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  1. hey, im in the pending interviews in lsc but i didnt get message that im accepted, i got only a message about tornado, does that mean that im not hired or just a mistake?


    1. sykotiktv


      It means that it's pending an interview. 
      You have to come talk to us IC about your application! 
      We've been waiting since I moved it to Pending. :) 

  2. sykotiktv

    Stormy nights

    +1 The rain makes it hard to hear people. Plus it rains just so often, what about other weather changes? ie: snow, blizzards, fog, etc?
  3. sykotiktv

    Adding a veh price

    +1 There was a car for sale at high end I kept asking people in /ooc if they could see the price at all ... not seeing the price prevented me from purchasing it. I thought the same. "Why doesn't it show the price as well as soon as you enter the vehicle."
  4. sykotiktv

    /givekey UPGRADE

  5. sykotiktv

    Keira Black (Weapons)

    Character to be refunded: Keira Black Date and time of incident: May 2 -- 12:40AM Requested refund (what and how much): AK, Shotgun, Heavy Pistol and a Knife :) Description of incident resulting in loss: Was testing melee weapons (knife) with Vera and Jim right after I was revived from falling to my death and she accidentally killed me. =[ Evidence of loss: http://tinypic.com/r/339hdzp/9 http://tinypic.com/r/j76ln7/9 http://tinypic.com/r/2hs6t1t/9 http://tinypic.com/r/voyj5v/9 Comments: No further comments, guns and ammo posted in images. Thanks!
  6. sykotiktv

    4 Car House For Sale Near Golf Course **SOLD**

    Thank you :) Edited.
  7. still waiting  for my "donator" tag via forums. 

    1. Flucifial
    2. sykotiktv


      Uh no. Just putting it out there so it gets someone’s attention to fix it. Since my DM wasn’t answered a while back 😢

    3. Flucifial


      Oh, I misunderstood the post xD, my bad.

  8. sykotiktv


  9. Selling : 4 Car House Details : Cute 4 Car house, Garage, Yard with Hot tub & pool & completely private! Price : 850,000k (negotiable) Name : Keira Black Phone number : 3966862 Picture : https://i.gyazo.com/50014e1fdb556c482efaa0f365deda48.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/9f2c82cf7737837b363f9fbcb17013b1.mp4
  10. That time Leron was trying to be like Ghost Rider. :4_joy:


  11. sykotiktv

    3 Car House for Sale/Rent

    They can do whatever they want. But if they don't pay I take away the key and I guess whatever's inside. :shrug:
  12. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez ($8,000)

    Character to be refunded: Mia Martinez Date and time of incident: 9:56PM (EST) Requested refund (what and how much): Dsync caused my car to randomly explode and was sent to Mor's. Description of incident resulting in loss: Was driving and my car randomly exploded. Not really much else to say! :( Evidence of loss: Screenshot. ADMIN: PBAJ REVIVED ME & HEALED CAR. Comments: Just would like the $8,000 back for retrieving from Mor's. Thank You.