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  1. Player(s) being reported: ID 12 *This was the player I was directed to in regards of questions about the raid and why it happened. They may not be responsible. Date of interaction reported: 30/06/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1593560617 Your characters name: Frankie Valalero Other player(s) involved: 101, 352, 12, 24, 352, 318, 92, 262, 199, 151, 275, 94, 83 *none are guilty unless proven to be responsible for the raid occurrence Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies are to be conducted in a realistic manner and require the robber to have a reasonable in character motive. High risk, but little reward robberies are deemed unrealistic and should not be performed. Robberies should be performed in secluded areas where there is a low chance to be seen by witnesses. Desert and forest areas could be considered secluded but potential witnesses should be taken into account. How did the player break the rule(s)? **I find it necessary to start this post with mentioning that I want to approach this as respectfully and maturely as possible. This is not about materials lost. This is about the information that was gained and how my RP has been impacted by it. I had to take the time to deem whether or not this report is necessary. Typically, I make an effort to PM it out and come to an agreement, but after OOC discussion with some fellow players, I have decided to move forward with this report for reasons below: Unfortunately the beginning of this scene is trimmed off of my clip. Hopefully any players mentioned above can submit their POVs in order to fill in this blank. My provided evidence involves showing the scene of the house raid, that, yes, the house raid did occur and to show who was there. Additionally I have PMs that are admittance to the raid only happening because of the opportunity to do so rather than having an IC reason. To my understanding of the rules, house raids, especially, must have an actual in-character motive to perform, besides just knowing the location of someone's apartment and the potential loot that could be in their home. To clarify again: the player being reported may not be the person responsible for this, regardless, the player and all other players tagged were involved in this scene one way or another. I must add that the player being reported was not willing to reveal their IC reasons entirely due to fear of meta-game, which I find understandable. There clearly are some answers that need to be found within this situation and I'm hoping some other perspectives can shed some light. I'm not here to get people banned. The reason of this report is not over the materials lost, regardless of whether or not I found them important or had worth. This event changed the course of my own RP. To give some information, the RP reason to why I'm in my apartment is to conduct a job interview with ID 199. Had the raid not occurred, the interview would have taken place and ICly my business would be one step closer with employees. To my understanding, ID 199 told the wrong people why he was at Del Perro Tower and they took it upon themselves to follow him up to the floor he's going to, where I would interview him. Players who could be identified as "Council" members flooded in asking for a "tour" of the place, holding weapons such as pistols, micro smg's, and such. The raid itself was enjoyable at times; but bland and unnecessary, only for 99% percent of the players involved. One player (83, Tyler Rogers) is the only person who would have a real IC reason to be conducting such an act. I dismiss him from this report entirely. I'm unsure of 199's involvement ICly, as you see I label him a "snitch"; I was under the impression he worked with them at the time, but it's inconclusive now and I'm unable to dismiss him. Everyone else that is a part of this event is a part of the situation based on opportunity. My Roleplay as a criminal is heavily based on secrecy. Keeping on the down-low and appearing legal. Information that I have ICly is really sensitive. This event provided an opportunity for information to be retrieved from me. Was this the intention of the raid? I don't believe so. Because of this: my roleplay has been pushed in a different direction which is something I would not consent to if given the choice. I believe this report should serve as an example of how official factions such as the players involved need to be properly informed of the rules and to consider them before performing a large activity such as a house raid, considering the amount of members that were there. I don't want the bag of weed back or the silencer. I want the opportunity back to continue what I was doing before this rule break happened. I spend a lot of time considering the rules and how to properly treat other players OOCly and I expect others (especially those who are members of official factions) to do the same. Evidence of rule breach: Partial House Raid: https://streamable.com/728d2h Player 12 PMs and RP Clarification: https://imgur.com/a/mMJcV2M Player 83 Involvement Clarification: https://imgur.com/a/BlPSs1C
  2. Falling Apart/Clean Up Crew The Union was doing great. Jimmy and I actually did something right, with the help from Shawn, Lucas, Tony, Zac(?), Nick, Vlad, Aaran, and Spade. Let’s be honest, it was a group effort for sure, but hey, success is success. We lost a couple of those guys here and there, but the main core of our business stuck around, regardless of whether or not The Workers Union was “booming”. We got some funds raised from the top 1% of the town and we were steady. Ever since we got our connections, the business started sliding downhill. It was like an oiled up bowling ball on top of an icy hill, and we just couldn’t regain the friction to climb back up. We all started focusing on illegalities, rather than continuing the good path that The Union was on. Like I said, we lost a couple of guys here and there, but I didn’t think to lose Nick the way we did, just given our strong friendship. I was pretty blindsided by it, I'm not gonna lie. There I was, stumped with wondering how to save the business and I’m being told by one of my top Managers that he’s resigning and moving into the Police Department. A fucking pig? Really? After all the shit we’ve done? Fuck, I sold him guns. He sold those guns. We killed people. And he joined the Police? There was only one thing we could do. Nick had to go. We couldn’t just continue doing what we were doing with some dude in PD knowing all the shit we’re not supposed to be doing. I had a plan. Nick had one of The Union’s Mules. My Mule. So, naturally, I would want that back, yeah? I arranged a meeting with him to retrieve the Mule back. I arranged with the boys how we would do it: I get Nick to bring the Mule to our used-to-be office; oh yeah, we lost the office, by the way. I’d have him give me the paperwork and keys back from the Mule, then we’d bring him in the office, tie him up, and get rid of the little piggy. Where would we bring him? Well, the hotspot for [REDACTED] is over at the dam near Mirror Park. That’s where we used to throw bodies off all the time, so, we might as well add another to the pile. Everything went according to plan. Nick hit every beat we expected him to, just like the predictable little piggy he is. We tied him up, stuffed him in the back of my Novak, put a rag in his mouth and brought him down to the dam. At this point, I didn’t feel like I was about to kill my friend. I just felt like I was cleaning up a mess, just like I would do back in New York. I gave the guy a couple of last words and all he could mutter was “Tell my family I love them." We didn't. And "This is fucked up.” I threw his legs over the railing, over-looking the stream passing through the dam and we watched him fall. I've been thinking about those words every so often. I just think that was a shitty choice in last words. He coulda gone out with some wise shit, but predictable like a pig, he said what he said. (( Love ya, Nick. good luck at PD, homie. ))
