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  1. hello every one manchez scout add to GTA v online yesterday and is would be nice if we have it in server . vehicle driving is very similar to BF400 but it have lot's of customization more information https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Manchez_Scout
  2. https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=641&t=70857 I didn't know about this but I am confused is this is true about gun store price 17 k for pistol 50 like WTFF
  3. this drag problem server was able to deal whit it IC for example remove it from dealerships if your drag got impounded in a PD chase or you bike use it for crime purpose your vehicle will be impounded for 5 days (IRL) and you need to pay 30k fine to return it back main issue is this classic Eclipse RP when some thing get abused by some people (group of 3 to 4 player) staff team and head admins come in and start place a punishment for every one same thing happened for human meat because group of 5 player abuse the market and start farming human meat they just remove it from t
  4. main issue is as PD officer you can do any thing you want ,house raid, pulling people over and asking them to step out or over a maybe breaking a traffic stop and search him for a firearm when they are in gang color you can do any thing you want and if you friend try to help you is will go over a OOC punishment starting a gun fight middle of the city is very unrealistic and for sure PD will win that war even if they die you still will get the charges so basically is lose situation . and if goes over a IA report you wanna ask them to punish a officer or kick him form the faction when he found a
  5. is can be archived solution first you need to stay in the character section for 3 to 4 second then you need to click on the view (character you wanna play ) after you character load on screen press on play and you will be good to go
  6. hello i am looking to buy a 1g or 2 g house budget around 300k 4211976
  7. -1 +1 sorry is seems like new place for DM( first gang claps officers and then clap Each other ) and robbing
  8. Date and time (provide timezone): 12/24/2020 Character name: lina tkahashi Issue/bug you are reporting: when i log in in game i spawn in default 2 g and you will stuck there to a mod help you Expected behavior: you should log in in the last location you log out Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: this happened for me always back in 2019 but was different because when i log out inside my house or any other house this bug happend and i remember it was in a update got fixed .but right now every time i close the game in any location (not just a login/out w
  9. no no I didn't run inside the locker room I even didn't close to the front door i saw MOD Alex behind the door standing still i even didn't get close to the computer (the one you pay your ticket) please tell me how should I manage hear some one and listen to his demand when he is not in my screen and I cant even see him or his ID and literally no OOC message about hey are you ok because we 10 gun at you and you don't give care are you ok ????? just tase me going to your keyboard type all the arresting RP in 1 sec /b hey answer RP like what ???? we are not in a drug lab they didn't eve
  10. yes but the main issue is I didn't see any one only 1 officer and he was near the stairs I didn't see any one you can see on my video server had a very huge resync for me .why should ignore you demands when I have valid gun license . literally we have announcement in discord about lag and resync issue . and the weed I had it was from yesterday I crash to it in middle of the road and I pick it and I don't know why I put it inside my glovebox but because you can drop items when you are in the car I forgot about it . but the reason you guys search my car was made by a bug and i wa
  11. 115 min jail around 19 k charge losing my gun license all clothes i had in my inventory
  12. it wasn't about mask is about looking for a reason to tase people you need give demands or ask why you running this new update is worse than the old one and you need to put some realistic material to your RP for some one is a civilian for 19 IRL month and you put her in jail when she is saying i didn't see any one around me and i don't have reason to run from your when i have gun valid license it is a huge different between a civilian and a criminal
  13. i playing this server since JUN 2019 and gameplay more than 5000 hours playing almost every day never commit any crime or any type of toxic roleplay to the community I always were a fully legal player IC and try to help every one and today I was checking the new update and I was thinking they ADD a new interior to PD (mission row) so I drive there to see what's new and after I park my car in front of the Mission row and I had a mask on (i forgot I have it on) and I see one of my friend officer Papadakis outside and another officer near the Stairs and his VoIP was on (his id was green becau
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