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  1. The thing is that its really hard to find house these days, what about the prices which grew up like twice atleast. I agree that house adding would be just temprorary and over time it would be full again, but it needs to be done something
  2. I fully agree to you, today you can get robbed in every corner, they see super car they try to steal it everytime, its just unrealistic.
  3. -1 I mean idea is good, but I prefer and like as it is now.
  4. Maybe there was situation or question associated with metagaming.
  5. its owned by Justin Spice if i am right
  6. More likely its desync issue, not everytime car stalls from just a kick.
  7. (( @VomitSpawn Also discord is ooc, and this thread is meant to be IC, so edit your thread with "(( <..> ))" ))
  8. not worth 350 i can offer u 250k and i think its reasonable price
  9. @Vetro Can't find that suggestion it was archived like couple months ago, but that was same suggestion as you made but with more detail. Admins and developer if remember correctly confirmed "coming soon", but no idea what they mean "soon", maybe lets just wait couple years. 😉
  10. -1 but something needs to be done, so not every car in random parking lot would be choped. Only place you can leave your car is NCZ, but it makes just ncz crowded of cars. In real life not every car getting stolen.
  11. 155k - Rapolas Paska
  12. All they says "coming soon" wait 6 months more, maybe they will add some cars.
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