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  1. So your complaining that your being hunted because your gang started a war with the objective to take down the council. When you declare war you can't just expect the rival gang to just let you relax at pier fishing making money, the pier isn't an ncz. Your high command made a decision to attempt to take down the council now your suffering the IC consequences one of those being hunted wherever you go. If you can't handle war then maybe you should drop colors and go legal because most of this seems like IC issue.
  2. There already is less shootouts with PD/SD compared to a year ago. Most official gangs have put a lot of procedures into place to reduce PD/SD shootouts like requiring permission from a higherup and a valid reason to engage in a shootout with law enforcement just as one example. At some point though criminals and cops will always come to a point where they interact with each other and sometimes it just so happens to turn into a shootout. It's just how things are.
  3. In what world do cops have guns and equipment that magically can't be taken from them. The whole point of the suggestion is to make cops value their lives more and have some consequences for their actions rather than just die, wake up at pillbox, grab another cruiser and carbine and jump back on patrol. Doubt
  4. You can actually get 6 hours because of someone else's fault or because the officer did feel like it. Things aren't always in your control when you play crim. Plus it's really easy to just sit there and talk about actions having more consequences when you play PD where your actions literally have 0 consequences, when you can just run into heavily armed criminals completely outnumbered and just spawn back at MD, grab another cruiser and just go back on patrol. If you think doing 6 hours in prison is ok then you have never done it.
  5. The problem with this is it would require me literally asking every officer I see using /pw to get ammo or armour if they have RP proof of placing extra ammo into their cruisers and would require officers constantly screenshotting putting extra ammo into their cruisers. Wouldn't it be better to just scriptly limit the amount of times an officer can use /pw from a cruiser and once their limited amount of uses run out they have to go back to one of the stations across the map to refill. Your most definetly right here I can admit I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to the OOC rules law enforcement factions have to follow as I'm not in any law enforcement factions, a suggestion for this would be for law enforcement factions to have more clarity and maybe announce any rule changes made to their OOC policies given PD is probably one of the biggest and most infuential factions on the server because personally I just don't see this heavily monitored PD when I see half the stuff they do. Just like I said in my comment there is a lot PD and SD can improve and good suggestions that come from these threads that could possibly be implemented rather than law enforcement players just coming in here like "jUsT pLaY sMaRtEr". The responses that have come from PD players on this thread are the reason why there's so much OOC tension between criminal and law enforcement factions. I know that at least from the criminal factions I have been in, a lot of suggestions that come from FM and PD are actually impemented ranging from needing permission from higherups to engage in shootouts with PD/SD to limit the amount of shootouts that happen to limiting the amount of people chasing cars through a city and that's just a few examples.
  6. I mean you talk about selective realism but PD had a fit when they lost the ability to use player ID's to MDC search because it's almost as if people don't have floating numbers above their heads IRL. If we wanna talk about realism then PD shouldn't be able to just spam /pw and get guns, armour, ammo out of nowhere like they are driving a military armoury on wheels when realistically they would have to go back and restock after use and the ammo available would be limited, If we want to talk about realism then gangs shouldn't have to fight over 20 ak ammo in the laptop when realistically a mexican cartel/chinese crime syndicate would be able to supply itself and most definetly wouldn't recieve supply from the same source. Your most definetly right in the sense that people complain about the realism of the other side without thinking of ways their own factions can improve RP but my issue is lately gangs have been blasted with rules ranging from server rules to war rules and just general complaints from FM in ways to improve their RP yet I never see any of this coming from law enforcement factions in ways they can improve because I can tell you know there's definetly things PD and SD can improve on. But hey criminal faction bad right.
  7. I dunno good RP should go both ways, how can you expect criminals to even provide good RP on a scene when all we get is auto hotkey RP and insta /b stop stalling whenever we go into detail about our injuries. The next problem with death RP is it doesn't matter about how good your RP is because all it takes is one cop who doesn't like you or your faction and it's denied. I don't really ask for death RP and at times have even turned it down when offered because it wouldn't fit the direction of RP but I'm at the point where I have personally given up in trying to provide any good RP for both sides on scenes because it's usually ruined by this whole play to win mentallity.
