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  1. Illegal Tuning

    Maybe because the owner wrote all the modifications on a paper before selling it. That's it, its that simple.
  2. Illegal Tuning

    Do you really think that police have access to every web site? There are web sites that dont even give information to the government, because they have a policy.
  3. Illegal Tuning

    How can a tablet show every component and part in a car?
  4. Illegal Tuning

    That's why we RP a catalog or a tablet...
  5. Illegal Tuning

    How is that RP? In real life he would not get a menu with what modification a car have, and if he would try to RP it out, you could just RP that you somehow modified it to look like a legal one. And if it would go trough mechanics, then they would basically comitt a crime, and as far as I know, mechanics get fired if they comitt a crime.
  6. Illegal Tuning

    Then the mechanic shops will be useless.
  7. Name reset

    At least make it so all the licenses becomes unsuspended.
  8. New rule (5.4)

    Basically what I said. But people are still complaining.
  9. New rule (5.4)

    Well would you enjoy going to the PD station and getting robbed? Well that have happened to me, and I didn't really enjoy it that much, because it seemed stupid and it made me feel like the police station didn't have a single camera.
  10. Name reset

    Well someone I know is planning to get a plastic surgery on the server, and we actually bought a house and stuff to let him hide there while its healing, and we should remember that 1 IRL day is 4 in game days.
  11. Name reset

    True, maybe a month?
  12. Name reset

    So my suggestion is that when a player does a plastic surgery, the /alias on him would reset and his tag would change as well. This would prevent people from spending 30k on a plastic surgery to avoid trouble, and people still know who they are even after the plastic surgery.
  13. Hello All

    Welcome to our community, hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, feel free to join the server Discord channel and ask them there. Keep in mind, if you want to work in a government job and have a good pay, you can not commit any crimes, as this will lower your chances into getting a government job. Discord link:
  14. Community Update #1

    There is a faction named Ballas, or atleast people that are roleplaying Ballas, just put them on the leadership, they are already using the gang colors and lowriders as their main vehicles. Simple as that, its just that the people are basically being forced to play as Vagos, Lost MC etc. Why not make a system as on LS-RP? People are making factions, and the most RP and most active of them are going to be official.