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  1. (I was banned on June 04th, created my appeal the same day and the appeal was denied on June 18th. To be as transparent as possible with staff here, I messaged Lewis on two different occasions. The first message I sent him I was asking if I’d be allowed to appeal my ban at any point in the future. This message was sent roughly half an hour after the denial of my original appeal. The second message was sent on August 19th, in it I again tried to get some clarity on when I’d be able to appeal my ban. I didn’t receive a reply to either of these messages, which is understandable as messaging staff members about punishment appeals is against the rules. I apologize for these infractions; however, I hope you can understand why I sent those messages and are willing to forgive me for them. It has now been 3 months since the denial of my original appeal, which I thought was an acceptable amount of time to wait before attempting to re-appeal. If that isn’t the case feel free to archive this appeal). Account name: Swifty Character name(s): Warren Lawson Admin who issued punishment: Fa1N – ban was issued on the behalf of Serthon Date of punishment: 04/Jun/2019 Punishment received: Ban Reason given for punishment: Cheating Your explanation of what happened: As said in my original appeal, I had been running cheat engine while messing around in my recently purchased (activation screenshot below) copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain before jumping into the server. I was running the table titled “mgsvtpp.[v4.0.6]” which I downloaded from the site “fearlessrevolution”. I woke up the next the next morning after logging out that night and received a message from Randul (my faction leader from the government) asking had I been banned from Eclipse. Me leaving cheat-engine open hadn’t even crossed my mind when I made my original appeal. After I had posted my appeal, Randy asked what I was doing at 12:26am and he let me know that I had cheat engine running. After that, I edited my appeal to include the information from the sentence above. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I’m aware that cheating is one of the most serious offenses here and you guys have a zero tolerance for those that cheat. However, it has never been my intention to cheat here. Before I was banned, I had put in over 700 hours into playing here, and in that time, I had not once received any in-game punishments nor do I believe there had been any forum reports against me. I hope you can believe me in what I’m saying and are willing to give me a second chance at playing here. Post any evidence or further details: PM’s that I sent Lewis - https://i.imgur.com/pXiLze9.png Metal Gear Solid Steam Activation - https://i.imgur.com/75IHH9r.png Messages between myself and Randy 1: https://i.imgur.com/rPKxmer.png 2: https://i.imgur.com/iigEBF9.png 3: https://i.imgur.com/cLCdkeZ.png 4: https://i.imgur.com/KboyYCZ.png
  2. Unfortunately, I have no proof to back up my claims about this. The only thing I'd be able to provide is my recent purchase of the game mentioned in my initial post and the CT table that was accidentally left open. All I can really say at this point is that cheating here on Eclipse doesn't really line up with my personality or my record. I've put in a lot of time playing here, and through that time I've not once received any form on admin punishment. I know that appeals like this usually have low chances of being accepted, I just hope that you believe me and are willing to give me a second chance.
  3. Account name: Swifty Character name(s): Warren Lawson Admin who issued punishment: fa1N Date of punishment: 04/Jun/2019 11:30 Punishment received: Ban Reason given for punishment: Cheating Your explanation of what happened: I honestly don't know what happened, I woke up this morning with a ban for cheating? The only thing I can think of would be the Script Hook V I have in my install directory and the possible remnants of old mods I've played around with on single player. Edit: I also had cheat engine running from earlier in the day while I was messing around in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phanom Pain. I probably left it open, I'm sorry. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I don't believe I have done anything wrong that should warrant a permanent ban - it certainly was my mistake leaving the mod library in my install directly, but with the large amount of time I've put into playing on this server I don't believe I should remain banned for such a small infraction. Edit: If Cheat Engine is what caught me, I can only apologize profusely for my mistake in leaving it open while I was playing a different game earlier. I know that the staff here treat all the cases the same regarding this, so I can only apologize and say I've never had any intent on cheating here and it was completely my mistake leaving it open. I can only hope that you are willing to give me a second chance here. Post any evidence or further details: N/A (Edited at 11:27AM CDT for further clarity)
  4. The only business type that should be restricted is firearm retailers. But that's an IC issue that the PD and the gov will deal with.
  5. I made a suggestion/discussion post about something similar back in September, and I still support adding further costs to owning a vehicle. +1
  6. San Andreas is based on a US state the last time I checked.
  7. No thanks. Manual transmission sales in the US make up a minuscule amount of total sales nowadays.
  8. I commented last month that the server needed some sort of rules of engagement and this seems to definitely try and go towards that path. I don't agree with everything laid out in this suggestion, but I do think it brings forward a good conversation on a possible Rules of Engagement ruleset at some time in the future.
  9. This doesn't sound like a good fit for the server if I'm being totally honest. Combine that with the fact there just isn't enough players to really support something like this. It's a no from me I'm afraid.
  10. As long as people who end up creating non-roleplay ads are punished sufficiently then I don't see an issue with this being added.
  11. There's certainly some clarification that could be added into the rules about it (this thread is clearly aimed at discussing your recent punishment) but I'd have thought it'd have been common sense not to attempt to avoid the AFK timer while not playing. If you feel like you'll be away from your screen for an extended period of time, you really should be closing the game down.
  12. This just sounds like something that'd lead to extremely poor roleplay in the long run. The current system of requiring admin approval seems fine to me.
  13. Can we get an option at the tattoo shop to be able to remove tattoos? It used to be a feature long ago, and it'd be great if it could be re-added in some capacity.
  14. Alarm systems along with a safe would be good - and maybe to combat chain robberies and poor role-play, we could make it so house robbing needs to admin approved and supervised? I don't want someone who doesn't have the slight clue about role-play being allowed to do them.
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