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  1. ive played in cities where seatbelts are a thing. Dunno im on the fence. If i get in a crash i always get out and check if the other person is ok. I guess just behave in the way you wish to see the server behave in.
  2. I should probably add I play off peak OCE times so maybe this varies based in time zone
  3. Here's my opinion. Crims don't recruit much everything is very much within the gang and any budding crim wanting to join a gang can find it daunting to approach these gangs to be part of the fun. Most civilians whether they are crim or not are seen as outsiders by the major gangs. Gangs are also factionalised leaving very little content for gang v gang sort of stuff. I've witnessed gangs helping other gangs on multiple occasions which is fine however it does detract from content like turf wars and fighting over labs. I've seen three gangs all helping each other run labs once. Some of the larger gangs also rob whoever they see. I can see how this would put off new players who want to crim RP from joining a gang. Imagine being in the server for about a month working on your crim wanting to join a gang and fly some colours only to be robbed by that gang. OOC you get pissed make a legal alt to get revenge and join PD forgetting about any crim activities you wanted to partake in. I think it's a 50/50 issue 50% IC for gangs not really letting outsiders in to bolster numbers 50% OOC scripting issues.
  4. In my experience on a citizen and criminal side of things. The better you RP the better RP you get remember people play for fun no play to win. Some of the best interactions I've had with PD is as a criminal getting caught. I commit 100% to my character and when they see that they also take the RP seriously. Why? Because it's fun. I don't care about getting caught I just enjoy the RP. People lose perspective of this and get pissed off OOC who cares if you lose a car for a bit or go to jail if you are playing on an RP server believe it or not RP is central to the experience. Next time you get arrested bluesteel your mugshot appreciate the interaction and don't worry to much about the temporary loss. Enjoy the RP not the cars, ores and drugs.
  5. Martin Tulip


    /cruise 79 Not that hard. I am a successful trucker and have never gotten a fine. Also it's all about the right jobs at the right times. There are.many successful law abiding citizens and work for them. Spend some time to make friends in the city it's amazing what you can learn.
  6. Perhaps i was just misinformed. I guess if it has been suggested multiple times and nothing has been done about it devs are happy with the current state. This thread can be closed as it probably doesn't merit further discussion. I was not aware it wasn't a stocking issue rather a scripting thing.
  7. Unfortunately this is being triggered even if 1 taxi driver is online perhaps a to scale mechanic to counter this.
  8. There is a severe lack of faggios and trucking jobs. Let's marry the two to finally rid the issue of there being a lack of both! UwU
  9. I feel like this is the best explanation. ((Congratulations)) I will investigate the top of Mt Chilliad myself after all it's me they want. ((The anagram acidhill also changed to Chilliad, I need to make another one so it might be in a few weeks :D)) - Martin Tulip
  10. Hence my last bit around unwarranted calls to counter the behaviour. There should be a mechanic around reporting an actual crime taking place from the location and prioritised accordingly. I agree with the issue of unwarranted calls I don't agree with players not being able to call the cops all together.
  11. Gangs. Be like Rob, kill and shoot civilians yeh we boolin. Civi gets pissed goes to undermine gang operations in retaliation. OOoOooOh this sucks!1!1!!! Maybe the RP life you lead comes with its RP consequences. Perhaps RP blockades and watchmen around labs to deter lookie loos? I think the one thing that would be shitty is if people just make unwarranted calls there should be a way for PD to check or RP if the call in question originated from a location known to be a lab and base the severity of the call and importance on that information. Maybe even a mechanism to investigate hoax calls which could be an offence in itself.
  12. Thank you for your assistance. Looks like the last little code might lead to the final answer. Hopefully someone can decipher it ((There is a clue to how to decipher in the original post and my first reply)) - Martin Tulip
  13. PD and Detectives don't even bother with my problem! I feel like detective work in this town has gone down the drain! 

    Tulip Out.

  14. We need more civilian jobs that don't make you a sitting duck. Farming is one of those jobs that basically screws you over because it's one farm and everyone knows where it is. Maybe if some of the civilian jobs (like farming) had more then one location it could spread out the work for gangs and thieves. A good civil job that I really enjoy is trucking but it's also a fairly lonely one that doesn't encourage to much RP (CB is text only is the main reason - that and not a lot of people know how to do it.) By far the four worst civilian jobs are. 1. Fishing 2. Hunting 3. Mining 4. Farming All four of these jobs make you a sitting duck either at drop offs or at the farm/mine. It's very easy for gangs to just sit at a drop off or stake out a farm/mine and just Rob people at opportune moments. I think dynamic drop offs/collection locations or multiple drop offs/locations might curb this to a certain degree.
  15. Update: The voice message was mysteriously wiped from my phone. Luckily I downloaded a copy. Please anyone out there if you can help me solve this mystery let me know. I thought this city had detectives. Not some donut eating slackers!
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