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  1. Closed, player will remain banned.
  2. I was the one who did this. I have since gone ahead and removed "read-only" please ensure your participation in our discord is in compliance with our rules. Thanks, Lewis
  3. We do not unban people for hacking. Closed.
  4. @Oily Kale please respond to the above.
  5. Thanks for appealing. Your account is not banned, i appreciate that you now know what you did wrong, we have the OOC insults rule here to keep the server enjoyable and fun to play. When you insult people it ruins their gaming experience. You're welcome to reapply, any future instances of insults to other members of the community, staff members and blatant disregard for our server rules will result in a permanent ban. Please complete the quiz again if you want to continue playing. Appeal archived.
  6. In that case, suggesting that the punishment stays on file but you're given another chance. Waiting for a Head Administrator to conclude.
  7. Hello @voltricks and thanks for appealing. How would you handle things differently next time?
  8. Thanks for appealing. Player may appeal in no less than three months from this date.
  9. Thanks for appealing. @[email protected] have you read all of our rules, as these have changed since you were banned?
  10. Real world trading is against our rules, it is unfair for people to be able to pay to skip the queue and is not something we would consider. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Due to alternative evidence not being produced, I am going to have to close this report due to insufficient evidence. @fatboy3288 Thank you for clarifying my question, I accept your explanation. @gblizzard - Please try and download the evidence if using a stream or a 3rd party video in future. Report closed, archived.
  12. I really feel safe with this new publication!
  13. Really like this.
  14. Lewis

    ID 46 & 48 (DM)

    After reviewing the evidence, Dwayne Donovan and Mia Nightwood have both been issued a punishment for KOS. There was no justification for open firing without demands at all. Appeal accepted, archived.
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