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  1. Support staff applications are now closed! We would like to thank everyone who applied and will be reaching out to those who are successful to schedule an interview.
  2. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Support Staff Applications May 16th, 2021 Dear Eclipse Community, We are proud to announce that we are once again looking to expand our staff team with new Support Staff. As a member of the Support Team, your primary responsibilities will be working with the community ,mainly newer members, and guiding them with their journey through Eclipse RP. You will be working hand in hand with the Administration team on the frontline of Eclipse, in an attempt to make the experience more fun and welcoming for our player base. As Support, your responsibilities will be as following: Answering questions In-Game, on the forums and on discord. Reviewing and concluding new player applications. Keeping yourself up to date with new features and/or updates of the community to be able to pass along the experience to others. All candidates must meet some basic criteria: Be in good standing with the community. Possess a positive mindset, the willingness to teach and educate. Possess a great amount of experience of how the community operates. Be able to work efficiently in a team of other support and administrative staff. Be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of hours to the community. Have a minimum of 50,000 experience In-Game. Be able to write English fluently. Be able to speak English on a comprehensive level. Have a working microphone and be comfortable with using it. Be at least 17 years of age and have demonstrated to be a mature and well-mannered individual. There will be a vetting process for applicants where your roleplay and demeanor will be checked, both in-game and out of game. Please find the link to the application below:- Application Form As a reminder, if you are a previous support staff member and you would like to reinstate, please use the link below:- Reinstatement Form Due to unprecedented demand, we anticipate applications will close within seven days, however, this is subject to change, due to the high demand we may not be able to reach out to every single applicant if you are unsuccessful. Please put in time and effort into your applications. Do not private message any staff members about your application during this process, we will reach out to you. If you are chosen for an interview at the end of the application process, you will be contacted by either @Lewis, @Bakmeel @Fa1N or @MarcoD
  3. I see no evidence of wrong-doing from Bakmeel. The main basis of this report seems to be the fact @Bakmeelmade a spelling error when kicking you from the game, asking you to simply calm down and cool off. This is not something which would negatively impact you. There are other items on your admin record which could negatively impact you in the future, this mis-spelled kick is not one of them. I would suggest you focus more of your time improving your behaviour and increasing your understanding of our server rules which may prevent further punishments being issued to you in the future & less time worrying about this kick. Report denied, archived. - Lewis
  4. Thanks for the report. We do not find anything in this report acceptable, everything displayed is pretty poor. ID 198 - You will receive another Non-RP for shouting "CLEAN ME" immediately after being shot, instead of roleplaying your injuries, you were more worried about the items. This is not realistic. I hope you're able to learn from this mistake. ID 204 - The acknowledgement of a goblin mask was done whilst simultaneously looting the injured party, and because of this we are not willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not believe it was your ally. Given the circumstances, there is too much pointing towards the fact that you knew about the individual. In the off chance that you truly did not know, the goblin mask should have prompted you to investigate and or look into the injured player even more before making the decision to kill him. Kevin Fitts - We will be giving you the benefit of the doubt after a discussion and review of your footage. Cameron Fade - Instead of trying to preserve your life, you continued to talk without fear of you potentially being finished off, please learn from this mistake and proceeded to say "KYS" and talk lots of profanity. I've issued you with a Non-RP to reflect this. Accepted, Archived. - Lewis
  5. Hello & thanks for the report. I am gobsmacked at the behaviour witnessed here, nowhere have I witnessed, even in the movies, or news articles in real life, a gang robbing a bank, and then the bank robbers being robbed, it does not happen. With that being said, these actions are completely unacceptable. Had Goblins actually been interested in the potential $100k reward (as mentioned in the report responses), they would've waited, let Rooks work e.g. robbing the bank, taking the cash and getting out whilst trying to avoid law enforcement and then tried to take the cash from them once they've got away from the situation rather than enter with weapons into a bank whilst the alarm is already going off, police being on the way. I see that a statement was made about the robbery being planned, it still doesn't change the fact that the bank was actively being robbed by a rival. By going to another bank or waiting for them to leave with the cash would have avoided the lives of their members or the potential for them going to jail. These actions are not acceptable and we do not find this an acceptable standard of roleplay. I hope that the players below learn from their mistakes and anyone else reading this conclusion understands these actions are unacceptable. With that being said, the below players will receive a Non-RP: - Gorg_Borg Jonathan_Sand Robert_Bubbles Andy_Mason Josh_Will Kevin_Pitts Report accepted, archived. - Lewis
  6. Hello & thanks for the report. As per the player report guidelines found here: This report is rejected because it does not meet the guidelines. Whilst yes, it does look like poor RP - the evidence doesn't meet the report guidelines so we will not be proceeding with the report. I quote: All videos and screenshots may not be edited or tampered with in any way. Video evidence must be viewable with readable resolution and screenshots must be of appropriate size to clearly see all text. Audio should be present in all videos and no evidence can be cropped. Report rejected, archived. Please ensure any future reports contain unedited footage with full audio as per the guidelines. - Lewis
  7. Hello & thanks for the report. After reviewing the footage and evidence, I believe it is pretty poor on the players reported players behalf to simply ignore the fact the player logged out for an OOC reason. CoastalChain67 TvA Devil Neeraj Andy Mason Malcsvsm Should you encounter future situations like this could be resolved by mutual compromise between both parties involved rather than simply saying you can /report for an admin to resolve, a quick simple /b in future something along the lines of "Hey, we're happy to void if you're happy to void this" should be sufficient and could have avoided the need to make this report. As the player told you they had to relog for an OOC reason. I'd understand if the compromise was not achievable e.g. if both parties couldn't agree to void, you would need to continue RP and then make a player report if you felt rules were broken. - Lewis
  8. Team Update: - Ballin has stepped down as Director of Administration - Osborn has been assigned Director of Administration & Head of Factions
  9. I can definitely say that I visited with someone, we had a fantastic private dining experience, all the food is sourced locally. They have plentiful supply of alcohol and a very good menu. Can't wait to go back! You can literally smell and see the food being cooked!
  10. Well, that sounds like a familiar face. Welcome to Eclipse @ClarkSmith - we hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Lewis

    Forum name change

    Special characters are not permitted in names either.
  12. Hello @NadePop The forums require your username to be a minimum of three characters. Do you have any other names in mind?
  13. Lewis

    Forum name change

    @JayG"ski" is already in use - do you want any other name?
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