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  1. Hilbert

    [SELLING] Stallion; Contender; Romero Hearse

    Can I test drive the hearse?
  2. Hilbert

    [BUYING/RENTING] Modest house

    You can rent me the whole house in Canals and 2 parking spaces (third one is for me)
  3. Do I get to use your patrol cars? I kind of wanna drive them without being chased all the time I "borrow" one. I have lots of experience of driving them. Can someone sign me up too? -Your fucking lovely bitch, Karen
  4. Hilbert

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    I think this is bit of overreacting. People already picklock cars. And I don't see why would people start randomly DMing you. Just don't keep cash inventory item on you or in your car.
  5. Hilbert

    Burner Phones

    I asked this from police officer once, he said they can't track phones by phone number. But it's possible he was lying.
  6. Hilbert

    Burner Phones

    I think the command was /togglecallerid to make anonymous calls. -1
  7. Hilbert

    Selling 3g in vespucci

    I'm interested, call me, #3629980
  8. Hilbert

    Naming Inventory Items (Mainly Clothing)

    If this gets added I might clean my house. +1
  9. Hilbert

    [Selling] Surano

    This is really good car, I stole it. Definitely worth the price.
  10. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Well maybe I only rent cars from weird companies then. The never go faster than 130 km/h
  11. Hilbert

    LSPD This was not smart

    This is That One Bitch called Karen, if you need someone to kidnap hit me up, I only want 10,75% of all the money you get + $200/h. Fair deal.
  12. Hilbert

    [SELLING] 2 Car Garage House on Grove St.

    Hello, would you like to take a loan from me, I'm not a loan company so I can give you a cheap loan.
  13. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    I get your point, but it's a rental vehicle, they usually have speed limiters so people don't do anything stupid with them. I just think CityBee is a rental vehicle and should not go faster than speed limit in city is.
  14. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Explain me, what does dying have to do with CityBee? The faster it goes the more dangerous it is. Maybe donators could have Panto (still 70km/h) instead of Faggio Sport.
  15. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Speed limit in city is still gonna be 70km/h, what's the point of this?