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  1. I've been part of this community off and on for almost two years, so if I'm harsh, I'm sorry, but it's with passion and hope for change. I like to drive cars in 'Steal Cars: the Game', and race them. I feel like there is no support for this mechanically and it's a huge oversight that could create events and fun for Civs aswell as Crims. When did Eclipse RP come out? How are Races not mechanically supported yet in Eclipse? I want to reserve some hope for the devs that something is coming and what I'm talking about is "around the corner" or "it's too hard with our funds". If it's not
  2. ID 33 is not me, I'm not sure how you "identified" me but this is not me. Hopefully Revelt or anyone else involved can confirm this. If admins can check logs of activity online they should see that I was online for not even an hour yesterday and I basically just managed my cars and sold my BF400.
  3. Some clothing covers some guns if you want to hide it.
  4. Boats dont seem to have any real function on Eclipse, it would be cool if you had fishing spots way out in the ocean that gave fish more quickly or higher tier of fish. Im assuming this wouldnt be all too hard to add and it could make boats more relevant on the server. Even robberies by boat or jetski would probably occur on these fishing sites and the coast guard would have more to do!
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