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  1. Can't wait to see you as the next Chief of Police! Welcome!
  2. Kimo

    It was 6 weeks not 6 months bro

    1. Kris


      fixed bro

  3. Here is the non-cropped version of the IA report conclusion, as a major part of it seemed to be cut out by the reporting party. The reporting party also seemed to use the MDC on their alternative character that is in the Sheriff's Department to search up their other character, whilst actively wanted, to check out their active charges and whom placed them, as shown by the attached image of the MDC in this report.
  4. Kris

    I want to play rp

    You do be kinda smoking doe.
  5. Team Update: jason has been appointed as the Assistant Head of Refund & Transfer Requests.
  6. That means your quiz has not been reviewed yet.
  7. The server was restarted around that time because of an issue. Should be fine now. I will archive this, please re-open if still an issue.
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