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  1. Is your point really you wouldn't want something as simple and realistic as ammunition added to legal gunstores because it would have an impact on "official" gangs? +1 on the suggestion to add ammo to gunstores, -1 to well, everything else in this topic.
  2. I'm looking to buy a house with private pool. If you have one you might be willing to sell, please send me a personal message or mail me at Roderick#[email protected] Thanks in advance!
  3. As the title states I'm interested in these cars. Looking to get rid of one of these quick? Let me know!
  4. This beautiful property is now also available for a sale!
  5. Vespucci Blvd 20, Metro Los Santos 2 Garage spots Buyout: $400,000 at the door! Calm exterior with patio and side parking! Close to High End and an amazing view over the well-known Canals! Please note it's not me selling the house, I merely made the advertisment for the sale.
  6. This is definitely one of the best suggestions I've read so far. An addition like this would be great for legal factions/RP. For example in order to climb higher up in a faction you'd need a certain degree in a certain subject. Huge +1!
  7. This beautiful house is still looking for a renter!
  8. This amazing beachhouse is still looking for a new owner!
  9. (( Well, for example you're posting out of character stuff in the in-character section. I see why you might have problems with the test. I'd suggest you to take the time to read a basic RP guide, I think that would provide the knowledge you need to possess in order to pass the quiz. Good luck! ))
  10. Magellan Ave 1, Chumash 3 Garage Renting Price: $30,000 Starting Price: $800,000 Beachside exterior with beautiful balcony and personal garage! Personal patio and beach walkway! #3727719
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