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  1. 720K, We can discuss for details,if you can contact me by an Email or Phone Contact# 2967382 or AEEKAY#[email protected]
  2. 670K, We can discuss for details,if you can contact me by an Email or Phone Contact# 2967382 or AEEKAY#[email protected]
  3. Thats something i didnt notice, Thanks for that. We "destroying" evidence by de-spawning them into cruisers after/and if there is an investigation. This is also a good suggestion
  4. One small suggestion about LSPD Frisk and /takeguns. Can we be able when we use the command /takeguns the guns will go straight to our inventory and not dissapear. This will prevent us for cuff and uncuff all the time just for them to drop the guns. Also no officer will uncuff a suspect just to take his gun he would take it himself. This will help us for further Investigations as well, lets say if a detective need the gun for fingerprints.
  5. I know that Chat and other actions are disable when BIG MDC is open. So this means that it will remain as it is? Thanks for your fast reply!
  6. Date and time (provide timezone): 21/05/2019 20:30-00:30 GMT+2 Character name: Lex Roth Issue/bug you are reporting: When i have my Mini-MDC open i cannot see the chat window of the left side. Therefore i cannot see any calls or anything happening while on duty. Right now i can talk and use radio but its hard to keep up with the chat if mini mdc is open. Expected behavior: When mini-mdc is open i should be able to to read and see the chat and responding to calls. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Just press CTRL+M while in Cruiser and there will no chat from the time that Mini MDC will be open untill its closed.
  7. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Donnie Brasco Character to Transfer To: Lex Roth Requested Transfer: 260.000$ Reason for Transfer: ((I recently joined the LSPD on my second character and no longer play on Donnie Brasco)) Lex Roth's cousin Donnie will move back to his country and he will leave for a very long time.He decides to leave the assets to Lex. Donnie inherited his father business and he already have a lot of earnings back in his country. He wanted to help Lex on his begging therefore leaves the money to him. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I would have assist from one of my friends
  8. @FatherOsborn or @BallinByNature please?
  9. So nobody can give me a reply ?
  10. You are right i should have thought it that way.
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