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  1. Welcome to the server mate.
  2. Never knew it existed, sorry for the spam then, archive this please.
  3. Everyday more and more vehicles are getting added to the server by being bought from dealerships and players have no way of getting rid of their vehicles other than passing it to other players, that is becoming more and more hard as the player to vehicle ratio is increasing rapidly. Players sometimes wanna free up slots from old unwanted not popular vehicles for example. My suggestion is simple, create a scrapyard where players can take their vehicles and delete it out of existence while getting 30%-50% (percentage is up to management) from their car's stock price as a compensation. (That wouldn't make players prefer scrapyard over dealing with other players since it's really really cheap, 300K vehicle would go for less than 150k for example).
  4. Available for rent again, previous tenant decided to cancel contract due to financial issues.
  5. Bought a house from him cash, he is really trusted, I vouch for him.
  6. Old tenant is officially out (he bought a house), available for rent.
  7. Depends on the offer, contact me over email with the offer.
  8. Contact me on my email AliAmaim#2814 or call me 5227164
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