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  1. Hello and thank you for submitting a Player Report. After reviewing the video and witnessing ID: 22 (Jamesy_Hayes) making attempts to steal vehicles in an NCZ - I have decided the following punishment: Jamesy_Hayes will be issued with: Non Roleplay #1 | NCZ Report accepted and archived.
  2. Hello there and thank you for submitting a Player Complaint. Unfortunately you have failed to submit the form with useful information (such as the Unix timestamp) and I will therefore close and deny the report. The screenshot is not sufficient enough as it is taken from a cellphone. Please read over the following thread and submit a report, only once you have read and understood the requirements for a Player Report. Good luck!
  3. Rodiz

    ID 22 (FRP)

    Hello and thank you for submitting a Player Report. After reviewing the video, it is clear to me that ID 22 - Morgan_Wakefield is in breach of Fear RP (Non-RP) as he failed to show any sort of Fear for his life and even asking for his death. Morgan_Wakefield will receive the following punishment on his account: Non-RP (Fear RP) | Offense #1 Report is accepted and archived.
  4. Rodiz

    Archive Please.

    Hello and thank for you submitting a Player Report. It is good to see that you solved the issue together. I have archived the report as per your request.
  5. Hello @Evaldas_ and thank for for submitting a player report. After reviewing logs it is confirmed that the reported player talked in Polish. Andrew_Frederick will receive a warning for using a foreign language in IC chat. Report is closed and archived.
  6. Hello @Cmdbr03 Thank you for submitting a player complaint. We want you to follow our guidelines and format to make the process of investigation and service easier for all parties involved. Please visit this thread and re-post your complaint with sufficient evidence.
  7. Hello there and thank you for submitting a Ban Appeal. You were found walking around in circles outside the hospital whilst not being there. I moved you around for a bit and messaged you without response. It was obvious that you tried to circumvent the AFK timer, which is a serious breach of our rules. As much as I would like to keep this punishment as a warning - it will stay permanent as it is the default punishment for this type of breach. Pending a Senior Admin for a final decision. @Lewis @Chuck @FatherOsborn
  8. Rodiz

    Id 88 (fearrp)

    Hello @Anatoly, Your Player Report is closed as requested.
  9. Hello @barbaru and thank you for submitting a Player Report. The evidence provided in the report (with the claims of DM) is insufficient. Your friend threatened the players surrounding your vehicle and you unholstered your firearms before they even opened fire. I will deny the report as no rules were broken.
  10. Hello there. Since you were directly involved in this appeal and a Senior Administrator denied it, I will let @ChuckM decide whether your Non RP Offense should be voided or not. I also want to clarify that NCZ was broken. My final decision was to let all players in the scenario off with equal punishments for breach of NCZ.
  11. Hello there, I will begin with pointing out (and quoting from the rulebook) that the scripted /ncz command and HUD nofitication are indicators of being in a protected area, though it is up to administrator discretion if your actions are in violation of NCZ rules. As far as I can remember, I did suggest giving the items back to the player at the very start of the investigation but it was disagreed upon when brought up. This is where a huge conversation started. Only after 15-20 minutes of aggressive arguing did you all agree and ask me to teleport you back to Tequilala. You mention it would have been better if I ignored everyone. I do not believe ignoring players during a live investigation is the way to solve issues as an unbiased staff member. I also do not believe that displaying toxic and aggressive behaviour as a player during an investigation is the best way of having a staff member fully understand your side. TL;DR - I did not just change my idea of resolving the issue in a better way for all of us without a good reasoning behind it. I feel like the story of what really happened here is being a bit twisted and since you already appealed in game and was fine with the resolution after an explanation I will stick to it.
  12. Hello @Exodical, As I explained in game 15 minutes after politely asking if his items could be returned: The reason why I did not proceed with voiding the situation was because of the lack of maturity displayed - which delayed my initial idea of a smooth resolution. At first it was being argued why his items would be returned and not until later on during the report did Femo agree to the Teleporting. At that point I had already considered all options and came to the conclusion that every player should get the same punishment. You demanded the seller to receive an NCZ punishment - which was also issued to make it fair for everyone involved. Femo appealed in game and was ok with the resolution given after my reasoning (stated above). I am not reversing my decision since you were all involved in the situation and was at an area directly connected with Tequilala.
  13. Rodiz

    Quiz Evaluation

    Hello @Diamantakos, You got reported for violations within a Non Crime Zone (LSPD). I teleported there and talked to you for a good 15 minutes, trying to explain to you what an NCZ is since you did not know what it meant. I left you with a written warning and asked you to read and revisit the rulebook which you agreed upon. Everything seemed fine and the report on you was resolved. The second time I met you was outside the hospital. You acted Non RPly harassing LSEMS staff, jumping on top of an ambulance and kicking it when things did not go your way. At this point I realized you had not followed my advice to revisit the rulebook and hence decided to kick you back to the quiz. Let me mention that this community is a place for players who wish to experience a good and interesting Roleplay environment. We cannot have players running around without being aware of the enforced rules, having fun and free roaming at the cost of quality of Roleplay. This ruins the experience for others and that is why I will stick to my initial decision.
  14. Hello there and thank you for reporting. I was dealing with this player myself and taught him several rules. He has now been kicked and sent back to the RP quiz. The report is therefore resolved.
  15. Hello! First of all I would like to stress the fact that I did not issue two punishments. You were given one punishment for Non RP which was a kick from the server. I explained my reasoning behind the punishment more than 10 times yesterday. Let me do that again. What I believe was unrealistic was how you executed your own Roleplay in a Non RP way. You went up to a couple of players Roleplaying that you knew 200 different dialects of Chinese and used /b's to explain how instead of proper /do's. You refrained from listening to me yesterday - despite many attempts to teach you why I thought this situation went to the edge of what is realistic and can be Roleplayed. I will stick to my decision and stand behind my minor punishment. Pending Senior Staff.
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