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  1. hey, im in the pending interviews in lsc but i didnt get message that im accepted, i got only a message about tornado, does that mean that im not hired or just a mistake?


    1. sykotiktv


      It means that it's pending an interview. 
      You have to come talk to us IC about your application! 
      We've been waiting since I moved it to Pending. :) 

  2. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    I didn't state anything there-after the support staff asked not to post anything until there was word from an admin.
  3. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    Firstly, Stevano now Steven Black came and told me about what he had seen at the chop shop and he had evidence. So I asked him (ICly of course) to please send me it as a picture message. Which if RAGE MP supported it I would provide the message log, seeing as it is not (which I just attempted to pull it up and I keep getting this message. Other than this I do have witnesses to Steven Black @SteScotland ( @Jagsniper @MrKantonine ) coming to LSC and making a statement. They were fired ICly based on knowledge obtained ICly. I can assure you that there was no Metagaming stated, that this report is purely based of salt over being fired for doing Criminal Activities in a government faction. I gave warnings IC about chopping cars whilst on duty and keep a strict NO BS policy. Furthermore, to make sure there's no confusion about this happening again (the confusion) I am editing the handbook I drew up and adding new rules.
  4. sykotiktv

    Stormy nights

    +1 The rain makes it hard to hear people. Plus it rains just so often, what about other weather changes? ie: snow, blizzards, fog, etc?
  5. sykotiktv

    Adding a veh price

    +1 There was a car for sale at high end I kept asking people in /ooc if they could see the price at all ... not seeing the price prevented me from purchasing it. I thought the same. "Why doesn't it show the price as well as soon as you enter the vehicle."
  6. sykotiktv

    /givekey UPGRADE

  7. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

  8. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    There doesn't HAVE to be more RP into firing you for doing criminal acts on duty. Let me quote something that was announced to us faction leaders. "Please make sure each of you announces to your factions that disregarding actual duties of their position may result on an ooc removal from the faction by server staff if it continues. Personal meal break, phone calls, are fine. Doing crimes, hanging out with friends ignoring calls, or purchasing a new vehicle for yourself are not." (End of Replies from me.)
  9. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    This was directed towards EVERYONE in the discord that didn't hear me say it in-character. Once I found out that cars were going missing from the upper gated lot and the cars were being chopped etc. Sorry for all the replies. I'm just getting on my PC now from having no power/internet for days. :)
  10. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    It was a *picture message* in a text now if I had access to my computer I’d provide such evidence. This is just uncalled for because I’ve done SO MUCH for LSC and it’s going recognized. I do roleplay and I can RP well. Your interaction with me in game is bare minimum so you wouldn’t even see such. I’m sure plenty of people would speak on my behalf as such as well. I’m not going to say anymore to this because it’s very biased.
  11. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    Also everyone knows the status of my situation being that we were just hit by a tornado knocking out my power. Still without cable/internet. Haven’t had either for 3-4 days now. So it was impossible at the time for me to even login and express in-character my feeling towards them. Sure I take responsibility firing them because a good employee does NOT chop vehicles while on duty. That’s all I have to say. Also Harvey and Robert are in the same gaming clan so their opinions are going to be one of the same.
  12. sykotiktv

    Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    This WAS NOT METAGAMING. I was given IC evidence (screenshot as a picture message from Stevano. As well as people telling me they are known car thieves. So enlighten me how this is metagaming? I asked for your story and you guys were both on duty chopping a stolen vehicle. I sent text messages in character letting them know they were fired based on evidence provided.
  13. sykotiktv

    Mask 6044_5973 (6.3.1 Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    As of yesterday you failed to attempt to steal 3 of the mechanics cars. There is no "metagaming" when it comes to knowing who you are based on your clothing, mask and vehicles and yes you were banned from LSC because of this. We had a meeting and discussed your name and clothing plus license plate.
  14. sykotiktv

    4 Car House For Sale Near Golf Course **SOLD**

    Thank you :) Edited.