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  1. Today marks the one year anniversary of Burnout Nation, and what a year it has been, from our start, to our lowest, from losing members and gaining members, it has been a remarkable ride. Burnout started as an idea between 9 people, and although only 4 of the original 9 remain, we’re still just as strong! Bez Kentworth, Winter Black, Frost Black, Diego Lionetti and Maccy Kentworth helped shape the faction to what it is today, and although no longer with us, they’ll always be remembered for the hilarious and fun memories we created together. Right now Burnout is being lead by Don Mozzarella, who at first wasn’t too sure about taking the leadership when Maccy wanted to step back, but considering Don has been the backbone of Burnout since day 1, he was of course a natural leader, who has helped create some of our biggest and most memorable events. Underneath Don sits Hazel and Asbjorn, Hazel manages to balance being both the brand new CEO of Weazel and being the deputy chairwoman of Burnout Nation, always helpful with events and always sociable. You all know Asbo. And ofcourse Jamie Richardsons, always helpful and willing to go the extra mile for Burnout, when we were first planning out our leave from the LSMC and starting the club, he stood behind us and helped us with pretty much anything we needed and he became our missing piece of the puzzle! And he did win us the D10 in the pink slip race. We also have 2 cruisers who are second highest rank to grid, that being Alex Odinson, who’s most famous for being the biggest simp and for clapping himself on BMXs over and over. And Gary Taylor, who at first wasn’t too sure about Burnout, but once he saw our potential as a club and a family, joined us and has almost been with us as long as the founders. Despite us being best known for our amazing and well put together events, we’re all just a big group of friends who loves vehicles and time spent with family, (cringe, yes I know) We’ve had some amazing and memorable events though! Our first massive event was a race at the docks with Elegy Retro Customs, where we had almost the entirety of PD come support us with barriers and barricades, and ofcourse, they had a cheeky race with their vehicles after everyone left. Our car meet at Malgoodies was mind blowingly big, cars for as long as the eyes could reach, which gave everyone massive headaches, but hey! It was worth it. The Drag Race at Sandy Airfield where you could compete against fellow racers to see what car was the best, we had Larry Wrozek come down and cater some amazing food for all the riders. Our latest big event was the Diamond Casino Derby, which was the brainchild of Peter Stanford. It was a huge success with many laughs had, and crashes, but that's expected. We’ve held a lot of Car Meets with prizes and raffles, and it couldn’t have been done without some of our friends who believe in us and are always willing to help us, such as James Eriksen, John Purmineli, Paulo Witherfork, Steamboat Beers. And Roderick Marchisio. We’ve always been very close to two other factions, that being Daichead Gadai and Assured Services. Daichead Gadai was a very special bunch, although they are very illegal, we always had a BLAST with them, the various parties at Steamboat Beers, and Asbo’s Birthday, where 6 greased up Irishmen came and gave him a lapdance, noone from Burnout will ever forget that, and hopefully neither will the strippers, we’re saddened to see them disband, but all the original Irish members, such as Collie Fegan, Stephen Joyce, Eoghan Macc, Jaymes McClean Lola DeValera And Jake Okibi will always be legends and family to us. Assured Services is a legal group like we are, although more on the business side of things, our relationship with Paulo Witherfork is relatively new (but strong) We’ve always had a connect to them via another legend, Chris Crawford, who most of the founders met in the LSMC back before Burnout was a thing. Now Assured and Burnout go like PB and J, whenever they gather for an event, it will be a huge one! I’d like to thank Tyrone Cox (Timmayy) for ALWAYS helping us out with our events, building them and so forth. I’d like to thank our handler team, led by Aldarine, along with Caesar and IAmTurtle for always giving us constructive criticism and pointers for what we could do better or what we’re doing perfectly. Thank you to all the ex burnout members who helped create some amazing memories for when we first started to now. Here’s to another year of Burnout Nation!
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    Welcome back!
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    Y'all am I late to ask some questions?
  4. Hello Torsen Church, If you ever have any question I'm sure @Lola or @Alexx. can be of help.
  5. Hello, I'm Asbjorn Schmidt.. The dummy driver in the 8F Drafter. In the clip I'm trying to get infront of the Comet Retro, and not slam into it like I did, when it failed once, I tried to do it again but the Comet had a better acceleration than my Drafter, which resaulted in me bonking into the almost priceless car, which there is no excuse for, I ruined a potential chase which the reporting party was clearly looking to get into, and for that I deeply apologize, once I knew I ended the chase I already knew I had messed up, the clip is inexcuseable and therefore I won't be giving one. I apologize to the reporting party and for whoever has to deal with this report. - Asbo
  6. Not everything has to revolve around PD/SD.. Riggy. +1, let civillians have some fun.
  7. +1, I feel like it could also be a good idea to have a bus license! You can't take out a truck to do truckers job if you don't have a license, could be nice for buses aswell.
  8. When you damage your car, and it reaches below 900 HP the engine starts to make really, really loud rattle sound, Please lower it to like, 500 or something in that area where its actually critical, 900 is just too high and beyond annoying. Xoxo.
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