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  1. Pretty cool and detailed response, I ran over the same circumstances with my own video, replayed everything, tested different speeds, flying over the bump and attempting to brake doesn't actually make tire marks until it's around 10 feet ahead of where it braked, can provide video if needed. Basically why your video doesn't show tire marks, they don't happen until two or more seconds of slamming on the brakes. Mistakes happen, I'm sure if you didn't stop in the middle of the road during a pursuit, you probably wouldn't have been hit, like I said. Not a crash scene expert here, just going off what I know and the little bit of testing I've done. 😄
  2. Hey pretty sure I'm ID 43, really confused as to why you're reported me? You as a member of the LSPD faction should know the Buffalo has terrible brakes, to add it was raining, on my side of the client. You literally stopped in front of me, I tried to brake, sped off the ramp as I expected you to keep driving, and got reported for it.. alo? You literally set me up to hit you 😆
  3. Hey, thanks for the tag @MusketDeezNuts, could you explain what exactly I'm being reported for? This player decided to punch me and @Harm, we retaliated. Rather shooting her, we decided to chase her on foot and fight back, shooting someone over them punching you is somewhat silly roleplay. The warrener driver was not affiliated at all, I believe he was trying to help her and accidentally ran her over, he even says " get in ", I believe speaking to the victim. I don't exactly understand what rule was broken, IC harassment is not against server rules as far as I'm aware. Gonna go ahead and add the mixing ic and ooc, typing in local chat saying this is dm, calling police on the phone while surrounded by players responsible for her death, ( fear roleplay ), and punching players while she was injured. ( non roleplay. ) I believe @Toby Vintage already dealt with this player last night regarding this situation. After her death, she decided to come back, get her vehicle, and run over us, a good 5 minutes after she died. Resulting in a non-roleplay kick. That's all I really have to say regarding this report, I don't believe any rules were broken on my side of this, along with my colleagues.
  4. Gonna start bid with 700k.
  5. congrats on become an official faction! pogu
  6. Hello, my story is about the same as the other two. For my words spoken to your friend, I was frustrated trying to get my Sergeant out of a bugged state, while he was injured. Your friend said he was trying to get medical treatment from what I heard, but has the time to call us clowns to ask us to shut up, hence my response. Even though this would be an IC issue, the two in the video spoke to me about it, apologies for that. For the jumping over the rails I think @MrSilky explained it quite well, you were seeing a completely different animation for what we were seeing. I apologize for any potentially ruined roleplay you and your mates were experiencing. Hope you have a good rest of your day!
  7. or you just don't break rules
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