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  1. I have one - message me 4923201 or purpleplant#[email protected]
  2. 🏡SELLING 2g in La Peurta🏡 Great central Location Very close to Boat dealership Single unit building with balconies New interior & Fully furnished ACCEPTING OFFERS 500K AT THE DOOR Contact : purpleplant#[email protected] Phone: 4923201
  3. I have a home contact me - [email protected]((purpleplant#9759))
  4. PurplePlant


    @Monica Can you make it 375? and you can have both.
  5. I like the idea, but what if a gang takes over a bunch of homes that they don't own? would this present problems for the home owners who just want to come home? Also, what kind of actions would be considered okay to shoot someone over in this scenario? Would trespassing be enough?
  6. PurplePlant


    Looking for around 200k a piece
  7. PurplePlant


    sorry I am looking for a bit more! Offers of 200k or more.
  8. PurplePlant


    [SELLING] Two 1g's by City Hall 🏡🏡 Located near City Hall and Bank, very central Has a nice pool and space to build Potentially two garages if bought both together Quiet neighborhood CCTV & fully furnished ACCEPTING OFFERS OVER 400k FOR BOTH ACCEPTING OFFERS OVER 200k FOR EACH Phone Number - # 4923201 Email - purpleplant#[email protected]
  9. its really hard to say what exactly the servers direction is sometimes, they add a lot of cool features but you never really know what 😄
  10. I would agree, but I bet its a huge tax on the server models I would think. Some mods are better optimized vs others and this means the files sizes could be much larger. I think having the option player side makes it safe and not taxing on the server. But who knows, maybe it is very possible.
  11. +1 it's hard to find the option as a new person, also might cut down on the spamming of calls when not answered. If you are limited to making one call like the other options that would be good.
  12. ((no that's a 2g apartment style))
  13. I don't think he is blind, I think he is skeptical you even have a bidder at 3m. He makes a valid concern, because you COULD be price gouging
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