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  1. I'm sorry but we really don't need more jobs like this - what character development are people currently getting out of selling drugs? The sale of illicit goods should be done through player-player interactions only - the current systems we have in place doesn't encourage or promote role-play, it isn't helping people develop their character and it effectively ruins any chance of a real black market from ever taking off. I can't support the addition of this job or jobs like it when the current jobs we have aren't fit for purpose.
  2. Swifty


    Are you looking to sell these together or separately? I'm definitely interested in acquiring one of them - I just don't have enough time to dedicate to both of them.
  3. Supporting - I made a similar suggestion last year (here) regarding in-game ads. I'm sure everyone has been in a role-play scenario / situation where Weazel ads have ruined the flow and distracted people from those RP situations - I believe this minor addition will definitely help the server long-term.
  4. Well that was unexpected... Very glad to have been given a second chance here.

  5. The only business type that should be restricted is firearm retailers. But that's an IC issue that the PD and the gov will deal with.
  6. I made a suggestion/discussion post about something similar back in September, and I still support adding further costs to owning a vehicle. +1
  7. San Andreas is based on a US state the last time I checked.
  8. No thanks. Manual transmission sales in the US make up a minuscule amount of total sales nowadays.
  9. I commented last month that the server needed some sort of rules of engagement and this seems to definitely try and go towards that path. I don't agree with everything laid out in this suggestion, but I do think it brings forward a good conversation on a possible Rules of Engagement ruleset at some time in the future.
  10. This doesn't sound like a good fit for the server if I'm being totally honest. Combine that with the fact there just isn't enough players to really support something like this. It's a no from me I'm afraid.
  11. As long as people who end up creating non-roleplay ads are punished sufficiently then I don't see an issue with this being added.
  12. There's certainly some clarification that could be added into the rules about it (this thread is clearly aimed at discussing your recent punishment) but I'd have thought it'd have been common sense not to attempt to avoid the AFK timer while not playing. If you feel like you'll be away from your screen for an extended period of time, you really should be closing the game down.
  13. This just sounds like something that'd lead to extremely poor roleplay in the long run. The current system of requiring admin approval seems fine to me.
  14. Can we get an option at the tattoo shop to be able to remove tattoos? It used to be a feature long ago, and it'd be great if it could be re-added in some capacity.
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