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  1. Well basically... In NCZ: 70km/h Outsideany NCZ: Full speed, fuck the rules
  2. I gotta relog every time I escape from PD so they don't do that Player ID meta
  3. Oh boy, didn't Eleanor also take IC things to OOC by saying I can flee (ICLY) ?
  4. Yes but this report makes no sense. "/b yea you can flee or stay, whatever you want" *flees and gets away * "fEaR rP rEpOrT"
  5. Thank you know the rules, apparently, I have passed the quiz.
  6. Seems like this is problem just because I got away, and you knew you couldn't get me.
  7. I did not stop responding to PMs.
  8. Can we get that Eleanor Quinn here? She said I can flee, in OOC
  9. I still had permission to stay or flee
  10. Good morning, I thought you'd write it quicker. Okay, so I got permission from one officer to do what I want, I would also like to mention Rule 13 " Examples, where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled. " The engine was off, not stalled. The rule doesn't say anything about engine of the car being off
  11. I'll give 25k and myself.
  12. No I can't come right now.
  13. What if you are not changing it for Ck reason, like if you get married and want to change last name?
  14. Plastic Surgery is free for first time. Name change is $25k
  15. Uh oh... Do you happen to live in city and own a car irl?
  16. Because the ad says they start from $25
  17. Then fix your fucking ad
  18. So prices start from $25?
  19. Yes, but would it be possible to perform oil change by yourself? I can change oils of my real life Faggio Sport easily, and all it costs is some oil.
  20. Well yes, usually car races are done with cars.
  21. I do, my vehicle is always as near as the store as possible, even if it's not parking spot.
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