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  1. Michael Kanaan (5.3.4 Turf Wars)

    To me threats doesn't seem like a good reason to start a whole war over. Also why would you attempt to buy weapons from the Exiled, when you previously already had an "altercation" and were at war as BBS with us? We had no idea what the previous war was for, neither did any of us know who you were until you started the war and started to capture our turf out of the blue.
  2. Michael Kanaan (5.3.4 Turf Wars)

    @Elliot Did the altercation happen earlier today?
  3. Michael Kanaan (5.3.4 Turf Wars)

    I'd like to add that they last friday also tried to capture our turf with out any reason. I then shot the only person that was there.
  4. Chopshop Campers

    -1 And as Dashingly said chopping cars are illegal so adding cameras and making it a NCZ wouldn't make any sense. It's just a high risk high reward job.
  5. I was there in the situation aswell, we got told via SMS that you were in vinewood. I also think he flipped his car because he was SMS'ing Tavi. Later after this situation Leron and Phil asked me how we found you and I told them we had gotten messages via SMS then Leron remembered that Steven was infact SMS'ing while driving.
  6. Gut Pushers

    Lol only Steve Doherty, Tavi and Sonny has PD alts soooeh.
  7. Gut Pushers

    Why put a "kill counter" on a post to represent your faction? This just makes it look super frivolous in my opinion.
  8. Thanks for A great event!
  9. Lewis Smith (6.4.1, 6.4.4 Metagaming)

    You do the same all the time "grin smiley"
  10. Lewis Smith (6.4.1, 6.4.4 Metagaming)

    @JackD248 How come you've reported someone else without being involved then?
  11. Player(s) being reported: @JackD248, most likely Lewis Smith here. Date of rule breach: 6/01/2018 Time of rule breach: No Idea. Your characters name: Valerio Vinziatti/Vladimir Odens Other players involved: Trevor? Specific rule broken: 6.4. Metagaming "1. Metagaming is the act of mixing in-character and out-of-character information. Out-of-character information is not known by your in-game character. For example, your character cannot see player nametags, therefore while roleplaying you must pretend that you do not know the names of the strangers around you." "4. Metagaming to gain an in-game advantage, for example, requesting help from your allies through out-of- character channels, will result in more severe punishments, than accidental metagaming, that serves no benefit to the player, such as, calling a stranger by his character name." How did the player break the rule?: Sending pm's in-game with IC information to someone with the name Trevor. Then after that the video cuts, and the whole chat is blocked (see picture 2.) with even more pm's to another person. Evidence of rule breach: " PM Sent to Trevor: (( 2 armed men )) PM From Trevor: (( Need help? )) Pm from Trevor: (( Jack shall I bring my car over to you ))" Screenshots taken from this video. https://plays.tv/video/5a50e77b45227119ee/proof-of-police-mis-conduct?from=user Other notes: I think this was used in another report he made against the cops. Not going to argue with anyone. I'll only respond if any support or admins tells me to. EDIT: He removed his video after this report Luckily I did the same sneaky move(Thanks for the idea ;)) Link to the video is here:
  12. Rudy, Valerio (OOC Insults)

    I'm not the only one that feels that way. And what does that have to do with this?
  13. Rudy, Valerio (OOC Insults)

    1. I didn't directly insult or say anything about your mother. Just asked if the woman in the picture was your mother. 2. Shouldn't you be a little upset about being banned from the server? Sounds a little like you don't care about you breaking the rules, time upon time.
  14. Rudy, Valerio (OOC Insults)

    Didn't you say that you didn't care that you got banned for 2 days? @JackD248
  15. Please permanently ban this player

    +1, everyone is getting demoralized by this guy. Making people want to actually stop playing. Just because of him.