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  1. Jason Rawler was born in Liberty City on February the 16th 1987. He was one of two children of a conservative family. Jason grew up in a very conservative matter. He went every Sunday to Chruch and his father served in the U.S Army. At the age of 21, Jason joined the U.S Airforce and was stationed in Afghanistan until he was 23. After being wounded in combat, he was honourably discharged and went home to his family, where he was praised as a war hero. Fortunately for him, his injuries weren't too severe and after 2 months of his discharge, he joined up the LCFD first as an EMT and then as a pilot in the aerial division. At age of 26, he left the LCFD and went to a cousin in Las Venturas. There he joined up Gruppe Sechs Security and delivered money to ATMs. After a year of working for Gruppe Sechs, he joined the LVPD and served there as a pilot for the better half of his stay in Las Venturas. At the age of 30, he left LV and went to Los Santos to start a new life.
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  4. The South-West Route The SW Line goes from Los Santos to Sandy Shores. Stations: LST Depot Stadium Yellow Jack Inn Sandy Shores Airfield Sandy Shores Sheriffs Office Alamo Sea To take the SW line, please contact me via email ((pm))
  5. Citizens of Los Santos My name is Jason Rawler, and I was assigned to the North-South Project. The North-South Route connects Los Santos to outer cities like Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores. There are 3 Routes: South-West (from Los Santos to Sandy Shores), which goes under the SW line, West-North (from Sandy Shores to Paleto Bay), which goes under the WN line, South-North (from Los Santos to Paleto Bay), which goes under the SN line. In order to take one of these lines, you must email a ride under this address: [email protected] ((pm me)) A ride is for free and I will try to answer to most of your emails. Beneath you can find more pieces of information on the single lines and how to join the North-South Project. SW Line WN Line SN Line Join Time schedule ((Disclaimer: This project is no type of organization, you may join this project but you will not be paid! This project is to create more roleplay and not so people can grind off of the bus driver job! Also, this thread is still a wip thread.))