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  1. +1 on a possible script lockdown/animation frisk on robbing, just like you do with /stabilise there is a animation countdown and you could in that space do your /me & /do. My 2 cents is that there were times where I was RP'ing jogging or walking around a block of a populated place so there would be CCTV / Neighbours (Neighbourhood Watch) (not necessarily an NCZ) and you just get followed by a car or bike shouting "hands hand hands", because they could see your pistol on your back and this makes it okay for them to rob you even though they had their windows up or followed you cause you look like a quick rob. I think there should be a reason for engagement as to why you want to rob that person and not because you could see a pistol on their back. I feel that is pretty poor and it goes on a loop of fearRP reports/dm/vdm, if ever you retaliate to the matter or even take out your pistol. Also as a character and OOC, I am pretty alert with my surroundings, I still fear for my life of course because I am on foot however I could have easily pulled out my pistol when I knew I was being followed and make it a deterrant.
  2. +1 For this idea To add maybe for unwanted furniture [crates] too at the same charity bank. 😄
  3. +1 more wigs and hairdo's 😄
  4. Well then this mixes up a few things 😱😄
  5. +1 for the safety of the citizens 🚸
  6. +1 "inner pervert intensifies" 😘
  7. +1 Do find it weird that PD gets refreshed armour several times. How many stocks can you even have on a cruiser 😞 - Realistically you'll only have the one in your person and maybe a spare at the back of the trunk. Maybe a percentage of armour like light 20|25|30 / medium 40|50|60 / heavy 80|90|100(Full). If going to the mechanics of a heavy armour it should affect the movement of the player.
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