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  1. Even though I'm not in the PD, I do think you raise an interesting point about whether or not the PD have the current resources to be able to deal with a possible new illegal avenue criminals use to make money. I think if we take Osborn's suggestion as the possible system that could be implemented, maybe the sections of that system could be added in different waves?
  2. Further positive development of any activity (in this case fishing) will always have my support. I think fishing from a boat to catch a different array of fish with bigger sizes from what you'd get from fishing on the main land sounds good to me. +1 from me.
  3. Dynamic fishing is top notch. God bless the devs for making fishing fun.

  4. I'd recommend reading some of the server guides to get yourself well versed the rules, in-game commands and such the like. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/51-faq-server-guides/ Hopefully you'll enjoy your time playing here!
  5. I think a system setup by the events team(?) for bank robberies could work, but it would need tight rules and restrictions on it to ensure that the experience itself is fair, fun and not confusing. Rough idea of a couple of restrictions that could be used: A detailed and thorough plan for the robbery - all the details of the plan must be prepared in-game and done in-character. Admin approval of the robbery is a must - the organizers of the crime would have lengthy discussion with the head of events, in order to ensure that the plan itself is sound and doesn't violate any server rules and keeps in the spirit of making sure the event would be fair, fun and not confusing. Upon admin approval, a time could be set in which the robbery would take place. The event would have to take place during a time in which there would be plenty of PD members online. Upon entering the bank, once the first weapon is drawn the PD would be notified of the on-going robbery and would dispatch as soon as possible. The event would be watched and supervised by an admin (or a group of admins). -------------------------- Bank robberies would only be allowed to be done by long term players who have a good standing within the community and who have a good grasp of the server rules. Robberies themselves would only be allowed to be done once is a blue moon.
  6. A lowered ticket amount makes sense, that I can get behind. A cool-down timer and an automatic speed limiter don't really make a lot of sense when you factor in why the cameras were added in the first place. It's a heavy handed measure for sure, but in the grand scheme of things is a much needed one. If folks are getting high amount of tickets then I'd say its working as intended.
  7. I'll support any suggestion that puts an end to chain robbery. A new rule implementation about it would be the first thing I'd look at, and if that doesn't seed a strong enough message then maybe a /frisk cool down at the other end of the scale.
  8. All I want is to be able to own my own tractor. Please @Devs make this happen. 🙂
  9. I think a better suggestion would've been a vehicle system overhaul. First step: Introduce a tiered lock system, each with their own odds for success, their own wait times for failed lock-picking attempts, and their own alarm systems. (these systems would be installed by mechanics?) Second step: Introduce a hot-wiring system - with this system we'd have a much more interactive system for stealing cars that comes with risks. These risk could include immobilizing the car (for X amount of time) after a failed attempt, the car alarm going off and maybe even a small damage risk.
  10. I'd support this on the condition that the taco job itself went through some major changes. Instead of the current command /buytaco (which doesn't promote much role play at all), we should switch to a system where the taco van operator would use /selltaco [ID] [Amount] instead. That way we can get some positive and meaningful role play onto the server.
  11. Makes sense to me. Super-cars and motorcycles aren't known for their large trunk space.
  12. I can support this. +1 In the mean time, folks should look at incorporating /do windows are down (or up) into their roleplay. That way we can show their is demand for a feature like this.
  13. butts

    1. Femo


      for sale? i'm interested


    2. Swifty


      Only the highest quality butts for sale around 'ere

  14. I've mentioned in the past so I'll just quote myself: This was taken from this thread, and the post is still something I stand by it. We either need a rule in place to stop people from chain robbing people or a cooldown on the /frisk command (or both could work).
  15. Swifty


    I've seen the way most of y'all drive, if you drive like an ass I imagine the last thing your character is thinking about doing is putting their seat belts on. The only thing adding this would accomplish is folks have little to no fear when driving around like idiots. I don't think a PD officer telling me I haven't got my seat belt on because I forgot to input an OOC command is exactly fair, I'd actually argue that could be a form of powergaming.
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