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  1. Yall trippin i bought her 710k house in mirror park?
  2. Is coquette maxed or no
  3. Hence why i dropped the price, still very cheap for a 2G beside the bank. Also its got the Swimming pool in the back and 900vol storage
  4. if my money is filthy give it back to me you scamming scum. trying to say other people are scammers to make yourself feel better no one should even say hi to you in town because you will try to take advantage of them and scam them
  5. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know you both are in on it BUYERS BEWARE Shawn Morningstar is a scum scammer
  6. what are you talking about you scammer, give me back my Money
  7. Watch out Shawn is a scammer wont list it on high end wants “only cash”
  8. your tripping, you scammed a guy for his 3g in Vinewood, Trusted and Reputable? doubt it Would not condone business with Simon as he scammed my friend for a 3g in Vinewood
  9. As far as grammer goes you get a C- but for creditable phrases you get a F are you mad because i can profit from buying something and selling it for more? unbelievable, cant even do business
  10. i only deal with trusted middleman and non of that bullshit so i have no idea what your talking about
  11. bro your so salty, what do you mean im a scammer...
  12. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/30375-selling-2g-529k-door-beside-bank/
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