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  1. I appreciate your quick reply, and I must thank you for choosing to be less harsh / punishing and being informative and educational on the matter which I can assure I've learnt from, and I hope Senior Staff reviewing this would agree to this.
  2. I do not necessarily feel you wrongfully punished me as I totally understand where you are coming from and understand my mistake, I'm just saying it was a pretty harsh punishment in my opinion given the circumstances and how it is a grey area, for example you buy your phone once from the store, then can use it to record whenever ( you don't RP buying a new phone every time you die), my criminal character uses bodycam when dealing with cops and this was not the first time - For IA reports, and at other times I would use my phone to record via /me takes out his phone and starts recording. It's q
  3. This thread here shows how I'm not the only person that feels misinformed or is under the same false impression so it would be really great to have certain guidelines as the current are vague on what can or can not be done. And experienced members of PD, are even "surprised" to see the rule interpreted in that way, and are stating that RP of attaching the bodycam on and turning it on has always been acceptable; given I have a PD character as well who was a member of PD back in 2017, then back in 2020, I can also say the same about seeing myself, higher ranking members of PD, and Detective
  4. I personally only used the "Cloud" after seeing people within PD roleplay that, so I was never under the impression that it's alt RP but I agree, there has to be more consistent rules explaining it
  5. It's called being smart and choosing IC methods to counter certain IC acts, since there's OOC rules on our end to stop us from performing certain actions, and IC measures such as IA and bodycam are the only counter to prevent the abuse of power (ICly) from police and be able to properly roleplay as criminals since we're searched and pulled over daily while going 80 kmph and following traffic rules because we RP as criminals. Specially when sometimes based on the written rules we'd have DM rights and still get reported by DM for shooting or defending ourselves to avoid arrests.
  6. is this a troll/meme thread can't tell if you're serious
  7. it's honestly confusing man... that I can tell you
  8. Character name(s): Kevin Reyes Admin who issued punishment: Drizzy Date of punishment: 19/1/2020 Punishment received: NonRP #3 - Powergaming Reason given for punishment: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/57295-kevin_reyes-10-powergaming-pg/?tab=comments#comment-278671 Your explanation of what happened: Players must capture time stamped evidence performing RP that will potentially influence future interactions and evidence is only valid for 48 hours, death, or until others RP invalidates it. I was under the false impression that you dont need to always re-do the RP for buying bodycams, an
  9. +1 to this if you can add good vehicles but have a very high price to import them / etc.
  10. We were in a casino which is a NCZ, the place Rply has tons of cameras , LSPD members are required to have cameras, cruisers have dash cams, emphasis on the NCZ and how we're in front of a casino and my OOC footage would be admitted IC for an IA after being rply collected from the casino either way whether its done by me, or the IA investigators which would make more sense )how is losing my gun and 4.8k in fines, and 80 mins sentence , and trying to roleplay the scenario rather than just telling you "charge me lets go" , and then further roleplaying with MD count as play to win, since you neve
  11. This was the only SS I was able to get prior to the traffic stop https://gyazo.com/083f1f5f9adb5adb464a82ecd9755f9f
  12. No as thats how bodycams function and as far as im aware its approved alt rp (I seen so many people use it), and the part where the bodycam records to the cloud did not affect the roleplay in any way , as I got to keep the bodycam, and the recording, as it wasn't taken or destroyed or turned off by the reporting party at any point ( So whether you take the RP as the bodycam recording onto a cloud service or just recording on a SD - I kept the bodycam, and the SD so the RP was not altered in any way ), however he was trying to dictate my rp and roleplay my actions as "Resistance" when I clearl
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