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  1. Team Update: Pazz has reinstated as Support
  2. Pending @Archaeah as recently punished for deaththreats.
  3. Team Update: Marchesi has reinstated as Support.
  4. Hello & thanks for making the refund request, I have looked into this further and can confirm you've received a salary payment from Bayview on 11/JAN/2020. Please send me a message on discord if you require anymore info, refund request is denied. Thanks Lewis
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): 31/DEC/2019 Character name: Lewis Langley Issue/bug you are reporting: When an on duty LSPD Lieutenant+ uses /clearunit it deletes the vehicle if in a helicopter Expected behavior: It should clear the unit but not delete/despawn the vehicle Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: type /clearunit (UNIT NAME) when someone is in the unit with a polmav or any vehicle spawned Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  6. Great work to all of those involved!
  7. Team Update: CBullet has resigned from the Moderation team
  8. Team Update: MrSilky has reinstated as Moderator PolarBlunk has reinstated as Moderator
  9. Denied, unfortunately we don't find the reasoning sufficient in this scenario.
  10. Pretty much sums it up - staff members who are in a particular faction/gang are encouraged not to put themselves in a position where a conflict of interest could occur. If you have any evidence where you feel a staff member acted in a manner which was a conflict of interest, please feel free to make a Player Report. Thanks, Lewis
  11. Lewis

    VDM ID 128

    I will be handling this as the report is against a staff member. @Chloe Bailey Please respond to this and will be sending me footage.
  12. Hey guys! I've been following this thread for a while, and I think we can end it here. First of all, as Head of Legal Factions, I've not received any messages of valid concerns that leadership isn't working in a faction. It's not healthy as a community to point fingers at one faction, when in reality, the burden of improving the general quality of life isn't one faction's alone. Both sides have valid concerns and outstanding issues, and as a community, we should work towards fixing them together. So instead of picking up pitchforks and starting threads such as these, you should make attempts to hold constructive conversations with leadership of the faction and/or Legal Faction Management. Do keep in mind that a lot regulations and procedures that is being thrown around in the community is created and enforced by PD/SD/MD etc. themselves. Contact Details: Lewis#9962 Archaeah#6920 Thank you all! - Lewis
  13. Lewis

    ID 94 (Fear-RP)

    Thanks for the appeal, the player in question will receive a warning for Fear RP. Accepted/archived.
  14. Lewis

    ID 66, 192 DM

    Thanks for reporting. Apologies for the delay in concluding this report, I have been on a leave of absence. After further review, the reported player, Josh Paige will be punished in accordance with the guidelines for Death-matching. There was very little or no reason to shoot the car & disable it. Sure, the vehicle is stolen but in reality cops wouldn't pull over a stolen car and start to shoot it up. In this scenario, it is a traffic stop and the only crime here is grand theft auto, had the person in the vehicle killed 5 people or actively endangered the lives of others; it may have been warranted. I originally thought that the player was under Fear RP hence the initial review but I'm glad we got this resolved in the end. I hope this clears things up. Thanks, Lewis
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