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  1. Kay133

    Funeral - Gustavo Rodriguez

    Wondering who keeps on posting this since Gustavo's dead
  2. Kay133


    Honestly, I haven't really had that much problems with Lithuanian players in that timezone, my problem is with the US players. During night hours EU time, many US players come on and troll around PD, MD, and the other timezones. Edit: It's not all US players both rather the new ones.
  3. Kay133

    Black Lives Matter - Los Santos

    Gonna love the real-life political toxicity being in game now
  4. Kay133

    PD and their 1 shot gun

    I agree that engines shouldn't stall when the windshield or so is it. But if your engine gets shot at multiple times, it should stall.
  5. Kay133

    PD and their 1 shot gun

    Sounds like you're mad
  6. Kay133

    PD Cars

  7. Kay133

    JackD248 - Appeal

    Says you. Going every 30 minutes into OOC chat and saying that you will report it on the forums is you dealing with losing. I don't know how you can be so ignorant. Why would people not like you? The community hasn't realized that I'm spreading the toxicity, because I don't. The only one who's being toxic is you. I don't know how you manage to do so, but you keep on getting away with everything. Some of the admin team seem to be blind on one eye. People are sooner or later going to leave due to your toxic behavior. And then you can report the rest.
  8. Kay133

    JackD248 - Appeal

    I'm going to reply to this due to me being tagged multiple times. I will probably get a spam point or something, but here we go. Let me get something perfectly clear, I did not report Lewis Smith just because I wanted to give him a longer admin record, rather than to show that I will not further tolerate behavior from HIM. Calling my report on Lewis Smith "petty" is simply ironic and very nonsensical. There seems to be a double standard going, between a "normal" ECRP player, and a so-called "cyberbullying" victim. Saying reports are only to be issued when severe losses occur for insults are absolutely ridiculous. A few examples. Jack was called "toxic", what did you lose? What did you lose when Tavi said "Go get the shipment please its at alamosea"? What did you lose in this report? This explanation from Ballin is just complete and utter nonsense. It makes no sense for offensive language. But this just seems to be the double standard.
  9. Kay133

    Jason Rawler (Powergaming)

    Also would like to state: "4.3. Security 4.3.1. Community security is a task that requires all community members to be on board with to be successful. All players are required to report knowledge of such activities such as falsifying player reports, ban appeals, or refund requests, purchasing of in game currency or accounts, or ban evading of individuals who present a serious risk to the server such as those banned for cyber attacks or OOC harassment of other members. Failure to report such activity may result in a long term or even permanent ban." You are knowingly sending reports in bad faith which are clearly false. This is just one example of it.
  10. Kay133

    Jason Rawler (Powergaming)

    This just shows your maturity level
  11. Player(s) being reported: Lewis Smith Date of rule breach: 14/JUL/2018 Time of rule breach: 12:00 AM Your characters name: Jason Rawler Other players involved: Bonnie Bourbon, George Sterling, Alex Keller Specific rule broken: "Offensive Language, Death Threats, Racism, Global Announcements 3.2.1. In-character offensive language, threats and racism are allowed, however insulting another character gives them a roleplay reason to take hostile action against your character. 3.2.2. Any kind of out-of-character offensive language, threats or racism or excessive in-character racism is prohibited. You cannot make death threats to live people, death threats aimed at live people will result in much harsher punishments. 3.2.3. Any kind of offensive language, that may offend a player or a group of players, is forbidden in global server announcements. This rule is valid for both in-character and out-of-character announcements. 3.2.4. An administrator has the right to request that a player stops offending another player’s character, if the administrator thinks that the in-character exception for offensive language is being abused. 3.2.5 Eclipse Roleplay Is not responsible for OOC Insults outside of the Eclipse Roleplay Platform, or Eclipse Roleplay Public Discord and will expect community members to block people whom are harassing them outside of the game on their own accord." How did the player break the rule?: I accidentially answered a /do wrong, but was then immediatly corrected by other officers and I said "Oops" ins OOC Chat. Lewis then said: "Im not cuffed cadet uncuffed me dont lie in /do". I falsy thought he called me a cadet in OOC chat, due to the horrible punctuation. I then replied with: "Don't call me a fucking Cadet and cry me a river son", since I was filled up with Lewis' horrible RP and his complaining in OOC chat, which he did multiple times. Lewis then told me to "Shut the fuck up", which offended me. Evidence of rule breach: Edit: After informing reported part about report, Lewis told me to "fuck off" and to "fuck you bitch"
  12. Kay133

    Jail sentence

  13. As soon as you get prisoned, the fine of your charge automatically gets withdrawn from your bank account. You were wanted for "Reckless Driving", a misdemeanor, that's why every Officer tried to arrest you.
  14. Reckless Driving is not only a ticket but also jail time.