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  1. nateX

    Staff confidence discussion thread

    Sorry, but I'm not even gonna bother to read through all this thread, I've seen your points in your punishment appeal and in Discord, that's enough for me to have an opinion on the whole situation. It's useless drama, period. Blaming the whole staff team for the actions of one staff member is not only stupid but also wrong, there should be no connection at all. Although I agree with a couple points Noah made, he knew the risk he was taking and he should have been more careful with his words on a public stream. This is gonna be my first and only post here as I'm not about that negativity 🤗 . p.s. posting pictures out of context and making up a backstory for it isn't very nice Lewis
  2. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Also as a little response to all of this ''You never show RP or post any pics from RP like other factions'' comments, all I have seen is pictures of you posig in /anim foldarms together or aiming a gun/grabbing cash in a store or you just aiming a gun at some cops down on their knees, sorry, but I don't see this as RP. I see RP as /me's and /do's, and although I have seen a couple screenshots in Shadow Cartel thread, there are not much of them. In the future, I will also include screenshots from the chat with /me's and /do's under a spoiler when I post edited screenshots.
  3. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Well after getting the official status, OOC hate turned into IC hate. People are walking around and asking random people "are you La Fuente Blanca?" our of their ass. I've asked around in the faction and no one has ever said a single thing about LFB ICly but people still somehow know about the faction, where we are located etc. I have personally RPed with people and they threaten me ICly with "I should probably burn their ranch down". This is not only ruining the experience for us, but in the criminal RP community as a whole.
  4. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    My last point on this thread will be the following: Nowhere does it state we have a dress code because we don't. You will have to ICly find out there is such a thing as La Fuente Blanca and that the person has to tell you that he is part of the group. There is no way you could know a person is for sure in LFB just by their clothing, so I don't see how you can make points such as ''I've never seen them''.
  5. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    I don't know where you got the standard about that all criminal roleplay has to be public, but if you look at cartels and mafia IRL, they never tell anyone how they got their weapons. The deer part makes absolutely no sense since it's there just to add some humor and has no big role in the RP, also we own a ranch, so wouldn't make sense not to have an animal there. There are no horses in GTA 5 so we had to use a deer, which died. Yes, other factions put out a lot of screenshots on their thread, but they contain the same things everytime, either them all standing in a line posing for a picture, them robbing someone, or a picture of them standing in a random place with the chat visible, and in the chat you see a couple of /me's and /do's but also a lot of unnecessary stuff like bleets etc. which destroys the whole picture. Thats why I chose to use a third party software to edit my screenshots to make them look better, period. Also I don't know about what connections you are talking about.. We have Bakmeel as the head of the faction, and he is also staff, but doesn't mean that that gives us any benefits.
  6. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Why would we sell weapons, kidnapp people in the open realistically risking to get prison time if we can do it silently without anyone knowing? And trust me, we have connections to more people than you think.
  7. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca

    Not every person on a super car is in our group. The whole point of the group is to stay hidden and hide under the impression that we are some car enthusiasts, why would we do criminal RP in the open? That literally goes against the whole lore of the gang.
  8. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca

  9. nateX

    La Fuente Blanca

    One of the new members who has passed their training has been assigned the task to make new contacts within the city, his job is to find new customers. He has been trained to do this in secrecy as to not drop any names when it's not needed. He is showing potential to become a trusted member soon.
  10. Auction over, @Grape is the winner, contact me to arrange the meeting.
  11. 25 hours and 30 minutes left of the auction.
  12. nateX

    A suggestion about Police Cars

    give md a bike and remove the ambulance and heli, would look funny
  13. nateX

    A suggestion about Police Cars

    First of all, it's not possible, second is that the picture you sent is an airport vehicle and you can see that by the background.
  14. nateX

    A suggestion about Police Cars

    Well you are clearly trolling and no, police can not mod their cruisers at mechanic shops