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  1. Thanks for the report, as you can see indestructible barricades were not used as it was a carefully planned deployment, it's not as if these were deployed whilst you were travelling at high speeds towards the officer. I reject your claims of desync, you could clearly see the barricades in the picture, there were no sync issues which put you at a disadvantage. Your comment about realism, I don't think anyone would attempt driving towards barriers at 240 in a sports car it would be a death trap in my opinion. Also, the barriers do not determine your car stalling, game mechanics do and these
  2. Thanks for the report, if the scripted MDC can see the plate then it is not exploiting. The player is allowed to go by the script. Report denied, archived.
  3. Hello, and thank you for submitting this player report! Following an extensive investigation of this player report along with taking the statements of all parties involved into consideration, I have come to the conclusion that this player report will be rejected on the basis of there being no rulebreaks. It becomes clear that the supplied intention as a group that you point out in your response, which was to steal the vehicle while the owners were distracted within the store, is not what is being attempted during this situation. The owner of the vehicle is quite literally faced towar
  4. Support applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied, successful candidates will be contacted shortly for an interview.
  5. Hello & thanks for the report. @alexalex303 @BrainDed and @Leon the Peon Can you please explain what happened from your point of view and explain why you were at the HQ initially? @Leon the Peon What was your reasoning for tazing the reporting party? Thanks Lewis
  6. Hello & thanks for the report. You were the ones who decided to follow them, I do not understand or comprehend how this was baiting when the reporting party was the one who decided to follow. I understand there was an element of "shit-talking" being exchanged, but if your character decided that was enough to equip heavies and start chasing them, that is on you. Sometimes in role-play you win, and lose, but player reports are not supposed to be made because a situation has effected you negatively, reports are supposed to be made when legitimate Rulebreaks occur. Please refer to the pla
  7. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Support Staff Applications August 16th, 2020 Dear Eclipse Community, We are proud to announce that we are once again looking to expand our staff team with new Support Staff. As a member of the Support Team, your primary responsibilities will be working with the community mainly newer members and guiding them with their journey through Eclipse RP. You will be working hand in hand with the Administration team on the frontline of Eclipse, in an attempt to make the experience more fun and welcoming for our pl
  8. Hello, and thank you for submitting this player report! First of all I'm sorry that you feel that way and you thought that our Staff Team is abusing their position and misusing powers given to them. I have reached out to fa1N and I can confirm that that was not the case at all. Him and DevilsMuse was helping out a player that was selling his vehicle and got bugged while doing so. When our staff team got round to him and finally attempted to assist, it was too late as the car was already sold to another player that bought it for 68,000 instead of 680,000. The staff team and two players rea
  9. As said above it was removed because of how OP it is. Sorry, I also miss the revolver. Thanks, Lewis
  10. Thanks for your comments. ;] This is currently a work in progress and changes have not been finalised.
  11. Nice to see you here @Dom McFliesWelcome to Eclipse!
  12. Welcome to Eclipse @Reynolds - its good to have you here!
  13. Thanks for the discussion. If you have an issue with a gang's RP demeanour you should contact Faction Management with relevant evidence/examples, if you're unsure who you should contact within Faction Management please contact @Archaeah. If you have evidence of a particular person within a gang violating server rules, please make a player report in the usual way. We will not tolerate witch hunting against specific factions. This is not a healthy discussion to be had. - Lewis
  14. Hello. We think that the majority of posters on this thread have been civil and sharing their opinions, however, there have been some insinuating that the police is somehow above server rules, and some comment(s) about police being "butthurt" etc. Either way, we feel that this discussion has run its course and I am going to give a short breakdown; We've got no interest in lowering prison times or inserting a cap. This has been said several times by us on community suggestions, and quite frankly, our stance hasn't changed in regards to this. Prison times for each individual cha
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