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  1. This guys a scammer be careful he scammed my friend for 300k
  2. mahmutg


    This guy is a scammer be careful
  3. mahmutg

    Buying 2-3G

    I got one that can park over 12 cars plus 2g in mirror park for 1.4
  4. I just bought it thanks
  5. To this guys point^^ it will be an at the door transaction as im not stupid to sell it cash
  6. Il show you the property when i get into town later today. It also has a storage room thats gated inside to store valuables.
  7. There was a specter custom for 370k at HE yesterday and ive seen them go for the 350 range several times
  8. I got a 2g with a gate area, can fit about 12-15 cars on lot securely, looking for 1.3mil
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