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  1. Lewis

    StubbornLord - Hank Douglas (Ban Appeal)

    I don't believe you're able to communicate effectively to approve an unban in this situation. We strive ourselves on providing community members with a great roleplay experience. Being in-game, during a live roleplay scenario you're expected to respond efficiently and communicate effectively in the English Language at all times. I cannot see from this appeal that you're able to do so to a level that we would expect. There are other communities out there which don't have the English Language rule, I'd suggest maybe finding somewhere else to play, you could take some more time to learn English and appeal again in two months time if you feel that your English has improved. Appeal Rejected, Topic Closed.
  2. Lewis

    Ohad - Jake Ryan (Kick Appeal)

    @Titan95 Whilst you may have requested the ad, you did not post it and the kick was issued to Jake. As Flufical has stated, this just serves as a reminder and logged that you've been spoken to about it for other staff members should the same situation occur in the future. Closed, punishment will remain. Appeal denied.
  3. Lewis

    ryan2k92k8 - Tony Romano (Ban Appeal)

    Hello and thank you for reporting. Just someone is an enemy faction does not automatically give you KOS rights. I've included the KOS rule below. After reviewing the comments above I can confirm that I believe the punishment is justified and will remain in place. Appeal Denied/Topic Archived.
  4. Lewis

    Carl strand (FearRP appeal)

    Flucifal has been linked this appeal on Discord for his input.
  5. Lewis

    Discord Appeal - Demetrious

    Hello and thank you for appealing. As you've been back and in good standing, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and revoke this ban. Future repeated behaviour will result in a permanent ban. Please remain respectful to community members (including your attitude) towards staff at all times.
  6. Lewis

    MusketDeezNuts [ Non-RP Warning ]

    After reviewing this again, I've decided to give you the benefit of the doubt from your additional explanation to me in Discord Appeal Accepted, Topic Closed.
  7. Lewis

    tautvis - Sandiego Gomez (VDM Appeal)

    Thanks for appealing, the VDM punishment is voided, you're now unbanned but the Non-RP Violation will remain. Appeal Accepted - Topic Locked.
  8. Lewis

    tautvis - Sandiego Gomez (VDM Appeal)

    Pending @Flucifial
  9. Lewis

    Drake Hudson appeal ( Permament ban )

    Hello and thank you for appealing. After breaking multiple rules and having an admin record with an excess of 23 Admin Logs over a fairly short time-period, you will be able to appeal in no less than one month from today. Please use your time away from the server to fully read our rules so that further violations do not happen again. In your next appeal, please let us know how you would have handled the situation differently so we can see if you're ready to come back. Thanks, Lewis
  10. Lewis

    King Oni (Ban Appeal)

    Thank you for appealing. Just because you have drugs on you and you see a cop does not give you sufficient reason to kill. You were not actively trying to be arrested, you had an invalid reason to shoot. Appeal Rejected - Topic Closed.
  11. Lewis

    ATTACKING - NonRP (Punishment-apeal)

    Hello and thank you for appealing, I have reviewed the footage and ageee, the script did not stall your engine, therefore the punishment is voided. Appeal Accepted - Topic closed.
  12. Lewis

    MusketDeezNuts [ Non-RP Warning ]

    I've looked and reviewed the footage in the report above, you were clearly chasing the car and using the vehicle to ram, this does not look like desync to me. Can you please use this as a lesson and ensure that future behaviour isn't repeated. Appeal Rejected - Topic closed.
  13. Lewis

    Psychoneurotic - Petras Ramunas (DM appeal)

    Thank you for appealing. Flucifal has summed this up perfectly, you did not have a right to shoot after barely giving them a chance to comply. Punishment will remain on record. Appeal Rejected - Topic Closed.
  14. Hello Bailey and thank you for appealing. I can't remember exactly what was said, but we use warnings to let other staff members know that you've been spoken to. During the particular incident I remember lots of OOC chatter, and you being quite rude in OOC chat. Hope this helps
  15. Lewis

    Ted Wolf (Macroing) - BAN APPEAL

    Hello and thanks for appealing. I've seen your appeal, but if you pressed F1 and clicked on direct connect as you stated, you used it earlier in the day hence it not working - why were you walking around in circles?