  3. Yep, I regularly update out photos section and have been encouraging our members to post here as well. thanks!
  4. Like I said, ID 413 (Frankie) is me. 126 is Jimmy. ID 244 (Dex) Asked us for help ICly prior to us arriving. At the 1:00 mark is when that happened; he drives off into the oil fields, which is where we were as this situation happened. Like I said, I don't know him enough ICly and not at all OOCly to even speak for him. I am a passenger at 1:58, the Novak - Shortly after we arrive, we (ID 126 and I) park up, fire a few shots, then get back in. As soon as I get back into a passenger seat, I was shot out of the vehicle. For the rest of the clip, I'm injured on the ground, trying to get someone to save my life and get me out of there with my radio. It took all of the time in between then and you looting me for them to actually find me since they are newer players, not entirely knowledgeable of the map. In my opinion, the player in the Rebla, ID 18 is breaking VDM rules, as seen at 2:35, immediately after attempting one strike prior to this moment. ID 126, Jimmy Irish, attempts one vehicle strike but crashes and stalls the vehicle and at no other part of the video is seen attempting any additional vehicle strike. Like I said, we scouted the situation, pulled away, got out, shot, got back in, I get injured, he (ID 126) attempts a strike, stalls out, and gets injured. Hopefully that clears up our end.
  5. I'm ID 413. I have nothing to do with what you consider VDM in this scenario nor support breaking of any rules. There were two groups of people up against your guys here. The other group came to our group at the oil fields and asked for help. That's why me (Frankie), Jimmy Irish (126), Vlad, and Nick (also uninvolved in this report), were there. I can't speak for the other IDs here as that's not my job and have little involvement with them ICly to even explain their side. I may need to be corrected here but I believe talking in a radio while two guys are pointing guns at you after just injuring you is breach of FRP here and could have resulted in your actual death after the slight non-rp line "i'm dead" was stated into your radio. If you're going to report me for MG, at least have some sort of proof instead of just assuming just because they found me at the same time you were looting me. It's just the result of wrong place at the wrong time, nothing else.
  6. I feel like I don't even have to defend myself with the meta-gaming. You literally took a radio off of me. You know, the thing that helps you remotely communicate with your friends? The thing I was speaking in to for 5 minutes before you even stumbled upon me. Get real. Take the loss and move on bro.
