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  1. KeistuoliZ

    NPCs in the server.

    I imagine how laggy would be and messy with NPC's. Not for that amount of players.
  2. KeistuoliZ

    La Familia

    How can it not be? It is greatest and most friendliest family I have ever been and met.
  3. KeistuoliZ

    [Buying] 1 or 2 G house anywhere

    Is it 1G?
  4. KeistuoliZ

    [Buying] 1 or 2 G house anywhere

    Contact me #3522235 Or email me Rapolas#3508
  5. KeistuoliZ


    Are you interested of this house?
  6. KeistuoliZ

    Rapolas Paska (Meth, crack, heroin)

    Character to be refunded : Rapolas Paska Date and time of incident : 2018/11/07 Requested refund : Crack 12x , meth 10x, heroin 11x Description of incident resulting in loss : I wanted to split drugs and give it to my friend, my inventory was full, so i had to put on the ground, but suddenly server crashed and items got despawned. Evidence of loss : Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope i get refund.
  7. KeistuoliZ

    La Familia

    Awesome family, very friendly and leader is the best in whole town!! ♥♥
  8. KeistuoliZ


    Yeah didi it already.
  9. KeistuoliZ


    I would like 90K or we can deal with 85k But without taxes
  10. KeistuoliZ


    SOLD used dominator [Fully maxed], goes on the highway 200km/h, in the city can make 220km/h, sounds incredible? -Just try it. Contact me with offers : or just leave it here.
  11. KeistuoliZ


    Selling 3G house with big backyard in vinewoods, thinking about 420k but whe can talk about price, pool has no water. Also im interesting of trading. Phone number : Email : Not far away from tequilala actually place is really good. Pictures of the house below.
  12. KeistuoliZ


  13. KeistuoliZ

    Two Garage Home In Mirror Park

  14. KeistuoliZ


    Very good idea!!!