permitted to carry. Employees may only carry a pistol while on duty. You are not to point, use or discharge your firearm unless acting in self defense. Illegal weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden Rule Breaks Breaking a rule found in this rulebook may result in a punishment from the management team ranging from a written warning, demotion, suspension or termination. Punishments will be issued based on severity and at management’s discretion. ((OOC Rules)) All players are required to abide by the Eclipse server rules. Periodic checks of admin logs will be conducted. Players may be OOCly punished for breaking server rules which may result in termination from the company Corruption & Illegal Activity Corruption permission(s) may only be granted by the CEO, and the attempted corrupt roleplay will have limitations which are in accordance with the Eclipse Roleplay rules and guidelines. Illegal activity on duty will not be tolerated. All employees are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and be a role model for good roleplay with other players. Employees who roleplay as criminals while maintaining a position within the faction can only reach the rank of senior driver. Members of management may not roleplay as criminals. Upon joining the faction, you are obligated to notify any member of management if this is the case. AFK Policy If you need to go AFK for under five (5) minutes while on duty, please notify over /r and in /f. Anything over five (5) minutes will require you to go off /fduty and/or log out of the game. Discord Usage The DCC Discord is an extension of the Eclipse Roleplay Discord so all the same rules that apply there will apply here. Disrespecting others, toxic behaviour, excessive arguing and metagaming are strictly forbidden. Administrative Logs All members of the Downtown Cab Co. Faction must notify the High Command team in the case that they receive any type(s) of administrative logs (across all characters) on their record. Failure to do so may result in removal from the faction.
  13. Employee Handbook Last edited on October 31st, 2019. Introduction This is the official employee handbook for Downtown Cab Company (DCC) located in Los Santos, San Andreas. Here you will find information you will need to know to be a professional cab driver for the DCC. We are committed to provide unparalleled customer service and we strive to be the best personal transportation company in the city. Each employee must follow the guidelines set forth below while on duty at DCC. Driving Regulations All employees are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the road set forth in the City of Los Santos Penal Code. Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind while you are driving with customers. Accidents do not just happen – they are caused, either directly or indirectly. Speeding and carelessness causes most vehicular accidents and can lead to injury or even death. Periodic background checks will be conducted to ensure all employees are maintaining a clean driving record. Customer Service Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. We can offer promotions, do cross-marketing campaigns and slash prices to get people to call DCC, but unless customers have a pleasant experience with DCC, they will never come back. You must treat each customer as you want to be treated, arrive on time, be helpful and honest. Tourists and new citizens are the vast majority of our taxi requests and these are the people that will need the most help. Make polite conversation and offer some tips and suggestions on seeing the life of the city and where to find jobs or work. We all want to see this city grow and you can leave a lasting and positive impact on someone that will make them feel welcome. ((Try to work in any helpful or relevant server commands into conversation if you feel the customer would benefit. Example: If the customer reveals that they do not know where to find their car, show them that they can track their car on GPS /showvehicles OR how to call a news reporter to place an advert /newsagency. We should always be teaching and helping new players on this server and you can make a difference through your taxi RP with them)) Occasionally you may have a rude or combative customer and you will need to get them out of the vehicle for your own safety. As your last resort, you may try to push them out of the car with force. Make sure you have exhausted all options before trying to place your hands on a customer. ((RP first with /me and /do, if successful you may /eject. The rulebook states, as of August 9th, 2019, Roleplay is required before forceful server commands which may be used without consent from the other party if they are unresponsive and not typing for 30 seconds or more.)). Driving Checklist All employees are to adhere to the DCC Driver Checklist when going on and off duty. Official Fare List The following is the official fare list for each vehicle in the DCC fleet. All employees must charge the correct fare amount and are no longer allowed to give free rides to anyone besides DCC employees and employees of other companies that have a Company Agreement (see Joint Company Agreements below). All DCC employees will always get free fare and call priority over regular customers. Look out for your fellow driver. Taxi: $100. Commercial: $150. Super Diamond: $250 Stretch: $400 Note: $50 will be added to any fare that starts or ends outside of the city limits. Dispatch Operations & Rules The radio is primarily used for communicating information about your status within the company vehicle and your passenger(s). We use radio codes to convey this information in a standardized way that is quick and efficient. Employees may only use the radio frequency while on duty and for duty-related messages and discussion. The official frequency will be posted on the office message board by the management and it is often updated frequently. The radio frequency must not be shared with anyone person outside of the company and if it is compromised it must be reported to management. Misuse of the radio must be reported to any member of management and may result in a punishment. In the case of a breached radio frequency, employees must immediately switch to the emergency frequency. The emergency frequency can only be used in urgent situations after permission from a member of the management team. If no member of management is available, the highest ranking on duty driver will have seniority to control the frequency and situation. Once a member of management becomes available, they will post the new radio frequency on the message board. The following are the official radio codes for DCC and their meaning. 