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  1. As title states I am selling both my Specter Custom for $325k and my T20 for 600k (OBO) Both are fully upgraded. Specter Custom is @ HE (325k) T20 is on my person. (contact #336-7683) Will make sure they have a full tank of gas, and full HP. :)
  2. (player report) Juliya Maas

    Eriksen was called to this and we let him know what was happening. Tim was hanging around lsc all day and harassing everyone at LSc. Prior to this event. He partook in a “kidnapping” of another member of LSC and they shot and killed him. They came back to his HQ and sat in the parking lot, right after killing him and then started to argue with me over the NLR rule and why I was shot. This was a heated arguement. After this happened Tim was stalking us the entire night. I do apologize for saying that because I was upset that in a shootout between him and others I was getting hit. I already explained to him that I thought it was him who shot at me. I’m sorry for what I said and told him it was all a giant misunderstanding and would not have said anything or reacted in such a way. I am sorry for my actions.
  3. Eyes of a Newcomer

    Sorry pazz we as in me and pb-AJ Know Th3Gr3g irl. I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful or offensive. 👌🏼 Sorry about that.
  4. Eyes of a Newcomer

    There really was...
  5. Eyes of a Newcomer

    It's called when the server pop reaches to those only in the LSC parking lot of COURSE everyone screws around.
  6. I bought a dog. 

    His name is Frank



  7. cathedral jackson vdm/rdm attempt

    All his evidence just hurts himself. Stop replying. Let an admin take this into their hands.
  8. cathedral jackson vdm/rdm attempt

    Let me just say I am another witness to this incident. Firstly, you knew LOST was after you. You came back after saying "can i shoot the man on the lot". Susan told you not to bring it to the lot. Then the red Dominator comes in and hit your bike you go falling off (not dying) and stand up real quick. A gun is then drawn onto you, and you pull out your gun and shoot back at him at the exact same time causing you both to fall "injured/dead". This is not a case of VDM. Attached are clips of the entire incident. Video #1 & Video #2