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  1. I am not subbed to PewDiePie or T-series

  2. Bet you love taking everyones kids.
  3. Should be thankful for not getting shot down by carbines.
  4. nateX

    Beans geng

    Grace you god damn criminal... This is what MD does to you.
  5. You act like a criminal, Karen. I bet LSPD will take good care of you.
  6. nateX

    The Clowns

    Also, tell FBI Director Hernandez I miss him
  7. nateX

    The Clowns

    One of my favourite factions on the server with great leadership.
  8. No worries. I had an SMG aimed at her today, she called me a moron.
  9. Femo

    big weener

    1. nateX


      Thank you. You too.

  10. test post please ignore

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