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    Looking to get same I bought for at least
  2. If you take a look into Real estate, I am selling it on the web there.
  3. DarioBerg


    Hello. Today I am looking into selling my house in El Burro heights. It is a lovely 2G house, you can park down at the street. Nearby you have the Foundry and the Butcher, and at night you get a lovely view of Los Santos. For more information don't hesitate to contact me here or on my e-mail: DarioMoretti#[email protected] The starting bid would be 300.000$. Images of the property: https://imgur.com/1M5Trjn https://imgur.com/ot57Skq https://imgur.com/y8lKSW3 https://imgur.com/lE9EbyE https://imgur.com/t2F7OwX
  4. I Have 2G in El Burro heights. Near the foundry and butcher
  5. I love it! I love the fact that a Latino gang is finally here! I always loved VLA's history!
  6. Hi! I am looking to purchase a house with 2 Garages and my budget is 450.000$. Please send your offers below or to my e-mail at: DarioMoretti#[email protected] If possible, boat access would be really great. Thanks!
  7. Hi you all! I am selling my fully MAXED Dubsta Custom with all customizations and ram bars. The only thing that differs from the picture is color which is BLACK and rims are OFF ROAD rims. The import price at all dealerships is above 90.000. Price of all customization with 2 Turbo's is over 170.000. That brings it to the total of 260.000 that it cost me. I do understand however that I can't get that price so Buyout is 160.000 I am ALSO selling a half modified XLS SUV for 120.000! Matte Black. And last but not least I am selling a Dinghy Boat for only 100.000! Please make offers below or contact me via e-mail at DarioMoretti#[email protected]
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