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  1. Typically I ignore these threads and let them play themselves out, but holy SHIT you are wilding out right now. Are you completely blind in relation to today's crime? I'm sorry but you're speaking like you're from the 1960's right now, you do realize that drug cartels BUILD their own radio towers to communicate correct? Every single gang member on patrol, working, has a walkie talkie at their side. There's a link blow to ONE story, I'll let you search the rest for yourself, if you don't believe members of a cartel use radio's in real life, you are completely blind and have NO clue what you're talking about. I'm gonna let you know something, it may hurt to hear, this super realistic roleplay you're looking for, won't be found daily on this server, and it's not entirely criminals to blame. Coming from someone who's played a character on both sides of this never ending out of character war, ( PO2 in PD, Lieutenant in Los Zetas ) I can definitely say, even your beloved high command, love shootouts, and enjoy winning. It's a video game, and that's what it's always going to be, no matter how hard you shoot for realism, people are here to have fun, this is a hobby, and I can guarantee you there's not a single person who plays daily on this server, making a living from it. Both sides have valid arguments, I've been pulled over for passing an officer, in a passing lane, and he attempted to arrest me for it, this is not realistic, the actions pd involve themselves in, are not realistic. Aiming a gun at someone for not following demands while that person is showing no aggression, with no reason for your weapon to be pulled, will end up with a lawsuit, and your job in the trash can. To your second point, you truly went out of your way, to say how the hell does this even happen, when speaking about suppressors? AHAHAHAHAH. Below you'll find two links, one for a suppressor designed specifically for any 12 gauge shotgun, that you can purchase simply by entering credit card details and a shipping address. Suppressors are legal in every single state, 42 of them, you don't even need a permit for. The other link, are suppressors for 5.56, 7.26, handguns, and rifles, any of which can be applied to the commonly used weapons in the server, including the micro smg with an UZI mount. Please, please do your research, a quick google search, before commenting something so ignorant, typically when someone says " (AND MUCH MORE) " in large bold quotes, I'd be quite interested to see what they'd have to say, but after reading what you just said, I'd be embarrassed to dig myself an even deeper hole. Thanks! Edit: I cannot stress enough how sophisticated and advanced modern cartels are, seriously, do some research, it's fascinating and there's no reason players on the server shouldn't be able to mimic these strategies, if you wanted " realistic " roleplay, and these players want to roleplay a cartel, they couldn't even do 5% of what modern cartels manage to pull off. https://www.silencershop.com/ https://silencerco.com/salvo-12 https://www.popsci.com/article/technology/radio-tecnico-how-zetas-cartel-took-over-mexico-walkie-talkies/
  2. give me an rpg n ill shoot it down 😤
  3. drugs are pointless drink water n stay hydrated bless up bro
  4. Meth already makes you run fast as fuck, try it out, coke adds armor already as well. Maybe import the GTA online effects from smoking marijuana. Heroin; possibly make it to where your food / water drains very very slowly while on the drug but your speed is slower. LSD / Mushrooms / Ecstasy should stay as they currently are, because party drugs are party drugs
  5. This is a cool idea that dates back to a thread made in February for VIP bonuses. Check out this thread; and see if you think there's anything from here you can add to your original post, good idea! 🙂
  6. I don't think more illegal weapons need to be added for the most part, it would be cool to see some Mk2 variants of already legal weapons in the game, adding more variety with a higher price tag. These weapons are already in rage and compatible. I also wonder what it'd be like for the pump shotgun to be legal, while the mk2 version of the pump shotgun is illegal / used by PD / SD / Criminals. Cool idea! 🙂 ID: weapon_pistol_mk2 Name: Pistol Mk II Hash: 0xBFE256D4 ID: weapon_snspistol_mk2 Name: SNS Pistol Mk II Hash: 0x88374054 ID: weapon_pumpshotgun_mk2 Name: Pump Shotgun Mk II Hash: 0x555AF99A
  7. This is a cool idea, but sets base lines for the economy to once again explode, I think the price needs to be set way higher, a long with heavily adjusted taxes. The main problem here is like I said, the economy exploding and everyone becoming stupid rich.
  8. I think this thread could use more work, maybe showcase some screenshots and backstory about why you want to become a cop and who else will join your geng. Best of luck!
  9. 37hh


    this is epic best of luck
  10. Tempesta is cute. Colby Blix
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