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  1. Well basically... In NCZ: 70km/h Outsideany NCZ: Full speed, fuck the rules
  2. I gotta relog every time I escape from PD so they don't do that Player ID meta
  3. Oh boy, didn't Eleanor also take IC things to OOC by saying I can flee (ICLY) ?
  4. Yes but this report makes no sense. "/b yea you can flee or stay, whatever you want" *flees and gets away * "fEaR rP rEpOrT"
  5. Thank you know the rules, apparently, I have passed the quiz.
  6. Seems like this is problem just because I got away, and you knew you couldn't get me.
  7. I did not stop responding to PMs.
  8. Can we get that Eleanor Quinn here? She said I can flee, in OOC
  9. I still had permission to stay or flee
  10. Good morning, I thought you'd write it quicker. Okay, so I got permission from one officer to do what I want, I would also like to mention Rule 13 " Examples, where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled. " The engine was off, not stalled. The rule doesn't say anything about engine of the car being off
  11. I'll give 25k and myself.
  12. No I can't come right now.
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