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  1. Looking for the owner of this house. I am interested in purchasing it. Text me 4805884
  2. Text me the address and your asking price. 4805884
  3. Serio

    ID 46 FearRP

    I just want to point out in his video that he was attempting to use the /newsagency to bait an employee into opening the gate to steal the vehicle, which would be NRP baiting
  4. Serio

    ID 46 FearRP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 46 Date of interaction reported: 10/07/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1602085012 Your characters name: Jason Tate Other player(s) involved: none Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with demands. If an attacker lowers their weapon to type, victims which were under fear RP remain as so. A player is not showing proper fear if they r
  5. Big +1 from me. It could be used as a learning tool for people that are just getting in to RP and would like to learn better techniques.
  6. Oceanic Fuels is now for sale, be your own boss. Purchase at the Purple blip on the GPS or willing to take trades. Contact 4805884
  7. I want to purchase a HOUSE in Paleto Bay with a good view of the ocean. Text me with address and price, 4805884
  8. We have been dealing with the same thing at Weazel News for quite a while. I have been trying to get an admin marker at the gate, similar to what LSC had on the steps leading to the office.
  9. This is the craziest group ever! I love it!
  10. -1. Every faction, legal or illegal, in the city has issues when it comes to members. People come and go, due to various reasons. The old bleet system was removed for a reason and I don’t think having manual ads would be any better.
  11. I can respect this. I do not think there are enough boat owners to warrant it though, at least not yet. Most people did not know that Oceanic existed.
  12. It does not make sense to have the boat refuel station near the trucker job, in choppy water. For the sake of RP it would make more sense to have it inside of the marina, where boats would actually refuel before going out to the open water. This spot in the marina would be perfect for it.
  13. Oceanic Fuels is hiring a logo designer. Contact 480-5884 for more details.
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