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  1. That time Leron was trying to be like Ghost Rider. :4_joy:


  2. 3 Car House for Sale/Rent

    They can do whatever they want. But if they don't pay I take away the key and I guess whatever's inside. :shrug:
  3. 3 Car House for Sale/Rent

    3 Car House for sale or rent in Richman Area. Let's work out a deal. Contact Mia Martinez: #336-7683 or by email: MamaMia#3440
  4. HIRING IS NOW OPEN LOS SANTOS CUSTOMS is now hiring. We are currently looking for promising candidates who are willing to provide excellent customer service while also remaining respectful to their co-workers and higher ups. ** PLEASE READ ** When you have finished the application, make a post with the title: [Application] (Forename & Surname) and include a message indicating you have completed the application . LSC APPLICATION
  5. I done viewed yo profile 

  6. :2_grimacing: Seen you viewed my profile. 

    Hi.Hi. (wasn't much there) 


    1. Com783


      Who are you ICly again? XD

    2. sykotiktv


      Mia Martinez.

  7. :2_grimacing: Seen you viewed my profile. Lol


  8. Unable to launch from GTMPLauncher

    I had this same issue. Verified my gta v integrity on steam, reinstalled gtmp and it fixed my problem. Hope you were able to get it working. Gtmp master server was also down at this time (your posted date) and as for the discord bot your using the created account for accessing Eclipse RP login credentials.
  9. Photo sharing trend?

    (( It's not very private when it's very public on the internet as well. )) FeelsBad
  10. The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by CREATING a good present.

  11. hello are you able to check out my application soon ?

    1. sykotiktv


      Please stop hounding me about the application. I’ve been sick and had a death recently in the family. I’ll be able to get to it soon. Just at this time I need time to recover. I’m prioritizing things IRL right now. Message Quade sharp and ask him.  Thanks

    2. UBzMayhem


      im sorry to hear that and sorry for asking :(

  12. Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

    -1 I’ve put a lot of time and money into my account. I think it would be really crappy to say the least if older players lost everything. I’d really give up if it came down to that. We shouldn’t lose anything, if there’s new players, then there’s New players. If I’m playing to just lose everything, please tell me now because I’d rather not waste my time or put money into the server anymore if this was the case.