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  1. Hello, Elijah Wu ID 108 here. Prior to this, I had no interaction with the two individuals. I had just gotten out of prison, I got a ride from this random guy (hes not involved) before my game crashed, and by the time I came back he was gone so I was running towards the city when the reporting party spotted me and we got to talking, and they were attempting to arrange a ride for me so I didn't have to run all the way back. The contender instead of slowing down when he saw 2 vehicles stopped in the middle of the road, he swerves and mows me down, and the rest is seen in my POV.
  2. This is nothing but an IC issue. Your poor decisions and leadership ICly led your gangs to get attacked by ex members of zetas who got supported by their previous allies, before zetas was about to disband, diplomacy was keeping everything under control. All of these gangs who are now in conflict were at an agreement, then suddenly bahm. My guess is that people thought that zetas disbanding meant all members of zetas were not going to log onto the server anymore which led to a massive underestimation of the council's force. Again, IC issue and this shouldn't have been brought to forums publicly
  3. Hello, Elijah Petrelli here. First of all I'd like to thank the staff members that will be responsible for reviewing this report, and the reporting party for taking the time to bring this to everyone's attention. Second of all, it's important to note that I've publicly been using Redux for as long as I can remember. My Eclipse streams were decently popular at one point, enough to award me the streamer role for some time on the discord server, these streams were watched by head admins and such, as my streams had to prove to be decent enough to represent the server, this mod was being
  4. As i've stated, this mod (Redux, a reshade and retexture) gives me no advantage whatsoever. Bulletholes tell me where im being shot from, and so do bullet streams. I'm sure your footage (if you had any) would show you shooting at me. I'm aware you don't know how exactly this bug occurs or what it looks like and this isn't really the place for me myself to explain it. I've said all that I have to say, I'll leave the rest to the staff members handling this report, and I'd also like to thank them for taking the time to read through the report and the replies. Thank you.
  5. Elijah Petrelli ID 126 here, not Eli Hobbs. Also, the graphics mod I use to make my game look better includes glass shatter whenever I get damaged, this could be argued to be more of a disadvantage than an advantage, as I can see where I'm getting shot from regardless due to where the bullets hit and bullet streams, and the glass shatter really gets in the way of everything. In the heat of the moment, before I rewatched my footage, I genuinely thought the bullets were coming through the car, however later I saw that the bullet stream bug occurred. I stand by Montie in his statements. It IS a b
  6. Heres another case of this happening. Notice I was nowhere near the teller or the aiming person when it went off. Really annoying. https://streamable.com/btwxfx
  7. ID 432 Elijah Petrelli here. I personally made sure to do my part in moving the entire situation away from the street as quickly and efficiently as possible, along with everyone else on scene. It took me a few times of telling the reporting party to RUN for her to actually run and get away from the public area. This chase had been going on for a VERY long time, and I personally view them parking in a public area expecting nothing to happen as a good example of RULEplaying. And as Copes stated, the chase was not originated due to sheer boredom, we had a backup call, on a joint frequency, a
  8. +1 If possible I'd rather have this, but with a requirement of two people pushing it instead of just assuming I have massive tree trunk legs. That would make a bit more sense
  9. +1 for sure. This would be dope
  10. +1 to all of this The member cap really shocked me personally as I can't think of a good enough reason for this to even be a thing. It heavily damages future and current gang growth and RP possibilities for ALL types of characters, not just crims. Stuff really needs to be reviewed...
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