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  1. Make the End of the Pier a NCZ

    So you think that robbing people at the PD, stealing cars from the PD parking lot which has cameras on it is a smart idea? Or starting a shootout at the MD? Or robbing people INSIDE the bank?
  2. Stormy nights

    Way more, sometimes up to 10 times a day... I remember once a huge storm stopped, 1-2 minutes later, another starts...
  3. Buying Fully Modded Bati 801

  4. It's up for sale, you can come to the house and talk with the person from the real estate company.
  5. Make the End of the Pier a NCZ

    Agree with NoewUH here. If you want people to stop robbing you at the pier, call the police. Because when I personally go there to see if something illegal is happening there, I get screamed at and told to mind my own business and people always tell me ''Don't you have other stuff to worry about instead of patrolling the pier?''. Overall do not agree with making the pier an NCZ because as NoewUH said, it's a perfect place for criminals to rob people. Ever
  6. Buying Fully Modded Bati 801

  7. As I said earlier, the lowest I can go is 210K
  8. Paintball Area!

    I do not get why you are trying to make a shooting game out of an GTA 5 rp server.
  9. Buying Fully Modded Bati 801

  10. Looking to get a $210k loan (CLOSED)

    Is this still an active request? Update: Sorry, didn't see the huge sign saying "CLOSED"
  11. Buying Fully Modded Bati 801

    How much?
  12. International: Finance Company

    Welcome to International Online Unlimited! We are a loan company that grants the best service to our customers. Our services grant: Loans up to 600 thousand dollars. Giveaways. Great service with fast response time. Low interest rates. Click HERE to download our app and request loans!
  13. No testing any mattresses. It's a buy or not.
  14. Hello and thanks for taking a look! I want to sell this house in Vinewood/Richman for 220 thousand. The house includes three car parking spaces and a small garden. Call 4726295 for offers or more information. Pictures: