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  1. Lewis

    The Lost MC - (Non RP war)

    Thanks for your report. After reviewing the footage it is clear that there was RP and prior to this, you had several altercations with the gang prior to war being declared which seems just in my opinion. Report Rejected/Topic Closed.
  2. Lewis

    Giedrius_Jablonskis Ban Appeal

    Thanks, appeal archived.
  3. Lewis

    Mask 7393_1817 (103)

    Hello and thanks for reporting, do you have footage of him igniting the fuel tank? Thanks, Lewis
  4. Lewis

    David_Lonzo Ban Appeal

    Pending @ItsPazz
  5. Lewis

    brandon6gc - Brandon Zach (VDM Appeal)

    I believe the punishment should remain, pending a higher-up for a final decision.
  6. Lewis

    Giedrius_Jablonskis Ban Appeal

    I've unbanned you, the ban will remain on record so that other staff members know that you've been punished for the English rule in the future. Are you happy for the appeal to be closed?
  7. Lewis

    Giedrius_Jablonskis Ban Appeal

    I copied the same thing from the other appeal because that's exactly what happened. How can you assure me that this won't happen again?
  8. Lewis

    Deividziune Abdul Kapok (Ban appeal)

    Hello & thank you for appealing. Punishment will remain on record as there hasn't been any footage supplied which shows that this did not take place. Appeal Rejected/Topic Locked.
  9. Lewis

    Giedrius_Jablonskis Ban Appeal

    Hello, and thank you for appealing. You were reported for being unresponsive to me's and /do's, I tried let you know how to proceed and answer the roleplay and you proceeded to scream down your mic in a language that I did not understand. Can you please tell me why this occurred?
  10. Lewis

    brandon6gc - Brandon Zach (VDM Appeal)

    Thanks for appealing. Can you please upload footage from your perspective?
  11. Lewis

    5556_511 (DM/ KOS/ OOC Insults)

    Hello and thank you for reporting. There is a bug which occasionally happens that does indeed look like you're shooting, in the video it is shown that you're aiming a gun, I've had this happen to me a few times. The player will receive a punishment for OOC insults, but I am not accepting this as footage of KOS due to this bug and it being clear in the video of you aiming into the shop. Report Accepted, Topic Locked.
  12. Lewis

    Sunra - Vince Carter (Punishment Appeal)

    Hello, and thank you for your appeal, after discussing this with the staff member involved, I have voided your punishment of "combat logging" and adjusted the ban to Deathmatching (1st Offence) under current guidelines, I've taken into account the ban time you've already served, and adjusted your punishment. You've got 23 hours left of your ban. In future, taking on-board your comment about the frame-rate and recording your game, I would suggest you download and install plays.tv which uses minimal local resources, and automatically records your game-play. Thanks, Lewis
  13. Lewis

    Sunra - Vince Carter (Punishment Appeal)

    Thank you for your response. @Sunraww Do you have any footage from your perspective leading up to the situation?
  14. Lewis

    Appealing Andrei_Magnetov

    Thank you for appealing. Deathmatching isn't tolerated at all, even in an in-character prison. Punishment will remain on record. Appeal Rejected/Topic Locked.
  15. Lewis

    Lauriso - Jungo Bunmo (Ban appeal)

    Pending @NobodyLTU