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  1. It's been suggested twice before, one of them was shot down with the other been put in December. First Thread: Second Thread: I'm against the idea for it to be done by phones, but a general /transfer command that is used within the bank itself by one of the players is a massive +1 from me. I'm honestly not sure why anyone would be against it, this was a pretty standard feature on most SA-MP servers, not sure why V:RP servers shouldn't be the same.
  2. Swifty

    First person

    God no.
  3. Swifty

    Speed cameras

    Yeah, I'm sorry but this isn't something I can put my support behind. It tips the scale from a server that is trying to be somewhat heavy role-play into a territory that just isn't fun. I agree that something has to be done about the high amounts of non-rp driving, but this ain't it. From my point of view I see this doing more damage to the server than bring about positive change.
  4. Swifty

    Suggestion: Add more purchaseable houses

    +1 seems like a simple enough suggestion that I imagine only requires placing down a housing marker. I'd be eternally grateful if some of the more rural houses were added in as It'd be a better fit for my character.
  5. The price of vehicle ownership. As of rather now, the only cost of owning a vehicle is the purchase of said vehicle and the future refuel costs of it. This suggestion is an attempt to make vehicle ownership more than just that. Vehicle Registration: Vehicles would need to be registered after their purchase. Registration prices could be set on an individual level based on the price of the car, or possibly the category of vehicle (working vehicles could cost less?). Vehicles without registration would be considered illegal to drive in which case the driver would be fined and the vehicle impounded. Vehicle Maintenance: @[email protected]'s comment from my original thread articulates this far better than I ever could. Insurance: This one follows quite nicely into the above suggestion: Vehicle maintenance could be party or fully be covered if the owner has insurance. Insurance would also be legally required to drive a vehicle. (Criminal offenses can be discussed here, so high-ranking PD members feel free to chime in!) Aaaaaand that's all she wrote from me. If anyone has any further suggestions or improvements to the initial suggestion feel free to leave a comment!
  6. Swifty

    Discussion: The Cost of Super / Luxury Cars.

    I'm not trying to suggest we introduce some sort of complex tax system, but I feel like things like paid vehicle registration not only goes into quelling the luxury car population, but adds a new interesting dynamic of roleplay between the PD and everyone else.
  7. Swifty

    Discussion: The Cost of Super / Luxury Cars.

    I've got nothing against people wanting nice / fast cars, but I'm of the opinion that living such a lavish life should have it's own drawbacks.
  8. Text above a players head is a big no-no from me, but a general /describe command with a players characteristics and features seems pretty good to me.
  9. I'm posting this thread In hopes of opening a discussion on the cost and viability of super / luxury cars. This isn't a suggestion post (not yet anyway), so please, If you don't have anything meaningful to add to the discussion then don't bother. Main Discussion Point: From my perspective, driving around the city it appears everyone and their mother owns some sort super / luxury car. I get it, everyone wants to RP as a millionaire playboy. But in the long term this really only dampens the immersion when playing, and I can only imagine this will drive people away who are looking for a realistic experience when playing here. Solution: I have a couple of things floating around my head, such as vehicle registration, insurance, etc. (some sort of recurring cost). But the whole point of this post is for community feedback on such a system. So please, if you either agree or disagree feel free to add something to the discussion.
  10. Swifty

    Allow people to have animal alt characters

    This. Imagine the cockfighting RP we can get out of this. Let's get it done boys.
  11. Swifty

    Faction slots with forum application process.

    This is going to be a highly a contentious discussion (with a lot of people disliking the suggestion put forward) but an official faction system is definitely the direction I'd like to see Eclipse go. (+1 and all that jazz) The faction definitely needs and active membership to keep it sustainable, an average active membership of maybe between 5 to 10 would work best I think. A three strike system was pretty much the standard on most SA-MP servers, no reason to drastically alter a system that has been proven to work in the past. A "Head of Factions" should be something that should also be considered. The sooner we can beat this mentality out of startup factions the better.
  12. Swifty

    Bringing drugs back onto the streets

    #MakeDrugsGreatAgain +1
  13. Swifty

    Reduce consumable prices

    Are store prices not set by store owners? If not then +1
  14. Swifty

    Low Fuel Indicator

    +1 seems like a simple enough suggestion, would definitely help those that toggle the hud. Adding onto this suggestion, it'd be nice if there was also a command to check the fuel with a toggled hud!