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  1. I really like the roleplay you bring to the server as we lack proper gangs, hope to see more gangs following your path.
  2. It's a little bit silly yes, but yes I am sure in real life there are snitches everywhere however the problem here is not people calling 911 on drug labs the problem is that the drug labs locations are stationary and it has got to a point now that drug lab locations are very public knowledge where you can see players with new player tags wandering around so it's expected that such situations are gonna happen. I'm actually gonna suggest it soon to make drug lab locations either dynamic or make drug labs craft-able (I think already suggested before)
  3. I can give you one on the second floor for 200, got a current active tenant (month by month payment ((week)) ).
  4. I totally agree with you, however no need to create another tiring process of appealing just put an automatic system which fairly does it, for example if 120 hours of playtime has passed on a player with no punishments/warnings given then 1 old punishment is overturned. (120 hours is an average of 2hours daily/2 month 4hours daily/month) using playtime as an indicator instead of dates as someone can go inactive for a month which wont mean he is not breaking rules anymore but just away.
  5. Feel free to SMS me or email me the offer. 5227164 GOV Email
  6. Maxed, 1/2 Turbo, 1/4 Transmission.
  7. Fuck, which farm? Translation for the peasants: "The aliens are coming. I've seen them in the farm. I've been compromised. HELP"
  8. Also use a middleman to be safe instead of risking wasting 200k+ pay 5k or less and be safe. Like:
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