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  1. Amaim

    Los Zetas

    It's sad to see the most influential criminal organization go even if I disagreed with your way of doing stuff, farewell guys you had a big impact on the server. But why didn't you just pass the faction to the next highest ranks and keep it alive? or did all high command decide to leave?
  2. I agree with advertising being with IC cash only, the other stuff are non-essential and can be used to support the server.
  3. There are tons of situations where SWAT/SED could of have been deployed in situations which required it however it wasn't done due to the waste of time members of SED/SWAT has to spend travelling across the map to change a bunch of clothes. (Note that deploying SWAT/SED doesn't give any advantage combat wise it's just RP since we can passively deploy, meaning we can have access to all weaponry without being in SWAT/SED uniform) A timer in place (say 2-3 minutes) to realistically imitate the time a person would get in SWAT gear, would null the argument that it will be abused by SED/SWAT members spamming the feature to renew their armor. It's totally realistic for passive SWAT/SED members to have their gear in their cruiser with them. (The uniform + the heavy kevlar) I honestly don't see how this would negatively impact anybody, the -1's feels like crims just down voting anything that could improve the LEA's gameplay.
  4. That would be abuse... however I understand your concern. Perhaps it can be added with some rules surrounding it or a long timer, say 2-3 minutes
  5. How exactly can it be abused? what advantage does it give other than the extended armor which is not unrealistic to have in a cruiser's trunk?
  6. I understand your concern, but /pw provides all the actual gear anyways including macros and all the weaponry. the only extra thing would be the extended armor other than that it's just the uniform.
  7. What's wrong with deploying from a vehicle? disregard crashing even in normal circumstances.
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