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  1. Who the fuck said my irl vehicle is fast?
  2. Been arrested for unpaid speeding tickets, got out, went to PD, got arrested again for same tickets
  3. aslo add tenk but make free so can buy no warrener plez add tenk 4 pd raid plex
  4. Exactly what Marca said. -1 wouldn't solve anything
  5. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Karen White Character to Transfer To: Karen Simmons Requested Transfer: Minivan around 20k-40k cash Reason for Transfer: Karen W was born in Liberty City, and was good childhood friends with Karen S, however Karen W moved to LS and never saw Karen S after that. Now he got message in social media from Karen S telling she had recently moved to LS from Liberty City. Karen W told Karen S that she'd like to give Mrs. S her Minivan and some money she's been hiding under her seats because banks will just scam her money. Karen W also said she wants to end her sad life and give a gift to Karen S for being such a good friend. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? My dear friends will be helping me.
  6. Pretty small sausage. I've seen bigger.
  7. Per meter. Not minute. The walking distance will not be charged if the walked distance is less than 100 meter.
  8. Yes, I would probably pay my tickets if this would get added
  9. They died of Polio, sorry. Want bunch of dead bodies instead?
  10. Did you finally move out from your old and boring house? Great, do you have lots of furniture you can't fit in your small Panto? Not great, that's where you need to call Karen to help you. I have very big car that can fit your biggest air guitars in there . It has plenty of trunk space And that's not all! I will also transfers bodies for you, this car can fit one person in trunk and 3 passengers. If you have more than hostages and they all need a ride, you will have to watch after them while I drive . That is not paid actor in my trunk, I actually kidnapped someone for these pictures. I will also help you transfer your drugs, illegal weapons, and that Mexican refugee you promised to get in America. Prices: ONLY Furniture - $1/meter Bodies - $1,5/meter Dead Bodies - $2/meter NOTE: If the body is injured or gets injured during the ride, the price will be $2 per meter. Drugs - $3/meter Guns - $4/meter Mexican Refugees: $5/meter Dead Mexican Refugee $6/meter NOTE: If the Mexican Refugee is injured or gets injured during the ride, the price will be $6 per meter If I get in police chase during the ride will the price be doubled, no matter if I escape or not. If you didn't understand how pricing works, it's X dollars per 1 meter driven. Eg. You want to transfer your drugs from another place that is is 1279 meters away, you only have to pay $3837. It does not matter if it's just one marijuana plant or if the car is full of meth, price is same. You will have to give the money before I move anything. Contact Information: Karen #3629980 Or email ((Hilbert#7849))
  11. I got Minivan, where do I sign up?
  12. If Marcello family gets their Z-Type, Karen would like to get her own "Z-Type" so she can finally destroy the manager like a boss😎
  13. Why the fuck does it have 35 views
  14. Ok sorry. Can I still apply? When I'm police I could do whatever I want and no one can resist me because I'm cooler than them 😎
  15. So as there has been lots of new players coming to server but not enough houses for everyone, I suggest we add some apartment buildings. For example this one. As this is apartment building, there should be more than one house. Just by counting windows, it has over 6 apartments. So let's do it like in GTA Online. Since I didn't find a picture, I drew one: Sorry I'm not good at drawing. This would solve the housing problem, or part of it, as there's plenty of apartments. Yes.
  16. Can I apply although I have several crimes that you have no idea of. Such as couple of DUIs, Street Racing, Drinking in Public Place, several Kidnappings and Armed Robberies.
  17. But let's not make the fishing area NCZ. That means it will be crowded as hell.
  18. Hello @Lewis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLkcshkG17M
  19. "Play exactly like you" Best shit ever ::DDDD. I can't use VOIP anymore since my mic broke. But it's not that hard.
  20. What the hell? I assume you got 2 hands, other one is on WASD, other pressing N. You'll also learn to control mouse at same time if you practice. -1
  21. I was told to spam this damn link everywhere: https://goo.gl/forms/bXakrJ2qX4ihPNjb2
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