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  1. It should be allowed, or else people are gonna use the rules to avoid IC scams. it can happen in real life.
  2. Would you be interested in selling?
  3. I don't like it being totally scripted, however I like if some chosen members from different organizations are chosen to be illegal medics...- or actually just give OOC corruption perm to a set of medics where they can roleplay such stuff and have a number.
  4. Even with experience people can make honest mistakes specially in chaotic situations. It's a game after all.
  5. Send me your offer and if it's good I might.
  6. +1 the range should be increased a lot, it's a bit silly that I have to move my cruiser to be able to place a barrier few meters away.
  7. 200 and I'll come into city right now.
  8. 220 and it's yours.
  9. Contacts: - SMS/CALL this number with the details 5227164 - Email me on my GOV Email
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