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  1. Team Update: Thehello258 has been removed from the support team. Aieos has been demoted to Moderator.
  2. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. Could you please post a reply on this forum post with your VPN turned off. Bakmeel
  3. East or west Bakmeel is the best

  4. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. Do you have any footage of yourself playing whilst this happened? Bakmeel
  5. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. This will be pending a discussion during a senior staff meeting. Please remain patient as it will be reviewed. Bakmeel
  6. Did he also give you other assets such as cash, cars, businesses besides the house?
  7. Team Update: HighTV has joined the Support Team. Cursed has joined the Support Team.
  8. Application Update; We have conducted all our interviews. Succesful applications have been messaged and their orientations will take place this weekend We would like to thank everyone for applying!
  9. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. On the 22nd of Februari Dennis_Tucker sold you that house for 1$ and a couple of days later you sold it for 1$ to Tyrone_Kompot. Could you please explain what reason was behind this and explain the details of this transaction. Bakmeel
  10. Hey man! Hit up @Lewishe is always up to play! Best of luck!
  11. The Return After the Cartel, who previously used to supply the city of Los Santos with weapons prior to the creation of La Fuente Blanca, returned and regained their power over the arms trafficking trade, La Fuente Blanca lost their share in the gun trafficking market. Combined with the quick rise of new gangs in Los Santos, La Fuente Blanca’s influence dwindled and they were forced into taking a step back in the criminal hierarchy. Six (6) years have passed since La Fuente Blanca was supplying the gangs with weapons. In these six (6) years the original command structure fell apart and the members decided to go their separate way. Some leaving Los Santos for good and some joining other gangs that were rising to the top. Vince decided to retreat back on the ranch and dedicate his time by running his gun store and making friendships with the people that were once his customers. Befriending the gangs gave him the opportunity to remain connected within the criminal world whilst portraying himself to the outside world as a civilian who has sworn off criminality. This resulted in him getting befriended with people on both sides of the law, and this presented him with the unique opportunity of being in an advantageous position once he was able to return to his long lasting dream as a criminal kingpin within the City of Los Santos. Vince has always known that remaining under the radar of law enforcement would make running a criminal enterprise a lot easier. His unique position and history within Los Santos did not go unnoticed and he was recently contacted by the Cartel. Vince was offered the opportunity of creating a new network by resurrecting La Fuente Blanca and in turn becoming the Cartels new distributor and representative in San Andreas. This meant that he would no longer be competing with the Cartel for a market share, but instead work together and become the new extension of the Cartel in San Andreas. This time he would be better connected, better prepared and backed by the Cartel. The only issue he is facing is that his old Command structure is gone and he needs to build up the Command from the ground up again. For many, this would not pose a big issue. However, Vince has always believed that a key requirement for recruiting is to find like minded people in his approach to criminality, individuals who will do everything to avoid attracting the attention of law enforcement, individuals who are in good standing with the general community of Los Santos and therefore not easily suspected by Law Enforcement Officers to be criminals and individuals who are not enticed to perform street crimes, cooking drugs and blatantly representing their gang through colors. The first goal in achieving this is to set up the new structure within La Fuente Blanca. Vince will appoint two (2) commanders below him, who will act as the Commander of General Operations and the Commander of Communications. The Commander of General Operations will be in charge of duties such as (but not limited to) security, transporting, smuggling, storage and imports. The Commander of Communications will be in charge of duties such as (but not limited to) recruitment, training, gang relations, government relations, sales as well as large scale bribery. These two individuals will take part in forming the organisation while also retreating away from the public eye of the city by residing in the La Fuente Blanca ranch. Once La Fuente Blanca has recruited more members into the organisation, they will begin running their first shipments from the Cartel into the City of Los Santos. The initial shipments will be of a small scale, this is done so that the new members are familiarised with the standards of La Fuente Blanca. From there they will build a small stockpile of arms for later use. In the meantime, establishing relations is key; they will start building relations and establishing contacts with the current gangs. Their approach in doing this will have to be very careful, as they are required to be aware of their presence and ensure that their activities remain a secret from law enforcement as well as other people who could potentially leak information which is essential to keeping La Fuente Blanca afloat. Once contact has been established they will make clear that they are not a gang that mixes themselves with the day to day crimes which others bother themselves with but instead are an organisation that is directly backed by the Cartel that will supply others. Once La Fuente Blanca has set up their gun running network they might look into widening their horizon and explore other venues of earning money and offer unique services for the gangs in San Andreas. In order to keep out of sight from Law Enforcement, Vince will keep pushing to become the first mayor, so as to not raise any suspicion. If he gets in the position to become mayor he would use his political power to exert a corrupt influence on the city. This would be in line with the future goal of La Fuente Blance, which is to establish a statewide supply system which will give them the opportunity of growing into a dominant position in San Andreas, from which they will supply the gangs all around the state. Another key goal will be to recruit entire gangs in the employment of La Fuente Blanca to carry out their work for them. This will help distance LFB from any direct involvement with crimes which in turn will make imports and distributions more effective as law enforcement will pay less attention to them. The La Fuente Blanca is highly secretive in its current state, and as such recruitment is closed as of right now as time is needed to properly set the faction up to our specifications.
  12. Team Update: EdgewaterMG has been removed from Support.
  13. The return is near
  14. Hello and thank you for making a report. After review, there is no evidence to suggest any Metagaming took place. - Every player has the script options to speak quietly over voip with CTRL+Z or use /rlow for text based radio calls they don't wish to be spoken loudly. These were not used. - Due to the above, roleplaying hearing you would be acceptable, however there is no roleplay to suggest he is even doing so. The video provided shows him parking up next to you and asking you to get out of the car. Not knowing the reason for their actions doesn't mean they do not have them. - Overall, the evidence provides no suggestion the messages were acted on and even if they were it would be acceptable, therefore the claims of metagaming were denied with this report. Report Denied Bakmeel
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