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  1. Hello and thank you for making a report. Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit. Consider if you could possibly teach this player or if you've tried to come to a resolution on your own. Reporting another player should be reserved for your final options when a rule breach has occurred. Always try to teach other players in the community, especially with newer players, as well as help them truly understand your point of view prior to simply reporting them if something doesn't go your way. That being said, the player will be spoken to. Bakmeel
  2. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. Your account was confirmed to be related with 2 other accounts which both got banned for cheating in the past few weeks. One of the accounts also had a similarity in the account name itself which I find very curious. Full details about these accounts will be provided to the head admin that will review this appeal. Pending Head Admin. Bakmeel
  3. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. I am glad to see that you have accepted the outcome of the situation and show remorse for what you have done. I hope you will take this punishment as a lesson to improve yourself on in the future. Taking the appeal into consideration my advice for the head admin reviewing this appeal is to give this player another chance to bring a positive experience to the community. Bakmeel
  4. Team Update: Grape has been removed from the Support Team.
  5. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. This ban was discussed within the senior team and will be pending review by a head admin. Bakmeel
  6. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. How can you say you have learned from something when you claim you can't recall the incident and you say that you did nothing wrong? We want to see people take responsibility for their actions and explain in detail how they will prevent this from ever happening again. To me this looks like a low effort appeal and if you are not willing to put some effort into your second appeal, then I don't see why we should take effort by going over your appeal and letting you back in to our community. My advice for the head admin that will review this is to deny this appeal due to the fact that the player does not want to take responsibility and does not feel the need to put effort into his second appeal. Bakmeel
  7. Team Update: Marchesi has resigned from the Support Team. Mopop has resigned from the Support Team. Tokyo has resigned from the Support Team. JonnyBlack has been removed from the Support Team.
  8. I will have you put in ajail for a minute, this will place you at Mission Row. Let me know if this fixes it for you. Bakmeel
  9. If you were to return we expect you to bring a positive experience to our community and follow our rules closely. If you promise that you'll do this I would suggest giving you a second chance. This decision will be pending a Head Admin Bakmeel
  10. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. If I remember correctly you already appealed your ban once before, if so, could you please link it in a reply? I can't seem to find it. Bakmeel
  11. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. First of all I would like to say that this punishment was issued after this report was brought up in game. Since the report included a staff member it resulted in a senior admin taking over. Jay_Gamble has been spoken to about his behavior displayed in the video's and recieved a NonRP punishment for lack of displaying fear for his life in this situation. You were punished for deathmatching due to the fact that there is a difference between reporting someone to the police for a serious crime and calling someone out on their behavior infront of cops. I also do not see this as reporting you to the police since the police is about 20 meters away and can see your actions themselves. If the police decided to take action against you it would have been more likely that they saw you do it themselves than Jay Gamble calling you out. What became clear to me in the evidence provided is that you did not shoot him because he called out your behavior infront of the cops but rather because he was trash talking you after he came back to your car. This trash talking seemed to be your final straw before deciding to shoot him. To conclude this: The reason you recieved a deathmatch punishment is because calling you out infront of cops and trash talking are not a valid reason to kill a player. A head admin will review this appeal which is always done when a senior admin his/her decision is appealed. Pending Head Admin Bakmeel
  12. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. We are currently not interested in letting you back in to our community due to the nature of your ban. If you wish to reappeal you can do this after 3 months from this date. Appeal Rejected Bakmeel
  13. Team Update: Pearson has resigned from the Support Team. Borrelli has resigned from the Support Team.
  14. TRANSFER REQUEST ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this transfer request. After reviewing your transfer request and the reason for it, I've decided to approve a transfer of the following item(s) to Ellasondra_Davis from Cur_Ry Bifta Massacro It is your responsibility to make this transfer happen and staff will not be interfering or assisting with the transfer. I also recommend that you do not make attempts to transfer any asset(s) outside of the approved asset(s) listed above, the transfer will be monitored through server logs. You are also not allowed to post a transfer request for another 14 days from this post. If you attempt to request a transfer prior to this deadline you will be muted from our forums temporarily. Regards, Bakmeel
  15. Team Update: davidw has resigned from the Support Team.
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