  7. These dudes have awesome RP if you ever find yourself running into them! Keep it up, guys!
  8. Photobook & Home Movies
  9. (( All Below Information is OOC )) “The story of The Workers Union isn’t very black and white. It’s comprehensible, but it doesn’t just start with the organization coming out of nowhere. No, it was a long time coming and it started in a little business back in Brooklyn called “Valalero’s”, an Italian restaurant known for its excellence in cuisine and more specifically, its pasta; and even more specific: their spaghetti. I was a bus boy there growing up. I started there when I was eleven. I hated it, but it beat school. My father was convinced that I would learn more with him than I would ever learn in any educational institution. He always said “a penny saved is a penny stolen”. I never really knew what that meant. The older I got, the more transparent the restaurant became. A front. Although it had its popularity, the business was the smaller denominator in cash flow that was being brought into the family, but it helped keep me and my siblings clothed, fed, and it bought my mother a Mercedes. So, we were happy. The years kept passing and the family grew bigger. We had Tony Montanegro, Manny Tucci, Alfonzo Vennidicci; all of whom I called my uncles, but they were the furthest from being blood to me. They were all just wise guy guineas, doing what they could get away with, all of which was masterminded by my father, Frank. The Don. I grew up a little and at seventeen I started doing small tasks for the guys. I would pick up dry cleaning, drop off some envelopes, and lock the door to the restaurant if need be. I never really saw what was going on downstairs but it’s easy to guess. I knew what was going on and for whatever reason, I was okay with it. I guess, because everyone else was so comfortable with it, it just felt normal. Everyone felt comfortable with what they were doing behind the restaurant’s walls. That comfort was exactly what got the best of them twenty-six years later. We don’t like to talk about it. I arrived to Los Santos, fleeing from the “cleaning” business, hoping I could take what I’ve learned from my family and apply it to some low-key work in and out of the city, but it wasn’t that simple. No one knew me and I knew no one. At least I blended in. The first small couple of idiots I started working with, Carl Larson and Bobby Pins, just weren’t fulfilling what I called “business”. That’s when I sought out some more organized group work. I saw these guys walking around the city always dressed nice, wearing black suits, and covering their faces with black bandannas. In these instances, I always judged a book by its cover, so I went up to one of them and asked them if they were hiring. Unfortunately, these kinds of guys don’t like to admit to the stuff they do. I don’t blame them. Eventually, after some active poking about working with them, I rolled up on a group of The Rooks hanging outside of the Department of Corrections. “I don’t mean any harm or nothing, but I’ve been trying to work for you guys some time now.” I said as I pulled up and hopped out of my hideous brick red Granger. This was way back before my vocal surgery, but that’s another story. The leader pat me down, checked my pockets, frisked me for wires, and found me strange, but not malicious. It’s not every day a guy comes running up to a bunch of criminals, excited, in hopes to work with them, but I missed home; and home I couldn’t go back to. Crime is all I knew. After some time, The Rooks took me in as an associate and I started learning the ways of crime in the city. Cooking up drugs, robbing stores, shaking people down; all of it. I was having a blast. I felt like a kid again. All this hard work led up to me becoming a Baron of the gang. We had our good times and we had our bad times, but mostly the bad times would lead to overwhelming us and ended up delivering our demise. That’s the abridged version. At this point in time, I was ready to move on and start arranging my own work. I knew enough people, knew how to swing the ropes, and knew how to get it done. I don’t like to call my organization a “gang”, but it is what it is. Everyone understands the point of running an organization: MONEY. It’s all about collecting some cash for doing some hard work. My guys are the hardest workers in town and I pride myself on that. Maybe we get a little too greedy at the poker table, but there’s no greater feeling than bankrupting a city simpleton. There’s some ground rules I had to place before starting The Workers Union. First off, everyone has a say. If you’re in the union, then you have a vote... As long as you’re attending our weekly meetings. If there’s an issue within the organization, it needs to be brought to attention and voted on. Majority rules. Secondly, transparency with all other organizations in town. No pretending like you aren’t who you are. If you’re with The Union, you represent The Union wherever you are. Except with the pigs. Gut them when you have the chance. I’m in the middle of arranging relationships with every legal and illegal organization in town. My plan is to introduce myself, show them my face, pass out numbers, and make it clear that me and my guys mean no harm. We’re out here to work, not to start drama. That being said, my guys understand that business is business and we’ll step out of the way when need be. This doesn’t mean we won’t defend ourselves. It’s a respect thing. Thirdly, The Worker’s Union is a no-strings-attached organization. If you’re with us, good. If you’re not, that’s fine too. The Union doesn’t benefit itself. The Union benefits you. “A penny saved, is a penny stolen.” “ -Frankie Valalero
  10. Character to Transfer From: Doug Havers Character to Transfer To: Frankie Valalero Requested Transfer: Cheetah Classic Reason for Transfer: Doug Havers, being the busy man he is, hitting the waves, smoking weed, and whatever the heck else the guy does, has reverted back to his simple lifestyle. No more fancy cars, no more "reviving" people, and certainly no more partying. He has found his zen. Remembering a few months ago, Doug helped Frankie Valalero get on his feet as he was new to the city and although what Doug did for him was super helpful, Frankie needs his help once again. Doug, being the guy he is and in his current situation, was thinking: "Why drive the cheetah classic off a cliff and never see it again, when I could help out the spaghetti batman himself, Frankie?". It was settled in his mind. He must pass on the car to a man who could clearly use it doing whatever endeavors he won't disclose to Doug. Although Doug is oblivious to the obvious implications that Frankie is a criminal, he knows Frankie as a good man, who keeps his word. Now, to just track down the man and if not, pass the keys to a good friend who will deliver him this purple beauty. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I have a few trusted friends that both know Doug and Frankie. Jerzy McEden, Andrea Fallon, Clay Thompson, Joey Malice. Whoever is willing to help, really. Basically, Doug will show up with the vehicle to one of these people or someone unlisted, hand them the keys and have them find Frankie to give him the vehicle.
  11. This was a mistake on my part as I'm still learning the Do's and Do Not's of gang and criminal play. I thought I could just be killed if I make a mistake like that, but obviously I'm wrong. Please don't make my mistake mis-represent the faction I'm in. I was taught earlier about changing radio frequencies when being FRP'd in a car, but was not logical enough to apply it to FRP on foot. I do not speak on behalf of any other players in this situation and only myself. My account has been clear of any administrative marks and I'd love to continue that if it can be forgiven. If not, I completely understand. Sorry about this error and expect me to continue Criminal RP without further mistakes.
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