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  1. Lewis

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: waffels852 Rodiz archaeah otilane doc ABroHaam Spook Tombag Chrisy BearBaldwin BadZanta Kables UBUB Dqniel TobyVintage Have been promoted to Support Staff. The following have been promoted to Senior Support: ants1992 Alardi_Tagril Varakai jbacon
  2. Hi, thanks for appealing! I cannot agree to letting you play here when you use google-translate to respond to people as you can't communicate fluently. This is an English-speaking server and as you cannot speak it unfortunately I can't consent to letting you play here. I suggest you find a community that speaks your native language and you play there as allowing people to play here who cannot communicate ruins the immersion of our players. Thanks, Lewis
  3. Responses have been sent to those who have progressed to the next interview stage. Those who did not get a response are welcome to reapply when we open support applications again! 🙂
  4. Lewis

    Rafe Hikoshi- Punishment Appeal

    Punishment will remain on file.
  5. Lewis

    Ban appealing Andrey Magnetov AKKAZO

    This is the first appeal: It's up to a higher up to review this now. Thanks Lewis
  6. 👍 🙂 Can't wait to see some amazing criminal RP!z
  7. Lewis

    Luke kuperus - luke kuperus (Deathmatch ban appeal)

    Hello and thanks for appealing. After reviewing the footage you still didn't have a valid reason for KOS. I've quoted the rule below to help you further understand:- Punishment will remain on file. Appeal Rejected, Topic Closed.
  8. Lewis

    Tekashi_Mexican (Deathmatch in NCZ) Appeal

    Thanks for appealing, as no valid reason for killing the players has been supplied the punishment will remain. Please use your ban-time to thoroughly read our rules and ensure you understand them to prevent further rulebreaks reoccurring. Thanks, Lewis
  9. Lewis

    Stormy69- William Michael (VDM/Non-RP Appeal)

    After speaking with the staff member I've agreed to lower your ban time as you've learned your lesson. Punishment will remain on record but you're unbanned. @stormy69 Punishment will remain.
  10. Lewis

    Soroushes - Soroush_Frost (ban Appeal)

    Due to no punishments being issued since the date of the original ban I am going to go ahead and give you the benefit of the doubt. I can see from the video that you were indeed conducting a truckers test. In future if you accidentally hit someone, please say in /b that it was an accident. Appeal Accepted/Archived.
  11. Lewis

    Kooli - Ivan_Sergejevic (Deathmatch Appeal)

    @Kooli Can you please confirm your reasoning for killing the player in the forum report above?
  12. Lewis

    close this

    Closed at the request of the poster.
  13. Lewis

    Heitas - Igor Nikulin ( Deatmach Appeal)

    Thanks for appealing. Not giving someone enough time to respond and then claiming that they were AFK is an insufficient reason to kill. Punishment will remain on record. Appeal denied/archived.
  14. Lewis

    Kristukas1348 - Dimitri_Kriskov (Deathmatch Appeal)

    Hello and thanks for posting another appeal. This relates to which @BallinByNature agreed to an appeal after 3 weeks, I recommend another chance on the condition that any future offences will result in a permanent ban! Pending a higher up to conclude. Thanks, Lewis
  15. Lewis

    John_Fly - Johnny Rodriguez [Ban Appeal]

    Hello, and thanks for appealing a punishment issued back in May 2018. Thanks for accepting that you now know the rules, but the punishment should remain in my opinion due to the incident actually occurring. Given the amount of time that has passed, I don't specifically recall the situation but you did admit it happened in the above appeal. I'm recommending the punishment remains. Pending a higher-up to conclude.