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  1. Hilbert

    [SELLING] Stallion; Contender; Romero Hearse

    Can I test drive the hearse?
  2. Hilbert

    [BUYING/RENTING] Modest house

    You can rent me the whole house in Canals and 2 parking spaces (third one is for me)
  3. Do I get to use your patrol cars? I kind of wanna drive them without being chased all the time I "borrow" one. I have lots of experience of driving them. Can someone sign me up too? -Your fucking lovely bitch, Karen
  4. Hilbert

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    I think this is bit of overreacting. People already picklock cars. And I don't see why would people start randomly DMing you. Just don't keep cash inventory item on you or in your car.
  5. Hilbert

    Burner Phones

    I asked this from police officer once, he said they can't track phones by phone number. But it's possible he was lying.
  6. Hilbert

    Burner Phones

    I think the command was /togglecallerid to make anonymous calls. -1
  7. Hilbert

    Selling 3g in vespucci

    I'm interested, call me, #3629980
  8. Hilbert

    Naming Inventory Items (Mainly Clothing)

    If this gets added I might clean my house. +1
  9. Hilbert

    [Selling] Surano

    This is really good car, I stole it. Definitely worth the price.
  10. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Well maybe I only rent cars from weird companies then. The never go faster than 130 km/h
  11. Hilbert

    LSPD This was not smart

    This is That One Bitch called Karen, if you need someone to kidnap hit me up, I only want 10,75% of all the money you get + $200/h. Fair deal.
  12. Hilbert

    [SELLING] 2 Car Garage House on Grove St.

    Hello, would you like to take a loan from me, I'm not a loan company so I can give you a cheap loan.
  13. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    I get your point, but it's a rental vehicle, they usually have speed limiters so people don't do anything stupid with them. I just think CityBee is a rental vehicle and should not go faster than speed limit in city is.
  14. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Explain me, what does dying have to do with CityBee? The faster it goes the more dangerous it is. Maybe donators could have Panto (still 70km/h) instead of Faggio Sport.
  15. Hilbert

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Speed limit in city is still gonna be 70km/h, what's the point of this?
  16. Hilbert

    [WORKERS NEEDED] Dynasty 8

    How low does my criminal record have to be?
  17. Hilbert

    Furniture store location.

    Add another store, let's have 2 of them
  18. But. What if you take a loan, from a loan company or another player, and do CK without paying the loan back?
  19. Hilbert

    Incentivize becoming an EMT

    broken leg gang, ya know
  20. Hilbert

    Housewarming Party!! FREE ALCOHOL, POOL, AND MORE!!

    Oh boy, tell me how mad Stefanie is after the party.
  21. Hilbert

    I don't see traffic on the server

    Rage doesn't support NPCs. It's normal.
  22. I knew I should have bought that electric car
  23. Can this be done with scooter?
  24. Hilbert

    Reverse the rotation inside the furniture store

    That is why I don't have any wall art in my place. So damn boring to wait for it to rotate.
  25. Hilbert

    Reverse the rotation inside the furniture store

    YES! Very annoying, looking for computer monitors was literally pain. Huge +1 from me.