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  1. Hello again! More than 24 hours have passed and I deem the evidence provided insufficient. The player report will therefore be closed and archived.
  2. Hello! I will give @Harm 24 hours to upload another video where we can witness what eventually happened prior to the shooting. If this is not submitted, the complaint will be closed and archived.
  3. Rodiz

    Mask 4032_7023 ( DM 7.2.1 )

    Hello and thank you for submitting another round of evidence. After reviewing this with an Administrator and looking into the complex situation that unfortunately does not gives us a 100% clear overview, we have decided the following outcome: The RP will be voided after a discussing with an Administrator. No one will be issued any administrative punishment. Refunds may be requested in the refund request section. The report is to be closed and archived.
  4. Rodiz

    Mask 4032_7023 ( DM 7.2.1 )

    @DominykasHD @PeterZito Hi and thank you for responding in a timely manner. Since you both are talking about events that happened prior to the current video evidence and give me a different story as to why this happened, I would like to request for another video to be uploaded that shows the reason to this shootout. 24 hours have been given for you guys to upload a new video. If neither of you have evidence regarding what I mentioned above - the complaint will be closed and denied for insufficient evidence.
  5. Hello and thank you for submitting a player complaint! I will give Mask 3165_6220 || Samo Granados, Mask 9438_7093 || Mack Shown and Mask 8343_8045 || Johnathan Allen 24 hours to respond as to why they attacked you in this particular situation. They have all been informed and notified in game.
  6. Rodiz

    Mask 4032_7023 ( DM 7.2.1 )

    Hello and thank you for submitting a player complaint! I will give Mask 4032_7023 // Peter_Zito 24 hours to respond as to why he attacked you guys in this particular situation. He has been informed and notified in game.
  7. Rodiz


    +1 Would be a great addition to the server. Like Musket said, once the desync is sorted this would work out just fine.
  8. Rodiz

    More house commands

    +1 Would be useful for sending people RP invites to events as well as being able to rent your property to others during a limited time without the risk of getting scammed.
  9. Rodiz

    Mask 9090_8551 Deathmatching 7.2

    Hello! The report will be denied at this time. You will be receiving "Disrespecting a staff member" to your profile with administrator @MusketDeezNuts permission. You need to read the requirements before posting a player complaint with insufficient evidence. I will quote Head Administrator Ballin below. Link: Player Report Requirements You are always free to report players who break rules. But you need to make sure that you follow the requirements listed in the link pasted above, if you want the complaint to be resolved in your favor.
  10. Rodiz

    Mask 9090_8551 Deathmatching 7.2

    @DISCO Myself and an Administrator would like to see the full video where we can see the first stealing attempt. We would also like to listen to the video's audio of said situation. You have 24 hours to reply with new evidence. Otherwise the report will be closed due to: -Lack of Evidence -Edited Evidence
  11. Rodiz

    Speed cameras

    I think we all know that a GTA RP server will never get close to IRL as far as the RP standards are set lower than heavy, which is the case for Eclipse. The problem here (seen from a very active paramedic's perspective) is that people die every single second from extreme Non RP Driving within LS boundaries. We had close to 200 players on yesterday which caused LSEMS to get 10 calls per minute. 9/10 calls where someone got rammed. We had a situation where we treated a player outside the hospital and a sportscar rammed us (even with the ambulance blocking off the road) while driving 200 km/h. If we catch them which we barely do the easy excuse is "/b I didn't see you" or "/b it was desync". There is never a simple fix to Non RP standards. 50% are voting no to speed cameras because they feel like cameras are too complex to code or simply because they like driving extreme speeds in the city. I feel like the start of 2019 will be brilliant if players who do not care for their life nor others gets a lesson learned. I agree that the cameras should be tested at NCZ roads during a stage of R&D. This will definitely help as a vast majority of all IC calls and OOC reports regarding a car crash is outside the bank and Pillbox Hill MD.
  12. Rodiz

    Mask 9090_8551 Deathmatching 7.2

    Mask-9090_8551 @Harm has 24 hours to respond with his side of the story. @DISCO Please keep this in mind:
  13. Rodiz

    Speed cameras

    No there should not
  14. Rodiz

    Speed cameras

    Yes it should to enforce traffic rules within LS.
  15. I agree with @Com783. Speed cameras that automatically send you a speeding ticket if you reach more than +20km/h or similiar. This was implemented on one of the greatest SAMP servers and worked without major issues. It is ridiculous to get 10 new patients outside Pillbox Hill MD because people are driving 200 km/h and then to get inside the emergency drop off lane. That would be a GREAT location to place a speeding cam.