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  1. This is still the case. Missing the status on both Discord and forums still
  2. HighTV


    Best of luck with this guys, I look forward to the updates!
  3. Issue Being Reported: I have donated above the expected amount and linked my Forum account to my Eclipse Panel account. The status has not updated yet. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 9/13/19 3:20AM PDT Your characters name: Dmitri Leroy Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Discord also lacks the status (HighTv#7093)
  4. You guys have really put in the time and effort and earned it! Very well done so far, keep it up.
  5. +1 to a bag label or some sort of 'examine' mechanic on a bag
  6. Character to be refunded: Dmitri Leroy Date and time of incident: 9/3/19 Requested refund (what and how much): 1. 34 Heroin, 31 Cocaine, 34 Meth, 12 LSD, 3 Crack, 1 Ecstasy. 2. A .50 pistol containing RP fingerprints of "Cassie Jessica Brown" /me /do /time RP done @ Unix timestamp 1566882497 (My screenshot of it ignored the Text box sadly. I'm sure the player of Cassie, @arcangel, could confirm these prints as well) 3. A Heavy Pistol Description of incident resulting in loss: I entered a Building an fell through the floor and died instantly to a known bug. Evidence of loss: https://youtu.be/E_7h2PY0i20 Comments: I purchased drugs with the intend to sell it at max value market to a client for tax evading reasons. However due to a known bug I fell to my death and lost it.
  7. HighTV

    The Rooks

    Introduction Dmitri was raised single handedly by his father in a middle class environment. He was taught to show respect and pay attention from an early age. Over the course of his childhood Dmitri moved between countries 5 times due to his father changing jobs. This allowed him to become fluent in Russian and Japanese. The lack of long term friendships caused by these moves made him cold and unfeeling socially. Despite not succeeding in social environments he did very well academically. At the age of 19 Dmitri parted ways from his Father in Japan to pursue a business and marketing degree at a top school which took 6 years to complete. Throughout the course of college Dmitri became tired of the boring everyday life and needed some action. He debated joining the military to satisfy his need for adrenaline and a purpose however he couldn't justify fighting someone else’s wars. He heard about a city with hundreds of millions in illegal funds and did not hesitate to capitalize off it. He made the flight arrangements and was officially headed to Los Santos. Making a name for himself Originally coming into the town Dmitri wanted to make a living washing funds and managing business accounts for wealthy individuals. He also knew that he wouldn't just stumble upon any illegal organization worth his time. He had to get his hands dirty and make a name for himself first. His first prison sentence was given for a failed store robbery his second day into town. He was officially a criminal in Los Santos without a chance of going back. A few months after entering the city and being solo he was picked up after being recognized and offered a position with the Los Calaveras. They were a hectic bunch, but he found out very quickly in a police chase that the Los Calaveras had his back. They were Loyal to him so he would be Loyal in return over the coming months. WARTIME After Loyalty was earned and a family created things in the city took a turn for the worse. The Irish mob and The clowns declared war on each other leaving Los Calaveras in the middle to pick a side. The Irish being LC's main ally at the time was the obvious choice and it was made with a heavy heart. The Zetas choose the side of the Clowns leaving the city in a chaotic state for quite some time. It was a brutal wartime with no quarters given. All of the streets were flooding with blood and there was no dull moment. You had to watch your back at all times. Some engages were won Most of them were lost They held their ground, but with the relentlessness of Los Zetas the end of Los Calaveras was looming. The deportation of LC’s leader, Gregor Smith, caused the Los Calaveras to officially fall apart leaving Dmitri alone in the streets without someone to watch his back. The next few weeks were dark and lonely, but he held his head up and did what had to be done because he was running solo. Family is made For a very long two months Dmitri Solo cooked LSD lab becoming an expert at making money fast while simultaneously building connections with the larger gangs that rolled through. Eventually Dmitri was comfortable with the bank account he had built up and looked to join one of the three groups that had given him offers over that period. The Rooks had approached him about joining a few times and they showed professionalism each time. Dmitri met a Rook named Mack Tylar, unknown to him at the time, in a peculiar situation and spoke to him about joining. He was quickly recruited by a known face Al Romano. Putting on the new uniform felt like he had a place again. Having created many connections in the city while running solo for a few months it was natural that Dmitri had tight relations with many of new Rooks recruits and soldiers and earned their respect. This allowed him to act as a leader and give direction in situations where it was needed. Dwayne Donovan, the leader of the Rooks at the time, made Dmitri into an enforcer. Over the course of a few weeks he became extremely tight with his new family and had their backs at all times like they did him. After some time of contemplation Dwayne Donovan decided to step down as Leader of the Rooks and transfer that role to Dmitri Leroy. Al Romano and Mia Donovan stepped down alongside him leaving the upper leadership missing and Dmitri left to stabilize the large organization. He very quickly got to work promoting some of the key members, getting rid of problem ones, and recruiting Loyal soldiers. From that point on it was a group effort inside the new Rook leadership and Dmitri could not have done it alone. Currently Dmitri is currently the Rooks Boss. He is running the money laundering operations of LaSpada while simultaneously ensuring Rooks high command is operating effectively. He remains in the background more and more often and is difficult to get into contact with for his own security. He is constantly wearing a mask, gloves, and has his phone off to avoid detection of the LSPD. He is working closely with his most trusted members to expand the Rooks and their operations to a respectable level while remaining off the radar.
  8. You guys are great and provide fun times!
  9. +1 this would be really nice and pirates would be dope.
  10. -1 Gangs don't need panic buttons built in. Street knowledge and city experience should reign supreme.
  11. Opening up the hardware stores would be amazing. +1
  12. -1 I would suggest a timer shorter than 10 seconds (more like 2), however that would cause to many situations where people start changing it then get put under fearrp during the timer and cant/dont stop it. I think its being implied here that switching a radio frequency is like undoing a bike lock with dials that need turning to a number or something. Not everyone is typing /radiofreq xxxx in these situations, because most bigger gangs PRESET fake frequencies to switch to and ICly hit a single button on their radios. Very Very similar to a panic button for PD. To set them: /Bindradio 1 xxxx /Bindradio 2 xxxx To change between them: Shift+1 Shift+2 If you don't have fearRP on the person why wouldn't they switch frequencies? If you have a gun on them then report it. Why couldn't an injured person change their frequency? Imagine police not being able to hit a Panic alarm while injured. To say they couldn't would be power-gaming and deciding their injuries for them. If someone is falling to their death and has time to think about changing their frequencies good for them. Its not like they can call a loved one for a conversation. The least they can do is save their loved ones from getting compromised. After giving my location protecting my gangs freq is #1 priority when i get caught by the cops, because my gang is the ONLY thing that can get me out of that situation and they need a clean freq to do it. Same thing with Panic Alarms - It should be a cops #1 priority when caught because its the ONLY thing that will get them out. Both ICly are located on the Radio and require the same effort to do.
  13. -1 on plastic surgery. +1 on CK. As far as im aware CK requires some sort of approval, so you could easily make the /clearaliases command an admin thing done at the time of CK to prevent abuse.
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