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  1. nateX

    New Police System Ideas

    Are you just gonna take pictures of every officer you see with anything but a pistol? Could easily have been a passive deployment. If not, seek yourself to this section. Please do not tag me in this thread again, just complaining about everything that PD does. If you have any other suggestions, go ahead and post them here .
  2. nateX

    New Police System Ideas

    I don't think you understand that the badge ''Police Officer'' is literally 4 ranks in 1 tag. Cadet's can only and are only allowed to use pistols, same with Police Officer I. In that instance, it was on a party where SWAT was deployed, the officer was on a passive deployment. Easy.
  3. Hello and thank you for making this appeal! The punishment was given for the PM you sent to the player over PM's. Does not matter if you gave him advice or not, stay in character at all times. Giving ''advice'' OOCly is in my eyes metagaming.
  4. nateX

    [SOLD] 3 car garage house in Vinewood

    As I already stated, the price is already under the original price
  5. nateX

    [SOLD] 3 car garage house in Vinewood

    I already took 50 thousand off the original price, so no thank you.
  6. nateX

    [SOLD] 3 car garage house in Vinewood

    No thank you, only accepting money.
  7. Hello, I'm selling this house in Vinewood for 400 thousand. It's located up the road from Tequila-la on the right side.
  8. Sorry for the wait, after looking over the footage a couple of times I've come to the conclusion that player Stranger 3856_6823 will be receiving a warning for FearRP. Thanks, nateX Moderator Accepted/Archived.
  9. Hello and thank you for making this appeal! Trying to prove a point by killing a person is not a valid reason to kill and end someone. First of all, insulting a staff member, calling me a Microsoft human error on the appeal itself and in my PM's, threatening me with a demotion and saying that I should resign because I only ban ''hardcore roleplayers'' all of which has been forwarded to the higher-ups, this does not help you with your appeal, and even when I guided you to the appeal section, you still kept talking about my ''future demotion''. Now we go to the report, in the video, it clearly shows how you acting nervous around him, acting very kind to the person, saying ''How about you pop that down'', and throughout your video that was your only demand. You even lowered your weapon to after talking to him for a while. And after you saying ''Talk to us again and you will see what happens'' the players presses his N button and says ''Uh'' he could have yawned or anything, is that a valid reason to kill him? I think not. The other player has already received a warning as it was his first offence of FearRP. Have a good day Pending higher ups decision.
  10. nateX

    Stranger 205_7465 (Deathmatch, 7.2.1)

    Hello again! Both players have nothing to add to this report, so I have come to the conclusion that player Samo_Monroe (Stranger 205_7465) will receive a 72 hour ban for Deathmatching and player Zilian_Dent (Stranger 5692_815) will receive a warning as his 1st offence for fearRP. If you feel like that punishment is unfairly given, please make an appeal. Thanks, nateX Moderator Accepted/Archived.
  11. nateX

    Stranger 205_7465 (Deathmatch, 7.2.1)

    Hello and thank you for making this report! Both parties have responded with their side of the story but I will still give both parties 24 hours to discuss the situation for more details or possible solutions to this. Thanks, nateX Moderator
  12. nateX

    Multiple PD nerf suggestions

    Members of PD don't have access to the MP5 unless they are manually asigned to a group. From what I see the officer was following the protocol, except the part with the weapons being in the car, which I will speak to him about.
  13. nateX

    Nerfing PD is NOT the answer

    One of the reasons we use teamspeak is because in game radio is not enough and will fill up with chatter when 3 different situations are going on, a hostage situation, a pursuit and a shootout. All this will just fill the in-game radio up with chatter.