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  1. New and skeptical

    Welcome mate! Hope you'll have fun here!
  2. Server not showing up

    Script Hook hasn't updated yet so you'll need to downgrade your GTA Version. Check out this helpful guide to downgrade your GTA version. Also, the new port is 7001 (play.eclipse-rp.net Port: 7001).
  3. New

    Alt tab out and back in :)
  4. New

    Welcome bro!
  5. Dynamic Economy based on Supply and Demand

    This is another great idea +1
  6. Dispatch Factions

    Well I don't think this is going to happen
  7. Hello

    Welcome to the community!
  8. Dispatch Factions

    Well then -1. Cadets already do some dispatching so taking in total new people only for dispatching would be not possible/needed. Now if there were something like player owned radio stations with their own moderators then that would be pretty awesome.
  9. Dispatch Factions

    What do you mean by dispatch? Like a radio moderator or a dispatcher for police?
  10. Poor handling of my case

    Even if he sounds like that, why bring it up? I don't see what your problem is. Saying something IC'ly like "Suck my dick" isn't something I care too much about. Saying "Fuck you" OOC'ly is something completely different. You learnt your lesson. Also, try to be less toxic OOC'ly the next time you RP with somebody.
  11. Poor handling of my case

    You seriously bring this up here? You were the one delaying procedure IC'ly and OOC'ly. You jumped to OOC chat, made remarks about the officer's age and insulted us then OOC'ly. You were the one not complying and making OOC remarks, which were highly inappropriate. You're just salty man. Just drop it
  12. Your player name: Jason Rawler Player you are reporting: Stranger 128_5609 (Alexa Dagaslov) @LeftSharkie Rule broken: PG and Fail RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Basically Alexa was in custody, cuffed in the backseat of the police cruiser. She decides to get out, run towards another vehicle and to get in, all while being cuffed. Time and date: 16/11/2017 11pm GMT Evidence: Video of @Triple Seven: https://plays.tv/video/5a0e244a89ddbbf767/lexa-lexa-lexa (Happens at 2:41)
  13. [Suggestion]Balancing everything

    -1 Everything else +1