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  1. PD Warehouse / Dynamic Event

    I really like this. It would also be a solution to the issue which the PD faces at the moment, when we take evidence there's no way of placing it anywhere other than dropping it in the Armory. Very well thought out, sir!
  2. Voice Phone

    This is a really nice suggestion. It would also allow people near you to presumably hear you should you have the facility to put the phone on speaker.
  3. New and skeptical

    Welcome, enjoy your stay & have fun! Remember, if you have a question in game be sure to use the /report command (Select 1 - Question) and that comes through to the support team who are all more than happy to help!
  4. Howdy!

    Welcome! Brilliant tips from Pazz and BigLag, just one further tip from me. If you're in game and struggle to alt-tab and ask questions on Discord, you can also use the /report command in-game and select option 1 (question) and that comes through to the support team! Enjoy your stay, may it be long & prosperous!
  5. Prison/Jail

    The problem with this is if punishment goes below 2 hours i don't think there would be any reason why the majority of people wouldn't go around felony evading and running from police, if they're going to sit in jail for anything less than 2 hours. I know this has recently been modified so that the max time is 120 Minutes.
  6. Bank accounts

    This is probably a misunderstanding. Bank accounts are available in game and separate from money incurred through salary. You have to take your salary from the bank, once you do this income tax is applied and the money then goes into your bank account. Hope this makes sense.
  7. Phone booths

    I like the suggestion regarding the phone booths. Just so you know when you call 911, the police get your name & your number but only the location of the call, it's not like when police respond to the calls they're constantly getting an update of where the active location of the caller is, if that makes sense?
  8. I sold my Baller 3 at High end for $85,000 but it seems as though the car has been sold but no money received. Link to bug report here: Any ideas? Thanks, Lewis
  9. What's Crackin'

    Welcome, Firestorm. I hope you enjoy your stay :)
  10. VIP Boombox

    I'm not sure if there's a script limitation but it'd be nice if the radio played by Weazel News could be heard from player vehicles too.
  11. Credit cards

    I think the logic behind this is good, maybe allow someone to get a credit card (an over-draft facility maybe good) but also thinking in real-life terms here, a pre-paid card could work just as well, people could top-up their cards and be robbed of them, but also give the flexibility of allowing them to cancel their card (within a specific time-frame) or even just go with the credit card idea, with interest!