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  1. Lewis

    Please delete

  2. Lewis

    Joseph Ruggiero - VDM

    Do you have any footage from your footage to prove otherwise? You were the driver of the baller and actively aimed for them proving your desync claim incorrect in my opinion. Thanks, Lewis
  3. Lewis

    ID 19, ID 26 (5.1 Metagaming)

    Thank you for reporting. I acknowledge that Kables was trying to do something positive and helpful, but support staff are always 100% in character and do not have the authority as staff members to pause or reset role play. I can see from the video that it was stated medics had been called, therefore at that point the bug was being treated as in-character, the car should never have been given back and as he died at the scene giving the car back was minor, although I don't believe any rules were intended on being broken;- I can conclude that this was metagaming. The two players involved will be warned for metagaming. Thanks, Lewis
  4. Lewis

    LiGhTPoWeR - Oliver Michelson (Deathmatch Appeal)

    Hello and thank you for appealing. I appreciate that you've taken the time to read our rules but is evident that the rules were broken and you were punished according to guidelines. Appeal Rejected, punishment archived.
  5. Lewis

    Cop Baiting appeal Archie Gribbins

    Hello and thank you for appealing. After reviewing the footage and reading Musket's recommendation, I have decided to void the punishment. Appeal accepted, punishment archived.
  6. Lewis

    MinMyn- Cosmin Visinesc (Ban appeal)

    Hello and thank you for appealing. I spoke with Xposed about this and he issued the punishment on my behalf, as you had already ran over someone who was already injured, this in my opinion makes it VDM. Recommending the punishment remains, pending a Head Administrator to conclude.
  7. Lewis

    Joseph Ruggiero - VDM

    It was handled via a report in-game, you turned around and hit the player again. I don't understand your desync claims when in the video it looks like you deliberately hit the bike. Recommending the punishment remains.
  8. Lewis

    ID 19, ID 26 (5.1 Metagaming)

    This is being reviewed.
  9. Lewis

    Joseph Ruggiero - VDM

    Hello and thanks for appealing. you were banned based for VDM from the above footage. You hit a player and then came back and tried to do it again. Recommending the punishment stands.
  10. Lewis

    Jaime Brown - (BAN APPEAL)

    Thank you for appealing. The punishment will remain as it is evident from the above you have learned your lesson. Appeal rejected, archived.
  11. Lewis

    Perma Ban Appeal

    You said and I quote "I don't give a fuck about this server and people in this server" and refused to accept that falling off of your bike is not a bug but an IC issue. Recommending 3 months minimum as it clear from your response that your over-all attitude is not good.
  12. Lewis

    Cazual4d - Caz Murphy (METAGAMING Appeal)

    Hello and thank you for appealing. I refer to this footage:- Two punishments were issued for this occasion, you were punished for Fear RP and Metagaming. I understand that it is the Metagaming that you're appealing, you used /do's to identify Jay Gamble and Collie Feegan and later stated that you identified when questioned after this footage was provided. Charges should never have been placed based on the body-cam. They were p[laced based on your /do identifying them but it was later established that the /do was incorrect as LSPD would not have identified anyone as everyone was wearing masks making the /do incorrect. Your character may have known and been able to identify by voice, but everyone involved would not have been. Especially as you did not actually have any footage and used the /do to say Jay Gamble and Collie Fegan were on scene but did not have footage to back it up and categorically said it was them in /do with no mention of the mask or voice. Everyone in the scene you used /do to identify Jay Gamble and Collie were wearing masks. I hoe this clears it up. Recommending the metagaming remains. Thanks, Lewis
  13. Lewis

    167, 86, 156 Fear Roleplay

    Thanks for reporting. In the footage provided it shows the gun being aimed at the guy in the middle, it shows that the guy on the left turned around and used his gun whilst you were aiming at the guy in the middle. Per server rules this is not Fear RP, you were aiming at one person. The person you were not aiming at used their gun to defend their life. I'd recommend that you do not attempt to rob three people on their own as you cannot hold a gun at three people at once. No action taken. Report Rejected, Topic Closed Thanks, Lewis
  14. Applications are now closed. Thank you to all those that applied. Accepted applicants will be contacted via discord to arrange interviews by the end of this week. If you're not contacted, please apply again during our next recruitment cycle!