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  1. The amount of star power this faction has when it comes to roleplay is sky high, Larry's innovative idea with Sandbar is so admirable.
  2. The Idea: Asbjorn had wanted to do something big with Burnout that involves the public, something that could rival their very successful dock race a couple of months earlier. Asbjorn has seen plenty of races, and has been to plenty of car meets, but he hasn’t been to a drag race. So with the help of some epic people in Burnout Nation, the plan began to sprout. The Track: Having had a lot of fun doing drag races at Sandy Airfield with Burnout Nation, he figured it would be the only choice, although LSIA was a close second. The Event: How did it
  3. Asbo

    Forum Name Change

    Hello there pretty, could I have my name changed from Noxaroth to Asbo? If Asbo is taken, then Asbjorn Would work too! Thanks, xoxo.
  4. I'll miss you coming to Bayview, plus we had a good collab with all the noodles. Gone but never forgotten.
  5. I second this, please tell us.
  6. Can't believe James Cameron is gonna direct the live action of this story, very epic T.
  7. After he felt the first snowflake land on his cheek, Asbo decided he knew what he wanted to do with his brewery, something big that he hadn't done before, a christmas beer! But he was unsure if he should brew it for Insignia, or a third party that would benefit from it. A few hours pass by, and his phone gives a text notification, it was his old pal Eoghan Macc, who texted him that he wanted to meet up with Asbo for something. The Irish lad and the Scandinavian were good friends, and have bonded over their love for booze, and their crude humour. They meet up at Burnout Nation's headq
  8. I noticed after the uniform patch a few of the glass models went missing.
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