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  1. +1, I support this suggestion. Even if this is aesthetics. Common Robbery and the "hands hands hands" do not shave peoples hair. It is somewhat a form of humiliation and mild torture as you have been marked by having your head shaved and should therefore allow some sort of OOC consent. Unless you are dishonouring a rival gang, your own gang or you have been marked in a RP scenario or have agreed in some form then shave ahead to those that needs to be shaved.
  2. Sorry a but strong -1 for me, I roleplay in a legal faction, MD to be exact and as always I roleplay being on call. This just means that my character personally is usually idle in one of the rooms or asleep under the table or even within the proximity of the Hospital. I also roleplay doing paperwork off-duty so if I see or hear someone speaking to me I roleplay with them. As per usual if I cannot entertain them for their roleplay I say so saying, "Sorry Sir/Miss, I am about to fly out of town or I'm about to take a rest in the on-call room. Come back another time or I can direct you to someone who may be able to help." Also as its been quoted in the comments before IRL > RP. If you got to go, you got to go. As long as you are not in an active roleplay or that you have at least let the other party know that you cannot entertain them at the meantime. It also depends who you are roleplaying with, I personally even when I'm about to log off if someone stops me for a quick medical rp, I roleplay it. If you want to roleplay going home - go home and log out, but this also comes with the risk potential roleplay of getting robbed or house raided then do so just adding to the time when you should be attending a school pickup or back to IRL work. Even if you are about to log off or that you explained to the other party that you got to go. I promise you, there would endless reports of Non-RP - Logging off, because they had to go and they didn't want to RP. Not generally pointing it on anyone but there would be cases where the "Player" lives at home and would need to do chores, help around the house, homework/schoolwork, childrearing, dinner time. In which case even if they say, "I cannot pause the game!", well they have to log off else it will be a slipper to the face.
  3. Hi, just having a look to possibly rent your place for the whole month of October and possibly month of December 2019 only. Will give you a text when I am in town.
  4. This is no longer an issue, no other reports from anyone in LSEMS has said from this date 06/08/2019. Thank you for replying Developer. Please kindly archive Admins/Moderators.
  5. -Please Archive, Thank You.-
  6. The bags you place outside of the house stash gets removed if there is a restart unfortunately.
  7. +1 Please definitely adjust the volume for stashes as most of the uses of my house stash in my POV is storing food and drinks in rp fridge and mostly clothing which I have spent bag upon bags to be stored
  8. -Please Archive, Thank You.-
  9. Date and time (provide timezone): 01/07/2019 - 21:50 UK Time Character name: Andrea Fallon Issue/bug you are reporting: We had an issue where a call would pop up on the dispatch list Call 71 and 72 and it needed LAW/MED (PD/MD) on the the call When we checked our /calls list to /resp to either call 71 or 72 it does not show up. We then had to check in faction chat if the call list was bugged for anyone. -- Added -- Expected behavior: LAW/MED calls should also appear for the MD call list before it has been updated Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1. Have a citizen call 911 and ask for both Police and Medical (Able to see LAW/MED calls and respond to them before the update of 2.5.0) 2. It may show for the Police call list but not the Medical call list -- Unless this is intentional then please ignore this bug report post -- Vehicle license plate number*:
  10. +1 on a possible script lockdown/animation frisk on robbing, just like you do with /stabilise there is a animation countdown and you could in that space do your /me & /do. My 2 cents is that there were times where I was RP'ing jogging or walking around a block of a populated place so there would be CCTV / Neighbours (Neighbourhood Watch) (not necessarily an NCZ) and you just get followed by a car or bike shouting "hands hand hands", because they could see your pistol on your back and this makes it okay for them to rob you even though they had their windows up or followed you cause you look like a quick rob. I think there should be a reason for engagement as to why you want to rob that person and not because you could see a pistol on their back. I feel that is pretty poor and it goes on a loop of fearRP reports/dm/vdm, if ever you retaliate to the matter or even take out your pistol. Also as a character and OOC, I am pretty alert with my surroundings, I still fear for my life of course because I am on foot however I could have easily pulled out my pistol when I knew I was being followed and make it a deterrant.
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