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  1. nateX

    Los Santos Irish Mob

    If you are in game there is always a way. I don't know what you mean by ''no way of getting in contact using IC''
  2. Archived by request. There is already a command for that which is /checkparkingpay
  3. Let's obtain this grain gamers

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    2. nateX
    3. BrockOlly


      he asked your cooking level, sir. Since you mentioned 'grain', commonly used in cooking.

    4. nateX


      Oh, is this a Runescape reference? I have never played Runescape for more than 20 min

  4. nateX

    The Ballad of Mark Winterfield

    Hmmm, interesting use of the MDC there :snoop:
  5. nateX

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    That's exactly what I am concerned about. People brought as an example to join Mechanics and Clowns, which is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.
  6. nateX

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Now this is why I do not like any of the suggestions Donator only clothes People will still trade them to each other, leading to a CS:GO type of system. Not necessary and useless. Donator only weapon skins Again, this will create a CS:GO type of system, trading skins with each other and selling them to regular players. Gun store discounts Guns prices were just increased with the purpose to decrease the number of players with weapons and the number of pistols that people carry, they are now more valuable. Implementing this would do the opposite of the purpose of the update with increasing the gun prices. Discounted/Free parking at the parking lots As Osborn said above, paying as little as $500 for parking a car for an unlimited amount of time is cheap. If anything, it should slightly be increased. Being able to join two factions at once (Mechanic & Clowns for example.) People are already abusing the fact of multiple characters, making their characters join let's say LSC and then transferring every penny from your character with a job to your criminal, making it much easier to buy guns for criminals, as money is not a problem because you can just go onto your LSC character and be online for a couple of hours to earn money.
  7. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend ❤️

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      @HaminLord ay bruv, why you downvote my status update. I'm tryna spread positivity and get forum rep out here and you just remove it. Not cool!

    4. gohena


      haters guna hate?

  8. nateX

    Black Market for Weapons

    /me dabs +1 agree
  9. nateX

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    Topic revived after half a year, okay. This would just make it easier people to rob other players with less interaction, -1.
  10. nateX

    Snipas - Andrei Bach DM, Combat Log

    It has been a couple of months since the punishment was given and I as the person that gave the punishment believe that the player should be let back, he claims to have read the rules and I really hope he isn't lying and will follow them. Also if any major punishments appear on his record he will be permanently banned again, so in my opinion this should be his last chance of redeeming himself.
  11. nateX

    Snipas - Andrei Bach DM, Combat Log

    Hello and thank you for making this appeal, this is a long time ago and I do not quite remember the circumstances and rule breaks you committed.