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  1. Can you please share a picture of the ban message? Bakmeel
  2. can i join


  3. Team Update: Bankzy has joined the support team. Baphomet has joined the support team. Brant has joined the support team. Evermore has joined the support team. freshprinceIE has joined the support team. Harvs has joined the support team. Kraah has joined the support team. Kratos has joined the support team. Nightshade has joined the support team. NxmeLess has joined the support team. osos has joined the support team. PickNic has joined the support team. SilentVortex has joined the support team. Tacoface173 ha
  4. Yooo my slime. I know you really don't know mandem like that, but I was like I was wondering if like, I could purchase something still fam. Just a bit of grub my drillar. I wanna know what your prices are saying cuz I'm tryna blem a zoot up with my boydem and gyaldem g, like you feel me? So get back to me cuz I know like you're the top dog around here. I wanna purchase the food from you bruce, nobody else. So peace out dawg, roll safe and get back to me on a quick ting brodem

  5. suck my ass bitch

  6. how do I go into a server I have been trying to play 1 for bout 3 hours


    1. jason
    2. Bakmeel


      Hey @Deanomc11,

      We have alot of support members ready to help you out in our discord. Feel free to join and ask your questions in the correct channels

  7. Team Update: Mr.Carlile has resigned from the support team.


    Are you kidding me? why you do not reply my post? what did i do to you wrong?

  9. please check my post

  10. I have made a ban appeal and now waiting patiently for a reply.


  11. Yo bro, could you please let me know when i am eligable to appeal again, cheers boss

  12. Hello and thank you for making a report. After reviewing the footage I have come to the following Conclusions: Jake_Okibi broke DM rules: Due to Jake not having footage we are unable to see what happened from his POV and have act on the POV's that were provided. In those POV's we can see that Michael_Laurie did take out a Micro SMG but never aimed this before Jake started shooting. There is not enough escalation and thus not enough reason for Jake to open fire on Michael at that moment. Because of this he will recieve a punishment for DM. Seeing that his last punishment for this was
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