10-0: Announcing a canceled call and the customer’s name 10-1: Start of shift. 10-2: Reporting the initiation of an order. 10-3: Reporting the completion of an order. 10-4: Acknowledge or affirmative. 10-5: End of shift. 10-6: General accident, varying from a vehicle breakdown to a vehicle collision. 10-7: Requesting assistance. 10-8: Announcing yourself doing something unrelated to driving 10-9: Announcing yourself being on standby waiting for call(s) or customer(s). The following are examples of how to use the official radio codes. 10-0, Mark Scott 10-1, Firstname & Lastname. (10-1, Chuck Maggiano). 10-2, Customer Name, Destination. (10-2, Jason, LS Bank) 10-3, Destination. (10-3, LS Bank). 10-4, (Self explanatory) 10-5, Firstname & LastName (10-5, Jason Castillo). 10-6, Description of general accident, location. (10-6, Vehicle breakdown, LS Bank) 10-7, Description of assistance needed, location. (10-7, I need a pickup at LS Bank) 10-8, Description of activity, (10-8, Doing background checks, LSPD) 10-9, Standby Location, (10-9, Bus Depot) Taxi Standby Locations These are officially selected locations in which you are able to be on standby, waiting for either a walk-in customer or an incoming call. This will not only improve waiting times for customers, but you are also able to provide a quick and reliable service at popular locations without the need of your customers having to make a taxi call. No more than three (3) drivers may be on standby at the same location.Temporary 10-9 locations may be created for busy events in the city. The following is a list of official stand by locations. Note: Employee(s) on standby at the Casino will have priority to take taxi requests at the prison. Please check your GPS to see if a driver is at the Casino before taking a prison taxi request. Bus Depot High End Low End Legion Square Casino Parking Lot The Bank of Los Santos Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Union Depository (Money Transporter) GoPostal Headquarters (Courier) Truckers Yard (Truckers Job) Central Los Santos Medical Center (parking spaces near City Bee only) Vehicle Breakdown & Accident Procedure. In the event of a vehicular breakdown with any company vehicle you must call in a 10-6 on the radio and a tow truck ((/mechanic)) if the vehicle is in an inoperable state. In the event of a vehicle accident, the first thing you will do is ensure that everyone involved in the accident is in a non-life threatening condition. Next you will obtain any necessary information pertaining to the accident, this includes writing down the license plates and any personal information of the other people involved. You will then call in a 10-6 on the radio and a tow truck ((/mechanic)) if the vehicle is in an inoperable state Right To Work Regulations DCC does reserve the right to terminate any employee for any reason whatsoever, with or without notice. Employees also have the right to quit for any reason or none at all. It is appreciated if the employee notifies management of their decision to quit. Regulations on Multiple Jobs Having multiple jobs while maintaining a position within the Downtown Cab Company is acceptable, however the employee must make sure to meet the minimum hour requirement within the company. In order for an employee to transfer to another company, they must declare this to a member of management prior at which point a letter of recommendation must be written by the management member and sent to the other company along with the employee. Joint Company Agreements DCC has set up agreements and contracts with several companies throughout Los Santos for an exchange or discount on services. Below you will find the link to each active agreement which may be cancelled or amended at anytime, with or without prior notice. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fME2NPK0X-0DCP7rEDmihCqAJPXTbs-ZZycB7-mqmTg/edit?usp=sharing Salaries & Bonuses Employees receive an hourly wage that will be paid out every Monday by the upper management. Taxi fares are sent into the DCC treasury and are used to pay for salaries. Any issues or questions relating to an employee’s wage and or working hours should be forwarded to upper management. Employees (Junior Driver, Driver, Senior Driver and Management) will be eligible for a bonus alongside their paycheck. For every hour worked above seven (7) hours, the employee will receive a bonus of $2000. The following are the current hourly wages for each position and they are a subject of change without notice Trainee - $4,000. Junior Driver - $5,000. Driver - $5,500. Senior Driver - $6000. Assistant Manager - $7000. Manager - $7500. Upper Management - $8000. Employee of the Month Award Every month at least one driver is selected by the management team for the Employee of the Month Award. The winner will be rewarded with a sizeable cash bonus, a parking spot in the management parking lot (South Side Parking Lot) and a personal article on the company website. Employee Promotions A promotion is a step further that an employee takes while working at a company as far as his or her position within the company is concerned. At the DCC, we pride ourselves in having an excellent work environment in which each employee is given the opportunity to advance through the company ranks based on their performance and workplace conduct. This following section will focus and describe in depth and detail the process of employee promotions within the DCC and how an employee is able to advance throughout the company ranks. To start off, every position within