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  1. Why is the server so empty?

    Add a poll so we can see the reasons
  2. 45 purchasable businesses

  3. Bail System

    Not for Felonies like Murder or Terrorism. Otherwise for minor things +1
  4. The north is definitely a place for RP. You could have a meth kitchen over there and drug warehouses. +1
  5. State and City Government

    Should be implemented immediately.
  6. ((Nice to see some RP events. Will be there!))
  7. Introduction Seeing how low current server population is, this could be a fix for it. This could add immensely more RP to the server and would add much more jobs then there is right now. Debates, elections, interviews, that just some of the portions. Some might find this lame but I think this could be a great extension to the server. State Government The State Government would have two branches at the current server state. The executive and the legislative branch. The Voters would vote for the Governor, 5 Senate members and 7 Congress members (note that members number can increase or decrease over time). These members could then initiate laws after their agendas. These would be State laws and their jurisdictions would be the whole state. For a law to pass both chambers would need to agree to the law and if necessary they could add changes. After the debate, they would set a date for the vote. Voters and lobbyist or others could then try to influence the Senator or Congress members so they could change their minds. After the vote, the law would either be passed to the Governor who could sign it or veto it. If he'd veto it, both chambers would need to pass the law by having a 2/3 majority. Then the law would be passed without the Governor signing it. City Government City Government would have three chambers: the Council, Mayors Office, and the Petition Committee. The Council members would also initiate, debate and vote laws. These would only apply to LS and would be little ones like parking regulations etc. They would only have 4 members. The Mayor would basically do the same as the Governor: Signs, Veto and Govern. The Petition Committee would take petitions from the civil population and would debate, vote and then initiate them as a law. That way, the population could have a direct saying of which laws should be initiated. Political Parties By default, there would be the republican and democratic party. Both parties would need to be maintained by staff but should let them dictate (to an extent) how they go on their policies. Politicians would be either able to join one party or create their own one. Candidacy A candidate would need to be approved by staff as they shouldn't have some crazy agendas. Then each party would send candidates into the race and the population would decide. An Independent could also run as a candidate. Side jobs There would even be some side jobs for people not interested in politics: Personal Bodyguard: Each member of a chamber would have some resources to hire bodyguards to protect them. Ever members would recruit for himself and so even criminalish people with background history could get the job. Drivers: These would be the people driving chamber members from point A to B. They would not need their own car. Chief of Staff: This guy would organize staff, appointments, events etc. He would be the man with the plan and logistics. I know that this isn't the most hardcore political system but it could add more RP and would let the players decide on their own who their Governor/Mayor should be. Please leave me some feedback.
  8. Why is the server so empty?

    I've got no idea as to why the server is so empty but we should have loyalty bonuses on the paychecks so more people will come online
  9. More car Effects

    Unfortunately I see many people not rping car crashes. There should be side effects and perhaps we should have a realistic vehicle damage mod on the server so car crashes would actually be more realistic. Also +1 on this suggestion.