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  1. AAA Guns Below you will find the winner of the Elegy Retro Custom at AAA Guns. A very special thanks to @Xoza for sponsoring the giveaway. The total entries were 712. The total amount of people who have entered were 106 The winner is Sampson Jones ((https://bit.ly/2OY8AiR))
  2. As said in the title. Right now you use /removefurniture and it is a PAIN, you never remove what you want to remove @Awazki can understand the pain after we spent 1 hour in changing a simple door since we removed half the building. Adding the "remove" function in the UI and removing the /removefurniture function.
  3. AAA Guns AAA Guns is hosting a giveaway to one lucky individual at the end of next week - 27th of July. Every purchase made at AAA Guns will count as an entry for a Elegy Retro Custom. If you don't have a weapons license you can still enter by purchasing melee weapons. To enter the giveaway all you have to do is drive up to AAA Guns located next to apartment 7/7 and purchase anything from our store. Entry Details: Melee = 1 Ticket Pistol, SNS, Combat, Heavy (Gun & Ammo) = 4 Tickets Pistol .50 Ammo = 5 Tickets Pistol .50 = 7 Tickets Whenever you make a purchase, you will be automatically registered with the amount of tickets for our giveaway! Giveaway will happen at 21:00 ((UTC)) We will announce it in another post + the winner will receive a text to claim their prize. *Note: Failure to claim prize in 4 days ((24 hours)) the wheel will be drawn again.
  4. Revolvers are something that i feel ECRP needs to implement, this can seriously further RP in quite a few ways. Sheriffs use revolvers instead of pistols Criminals can RP as cowboys (for example) In GTA5 there are quite a few options: Colt 1851 (6 bullet chamber) Raging Bull (almost the replacement of the .50) I also feel that there needs to be some new weapons in ECRP itself as crims manly use pumps or ak's and PD/SD/DOC use carbine, SMG or pumps. There can be so many more options to change weapons in eclipse. and to incease RP itself.
  5. QuentinS


    Please remove
  6. +1 I fully agree but as mentioned by Xoza, weazel should be included someway.
  7. +1 Sick idea, don't see why it should not be implemented.
  8. The current buyout is set at 1.2 million on the door. The house is open for viewing I am up for any offers at 3861508 https://imgur.com/a/t25qyBF
  9. Selling fully maxed drag, looking for offers over 1.9 million. Contact 3861508
  10. Well to be honest the same can be said with guns, where I live I never see people with guns and rarely see it in america.
  11. In the actual game itself there are many types of body armour and can be easily changed from the ones bought in gun stores to the ones buy able on the black market and given by PD/SD/DOC.
  12. Body armour is a good way to protect yourself and does add that extra bit of feeling safe just like a gun. I do not see why it cant be purchased inside a gun store. I have seen many legal people wearing them so I do not see a problem with it.
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