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  1. I just picked it up since I like the area, cheers fella
  2. Can I get the prices to outright buy each house? Definitely interested by the Chumash one and might be interested in buying or renting-to-own for it or the others.
  3. +1, it's been suggested before but this would be really good, hope it's done at some point
  4. How much you wanting for the 2 next to each other?
  5. Looking for a 2g in the city, closer to bank and lsc the better but I'll take whatever comes may way right now. Looking to spend about 300k realistically. Reply here, email me at WillVII#6098 @lsc.com ((discord)) or text me at 5161619 if I happen to be in town. Cheers
  6. Looking to buy a 2 or 3g house/apartment in the city, closer to lsc and bank the better. Have about 500k in my bank right now but we can work something out if you have something a bit pricier. 3g preferred but will take a decent 2g if the price isn't awful. Feel free to reply here or email me at WillVII#6098 @lsc.com (I'll also use that to give me phone number for when I'm in town) with anything you might have. Cheers
  7. -1, the current way people CK is really bad and makes no sense to me; people essentially kill off their character but still have all their stuff and usually have all of the convenient connections they had before (seen a few times in LSC so we had to change policies ooc etc). If you want to RP a new character, make a new one. It'd be a lot better for the server if the changes mentioned by Xoza were implemented at some point, but for now I think a name change should act as that; a name change.
  8. Update: Price reduced to 270k for quick sale, still on HE
  9. Edit: It's on HE for 285k if anyone's bothered
  10. delete, Serthon just said my point is actually in the server which i didnt know about haha
  11. To obtain a legal gun license you already do have to apply to the LSPD's F&L division here on the forums, I imagine the new players etc with them buy them from other players.
  12. Looking to sell my maxed 9f, will be done through cash as high end appears to be full (I am a government employee so you don't need to worry about being scammed). It is maxed except for 1/2 turbo and no suspension as suspension can have negative effects on the car. If you are interested, reply here, email me at WillVII#6098 @lsc.com or text me at 5161619 if I happen to be in town with offers. I will update the post if the vehicle is put on highend/no longer for sale.
  13. Looking for a 2g house or apartment as close to LSC as possible. Would prefer a nice interior but it's not essential. Also interested in 3g's in the area but as of right now a 2g is more realistic. Please email me at WillVII#6098 @lsc.com or reply here with anything you might have. You can also try texting me at #5161619 if I happen to be in town. Edit: I have about 500k so a 3g a bit further away would be considered if you can get em for that price.
  14. WillJ


    i'll do the 300, let me know when it's up and the address
  15. Looking to buy a house, no less than 2g (3g preferred but understand budget restraints). I have a 500k budget and would prefer something near Bank, LSC or HE or generally in a nice area. Reply here with offers or email them to me at WillVII#[email protected] ((discord)). Thanks
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