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  1. Hello there and thank you for your reply, This appeal will now be pending review by a head admin. Bakmeel
  2. Hello there and thank you for making an appeal. Unfortunately I can not remember your situation anymore. You said your vehicle was already send to mors by a moderator, what was the time frame between this happening and you recieving the punishment? Bakmeel
  3. Hello there and thank you for making an appeal. What have you learned from your time away from the server and how will you prevent yourself from breaking the rules again in the future? Bakmeel
  4. This appeal will now be pending a review by a head admin Bakmeel
  5. We have introduced multiple new rules since you were banned. Have you been able to read up on these changes and got yourself familiar with these rules?
  6. I have a 4G property coming available for rent on the 13th of June that is within your budget
  7. Updated from seperate rented houses to a shared rental contract
  8. Thank you for your interest but the vehicle is not for sale as of right now.
  9. This is a unique 3G+4G combination that are sharing a huge driveway. This combination is perfect for large groups of friends who are looking for a location where they can hangout and have a secure parking lot. These houses will only be rented out in pairs due to the driveway situation. This rent will include: - Keys for you and your friends to both houses - Fully decorated interiors and exteriors done by the number 1 decoration company in town: Purmineli Remodeling - Full access to the driveway - 2 Swimming pools - 2 Back yards - Safe rooms in both houses - Multiple safes in both houses - Multiple storage containers in both houses - CCTV coverage of the whole property - Fully Illuminated driveway $100.000 Per Month ((1 Week)) Contact #4299755 STATUS: AVAILABLE (Redecoration of the interiors and exterior are still a work in progress) (Older picture, driveway is now closed off) (vehicles not included)
  10. it has been sold for 850k just now. Thank you for your interest nontheless.
  11. Character to Transfer From: Jack Ryder Character to Transfer To: Vince Williams Requested Transfer: - Vespucci Canals 3G Imagination Ct. 21 from Vince Williams > Jack Ryder - 850.000$ Jack Ryder > Vince Williams for the purchase of the house Asset # Reason for Transfer: I need a house space free on Vince Williams and Jack Ryder could use a house in the future How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I will put the house for sale for 850.000$ on Vince Williams and Jack Ryder will buy the house for 850000$ Does the character you're transferring from have an active loan with a loan company? no Does the character you're transferring from have an active debt? If so, how much? no
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