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  1. Funny how I still haven't seen not one piece of evidence supporting my ban.

  2. /do I own PD cuz I did some events there

    1. nateX


      /do No you don't

  3. Dearest Eclipse Community, As many of you know, Moderator Beet filed a report against the Head Administrator BallinByNature. This report got one reply from BallinByNature, and was then never to be visually seen again. In Eclipse general discussions it was expounded that a “higher up” person handled the report, however, there was no transparency to the rest of the community. I’d like to address this. In the aperture verbal expression from Beet, he verbalized that no person shall be favored in administrative actions. So I fail to understand how abstracting this report and handling with it in the shadows, not shows any favoritism. I personally think that it is very “dodgy” and weird. I’d like to get your input, on how reports on high ranking staff members should be handled with, and if this case was handled correctly. Bear in mind, I don’t want to bash anybody, however, as a community member, I express my concerns. I never got my chance to voice my side of the story, and I don’t think anybody else who was involved did. Regards, Kay133
  4. Kay133

    LSPD Most Wanted

    Hello Mr. Smith, surely we can meet at the police station and talk about the deal? -Jason
  5. On the UCP it could show that the player changed his stranger Id from x to x.
  6. I try and pull over the first person I see that’s driving recklessly, but then 3. More vehicles pass me speeding. Can’t ticket everybody unfortunately.
  7. LSPD Notice: Please be advised that this bulletin is still open and that anybody giving information to this person's arrest can receive the 50,000USD$ reward.
  8. Perhaps that needs to stop. People should stop being so stupid and die all the time. People do the most insane stunt jumps or speed around every place and then wonder when they die due to it. (Apologies if anybody was offended by me saying "stupid", I'm not directly addressing anybody, rather appealing that people should stop treating this like GTA Online)
  9. So why should they have a license, to begin with?
  10. Exactly. If people get caught giving their friends firearms, well no license for them. I'd love to see some large scale gun trade by criminal gangs rather than just going to a gun store and buying a new gun although you were just given a murder charge or armed robbery.
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