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  1. Bakmeel

    La Fuente Blanca

    After multiple new imports around the county, La Fuente Blanca managed to get the shopping lost for ammo and weapons done for Los Zetas. After this big deal we have made multiple smaller deals with them and others around town. This has been done to expand our business to others and get to know the people of Los Santos better. After these initial meetings, deals have been made to take a neutral to friendly standpoint towards each other. During these meetings we didnt only chat about how much we love each other but also about the gun business. Currently LFB owns some highly wanted weapons that we could trade with the Irish as they own a large stockpile of unique weapons. After the meetings with Irish and Zetas, we had some clowns coming over to discuss a potential boxing match. As the last boxing matches hosted by the Irish always caused trouble with the police, they are now looking to host these events at a privatly owned place where they wont be bothered.
  2. Bakmeel

    Ban Appeal for Jeremy Stones

    Pending @Osvaldon / @BallinByNature / @NobodyLTU
  3. Have you seen this man?

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      yes he hrob me

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      no but ive been looking to talk to one of the guys in your crew but never see anyone..

  4. Bakmeel

    devyyy - Lorenzo Nebula (Ban appeal)

    Pending @Osvaldon as the ban was issued in cosulation with him.
  5. Bakmeel

    Jeremy Stones ban appeal

    You have already been given an answer by Nobody. We have a strict policy about people who try to sell IG money for IRL money, this is because its a very major breach of our rules. The only reason why you did not sell your money is because we stepped in soon enough to stop it. Letting you back into the community and given you acces to your account will bring a big risk for it to happen again. For this reason your ban will not be lifted. Thanks Bakmeel
  6. Bakmeel

    Ban Appeal for Jeremy Stones

    Pending @Osvaldon
  7. Bakmeel

    La Fuente Blanca

    The Commanding branch of La Fuente Blanca contacted the Cartel again to get more weapons imported, they also felt it neccessary for the crew to train on driving in convoys and gave further explanation of driving, communication and defensive strategies during transport. After the training, they formed a different convoy to meet up with the cartel. The reason for picking the 6x6's was because the Cartel can pick any location for a meeting and our Dubstas are best equiped to go on any terrain at any time. After the Cartel confirmed that the meeting would be on McKenzy Airfield we decided to swap one Dubsta for a Cognescenti. We went ahead and secured the site and waited patiently for the men to show up. We got some people setup to have a good overview of the situation. Once the Cartel showed up Vince got taken for a ride in the plane, this was done on purpose to jam any radio signals and eavesdropping equipment. Once in the skies above Los Santos they discussed some weapon deals and the delivery of it. Once the deal was set, the Cartel decided to give a little present to celebrate the new business relation between them, it has been placed at the ranch. It's a decommissioned plane that was used by the Cartel for one of their own first transports of weapons to Los Santos.
  8. Bakmeel

    Deboi - Colombo Arnaldo (VDM Ban Appeal)

    Hello and thank you for making an appeal. At the time I got a report from people saying they got ran over by a trucker. After reviewing the footage again, the story that it was desync on his side is believeable as the truck that he is driving did not get affected when it drove over the players. Because of this, I suggest that the ban gets lifted. I hope the player has learned that we desync can cause very nasty situations such as what happened here and that he will keep that in mind the next time he plays on Eclipse. Thank you, Bakmeel
  9. Stranger 5397_424 Chris_Flemmen Will recieve a 48 hour ban for Deathmatching #1 (Normal) (reason stated above) Thank you, Bakmeel
  10. Bakmeel

    devyyy - Lorenzo Nebula (Ban appeal)

    Pending @Osvaldon as the ban was issued on his order
  11. Hello and Thank you all for your Patience. What I have seen from the video and what you are describing is killing someone without prior roleplay, we consider this Kill on Sight(KOS). KoS is only allowed under a couple of circumstances, one of these reasons is Robbery when the value is above 75.000$ But with the exclussion of vehicle theft. This means that if someone steals your vehicle, you do not have a valid reason to KoS. Even if you have had a KoS you(as attackers) should always verify that you Will be attacking the correct person. Checking if you killed the Right person after you have already shot him is a grove negligence on your part. As @Rainstorm indicated that he was the shooter, He Will recieve a punishment for Deathmatching. I would like to ask him to provide his stranger ID so the correct person Will recieve the punishment. Bakmeel
  12. Bakmeel

    La Fuente Blanca

  13. Hello and thank you for making a report. I did indeed kick you, for a reason that we, as an admin team, are empowered to do so. Using ((brackets)) in an IC channel doesnt make it OOC and neither will it allow you to speak OOCly. This is considered metagaming (Mixing OOC and IC) I think most people forget that we as an admin team are busy with other situations aswell, this being RP or handling another admin situation that takes time to handle, because of this we are not always able to respond directly to a situation when something happens. If you make a report we will always try to respond to it as fast as possible, sometimes you will have to wait for a while until we are avaiable to take your report. Making a report and cancelling and then making a new report(spamming reports) will not help to get yours looked at faster, nor does asking other people to also make reports for you, which, to what I believe, was your goal by trying to ask other people to make a report for you aswell, as I dont believe you were unable to make a report yourself. The reason why I kicked you before checking in on you is because we prioritise reports marked as URGENT over reports that are marked as GLITCH or QUESTION. I handled on an urgent report saying that someone was actively using brackets in IC channels which resulted in me kicking this person. If I would have taken your report first and then handled the URGENT report, I would still have given you the same punishment. I also did not kick and warn you as you are claiming, I just kicked you. To clear up for the person reviewing this, the name of the person is not correct. The correct character name that got punished is Alison_Quinn. Thank you for taking time out of your day to make this report. Tobias van Dam (Bakmeel)
  14. Bakmeel

    jackalak0s - El Jackal (DMV Appeal)

    Hello and thank you for making an appeal. After I was called to an earlier situation because someone was floating in the air I decided to stick around and see how it played whilst not being visible. After a short while El Jackal came to the scene and from my point of view drove into a group of 3 people, killing 1. The way he steered into the person, it seemed to me that it was not an accident like the person is claiming that it was. I was here together with @chrisy who will also give his statement on what happened from his point of view. I have video recordings of what happened, due to staff sensitive information being shown, I will not upload it and post it on the forums but will provide the higher up who will review this with my POV. Tobias van Dam(Bakmeel)