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Found 6 results

  1. - - - INFORMATION - - - Welcome to my graphics shop / gallery. I do everything - signatures / banners / logos / posters. All you need to do is to contact me on discord - Rapolas#3508 and tell me what you want. - - - ART - - - | Postcards / never released / unfinished (Imgur) | | My GFX Gallery (Imgur) |
  2. Welcome to my graphics business. Here you can buy the picture, art you want for yourself, ask for editing your own photos or other graphic art. I'm engaged in all kinds of work from drawing, editing, copying, etc. What can only come to mind with graphic art im here to help you out. RULES / INFORMATION : 1. The answer to the question is below. 2. It is necessary to pay for the work done. 3. Press + REP before writing a questionnaire. 4. Do not hurry shop worker. 5. Do not write bulk messages. 6. Pay for the work done within 24 hours. - - - - 1. Type of work [Avatar / Signature / Logo / Rankings]: 2. Wallpaper work [required]: 3. Work text: 4. Which pack u prefer ? : 5. The size of the work [Optional]: 6. Example of work [Optional]: 7. Want specific colors, objects ? :
  3. Hey guys! The title explains it all. I recently upgraded to Photoshop CC 2019 and experimenting with the 3D workspace. I'm running out of ideas so I'm offering to make anyone something completely free. Here is a basic idea of what I can do so far. I can add textures and reflections along with the normal Photoshop workspace options.
  4. Welcome to my graphics shop. My name is William Newman, I used to do graphics for many people in the city of Los Santos. As an example, different car dealerships hired me to do their logos for them amongst others AutoRepairs. I also did work for private persons who wanted their logo done or who wanted me to take photos of their properties for sale. I am by no means a professional, and i am just doing this buisness for fun and to become better at graphics I offer logos for you or your buisness, signatures, icons, photos and any sort of graphics work you might need. Price: Whatever you offer me and think my work is worth I can be contacted on my phone at any time of the day, just send me a message and i’ll respond as quickly as possible((Discord: skrrt#7553)) Here is a few quickly made examples of what i have made, all pictures and edits are taken by me Wallpaper i made Wallpaper logo Banner example Banner example #2
  5. Do you want to brand your business? Would you like to have a formal portrait of yourself? Would you like a premium, professionally designed logo, brochure, flyer, or banner? If you answered yes, then Blackburn Premium Designs is for you. My name is Michael Blackburn and I am a professional graphic designer operating in the state of San Andreas. I have been a graphic designer ever since I left high school, and I recently opened this business as I believe I am ready to be an entrepreneur in something that I love. I'm looking forward to working with you to make the best designs for your needs. Please read below about more information and pricing. Prices may vary and are negotiable due to different amounts of work and time involved for different designs Logo - $10,000+ Brochure/Flyer - $15,000+ Banner - $10,000+ Custom Design - $10,000+ Portrait/Pictures - $10,000+ Business Branding Pack (Logo, Banner, Brochure, Flyer, Background) - $40,000+ How to place an order: Type up the information about your dream design, following the template provided below Look over the ordering form and check all information is correct Submit the form to our website (( Reply on this forum post )) After the design is completed and sent to you, please transfer the agreed funds to my account as soon as possible (( You will receive the design while you're in-game, but it will be on the forum here )) To place an order, please answer the form and submit it on the website (( Post your order form as a reply on this forum post )) Name: Phone Number: Design Type: Size (in pixels): Few words to describe what the finished design should express: Anything to add (background picture, assets, stuff for my use, what the text should say, etc.): If you have any questions contact me: (( Either contact me in-game or post on this forum )) Michael Blackburn 444-1792 [email protected] LifeInvader Office #23 South Blvd Del Perro, Rockford Hills Los Santos
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