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  1. Oh yeah, it was definetly my favorite job. We need that back.
  2. Well if I'd steal a car I wouldn't care much about it. It's not my car. I also don't care about cheap cars, usually the ones from scrapyard or ones that are around same price range with Warrener. Honestly I don't give a shit what happens to my irl shitbox, it wasn't that expensive, I hate it, I would start ramming with it if it'd be necessary in any real life situation.
  3. Hilbert


    glöbölhelö blöbböb hebölöle?
  4. This, freelancer jobs don't pay enough and I don't have enough time on government jobs after school, work and time with friends. I work 41 hours per week, not much time for government jobs, and the non government jobs just don't pay enough. Also there's not enough roleplay. Sure someone might enjoy delivering packages or putting money in ATM all day, I don't. I prefer meeting new people and such. That's also why I mostly play as criminal. It's easy, fast and I can meet new people more easily. ___ Yes, the 5% tax was used to make the economy more stable or something along those lines, I get it. But imo it just makes the rich people even richer, they got money to lose the 5% tax, and rises low end vehicle prices, since poor people obviously want to get back the money they spent on that cheap car.
  5. Oh yea this is actually good one,, +1
  6. Well that sounds like OOC punishment, "you scammed 100k car so you'll spend next 10h in jail, hope you didn't have plans for this evening"
  7. Does this have something to do with drinking? Is it DUI? Why do I have ticket for speeding and public intoxication. I don't remember doing any of those.
  8. I will come there once I know my charges
  9. Instead of robbing Paleto Bay bank, I'd support Fleeca Banks, as they're not NCZ. Here are all the accessible Fleeca Bank locations Vespucci Boulevard, Legion Square, Pillbox Hill. _______ Boulevard Del Perro, Morningwood. _______ Hawick Avenue and Meteor Street, Alta. _______ Hawick Avenue, Burton. _______ Great Ocean Highway, Banham Canyon, Los Santos County. _______ Route 68, Harmony, Blaine County.
  10. I've heard about turn signals turning off automatically, but turn signals automatically turning on would just be stupid. What about curvy roads?
  11. Nebula Turbo, if Dominator can fit body, why can't it?
  12. I understand that bringing negativity to the forum is bad thing and some snowflakes will probably get butthurt, but since we have upvote, can't we also have downvote?
  13. Some butthurt admin told me I am metagaming so this comment no longer exists
  14. Hilbert


    Well good luck with that, sell it while you can still get 400k from it
  15. Why do you write everything in purple?
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