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  1. No, I didn’t mean to pick out single individuals. These were recent events that I decided to mention, the faction as a whole, being LSPD, should, as they used to be, attempting to portray a realistic representation of LAPD. LSSD is a great faction that feels realistic and is fun to interact with. LSPD as of now, again in my opinion, seems like just another gang who wants a win.
  2. I guess your age is starting to show, don’t see a single place where I claimed to be a role model or a perfect person, atleast I can recognize the issue without going for personal blows to gain an ego win? Dunno, not gonna respond to an immature child unless you have something relevant to add.
  3. Is that why I was a member of LSPD and LSSD both for months at a time? Weird. Pretty sure I know extensively how both factions work, and how the situations I spoke of above were clearly out of pocket, guess that's why punishments were warranted and deserved
  4. Sounds like a neurological issue you should get checked out sir
  5. How was your response? What is there currently to respect? You yourself received a punishment today for powergaming a license being revoked. There's clearly a massive issue at hand, and in my opinion that's the current standard of roleplay LSPD as a faction is displaying, when I first joined the server LSPD was there to set a standard, to show others what roleplay is and influence them. Actions displayed by the Chief of PD, high ranking supervisors, and the likes of yourselves drop those standards to below 0. The point of this thread from what I've gathered, is people want LSPD to display themselves realistically, not sitting on a mountain with a sniper rifle looking for smoke, not to revoke a license with 0 RP because you knew the driver would drive off and you wouldn't have a chance to roleplay it as you wanted to. Saying you were trying to remove it due to a " bug ", was no where in your place to do so. You used IC means for an OOC reason. Players, want to see LSPD succeed as a realistic faction that sets standards. Not drop them. I have no hate towards anyone in LSPD, I simply want to see a realistic police force, do what they used to do, and set roleplay standards for everyone. People look up to you guys, you need to own that.
  6. No Russians or officers of the law were harmed in this video Was just banter
  7. Still learning how to edit, better than last vid tho :))
  8. 37hh

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    scroll down n youll see my response afterwards
  9. Logan's always provided good, high quality roleplay, rather it be as a criminal, or a cop. I'm excited to where he takes the new generation of Irish, best of luck buddy.
  10. 37hh

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    That I could agree with, or more than one person needed for class of vehicle.
  11. 37hh

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    -1 dont see me unflipping a mule or heavier vehicle on my own irl
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