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  1. Thats a pretty original name
  2. we came up together from senior support to admin. gonna miss my fellow Dutchie. I hope we will see you IG again at some point, Audoe en bedankt!
  3. Bakmeel

    Peter Zito

    Hello and thank you for making an appeal. As I am on LOA ill keep my reply short. I do not feel like players should be rewarded for ban evading. Bans are placed for a reason and you evading them shows that you hold no value to our punishment system. I’ll leave this decision to a senior admin+. thanks for understanding. kind regards, Bakmeel
  4. Hello love :3

  5. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. Real World Trading is one of the most severe rules that you can break in this server. By doing this you have harmed and destabalised the economy in the server. Some people indeed have more than 1 ban on their record because those were temporary bans and not permanent, I Will also take this moment to make you aware that we have changed our policy regarding bans. Since recently all bans Will be permanent. You seemed to have learned from your mistakes and if your assests get removed I would recommend that you get unbanned and be given a second chance. However, this decision is not mine to make and due to the big influx of new players we are currently rather looking for new players instead of unbanning old players. Thank you, Bakmeel pending a head administrator or founder
  6. YouHello and thank you for making an appeal. The reason why you got perma banned was indeed of a deathmatch rulebreak. However, your record is extensive and you have broken almost every single rule we have atleast once. With the amount of punishments you should have been perma banned way earlier but since you kept breaking different rules you managed to avoid a perma ban. Yet all these punishments did not seem to influence your playing style in a positive way and you did not seem to learn from your mistakes at the time. Your reckless playing style attracted alot of viewers to your channel as you seemed to have the most viewers when you were in trouble and when people watching your stream asked you to break rules you were more than happy to do so as you did not seem to care for any consequences. You mainly cared about what your viewers liked. When I tried to explain why you were being perma banned you did not seem to care either and were already starting up another game, when you realised you had no chance talking your way out of it you decided to shoot everyone around you, as a final goodbye. What I see is an insincere appeal and you still do not realise how your playing style can bring a negative experience to other players. Because all of this I do not think you should be unbanned. Pending a higher ranked staff member Thank you, Bakmeel
  7. Bakmeel

    La Fuente Blanca

    After multiple new imports around the county, La Fuente Blanca managed to get the shopping lost for ammo and weapons done for Los Zetas. After this big deal we have made multiple smaller deals with them and others around town. This has been done to expand our business to others and get to know the people of Los Santos better. After these initial meetings, deals have been made to take a neutral to friendly standpoint towards each other. During these meetings we didnt only chat about how much we love each other but also about the gun business. Currently LFB owns some highly wanted weapons that we could trade with the Irish as they own a large stockpile of unique weapons. After the meetings with Irish and Zetas, we had some clowns coming over to discuss a potential boxing match. As the last boxing matches hosted by the Irish always caused trouble with the police, they are now looking to host these events at a privatly owned place where they wont be bothered.
  8. Pending @Osvaldon / @BallinByNature / @NobodyLTU
  9. Have you seen this man?

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      yes he hrob me

    3. Spookie
    4. dever


      no but ive been looking to talk to one of the guys in your crew but never see anyone..

  10. Pending @Osvaldon as the ban was issued in cosulation with him.
  11. You have already been given an answer by Nobody. We have a strict policy about people who try to sell IG money for IRL money, this is because its a very major breach of our rules. The only reason why you did not sell your money is because we stepped in soon enough to stop it. Letting you back into the community and given you acces to your account will bring a big risk for it to happen again. For this reason your ban will not be lifted. Thanks Bakmeel
  12. Bakmeel

    La Fuente Blanca

    The Commanding branch of La Fuente Blanca contacted the Cartel again to get more weapons imported, they also felt it neccessary for the crew to train on driving in convoys and gave further explanation of driving, communication and defensive strategies during transport. After the training, they formed a different convoy to meet up with the cartel. The reason for picking the 6x6's was because the Cartel can pick any location for a meeting and our Dubstas are best equiped to go on any terrain at any time. After the Cartel confirmed that the meeting would be on McKenzy Airfield we decided to swap one Dubsta for a Cognescenti. We went ahead and secured the site and waited patiently for the men to show up. We got some people setup to have a good overview of the situation. Once the Cartel showed up Vince got taken for a ride in the plane, this was done on purpose to jam any radio signals and eavesdropping equipment. Once in the skies above Los Santos they discussed some weapon deals and the delivery of it. Once the deal was set, the Cartel decided to give a little present to celebrate the new business relation between them, it has been placed at the ranch. It's a decommissioned plane that was used by the Cartel for one of their own first transports of weapons to Los Santos.
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