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  1. I'm a higerup in Narcos, and this isn't everyone. There's also people in your video that isn't even in Narcos. Could you please write their Stranger ID's instead of Entire Narcos? We will give them a strike in our gang for the rulebreak.
  2. I've read it through multiple times again lol, also you're not supposed to comment on other peoples reports as I said before.
  3. I do own that car, I've had it over 6 months now. Numberplate KACHOW69, since it kinda looks like lightning mcqueen
  4. But still, that doesn't mean he can call me a retard, now does it?
  5. I didn't call him a retard, if I did it's in RP? That doesn't mean I think he's a retard OOC'ly. Also I didn't kill anyone, I hit them, and I've gotten my first offence of VDM for 48 hours. But just because I broke one rule doesn't mean that Boris can break rules.
  6. I don't really understand your grammar, but I can tell you that my friend shot at Vadim because they obviously tried to steal my car. They even said in VOIP that they would try to steal it.
  7. I got banned, because Boris, directly sent out of context clips to the founders, I didn't even have a chance to defend myself before I got banned. But I proved myself innocent except for VDM'ing. It was a unintentional rulebreak and yeah I admit I broke it. Also teammate? I'd prefer to call him a friend since we're not playing CS:GO.
  8. I got unbanned my punishment changed, not same thing. Also you're not supposed to comment on reports you're not involved with
  9. Player(s) being reported: Boris_Putrin Date of rule breach: Offensive Language, 24th July 2018 - Mixing OOC & IC, 20th July 2018 Time of rule breach: Offensive Language, 19:43 CEST - Mixing OOC & IC, not sure. Your characters name: Mike Onfroy Other players involved: Joey Vinziatti and more people. Specific rule broken: "3.2.2. Any kind of out-of-character offensive language, threats or racism or excessive in-character racism is prohibited. You cannot make death threats to live people, death threats aimed at live people will result in much harsher punishmen
  10. +1, something that criminals could make some more money off.
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