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  1. Güffy Action Sports Who we are: Güffy (Goo-Fee) is an Action Sport brand, where we recruit the best of the best riders of BMX and Mountain Biking. Our goal is to simply shred the concrete jungle of Los Santos and output it for all to see. We provide high quality Riding Equipment and Apparel while promoting and igniting inspiration for all of those he seek the thrill. Güffy is a surrogate for the riding community. We represent the love of action sports, style, and music. We support self expression in every way shape or form being that it is the foundation of success in our eyes. We encourage people to pursue their dreams, no matter what’s in the way. Co-founders: Doug Havers, Henry Waters, Bigslow Bigsby and Xavier Burns. It all started when Henry and Bigsby decided they had enough with cars and just wanted to ride around and have fun with their friends. They sought to spread their message of joy and show others how fun the sport of freestyle BMX can be, as their numbers grew with the addition of Xavier the new group caught the attention of Doug Havers. He was hooked and with his skills in marketing and business he had a great idea to launch the product forward and thus began the acquisition of Güffy. From here on, we plan to open up a local Güffy Shop, but, for now, we are looking to grow a big community of Action Sports within Los Santos. Güffy supports riders who love what they do and are involved as much as possible in their passion. Güffy supports riders who take risks. Whether it be a street rider who thinks outside of the box for hitting certain spots or someone who loves bombing down the side of mountains; we support them. Sponsorship means we got you. We’ll throw a free BMX/Mountain Bike at you, throw you some free clothes and have you represent us whenever you ride with our gear. This is strictly a “help us help you” business. You represent us and we’ll represent you along with guiding you, professionally, to success. While representing Güffy, we expect you to stick with your passion, while remaining competitive and professional. This means, frequently riding, frequently taking risks, and frequently sharing new video content. We expect our riders to give back more than what they have been given. We respect a rider who commits to ours brand and shows loyalty to us, in the least belittling way. We expect all of our clients to wear the Güffy brand as long as the colors of the clothing do not conflict with any active gang colors in Los Santos. We wear Güffy shirts and Güffy hats. See someone wearing Güffy? Awesome! Thank them for spreading the love! Worried about your criminal background? Don't. We don't discriminate against law offenders. We like to forget the past by shredding into the future. So, you want to be Güffy? Send us a BMX Freestyle Video, 60 seconds or less. Show us something we’ve never seen before! We want to see if you got what it takes to represent us. If we liked what we saw, we’ll contact you about doing your in person “test”. The test will involve us taking you around town, seeing what you can make out of certain spots we present you. We won’t waste your time, this means we’ll pay you for shredding in front us, regardless of the outcome. Odds are, if you have the guts to try out in the first place, you're most likely Güffy enough to hang with us. That being said, if you're skills are rough, don't worry. We are looking for Videographers! If you know how to operate a camera and a bicycle at the same time, this job is for you. If you have an eye for angles, framing, and lighting: this job is for you. Sound like something you’d be into? Great! Send us a cover letter explaining why you think you’d fit this position. Tell us a little bit about yourself as well. Be advised, this position requires a cell phone, a fish eye lens, and your own editing software. (( This position is for screen capturing and editing; you must be competent in both of these. )) Doug Havers Henry Waters Bigslow Bigsby Xavier Burns Remmy Sanchez The Birth of Güffy: Gettin Ill in Los Santos Our First Team Video: Güffy Presents: Doug Havers
  2. Introduction: So, many of us already know about working as a shore angler by picking up a rod from a local shop and heading on over to the shoreline and casting it in the ocean in hopes to make some money from a few hours of fishing. It’s a fairly simple job since you just sort of cast in and wait until a fish bites, reel it in, then repeat, excluding having to move a few times here and there and taking the ride over to the fish drop off. Fishing isn’t amazing money, but during my character, Doug Havers’ first couple of weeks on the server, this is what I used to make myself money being that it was almost an AFK kind of job and knowing I would most likely not be bothered due to the plethora of spots I could pick. So, grindy, but doable and somewhat relaxing. We’re seeing less and less civilians taking neutral standing jobs, meaning non-gang and non-government jobs. It seems if you want to be successful in the city, you do one of those two, but taking a neutral job, it’s slow and boring. No one wants to deliver money to ATMs all day. No one wants to deliver packages all day. No one wants to dump garbage. All of these need adjustments. I don’t have an answer for all of them, but I do have some ideas for fishing, at least. Context: The beach is empty. It’s so awkward to roll up on patrol as a lifeguard and see towels, umbrellas, radios, and campfires everywhere, but no people. So it begs to question: how can we make people want to go to the beach more? It has to be something worth their time. Below is a suggestion as an effort to make fishing not only a fun job, but something worth working. If this suggestion gets approved, this won’t only do the previous stated, but it will open up a lot of great RP opportunities, give the Lifeguard Division a reason to patrol, as well as the possibility of a coast guard branch, if it’s something PD would be interested in doing. Alongside that, it will open up boat and Seashark rentals and boat storage. If there’s any clarification needed for any of the sections needed in this segment, please reply below and I will make an edit. Any other questions, post a reply and I’ll do my best to give you an answer. If you support this idea, please reply and let it be known. Idea: I would like to restrict shore angling to the Vespucci Beach area. Being, right now, that you can shore angle wherever there’s water; it really allows people to fish, spread out, with little chance of having any RP interactions. Doing this would confine people into a specific area for fishing, much like hunting. It would also be a little more realistic to the idea of fishing as a job if we require all fishers to obtain a license in order to fish at the beach. This would obviously be a short application process, requiring basic information from the applicant as well as their intention in fishing; what kind of fish they’re looking to catch (ICly). The license could be distributed by the lifeguard division after review and could have the same mechanic applied as it does with receiving a firearms license after approval over at PD. With the above idea applied, I would like to provide “hot zones” in the ocean for higher chance at catching fish. Another player suggested three zones, where, the farther out you go: the higher the chance in receiving fish. To piggyback off of that: In order to get to these fishing “hot zones”, you would obviously need a boat. This begs to question whether or not a boat should be provided by a job location that could be placed on the pier and pickup below the pier OR a boat would need to be obtained by the worker(s). A mix of the two could possible work. If you have a boat, you can just use it to go out there, but if you rent a boat, it charges you a flat price (rough idea). To provide some values to these “hot zones”: Zone 1 would have a 10% increase in catch rate, Zone 2 would have a 20% increase, and Zone 3 would be a 30% increase. Basically, the farther out you are, the more dangerous. Obviously, these numbers are for example. This idea the biggest thing I’m presenting being that it may not be doable within RAGE multiplayer. I’m unaware of the work that would go into that, but a lot these things I’m suggesting are reuse of mechanics that are already available on the server. If a boat rental is introduced, this could also be an opportunity for Seasharks being able to be rented out for a flat price. On top of that, this could open up boat storage, which seems to be missing, but I may be incorrect. This could work just like the garage in center city. You pull your boat up to a "hotspot", /dock, then the boat gets stored for $500. One thing that should be adjusted is breath length. It takes an insignificant amount of time for someone to die of oxygen loss. The meter that is implemented is inaccurate to actual ability of breath holding and sort of robs people of their lives being that you have little to no time to surface when going under water. With any of my previous stated ideas implemented, this will definitely need to be increased. Conclusion: So, this would open up to a more active shoreline. On the government side of things, MD would then have a reason to have a more active lifeguard force and PD would be able to start a coast guard division on their own terms. On the crime side, this could influence ocean piracy. Criminals could use boats to rob unequipped fishers. Generally, people could have something new to do and have a reason to even own a boat besides driving it around the coastline. This could also influence individual charter businesses that would charge citizens a flat rate to take them out on their boat. There’s a lot of possibilities out of all of this. The main questions: Is it doable? Would it work? How long would it take? Would people even want this? This isn’t something where I’m the only one who wants it, I hope. If this sounds like something you’d like to have a part of Eclipse, please reply below and let it be known.
  3. Dobalina

