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  1. I was in the process of leaving the situation by driving a sports car past it. I didn't know I was going to get rammed. You say you're not in a faction which may be true but "our guys" implies that you're in a gang of some kind. Also, I've said time and time again that the video can't be any longer because I hit record the second I got shot at. Also even if I did shoot at you, which I didn't because I don't know you, how would you know it was me? And why would a mechanic employed by LSC at the time be in a gang war? Maybe you should tag the player giving you dodgy information in here too.
  2. my bad, got a bit confused since i didnt see a black rancher in my report, sorry
  3. WillJ

    Glitches / Dsync

    +1 started to happen even more recently
  4. Sorry, I was messing around? I was driving, pretty quickly, on a main road. I'm not sure if you're talking about a different situation but i didn't see anyone including myself talking on the radio
  5. WillJ

    Clear list of working car mods.

    most mechanics should know anyways, if they dont ask to speak to their boss or something
  6. if there's an admin about can you archive this report? it's clear it's not going anywhere since the same arguments are being brought up but hopefully it can serve to help people who might also have problems with the same group for this kind of reason cheers
  7. WillJ

    Providing cars to rob/steal

  8. WillJ

    SOLD - Almost Maxed Coquette Classic

    cos i love ya and i'm skint, sure why not, i'll head to he and reduce it
  9. WillJ

    SOLD - Almost Maxed Coquette Classic

    current bid 120k
  10. WillJ

    SOLD - Almost Maxed Coquette Classic

    Despite being on auction, it's still on sale at High end for $251500, but I'll update the listing if it manages to sell there.
  11. I've decided to auction my coquette classic. I don't have a picture as my phone is broken ((can't Alt+Enter to ss and steam screens dont work)), but you can check it out at high end if you want to. It's maxed on everything except for suspension which is on Level 2 and turbo. I'm starting bidding at 120k. INCREMENTS OF 5K OR MORE ONLY don't want people putting single dollars on top of eachother
  12. WillJ

    [SELLING] 3 Car Garage House VINEWOOD

    If my car manages to sell i'll do the 270k, nobody seems to want to buy it though
  13. WillJ

    Vehicles in NCZ

  14. WillJ

    New Business/Company Type