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  1. I saw this ad already.
  2. Budget increased to 4M
  3. What I want to suggest is, to bind our credit bought cars on account, BUT let me explain : Let say you want to abandon your character because you wont use it ever, so what you do? I suggest to allow people make "Credit car transfer" section on forums, it should work pretty much same as "Money transfer", so I think with proper RP story it should be allowed to transfer cars. Also to people who gonna go to Eclipse Lithuanian server it should work the same, lets say you will abandon completely Eclipse EN server and you want to kill character for ever, so why not to let people transfer their credit cars to other server. Let me know your thoughts below!
  4. Anyways, if there is no interest hit me up i will buy second one for 400k, I cant see why i should pay 500k for paleto bay property
  5. Not interested in these type of 2g
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