    99 (MG)

    I'd like to withdraw the report due to Carston's honesty and being up front about it. Thanks.
  4. Dobalina

    99 (MG)

    Player(s) being reported: 99 Date of interaction reported: 11/10/19 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1573431998 Your characters name: Doug Havers Other player(s) involved: Eric DeMarco (86) [not rule breaking, but also he was also stream sniped] Specific rule(s) broken: Metagaming Metagaming: Metagaming can be a term used to describe many different things. A common definition of this term is using out-of-character information to your in-character advantage. Some of the examples of metagaming are: talking OOCly in VOIP, relaying your location to a player via discord as you're being robbed, private messaging a friend your location, etc. The most you can do on an out-of-character level in relation to ECLIPSE Roleplay, is ask your friends to log into the game, however, any other events that will occur in the game must happen ICly. How did the player break the rule(s)? They used mine and Eric Demarco's streams to obtain our phone numbers and called us in order to RP some police impersonation. It's a pretty strange coincidence that the both of us, both streaming at the time, got a call from this dude asking us what is provided in the clip below. As you'll see in the clip, I have no alias assigned to player 99, so I don't know them and nor have I given them my phone number. I am very confident that this was a stream snipe. The reason you can't hear me in this clip is because I muted my mic through OBS accidentally prior to this happening. Had my voice been in, you'd also be able to hear this gentleman respond to my voice although I wasn't talking into my phone. Additionally, Eric and I both went to PD to confirm the call but it was concluded that they did not make the call. Edit: Here's Eric's clip from the incident: https://streamable.com/4afp1 Evidence of rule breach:
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