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  1. New rule (5.4)

    Basically what I said. But people are still complaining.
  2. New rule (5.4)

    Well would you enjoy going to the PD station and getting robbed? Well that have happened to me, and I didn't really enjoy it that much, because it seemed stupid and it made me feel like the police station didn't have a single camera.
  3. Hello All

    Welcome to our community, hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, feel free to join the server Discord channel and ask them there. Keep in mind, if you want to work in a government job and have a good pay, you can not commit any crimes, as this will lower your chances into getting a government job. Discord link: https://discord.gg/AWf8GEJ
  4. Community Update #1

    There is a faction named Ballas, or atleast people that are roleplaying Ballas, just put them on the leadership, they are already using the gang colors and lowriders as their main vehicles. Simple as that, its just that the people are basically being forced to play as Vagos, Lost MC etc. Why not make a system as on LS-RP? People are making factions, and the most RP and most active of them are going to be official.
  5. Community Update #1

    Savages are not using money of the gang to buy cars, clothes, housrs etc for members, they use it for needs of the gang, pretty obvious. Or maybe other gangs work differently.
  6. Reporting Ray Sweets

    Well I feel like he didn't have any other way to escape, it could have gone two ways, either he would have knocked you rapedetly, trying not to hurt you, or he could have smashed into you on speed, killing you. That was my opinion, have a great evening.
  7. Invalid Turf Capture

    We calling the cops? Pff, yesterday you guys called the cops on us about 3 times, 1 of the times were at the hospital, but you guys got denied by a officer saying ''I don't have time for this stuff''. The only thing I want to add to this report, is that you guys are metagaming so much, I personally don't know how you guys know I'm in the Savages, but I got VDM'd about 3-4 times by you yesterday and them DM'd once.
  8. Security questions in-game

    Well not if you're smart and dont put password like 12345 or 21337 or 11233
  9. Security questions in-game

    I would rather prefer a little password made out of 5 numbers, and a little keypad pop up, something like this Or I remember in SA:MP we had a keypad based on textdraws
  10. Vladislav Dmitrievich DM

    I don't really see how sound would help at all
  11. Vladislav Dmitrievich DM

    Maybe I put so ShadowPlay don't record sounds? As I usually just use AudaCity, smart head.
  12. Vladislav Dmitrievich DM

    I don't have any recordings WITH sound, as I don't see that necessary.
  13. Vladislav Dmitrievich DM

    Of course I don't have any questions, because you can literally see Vladislav shoot at Ray, and the ''Ray Sweets who I known ICly that he is affiliated with the Savages as I have fought him before'' part is a stupid excuse. You can see that you started shooting at him, and your excuse ''Because a guy on the roof started shooting at me, I shot a random dude on a truck'' is just ridiculous.
  14. Vladislav Dmitrievich DM

    True, didn't see that. Will remove you from the list. Thanks for letting me know.