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  1. Good shit Jamal, only in the forums to appreciate your content
  2. Nice faction good job and good luck
  3. The Aztecas were the first people on ECRP I've ever met. From being a chill farmer with protection from a huge gang to actually joining the gang with around 5k exp, it was the perfect start into the server. Y'all had a huge impact on the server from the get go. You made Paleto what it was and everytime there were no Aztecas in Paleto, something was lacking (even though the best Azteca Thomas "El Poeta" Beaulieu was still around). I still miss the church openings and the small get togethers, just chilling at the parking lot bouncing up low riders and vibing to some mexican tunes. Goo
  4. Thomas Beaulieu - Not quite a Fairytale Ending The whole LSPD was listening, Thomas pointing his gun towards an officer infront of him. "ALL OVER THE FUCKING RADIO I REQ-" He looks down his chest - one bullet piercing straight through his body. His pistol slowly dropping out of his hand, his vision getting blurry. He grabs his chest, looking across the street towards a man whos mission it was to eliminate him. Another shot, another hole. There it is - the last bullet. There it is - his life. Everything feels so slow, yet it was a matter of seconds. The
  5. Banger Faction, had a blast playing it from the beginning. Happy that it happened. Thank you for that!
  6. Thank you softcries you r a legend too This is serious sir
  7. PART VIII so this happened: igot arrested??!??!??!?!? I thought i am legal but apreanelty I am not? well anyways I sold 80 guns ! they (the police) thought it was 9 OOC: ((not metagame)) I can't ? belive it! hopefully over SOON
  8. thank you guys I would be nothing without you happy 3.1k VIEWS OMG
  9. Oh my God... I'm unfollowing..
  10. It was by far the most difficult one to write thank you
  11. PART VI : (OOC:: ((we are climbing up the ladder this is MY forum SECTION)) so Today THIS happened... tthank you for the support and to the next TIme it is OVERWHELMINHG EDIT:: WE ARE TOP 10?!?!?!? here is a picture I cut my boss hair OOC: again ooc sorr y for going ooc this much I don't want to go ooc --> (( any way he doesn't know I think I cut hair of his so please don't meta and keep liking post?!) here is another picture too --> this is me cutting hair
  12. Thank you QuirkyMayhem, I appreciate the feedback a lot!
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