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  1. 37hh

    Add Zipties to stores

    Actually I think it would be better if it worked like; the player being tied does /down and you can CRTL + X and right click on the player ( similar to bobby pins etc ) . To prevent stalling.
  2. 37hh

    Hello I'm Samo!

    I know 🙂
  3. 37hh

    Hello I'm Samo!

    We've missed you and your boys, welcome back bro ❤️
  4. 37hh

    Speed cameras

    +1 for a handheld speed camera, from lspdfr or something, automatic hellllllllll no
  5. 37hh

    Mask 1798_7369 Deathmatching

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 1798_7369 Date of rule breach: 1/1/19 Time of rule breach: 12pm EST Your characters name: Colby Lidstrom Other players involved: Dardan Mayor, William Black, Allison Quinn Specific rule broken: How did the player break the rule?: Player fired at me for no apparent reason, I've never interacted with this player and I know for a fact he does not have a valid KOS on me. I had just logged in 20 minutes prior. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c2b9f78ab24485499/dardan-kos
  6. 37hh

    Cadet #6444 (Stranger 2829_6150) (6.6 Non-Roleplay)

    So stopping in the middle of the road with a semi truck like in every video you've uploaded is realistic? You cannot punish crimes like this until npc is added with rage 4.0
  7. 37hh

    Cadet #6444 (Stranger 2829_6150) (6.6 Non-Roleplay)

    These are in character crimes, please stop
  8. 37hh

    There should be a rule for UNRP driving!

    -1 for now With NPC traffic it's something I could agree with.
  9. 37hh

    Remove the 30k price for engine repair

    Looks like devs fixed it, thanks for the support 🙂
  10. 37hh

    Remove the 30k price for engine repair

    wym this is my problem lol the server was updated for visual repairs to no longer affect engine repairs, you now have to pay separately and players are being charged mind boggling amounts of money for their engines to be repaired
  11. 37hh

    Remove the 30k price for engine repair

    Hakuchou Drag, the mechanic said it wouldn't charge anything else but 30k
  12. 37hh

    Remove the 30k price for engine repair

    I completely agree with raising the price to improve driving rp wise, however I don't think ANYONE expects to pay 30k to repair a vehicle.
  13. It's absolutely absurd to charge any player 30k for an engine repair. The owner of LSC stated it was to " teach people to learn to drive better ". I was dm'd and my bike was stolen, the robbers damaged the bike. Expecting me to pay 30k for an engine repair made me burst out laughing, lower the price Already heard several players icly and in /b complain about this
  14. 37hh

    [Selling] 1 Garage House in Vespucci

    Looking at several offers for 80k right now, gonna leave it up for another day or two. Keep in mind the house is located directly next to Vespucci General Store, along with a clothing store