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  1. Grove street, home. After getting raided by the Police Department on a daily basis, we decided to take a step over - to defend our crip. DeAndre called everyone on the radio and said that we need to bring heavies, he decided that the Police Department can't do whatever they want and we will stop them doing that. Everyone came to the hood with heavy guns and took positions, just waited for the Police Department to arrive so they can ambush them. Jaquan didn't think twice and brought his AK-47. Jaquan and his family saw the SWAT and the cruisers pulling up, they didn't even think twice. They had to defend their hood, no matters what. They fought for their lives and won. Wiped their enemies and everyone was saved.
  2. Selling maxed Hakuchuo Drag for 1.2m, best price in town! Phone number: 3457489
  3. How much full body costs?
  4. People buying Contender maxed for 170k, no one will buy STOCK for 175k.
  5. don't have enemies but fighting LSPD, good luck
  6. Where do you see me pausing the RP? I have my own rights to ask you in /b why you ramming me for no reason. Also, you tried to ran me over twice so if I wasn't writing it doesn't matter.
  7. Harder application is better.
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