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  1. I've always been a mainly civilian/legal RPer but I recently landed myself in prison for a decent amount of time. Even when there is enough people willing to roleplay, there simply isn't enough to do and RP with. You could desync fight, mine, or instead, AFK and do something enjoyable like watch Netflix. While I'm all for roleplay, when the basic foundation isn't there, you basically have no tools to RP with. If DOC mandated a more strict system for lunch, yard, etc, that would be helpful and make prison roleplay a lot more interesting than it is now. Stamps was a good addition but the values are completely out of wack the way it is now, not to mention the boring "pastime" that is mining. There are many good suggestions that have been put on the floor but nothing has really come of them. All parties need to step up in my eyes... don't hate the player, hate the game.
  2. This has already been denied in previous suggestions; while cool, it makes it almost impossible for administrators to track rule breaks with money.
  3. Looks great! Excited to see how the department can develop under Sheriff Wallace. Seeing as he was already basically the face of the department, there’s definitely more good things to come from this faction.
  4. I like this a lot. A somewhat subtle marker that tells someone that you're from a certain organization is a lot better than the awfully non-rp system we have now. You've got my vote.
  5. iAchieve


    My favorite faction in ECRP right now. Absolutely beautiful, detailed, and fun RP. They better get official soon. Please.
  6. Yeah. There have been a few similar suggestions, but I'd really like to have this. It's kind of hard to manage and keep certain outfits. I've tried organizing them into "sections" but that's not foolproof, especially with clothing not having intelligible descriptions. You have my support.
  7. Hell yeah. Good to see more heavy RP factions coming into the game. Good luck.
  8. The Outlaws' Sgt. At Arms, Lucas Jefferd, had been organizing and discussing a gun deal that would set the club up for success in the criminal sector of Los Santos. The plan was to buy 25 .50 caliber pistols and flip them at a higher price, keeping some for the members of the club. After much deliberation and waiting, a time was set. The deal went smoothly. The money was given and the guns were received. The club was now in the game.
  9. iAchieve

    Il Syndicato ~SN~

    Looking good. Good to see more RP-dedicated factions coming up.
  10. The thread has been updated to reflect recent changes within the faction.
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