  8. We did hit banks with coordination and numbers at least in triads we did and guess what, it got complained about. What your literally suggesting here is us get more numbers to hit banks with to counter the PD response but when we do that we get complaints from PD its an unrealistic amount to rob a bank with. There has been instances where criminal factions have been told to reduce the number of shootouts with PD but yet banks literally force a shootout with PD. Rather than gangs being given options in ways they can approach a bank and plan it out to avoid law enforcement instead it forces us into a shootout. While this is more of a problem with banks than law enforcement factions this goes to show more examples of where criminal factions are constantly bashed for their RP yet I never see any ways coming in for PD to improve. I actually disagree with this, the law enforcement factions on this server are probably some of the more unrealistic I have seen. I have been arrested by officers where I have had to literally explain server rules ect. My main point is there's been tons of suggestions in the past about law enforcement, this obviously isn't the first one and most definetly wont be the last but yet none of it ever gets taken into consideration, there's never any ways introduced where law enforcement factions can improve meanwhile criminal factions are constantly dragged down with tons of OOC rules, lots of control from FM in ways to improve RP, new server rules ect. Whenever one of these posts pops up all we get is "just IA report it" or "be smarter" when a lot of points come from these posts are genuinly good ways PD could improve because in the end they aren't perfect and just like criminal factions could use improvement.
  9. +1 to most of this except lootable weapons reasons are pretty obvious. As for the PD coming onto this thread saying "jUsT bE sMaRtEr" if you have ever been a criminal you will know that often things happen that are out of your control, it's not as simple as just "play smarter" as almost every bit of criminal RP involves PD at some point and when it does your essentially evading against 20 cruisers that can for some wild reason keep up with a super that costs millions. Anything you do as a criminal involves PD. Want to go rob a bank well no matter what the alarm goes off and the entire PD shows up forcing a shootout, want to rob stores PD just begin camping stores, want to go chop shop well can't do that because its already being camped by SD. So please don't come in here saying "be a smarter criminal" blatantly dismissing the entire point of the post. As for the PD on this post complaining about the amount of shootouts that happen well surprise as more often than not most of these situations happen due to PD forcing shootouts I have lost count the amount of times PD have rolled up to a scene insanly outnumbered and attempted an arrest. The way I see it a lot of this comes from law enforcement factions having little to no consequences IC or OOC. Criminal factions are constantly reminded and spoken to about their level of RP from faction management, constantly given ways to improve ect. and if you continue to display poor RP in an official criminal faction then you risk losing official. PD display poor RP all you get is "just IA report it" which most of the time ends in just the officer getting "spoken to about their actions". and yet with every rule added to improve criminal RP is see nothing coming from law enforcement in ways they can improve.
  10. A timer would make sense, if this suggestion was implemented I can imagine a timer would be the best way to go around it. @CallumMontie suggestion pretty much just fixes the problem of losing gear though when the game crashes which is what the original post was intented for.
  11. You said it yourself extended armor, I have already seen /pw being spammed in shootouts for officers to get more armour and ammo so what would stop swat from spamming this command in an insurgent in shootouts to get more armour quickly.
  12. -1 Can already see this being abused, /pw is already abused enough as it is This is a much better way of going around it, fix the problem itself rather than a command.
  13. +1 Can't count how many times I have pulled out a gun trying to unlock my house or interact with other things.
  14. -1 As someone who has had my ID metagamed twice now in the past I'm glad this change has been put in place. IRL cops don't see numbers floating above people's heads they have to search for their ID. Completly agree, sadly as proven by a few past experiences not everyone agrees with this and metagaming using player ID's did happen and before anyone comes in saying "just report it" the problem there is metagaming is probably one of the hardest rule breaks to prove. This sounds like an IC issue, guess what if someone doesn't know if they have prints and DNA IRL you ask their name and search it. In the end I really don't see how ID search on MDC is needed, I keep hearing about "people just relog to change their ID to avoid an /ldo" yet having ID search on an MDC doesn't solve this, the same problem still exists with or without it. There's literally 0 reason for this feature to exist except encourage metagaming.
  15. Couldn't agree more with this, as it stands I have spent most of my playtime as a criminal and I'm now at the point where I'm just burnt out and when I'm playing I'm just not enjoying myself. The main reason for this is the fact there's currently very little to do as a criminal which you have perfectly outlined the reasons. As you already stated its very difficult to do chop shop due to SD camping it, there's pretty much no competition between criminals due to ruleplaying the new robbery rules and I feel as if there's just too many OOC restrictions making crim RP unenjoyable. I'm the end these reasons are driving people away from wanting to get involved in criminal RP and I know people who have been involved in criminal RP for a long time are now turning more towards legal or just stopped playing all together.
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