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  1. nateX

    Viruss - Virus Vicious - (Punishment Appeal)

    Hello and thank you for making this appeal, please make sure the appeal is following the template given below. Thank you, - nateX
  2. Make that every 2 minutes. I mean usually we can't do anything about it because we do not have enough evidence. Personally when I was a cadet, people taught me to reply with that. Police is really busy all the time responding to shots fired, pursuits or store robberies every other minute. Also due to the lack of evidence it would be unfair for us to arrest a guy that fits a certain description without police actually witnessing it.
  3. nateX

    Carbines/MG Bring Back

    Lil Pump has an AR that means every criminal can have it too
  4. nateX

    Carbines/MG Bring Back

    Can't wait til when we will have criminals doing drive-bys at PD with miniguns or machine guns. On a serious note, -1 as too many too big guns. Criminals already have millions so 70k is nothing for them.
  5. nateX

    [BUYING] Supercar

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a supercar or a really good sports car, post your offers down below.
  6. nateX

    Buying any business

    Got a loan company, interested?
  7. Anonymous user2: My house is right across the street, you better not make much noise there or I will call the cops!
  8. Anonymous user: We can only wait and see.
  9. nateX

    Nerf PD

    Well make a suggestion about it without any complaining, just say what to add and how it would improve things and also you could add what bug/issue it would fix with the current sync. No agression needed, just explain your point.
  10. nateX

    Nerf PD

    You havw literally already got around 3 responses to that, it is a bug, it's desync...
  11. nateX

    Nerf PD

    Already been said and discussed above. It is absolutely pointless, what will you get from it? Every single criminal will rum around with snipers and carbines, this will also get abused.
  12. nateX

    Nerf PD

    This is just ridiculous, I won't say exact numbers, but sure as hell there are not 30 people is SWAT. And of course, a lot of people will -1 this because you are constantly trying to buff criminals but nerf police. Stealth-copter? Really... That's literally desync and a bug, the rotors are not spinning, therefore you can not hear them...