the company is dictated by two requirements, which are time spent within the company and the total amount of on-duty hours within the company. These requirements vary depending on position. The management team actively examines the performance of each employee, and if and once an employee meet the requirements and criteria needed to advance through the company, they will be approached by a member of management. The employee will then undergo an extensive training process which will prepare them for the additional responsibilities and work duties that they will gain with their new position. If they complete and fully pass the training, they will successfully receive a promotion. Note, the training processes are not something an employee can prepare themselves for. Each training process is individually different and best learnt directly by the management member whose conducting your training. With that being said, while heavy emphasis is placed on these two requirements, performance within the company and workplace conduct in relation to receiving a promotion, there are ways to accelerate the promotion process and simultaneously make you stand out from other employees. These following criteria is what we would like for each employee to strive for when attempting to get promoted. Experience in the job. High performance level in terms of working hours. Good workplace conduct. Personal achievements that matches the minimum requirements for each position. Motivation and willingness to overtake new responsibilities. In addition to this, there are specified minimum requirements that all employees are required meet in order to be eligible for a promotion. The following table is a general guideline to follow, however exceptions can be made depending on the employee and their work ethic. Current Rank Total Hours Worked Days Since Hired or Last Promotion Trainee >25 >7 Junior Driver >50 >14 Driver >90 >18
  14. Internal Affairs Form The Downtown Cab Company is always committed to providing unparalleled customer service and strive to be the best personal transportation company in the city of Los Santos and as such we are making better efforts at holding our drivers to the highest of standards. In order to ensure that our drivers are following company procedure and protocol we welcome any person to utilize the following form to provide feedback, concerns and possible complaints that you might have. The Downtown Cab Company takes any type of misconduct and or improper behaviour very seriously and as such we encourage you to fill out the following form in cases where you have been the victim of wrongful treatment, witnessed a disregard for safety while on the road or if you have noticed a violation in company procedure and protocol. Providing sufficient evidence to support any submitted complaint is mandatory and essential to achieving an ideal outcome. Depending on the type of evidence which has been provided, investigators of the Internal Affairs Division will conduct an investigation in which the supposed claims are investigated and once the investigation is finished a decision will be made as to whether or not the employee has breached company procedure and protocol in which consequential action is taken. Please take note that lack of sufficient evidence may result in no action being taken at all towards the reported employee. Any submitted complaint will remain strictly confidential unless selected in the form and every effort shall be made to conclude any complaints in a timely manner. We ask that you allow up to 30 days ((1 week IRL)) for the complaint to be properly investigated and concluded. ((The internal affairs form may be used to report faction members of the Downtown Cab Company on an out of character level. The faction members of the Downtown Cab Company are held to the highest of standards on an out of character level and are expected to maintain professionalism and be a role model for good roleplay with other players and as such they are liable to be reported for out of character reasons such as (but not limited to), violations of server rules and or faction policies, poor roleplaying standards and on-duty misconduct)) Internal Affairs Form Link
  15. Hello, and thank you for submitting a response. Following an extensive review of the provided evidence as well as taking the statements of all parties involved into account, i have decided to further this player report one step closer to being concluded and as such tag the appropriate player(s) in order for them to provide their side of the story. Before doing so, i would like to quickly preface and provide further clarification on multiple things regarding this player report. Multiple players involved in the chase were either not involved and or could not be seen in the initial shootout, and based on the scarce evidence provided to me only two (2) players can be seen in both situations, with one of them playing a direct part in the injuring and death of the reporting party. With that being said, please take note that the selection of players who were tagged and asked to provide their side of the story was due to their direct interaction and involvement with the death of the reporting party based on the provided evidence, as some of the other players involved had no direct interaction and or knowledge of the reporting party being involved in the initial shootout or killed as a result of said shootout for that matter. With that being said, i will go ahead and notify the player(s). Player Deandre_King | @alexalex303 will receive 24 hours to respond with his side of the story and explain the reasoning for his actions which can be seen in the provided evidence above. Why did you interact with the reporting party before the New Life Rule timer of thirty (30) minutes had run out? Why did you continue to chase the reporting party after he had mentioned his involvement in the initial shootout by claiming a breach of the New Life Rule? In addition to being tagged on the forums, you will be notified of this player report in-game. Looking forward to your response!
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