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  1. nah, it's already 100k under retail with loads of performance mods
  2. Picked it up as a runaround but don't need it anymore, it's on lowend for 7k in case anyone strapped for cash needs a decent little motor
  3. Bump, price change/need gone now as paying for a new car
  4. I have placed a trophy truck on highend that is maxed aside from suspension and 1/2 turbo. It's currently listed at 225k which is an absolute steal as these vehicles cost over 300k brand new. It's a fantastic vehicle which large trunk capacity, great offroad capability and a high maximum speed. Enjoy if you grab it!
  5. Selling my Baller LE. Fully maxed and currently selling at HE for around 100k. This is a huge saving considering that the car retails for about 85k. I don't need the car anymore hence the sale but it's a fantastic vehicle with offroad capabilities and a trunk capacity of 200.
  6. Thank you pal, bought the 2g, good luck selling the 1g, shouldnt be too hard to shift
  7. Buying a 2G as close to LSC as possible, just looking for a regular 2g apartment, nothing too fancy as I don't spend a lot of time in my houses. Reply here with what you have or drop me a text at #5161619
  8. As a member of LSC, the issue of having to switch radio frequencies due to robberies is actually getting out of proportion. It's getting to the point where only having to change daily is a good thing. As part of a legal faction, it's especially annoying as we dont really share classified info on our radio, but people who've robbed our mechanics usually just use the frequency to piss people off until we have to switch. PD have a radio frequency that can only be used by members of PD, so I'm not really sure why we (mechanics+cab drivers) can't have the same thing. While im happy for any criticism to be posted below, the 'it's not realistic' argument should be irrelevant since irl a person could easily get into a police officer's radio if they robbed them. Sorry if it's not worded too eloquently but thanks for reading
  9. Sorry I took the price off the door, if you'd like to email me at WillVII#6098 @lsc.com i'll sort something out with you
  10. bump, price on door is sitting at 215k and taking offers
  11. Character to be refunded: Conall Telford (formerly Sam Wright - not ck just name change) Date and time of incident:Unsure, between mid-late 2017 and now. Requested refund (what and how much):1x Comet Retro, stock Description of incident resulting in loss: Before I left the server in 2017, I had a 2g in Vespucci and a comet retro custom (and a brioso which was impounded). I understand that long absences result in the house being resold which is fair enough but I haven't seen anything about this happening with vehicles. I bought the retro custom back when they were stocked at dealerships for about 400-500k and it was parked in my garage when I last disconnected. I then rejoined back in July this year and everything I had was gone except for the bit of money I had left and the brioso. If possible I would like the comet retro back as it was my favourite vehicle and they're very hard to acquire now. Evidence of loss: I've had a completely new pc since then so I don't have any pictures of it; hopefully it'll be in the logs or something but i understand if this isn't good enough. Comments:Few people told me to make this report on explaining what happened, wasn't going to since it's from a couple years ago but got convinced that it might be valid. I understand there isn't a lot of evidence and it might just be something that happens when inactive but just trying. I fully understand if this request as denied since it happened so long ago I also know that the value is now over 500k, but it wasn't at the time I bought the car as they sold in dealerships for much cheaper.
  12. Yeah, if you look a couple replies up my mans Darion got it
  13. Seeing what sort of offers I can get for my apartment, it's a 1 garage place located just down the road from bank & zetas store (meteor street), making it an ideal location. It is also one of the new houses with a functioning garage for added privacy & security, and has a pool, making it great for parties or just chilling out. I'm not in a huge rush to sell but i'm just seeing what kind of offers I can get for my place. Drop and offer and your contact details below if you're interested and i'll get in touch. (ps, i'd rather you didnt waste my time with ridiculous lowball offers, cheers)
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