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  1. Well it's my money I put into the treasury, and it's been over 4 weeks now since we've made this refund reqeuest.
  2. 100k xp and suck ,dont cry boy

    1. kris783c


      Could you kindly piss off?


  3. kris783c

    Pawn Shop

    +1, something that criminals could make some more money off.
  4. kris783c

    More clothing

  5. kris783c

    Allience factions ((OOC)) chat.

    What do you mean, we do use discord if we need to discuss something that is OOC.
  6. kris783c

    Jail sentence

    @Bear Baldwin I mean there's nothing to do in jail really? Sure I have rp'ed in jail a couple of times but you're just kinda limited there and it easily gets boring. So what's really the difference than not physically being there at your PC waiting to come out by AFK'ing? Or not being on the server, on that Character that's in prison? It doesn't really make any better or worse RP for anyone if you're AFK, waiting to come out or not even being on the server and possibly doing other things?
  7. kris783c

    Allience factions ((OOC)) chat.

    -1, this could lead to a lot of metagaming. If there needs to be said anything OOC'ly just PM one of the allies and ask them to say it in their faction chat.
  8. kris783c

    Crouch tweaks

  9. kris783c

    Mike Onfroy ($22200)

    Alright made one now.