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  1. Mike White, 5229_8768 (FearRP, FailRP)

    I have no idea what ADS means. But I had no idea you were typing any commands and I wouldn't be able to see it because Mike was in front of you. Because of that you were focused on Mike I chose to hop over to the truck that was about a meter and a half away since you wouldn't be able to actually respond within that amount of time because you were focused on Mike. You weren't able to end my life quickly there again because you were focused on Mike. I choose to not reply any further untill a admin responds to this thread.
  2. Mike White, 5229_8768 (FearRP, FailRP)

    Okay, I'm the mechanic in the video. Vladimir Odens. I didn't choose to run just because you had to make a command in the chat. I didn't even realize you were making a command or had your gun down since you were standing behind Mike. I ran since you wouldn't be able to shoot me because you were standing behind him. So I don't see that I'm me breaking FearRP. My evidence for this, aaaand even less laggier and no chat blurred out. http://plays.tv/video/5aae6b03128e0cd89a/less-choppy-footage
  3. new to gta rp

    What is this about???????
  4. Bail Bonds/Set Bails

  5. Stop Metagaming

    @Phil McGee Didn't notice, but still why make a thread about this? And not just message Ballin instead?
  6. Stop Metagaming

    @Phil McGee I mean the report is over, so why should he continue if he's not trying to make a scene?
  7. Stop Metagaming

    After I've been unbanned, I haven't heard anyone give out any sorts of locations with out using in game communications. So since I just got back, I wanna know why you keep on stirring up drama?
  8. hey man sorry to bother but how do I create a character for the server as when I try to join it tells me I'm not my character but in Turkish 

    1. kris783c


      Check messages.

  9. Problem about PD with chases

    -1 Same as Hellequin.
  10. The criminals

    What is this?
  11. Soon ™              (Hopefully)

    1. sykotiktv


      We all miss you, at LSC! 

      Hope you hear back SOON! :) 

  12. Account name: hamderholm Character name(s): Mike Onfroy - Vladimir Odens Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 15/Jan/2018 18:17 Reason given for punishment: Savage Your explanation of what happened: About 4 months ago I sent a photo to two people, two savages. In the photo there was another member of the community, not nude. I had screenshot it from snapchat. After some days of me sending it to the two people, it had been posted on the Eclipse discord general chat. The photo was used to hang out and harass the person in it. I didn't part take in the harassing and I had no knowledge of this situation untill days later. I later got banned for being in the faction "The Savages". Therefor I made a unban appeal, but it got rejected because I didn't say that I shared the photo to begin with. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I understand what I've done and that this is a serious offense. At the time of doing it, I didnt have any malicious intent, but i can see now that I am also responsible for what those I shared the picture with did later. I'm sorry to the people who have been harassed, and anyone who felt offended or upset in any way for my actions. I did not understand the harm i was doing, I made a mistake and I am truly sorry for that. I love Eclipse, and the community and I really want to be an member of the community again. I promise if you let me back, I will prove to you that I have learnt from my mistakes, and that I will be a valued member of the community who will abide by all the rules. Post any evidence or further details: None.
  13. Izzygang

    Lmao what
  14. Photo sharing trend?

    So I'm apparently responsible for starting the trend where you share photos of other community members. How does that even make any sense? I shared ONE photo of ONE person not nude back in november, but there's already happened other cases like this before. But I'm being held responsible for other people sharing photos, nudes etc. Because I started the "trend." Just recently a member has been made a staff member. (congratulations?) The person has shared MULTIPLE photos of another community member, but manages to become a staff/support member? K, thx bye.